Sunday, November 15, 2015

Frugal Successes and Failures: Sunday 11/15/15

  • Sunday morning... I checked the French news and then just turned on Smooth Jazz.  I'm at the point where everyone's platitudes and all the so-called solidarity (" stands with France"?!  Really?!) from brands and companies and organizations that find a way to insert themselves into what is real pain from the people who experienced those events over there sickening and it's making me angry.

  • And later on this afternoon, as I was reading a book. I came across a very a propos sentence : "And, in the way of the young, he had made another's pain about himself, even if he did so for what seemed the best of reasons."

  • Don't mind me, I'm very cranky today.

  • I earned enough Bing Rewards credits today to allow me to order a $5 Amazon gift card :)

  • I reached my first daily goal on Swagbucks (77 SB) before noon, thanks to a couple of high-reward searches.

  • I printed coupons from the usual sources and also Publix store coupons from I also uploaded digital coupons to my Publix digital wallets and offers to SavingStar and Ibotta.

  • I was excited to see that the Target coupon site finally enabled a filter so we don't have to sift through tons of pages of manufacturer coupons to find them anymore.

  • I checked out this week's deals at Walgreens and CVS and put a couple of my shopping list for the week.

  • Greg went to get a haircut and paid with the prepaid GreatClips gift card that I had given him last year.  

  • One of the Christmas presents I had on my list to get was an iTunes gift card for my daughter.  Staples had a 20% off all iTunes gift cards sale today so I ordered her a $25 gift card, paid $20 and got free shipping because of my Staples Rewards membership.  I went through Swagbucks which is offering 2SB per dollar spent, although gift card purchases are not eligible. Oh well, "just in case" :)

  • I found a bottle of Sprite in the recycling bin that my son had placed there yesterday (I didn't realize he had also bought a drink when he was out and about with Greg) so I collected the bottle cap. I also collected the bottle cap from the 2L bottle of Diet Coke that I bought for dinner last night. I am saving them for the next double points event on MyCokeRewards!

  • I received the replacement silicone baking mats from Amazon today.  Sunday deliveries throw me off.

  • Speaking of deliveries, my new Kindle Fire came in on Friday... the mail delivery person once again jammed all the mail in my mailbox, regardless of whether or not I'd be able to get it out! I got the letters out but I couldn't get the Amazon box out as the opening on my side is much tighter than the opening on the side of the mail delivery person so I had to work my fingers inside and pull the package apart so I could pull the Kindle out and then wrestle the cardboard packaging out of the box.  And then there was another smaller one lodged all the way in the back too!  The mailbox is right across the street from my house and there were 3 cars in the driveway when she delivered the mail. You don't think she could have come up the driveway to hand me the stuff that wouldn't fit in there without cramming it full?!  I've left notes before asking her NOT to stuff the mailbox so full that I can't get the stuff out without ripping it/destroying it but she just doesn't seem to care. I've also complained to USPS about other issues with our mail delivery and have never heard back from them.  They are the WORST.  I wish Amazon would just use UPS all the time. My UPS delivery guys are wonderful.
The picture don't pay justice but see the lip on the sides of the opening?  They don't exist on the back side of the mailbox, which is the side the mail carrier uses to put our mail in.  Between that and the hinge of the door, I just couldn't get that rigid box out.  And you all know that those Amazon boxes are glued/taped shut. I really had to wrestle that one out of the mailbox, even though it doesn't look like it in the pictures!

  • Greg left a larger than usual tip at Great Clips.

  • For lunch, my son and I weren't inspired by what we had in the fridge, so we drove to Hardee's and picked some sandwiches for ourselves and some chicken tenders for my middle son. Greg had already had a can of soup and didn't want anything. I checked for printable coupons before we left but couldn't find any for us to use. However, our server included a sheet of them in our bag when she brought it to our car. We ate our sandwiches with some of the potato salad from last night's Publix Family Combo Meal and drank what we had at home.

