Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I'm taking a forced break from posting

Typing this from my phone...

So tonight Greg took the unusual step of trying to help me with that weekly ad viewing problem. I was in the middle of typing a message to Brighthouse describing our problem and everything we had done so far, when he took down our internet connection to try rebooting the modem, then the router, then plugging in the modem directly into his PC to see if he still had the same problem as me on his PC.  He did. 

I was in the middle of retyping my message to Brighthouse for the third time when he decided to update the firmware on the router. I had asked him to do that a couple of weeks ago. 

Once that was done, he announced that he had fixed the problem and returned to playing his video games on the Xbox one. I wasn't in the room when he supposedly was able to see the ads. I checked my laptop and nothing has changed on mine. He told me I needed to clear my cache from the beginning of time (sigh) and reboot my laptop. All of this takes time. I did it. It didn't solve anything. I kept asking questions like "are you SURE you were looking at the right page? Why would yours work now and not mine?!" And I could tell I was annoying him. But after a while he disconnected the Xbox One and went on the Aldi website to show me. Only he had stopped at the main page, which isn't where the problem is. I showed him where to go and he STILL couldn't see the ads. Great. So I wasted all this time rebooting and clearing my cache and now I have to log back in to every single website one by one. Sigh. 

Only... I couldn't because suddenly I had no internet connection! Greg sighed again and told me the modem was still cycling (uh, no...). So we rebooted everything again. And again. No internet connection. He went into the router's specs and did something (probably just clicking around as he likes to do that!) but still no internet. In the meantime, any question from me as in "are you sure you plugged everything back in the way it should be?" was met with... Well, I want to say scorn but he hid it well so we'll just say impatience. "Yes, honey, everything is be way it should be."

Well, over 30 minutes later, still no internet. It's not a modem problem since he gets internet on his PC if he plugs the modem directly into it. 

I suggest it might be the cable between the modem and the router. He digs out a new cable but that doesn't seem to fix the problem. We notice that one of the lights on the router that used to be green is now yellow and nothing we try makes it turn back to green. 

At that point, I suggest that maybe we need to buy a new router. I'm thinking I'll warn my daughter that she'll need to go to the library to do her online school work and my son and I will take a 2-day break from the Internet until a router can be delivered from Amazon. Greg can still work from home on Wednesday if he plugs the modem into his PC. 

So, on that note, he suddenly announces that he needs to go to bed, tells me to get a new router tomorrow. Huh... Hello?! I don't know anything about routers! I ask him what I should be looking for and he says "I need to go to bed NOW!" and leaves!  Well, hell. 

So I suppose I could reorder the same router but it's already several years old and it's been buggy... 

Side note: for over a year we'd be losing the Internet connection on our devices and I would have to reboot the router, sometimes several times a day. All the while, Greg maintained that the router wasn't the problem and that I didn't need to reboot. 

So tonight, as I'm researching routers on Amazon (good thing that I DO have a smartphone!), I come across comments (well complaints!) about our current router about it needed to be cycled several times, causing issues with streaming devices, etc. hmmm, so who was right, you think?!

So I guess I don't want to be reordering the same one after all. 

I did find a recovery procedure described on a forum that I emailed to him and I'll ask him about it over breakfast.   The article deals with the issue of the router being "bricked" because of a faulty firmware update procedure. Well, well, well... As I said, I don't know anything about routers and I don't want to attempt doing this on my own because if anything goes wrong with his PC, I'll never hear the end of it!

So... It is very likely that I will be offline for a few days. What's ticking me off is that I'm going to miss out on the Swagbucks bonus this month, lol. 

Also, I have my doubts that having a new router will fix the larger issue of not being able to view those weekly ads. I think I'll probably still need to contact Brighthouse about that. But maybe I'm wrong. 

Anyhow, I'm grateful that he tried to help (I think, it's going to be tough not being online for a few days!). Wish me luck. Hey, now is the time to read my library books, right?!

"See" you soon... I hope!

PS: a warning: I had started my grocery shopping post but I hadn't finished it. However, it was scheduled to be posted on Wednesday and because it's actually scheduled but not a draft, I can't edit it from the Blogger app (how dumb is that?!). So if we don't have that internet situation resolved by then, I might not be able to finish the post before Blogger publishes it. So it will look like a bunch of pictures of food without any info. Sorry about that in advance!

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