Sunday, November 15, 2015

My Daily Freebies: Sunday 11/15/15

Here are some items that I got for free the past couple of days but forgot to blog about...

  • Today I received the replacement Chico Chef silicone baking mats from Amazon (they had a lifetime guarantee on them and one of the mats that I had bought as a kit back in January 2014 had an edge that had started to melt and fray).

  • My daughter was away at an FFA overnight event late last week with her team. Their teacher booked them in a very scuzzy Days Inn. It was so bad that they had to ask for another room because the first one had a busted lock on the door, stains on the pillows, moisture on the sheets, mildew in the bathroom and a host of other problems.  They got a new room that was only better in the sense that the lock did work on that one, but the other girls went to Walgreens and bought themselves blankets and all kinds of cleaning products because they didn't want to stay in a room that was so gross (I'm SO glad I didn't agree to chaperon that trip!). My daughter just laid down her uniform jacket on the mattress and slept on that. The next day, one of the girls that had bought a blanket decided that she didn't want to bring it home and was going to throw it away so my daughter told her she would take it.  There is no evidence of bed bugs so it's waiting to be washed with the regular laundry tomorrow ;)

  • Another thing she brought back was this mostly full box of plastic spoons that another girl had bought so they could eat cereal that they had bought for breakfast (instead of going out to a restaurant). Once again the girl was just going to throw those away so my daughter brought them home.  I already have a ton of those (since I wash and reuse every plastic utensil that comes into the house anyway!) but I can use some of them to make chocolate dipping spoons as Christmas presents. I'll have to remember to actually make them!

  • When I checked the mail yesterday I found this sample of Boogie Wipes that I had requested from Target.  I'll keep them for the next person to get a cold this winter...

Did you get any freebies today?


  1. Wow. A free blanket and plastic spoons. I can't believe how wasteful people are sometimes. I have been known to volunteer to put out the food (catered) for Church events and clean up afterwards because people will throw away food that hasn't even been put out just sitting in refrig as back up catered food for the event. I also save the good pans and large trays that these foods come on and any table decorations they are tossing. I hate waste. If I can't use it someone else will. I have a blanket that looks like that one and it's very warm.

    I just saw a recipe in All You magazine about the hot chocolate cubes. You melt the choc chips or melting chips and put them in ice cube trays about 3/4 full then put the plastic spoon in sticking upright and also you can put mini m&m's or crushed peppermint candy canes on top of the choc. cubes then put in refrig to set up. Pop out when set up and package as "Hot Chocolate cubes. Cute idea. Hope I explained it well enough that you get the idea.
    Take care.

    1. I forgot to add that to use the Hot Chocolate Cubes you just heat 8 oz. of milk and stir the cube in.

    2. I was just going to dip the spoons in melted almond bark and then decorate them with the min marshmallows and sprinkles, but the ice cube idea sounds good too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I guess your behaviors are rubbing off on your daughter :) It makes so much sense to stand around those that are getting rid of things. Super cute blanket that you will use for years to come and so sorry they had to stay in such a gross place. I am always surprised that places so yucky stay in business. We stayed at a gross hotel at the beach but it was clean at least (maybe not the tub or the pool but at least the sheets). I guess it is one of those character building trips!! Super lucky you weren't there but I know that you would have been at the hotel desk until they moved you somewhere better and did it for free :)

    1. Lol, you're funny and I guess I'm not as frugal as you think because... I was listening to my daughter's story of the hotel room with a horrified look on my face (I'm sure) and said: "If I had been the chaperon, there is NO WAY we would have stayed in that hotel. I would have driven you all to a better hotel even if I had to pay for it out of my own pocket!". My daughter burst out laughing and said "When I saw the room, I told my teammates that if you had been the chaperon, you would have say "we're not staying here!" and you would have taken us to another hotel." I mean, we were talking about a Days Inn so maybe I'm a snob but I wouldn't have expected the other rooms to be much better. After the girls complained about the room, the chaperon did get them moved to another one in the same hotel, though, and I'm assuming they didn't pay anything else but that's when the girls decided that the other room was still gross and went to buy all those cleaning supplies.

      Years ago my ex and I got a free night's stay at a beach hotel near West Palm Beach with some coupon deal and it was a Holiday Inn before they remodeled and upgraded their hotels. It was the worst hotel I've ever stayed at (and I stayed at Knight's Inn!): everything was rusted (salty air and poor insulation), there were exposed electrical wires pocking out of the sockets, holes in the walls, etc, etc. A lot of those hotel rooms are/used to be used at Spring Break and other events, I guess. It was horrible and since we weren't paying for the room, they wouldn't switch us. I think we ended up leaving after spending 2 hours at the pool and driving the 3-4 hours back home, lol.

      I chaperoned the same trip to the same town for the same competition 3 years ago and the teacher, back then, wasn't clueless and had booked us in the same hotel as all the other teams, right next to the competition's site. It was a Radisson, I think and it was nice and clean. My daughter and her teammates were mad this year because, being officers of their FFA club, they know exactly how much money is in the club's account and there was no reason for them to be booked in the worst hotel in town because they could definitely afford the Radisson. Boy, I'm really glad I didn't go this year?


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