Sunday, February 28, 2016

Frugal Failures and Successes: Sunday 2/28/16

  • Hello, hello, how was your day?  Typical Sunday over here, not much was accomplished but it was by design, eh eh.  Our ancestors fought for our right to have a day off so I'm honoring their sacrifices :)

  • It was 60 in the living room when I woke up at 8:30 a.m. and at 11 a.m. it's 61 F!  Greg told me it was warmer outside than inside so I opened the windows.  Our high should be in the mid 70s today before it shoots up to the low to middle 80s tomorrow.  

  • I didn't take any pictures today so this is going to be a boring post.

  • I mixed 1/4 gallon of whole milk with 1/4 gallon of water to stretch it.  Didn't get to mix the milk before and the gallon went down fast!

  • Swagbucks goal is at 95 SB, grr.  I reached my goal but it was 8:15 p.m. when I did.

  • I almost forgot to do Bing Rewards yesterday and remembered at almost 11 p.m.!  So I did them earlier today.

  • My daughter and I skyped (free!) with my brothers and their significant others. It was fun :)

  • Michelle emailed me TEN MCR codes that she had collected for me.  Isn't that sweet?!?  Thanks, Michelle! I'm still waiting for a bonus points promo to be on so I can enter my codes, darn it.  They haven't had one of those in a while.... well, since people start sending me codes, hahaha.

  • I printed a few coupons from my usual places, but not that many today, which is a nice relief.  It's the end of the month so new ones will probably appear in the next few days, and I'm going to have to clean my coupon organizer again... I'll do that later on in the coming week.

  • I follow a lot of couponing blogs (wherein the bloggers dissect the current deals at various national stores/websites and provide their best deal results including which coupons they used and how to get those coupons) but more and more I find myself skipping 99.9% of the posts because being frugal is no longer chasing the latest deal or anything that I can get for free, but for me it really has evolved over the past 2 years so that now I'm more concerned about keeping as much money as I can. So a free bottle of Zzquil after rebate sounds like a great deal, until I ask myself whether we will ever use this product, realize that the truthful is "probably not" and that I don't know anyone to whom I could give it either and then I stop obsessing about the thrill of getting something for free. It has really simplified my life.

  • I'm also slowly warming up to the idea that spending the time saved educating myself about how to make our money work for us is probably more valuable than spending hours chasing deals.  This is not to say that I'm going to stop using coupons or blogging about my groceries because I think it goes hand in hand with being smarter about how to invest and manage our money.  Intellectually I have known this for a while but in practicality I haven't done it.  Greg and I really are due to sit down and discuss our goals for the future and how we're going to get there.  Right now it feels like we want different things from life and it's frustrating. And yes, it means that I want him to agree to my own vision, darn it.  LOL. 

  • I checked the Health FSA's administrator website and the credit from the dentist was received so I resubmitted my son's dental claim for the 3rd time, but as a "Pay Me Back" claim this time.  Having to do this reminded me of how annoyed I was with the whole process and lack of information on their website, options to contact them and clarity from their Customer Service Reps so I wrote a long letter to their CEO.  Yep, that's my M.O.  I go straight to the top because that's the only way that things change, usually.  Let it trickle back down to the managerial level if it needs to.  I mailed the letter tonight.

  • Then I sat down with my 14-year-old to discuss various deadlines for his projects/applications.  We're going to have a meeting every Sunday afternoon so he can report on his progress until I am satisfied that he is using his calendar to organize himself and is able to follow through on projects that I ask him to do but that he might not particularly want to do.  We discussed JNHS, what it is and why I want him to participate, discussed why participating in the Teen Video Challenge would be a good idea even if that means he has to do a little bit of work, got him to use Google Calendar.  He checked the Kid College website and realized that he doesn't need to worry about volunteering them this summer since you have to be an incoming 10th grader at least (he's an incoming 9th grader) to qualify, and we got him signed up for the H.O.P.E. class via Florida Virtual School.  Now we have to wait for his Guidance Counselor to approve the class.  It's a high school class which is required and that satisfies the P.E. requirement and also the online class requirement for graduation. HOPE stands for Health Opportunities through Physical Education.  I had to order a Fitbit-type of band called a MOVBand for $25 + shipping, though.  When my daughter took the same class 3 years ago, she only had to keep a log on paper.

  • For dinner I made tacos and a salad. I was supposed to make black bean soup but I didn't do it early like I had planned to do and when it was dinnertime it was too late. I used ground beef, homemade taco seasoning (but apparently not enough because my daughter complained that the beef didn't taste like taco meat at all) and some tortillas from Aldi. I shredded some cheddar cheese, we're still using the Daisy sour cream that I had bought on clearance at Save A Lot several weeks ago (full flavor, it's sooo good and thick!) and I put salad on top of everything so my tacos were very full and yummy.

  • Greg drove to Tampa so we didn't have a No Drive Day today.  On his way home, he got stuck in traffic on a 2-lane road so he made a U-turn and had to take another, longer way to get home. He wasn't a happy camper, poor guy.

  • He bought lunch for himself and the stepdaughter.

  • I don't think we had any failures today, woohoo!

  • Did a load of dishes
  • Fed the cats
  • Skyped with French family
  • Assisted daughter in completing a French assignment (parental involvement was required)
  • Resubmitted Health FSA Claim
  • Wrote letter to CEO
  • Discussed various deadlines and project with my youngest son
  • Showed him how to use Google Calendar
  • Helped him sign up for an FLVS account and for the HOPE online class
  • Cooked dinner
  • Greg and I watched the last 2 episodes of "Fargo, Season 2" after dinner (I had bought the season on sale at Christmas time)

  • Probably nothing today. It's the weekend!

  • Liquids:
    • 2 cups coffee
  • Food:
    • Breakfast:
      • bowl of granola with ~2% milk, banana
    • Mid Morning Snack:
      • 2small crepes with organic strawberry fruit spread
    • Lunch:
      • pita with "egg salad", navel orange
    • Mid Afternoon Snack:
      • 1 crepe with Nutella
    • Dinner:
      • 2 small tacos, salad
    • Evening Snack:
      • nothing
Did you have any frugal successes or failures today? Please do tell!


  1. Sounds like you had a pretty good day!

  2. Hi hun, i think you are completely right about only spending time and money on things that are going to benefit you, the amount of blogs that I read where people buy a mountain of items that I can't imagine them using (of course I could be wrong). Its only a bargain if you need it.

    The taco sounds yummy xx

  3. Good that on one day of the week you honour your forefathers by doing nothing. Ha. Even by doing nothing, you still manage to get tons of stuff accomplished. I am happy for you that you got to skype visit with your family.


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