Monday, February 1, 2016

A Day Book: Monday February 1, 2016

Outside my window... it's overcast but it should be a pleasant day today.

I am thinking... that I hope coffee helps wake me up because I have quite a few things I wanted to do today!

I am thankful for... Greg getting to the airport safely this morning despite having had little sleep.

From the learning rooms... same old, same old for the kids.  My son will attend several sessions of algebra tutoring after school this week. My daughter is studying for her first SAT will takes place in about a month.  My oldest son gave me the date of his senior year recital, that will be in April and that I will definitely attend.  I need to continue to educate myself about investing and various financial issues.

From the kitchen... dirty dishes are waiting for me, they're like (pesky) old friends!  I realized this morning that my freezer inventory hadn't been accurate so I don't have the turkey kielbasa that I was planning on cooking tonight so I'm going to have to change some dinners around a little. No big deal.

I am wearing... my pjs and one of Greg's plaid shirts (it's too ripped at the elbow to be mended but it works just fine to keep me warm!

I am creating... a mess on my coffee table!  I have tons of printouts that I have to organize into my Financial notebook.

I am going... to have to make calls (which I hate!) to schedule a vet's appointment for New Kitty (she has some skin problem under her chin), to schedule a first consult with the financial planners, to ask the dermatologist for a prescription for my son's sunscreen.

I am reading... well that darn The Bogleheads' Guide to Investing isn't going to read itself so I'm still putting it next to me every morning hoping that I'll get the drive to read it but it hasn't worked so far.  My goal is to finish it this week before Greg gets back.

I am hoping... that Greg makes his connection in Denver this morning. He's sitting in the back of the plane and has less than an hour to catch his connecting flight.  Also I'm hoping he gets some sleep.

I am hearing... my son brushing his teeth before heading out to school, New Kitty crunching on her breakfast, Baroque flute music on KUSC via IHeartRadio.

Around the house... the cats are having breakfast, my son is getting ready to leave for school, I have tons of cleaning to do.

One of my favorite things... right now it would be our futon. I keep on saying "couch" but we actually have 2 futons in our living room.  Sometimes I wish we had one of those deep couches where you can snuggle and feel lost (a former friend had one like that, I loved it!) but I'll tell you, the one that Greg calls "my nest" is pretty darn comfortable! It's been my bed and my office all at once for months now. I can spread my coupons or various papers around me when I'm working on a project and stash everything on the coffee table when I go to sleep at night.  I sleep better on the futon than I do in our bed because as I have become a lighter sleeper than I used to be and started having hot flashes, sleeping with another middle aged person who also has to get up more frequently at night and who always seems to be fidgeting, has become annoying!  Don't read anything into it, I love my hubby, but I need my sleep and he needs his, lol.

A few plans for the rest of the week... oh it's going to be a busy week! Well, for me at least.  I'll need to take the cat to the vets, do the weekly shopping, I have to return a book to the library today, I'm going to watch my oldest son's Jazz Workshop concert live via streaming tomorrow night, going to a jazz concert at a local library on Thursday, then attending my oldest son's jazz orchestra concert on Friday.  I need to organize my tax paperwork and, if I have most of the stuff, get started on the taxes (ugh).  I'll have to keep an eye on the front lawn as Greg was unable to mow this weekend due to being under the weather, because if it starts looking bad, I'll need to mow it. I had hoped to go visit my middle son in Daytona this week but I don't think that will happen.  Then on Sunday it's Superbowl Sunday!  Oh and this week is the week when I said I would start tracking my calories on MyFitnessPal.  Ugh.

I hope you have a great week!


  1. Oh I'm so with you on the hating making phone calls, me too, it is truly one of the worst jobs ever.
    Your futon sounds great just think if there was just you and Greg at home you could probably live in bedsit and be happy.
    The Jazz concert sounds like good fun xx

    1. OK I admit it. I had to google "What is a bedsit?", lol! I guess that's what we call a studio over here. I'd like to think we'd love it but we'd probably kill each other after the first night. The thing is we sleep better in separate beds and separate rooms too. I'd like to pretend that we're like old times lords and ladies, apart from the fact that no one slept in their living room on a futon back then, ha! We have a spare bedroom but I'm way comfier downstairs where I can keep an ear for the cats and where it's cooler too.

      I don't know why I dislike calling people on the phone (or people calling me) so much. I used to be an executive secretary so I spent my days on the phone! Wait, maybe THAT's why :)


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