Friday, January 29, 2016

Food Waste Friday: Friday 1/29/16

Well, DARN IT.  I started my daily post this morning, all giddy because I didn't have any food waste to report for the whole week. Oh yeah, I was so excited.  And then Friday happened :( Still, I had more saves than waste so that's a big plus.

  • I got distracted by something and let the breadcrumbs that I had been toasting get completely carbonized.  I'm lucky the toaster oven didn't catch on fire because I was nowhere near it!  Arrgh.  It was just 1 tiny slice of stale bread but still...

  • I was getting ready to make marinara sauce out of 6 Roma tomatoes that had been in my fridge for way too long but I realized that even if I cut off the rotten parts and even 2 or 3 of them looked fine, they didn't feel or smell fine.  Yuck. I had to compost all 6 of them :(

    • Earlier this week, I reported that I dropped some expensive prescription cat food all over the kitchen floor but that I got on all 4 and picked it up kibbet by kibbet and put them back in the bag. Sweeping them would have been faster but I would have picked up the dust and cat hair that invariably show up when I sweep. I don't need to give the cats more hair to choke on!  I hate it when they retch the hairballs, it's so gross.

    • I harvested 4 grape tomatoes this morning. 2 were split.  I also harvested all of the remaining lettuce since the bins were completely under water.  So for lunch I made myself a salad with the tomatoes and some of the lettuce. I used some of the dressing I had mixed for Chinese Cabbage Salad several weeks ago (I keep it in the fridge and it smells fine) and some not-so-fresh mozzarella that was starting to get a little orange around the edges.

    • We ate leftovers this week.  I still have some in the fridge but we'll have them for lunch this weekend.

    • I used half a can of coconut milk and half a can of chicken broth that could have been wasted (well, the coconut milk, at least) to make a 2nd batch of Thai Green Chili in the crockpot and froze it for an upcoming meal.

    • This morning I noticed a bright yellow orb in the grass between my neighbor's house and ours... it was one of the grapefruits from his tree that had been knocked down by the rain last night. I rushed to pick it up before the bugs could get to it (or a dog would pee on it!) and ended up picking up the other grapefruit and the 8 oranges that were still on his trees. I have his permission to do this whenever I want because his wife and he don't consume the citrus.  Yay!

    • I cut up a butternut squash to make soup for tonight but saved the seeds.  I will season and roast them for Greg.

    I'd love to hear how YOU did this week! Feel free to post links back to your own Food Waste Friday posts in the comments.

    This post was inspired by Kristen at The Frugal Girlwho started blogging about her food waste back in 2008.


    1. Do you grind up your bread before toasting to make your breadcrumbs?? I normally cube mine and toast in huge batches from the freezer. Then I put them in the food processor and make them into crumbs. I have never tried to crumb them and toast them so totally interested...even though yours burnt :)

      1. Well I usually only toast an old hot dog bun or slice of store-bought bread at once so I usually crumble it between my fingers and toast it or if the bread is still relatively fresh and the crumbles are too big, I'll toast it whole and then it them in the food processor. If the crumbs are still too moist, I might toast them again. That Walmart bread is really cheap crap so it crumbles almost automatically once the bread is slightly past its sell-by date, which makes it easier!


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