  • No failures today? Well, lunch at Hardee's was hardly a frugal success... but since we didn't spend extra on buying the combo meals, I'm counting that as a splurge today :)

  • I clipped coupons.
  • I went to pick us up lunch.
  • I read a book all afternoon. Unfortunately, it wasn't good. But I read the whole thing anyway.
  • That's really it!

Did you have any frugal successes or failures today? Please do tell!


  1. I understand your frustration about the package left in your mail box. I have a mail carrier who does that too or won't put the weekly ads in my box so I have to pull them out of the recycling bin that's by the mailboxes. I have left notes nicely asking for the ads and he will put them in for a week or so then back to no ads. All my neighbors get the ads in their boxes. Frustrating.

    Today was a lazy day for me and my husband. Sometimes you just need a lazy day and I haven't been feeling well for a few weeks and still sad about losing my dad the end of Sept. After Church we came home and had breakfast for late lunch. Then watched TV shows to catch up on some of our favorite programs. We have Hulu Plus and Netflix and for the last 3 years this has been our TV so watching is very deliberate and we usually only have it on for 1-2 programs daily. I got tired of paying 86.00 a month and nothing was ever on so we picked up an Apple TV Box for 100.00 3 years ago and signed up for Hulu and Netflix and have only paid 16.00 a month. We get most everything we like to watch - on Hulu just a day after it airs on TV and Netflix we usually watch seasons of shows. Well, there I go rambling. Sorry. lol

    We had snow again today which is totally out of character for this time of the year in Northern Nevada. I have a feeling this winter will be a bad one. I guess we are due since the last few years have been so mild. Cold really does a number on me.

    Have a great week and Iook forward to reading your blog.

    1. I wonder why your mail carrier would put the ads in the neighbors' boxes but not yours?! Did you do something to make him mad? That's just so... weird. I'd be frustrated as well. I find that few people take pride in doing their work properly nowadays.

      I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well. The sadness... I expect it will go on for quite a while and might get worse because of the holidays, too, and it's natural. It's take a long time to get over the death of a parent. (get over is probably not the most appropriate expression, I apologize). My beloved grandmother died 11 years ago now and I'm still not over it. I can't think or talk about her without tearing up. ((hugs)).

      I've been thinking about maybe adding Hulu to our line-up when my Amazon Prime membership lapses, but I'd pay extra to get the ad-free version. I don't mind the ads so much on over the air TV because it's free to me, but I'd be annoyed to pay for a service and have to watch ads, still. We'll see, though, nowadays I watch a lot more over the air TV than Netflix or Amazon. I just love TV shows from the 70s, 80s and 90s and there are enough being shown all day on the channels that we receive with our digital antenna to keep me entertained... for free. It's nice that you and your hubby watch shows together on Sunday afternoons! Greg tend to not like the shows that I enjoy most (detective shows) but he enjoys watching the Great British Baking Show with me. We had a good run watching "Community" together too. I hope another show comes on soon that we can both enjoy.

      You've had snow too! Gerlyn, a reader from Nebraska, got snow as well. I hope you all have snowblowers. And here I am complaining about the heat down here. I don't want snow or cold, I just want cooler temps. Keep warm! It's a great excuse to be able to cuddle with your husband. Every time I try to cuddle with mine, one of us immediately pushes the other one away and says "You're too hot!", lol.

      Have a great week too. I hope you feel better. ((hugs))

    2. Thanks so much for your kind words. I do miss my dad a lot especially since Thanksgiving was the holiday I've spent with him the last few years and his birthday is this month too.Everyone just thinks you should be okay by now but it's easier said than done.

      I'm lucky my husband likes detective shows which I like too. So we pick a lot of shows we watch together.

      Yes, so true that people don't take pride in their work like they used to. I have been nothing but nice to our mail carrier so not sure what's going on there. lol
      Have a great week.

  2. :) Like that you put Hardee's under splurge :) Sounds like you still had a good day. Little splurges are always hard for those of us with frugal minds but glad you enjoyed some yummy lunch.


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