Monday, November 16, 2015

Gardening Update: 11/16/15

I've been taking pictures but have been too apathetic to actually post them! Not much is happening. It's too hot!  Last year we were having to turn on the heat because it got down into the 40s at night on a few occasions and this year we're running the AC because it's in the 80s and 90s during the days and 60s at night, if we're lucky!  My cool weather vegetables aren't growing as well as they should... and everything else is flowering!

The basil...

The beans (although that's good since they turn into beans!)

But then the caterpillars are munching on my bean plants.  I pop them like bubble wrap. It's kind of gross...

... especially when they explode all over my arms!

My little hibiscus has two delightful flowers right now.

And I have one rose too. Just one, but I'll take it :)

My tomatoes are flowering too...

and I have ripening tomatoes...

However the heat and sun has also burnt and dried some tomato flowers...

 And something has attacked one of my tomatoes.  Blight?

You can't really tell but there are lots of white flowers on the serrano pepper plants.  They are loving the heat!

The lettuce hasn't grown much lately but at least it hasn't bolted either...

I don't have a lot of carrots growing but the couple that are have grown a lot more foliage since the last time I took photos.  Ooops, I just realized that I forgot to check on the radishes.  Last time I checked, it was lots of foliage but really no radishes to speak off.  I should have harvested them about 2 to 3 weeks ago already...

The broccoli seedlings have grown quite a bit.  I hope that I'll actually get broccoli florets this year.

The kale is getting taller.  My records tell me that I should be able to harvest it by now, but the heat and the lack of rain have hindered its growth.  The one in the background is just a tiny baby still and the other seeds never even germinated :(

However, the collard greens look nice and healthy.  Last year I had one really healthy plant that I harvested several times over. This year I have several so I'm hoping we can have collards greens a lot. However, I need to inspect the stems because I think there might be more than one plant growing in each spot, in which case I need to transplant a couple of them.

I never did install the edging around my vegetable garden area (darn laziness!) and the weeds are starting to encroach.  That's another project I should try to get to this week or next...

My zucchini plants look horrible!  I think, again, that it's the heat.  They've been either dropping their blossoms or something is cutting them off even though they've been under a tent.  I had tried covering them with netting but they need to be pollinated so today I removed the covering.  I just know, however, that the damn squirrels will just dig them out. I can't win for losing.

A couple of the plants that looked so healthy have completely died down :(

The bean towers look nice, especially the ones I built from bamboo stakes and string.  I probably planted more bean seed in that bed than in the bed where I'm using store-bought bean towers, though, because they don't look as plentiful in that bed...
No, the plastic owl doesn't scare the squirrels away AT ALL.

The sweet potato is loving the heat and spreading around in all directions... (the inverted L shape at the bottom right, here)

Lastly, I have several eggplants growing, Of course, the ONE vegetable that Greg truly cannot stand is flowering and producing the most right now, lol.

That's all for today.

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  1. I am just amazed that they are starting to forecast snow and we are getting ready for winter and everything is so pretty down by you!!! How wonderful!!!


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