Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday, 2/22/16: A Day Book

Outside my window... the sun is rising over the trees. It should be a very nice day today, in the low 80s.  I shall open the windows again although our pollen levels are very high.

I am thinking... that I'm probably not going to go shopping today after all (too bad about the 3rd freebie at Walmart, I'll just have to skip it since the rebate expires today) because I didn't sleep very well last night, haven't sorted my coupons yet, and have a lot of things I should try to accomplish at home.

I am thankful for... my awesome family. Seriously, Greg is very easy-going and so are the kids (knock on wood).  Despite the normal occasional teen angst, there is very little drama going on and we live a peaceful life.  I'm hoping it stays that way because we had our share of bad drama several years ago and that highlighted the fact that I don't handle stress very well, although, in hindsight, I did handle it pretty darn well so pat on the back to me.

From the learning rooms... my daughter is in crunch mode, she has so maybe things on her plate right now. She has a trig test tonight that she's worried about so she will spend all afternoon studying for it after having studied for it over the weekend too. The SAT is in a couple of weeks so she continues to study for that too, along with her other regular assignments and all the essays/speeches she has to write.  She amazes me.  Our son had a lot of homework this past weekend so he wasn't happy about that but he got it all done.  He is going to the library today after school to get his volunteer orientation/training done. Woohoo! No news from the older sons so I'll assume everything is going well :)

From the kitchen... hmm, this is a disaster area and one of the things I need to concentrate on today: dishes need to be done, I need to inventory the fridge and draw up a menu for the week, I should sweep and do other cleaning chores. I need to bake muffins with the leftover ricotta cheese.  I might make some kind of sweet bread too since I'm not sure my son will like the muffins.

I am wearing... my PJs, still.  I usually wait until everybody is done with their showers before I take mine.

I am creating... ahhh, nothing?  I should be creating a formal to-do list for the week, though.  I started it in my head but I'm so forgetful that I should really write it down.

I am going... nowhere today, woohoo!

I am reading... making progress on my "Quiet" non-fiction book!  I was hoping to read one chapter a day and I read 3/4 of chapter 2 last night, but I finally had to put it down because I was too sleepy.  So hopefully today I can finish that and read chapter 3 too.  I finished a fiction book this weekend too, yay!  This is one of the reasons why nothing got accomplished this weekend at all.  Apart from snacking because I just cannot enjoy a book if I'm not snacking at the same time. Yes, I should practice self-control but you know what? I don't want to, darn it.

I am hoping... that Greg's Amazon Visa card comes in the mail today because we should have gotten it by now, according to my calculations.

I am hearing... 98.5 FM (WKTK) out of Ocala on the radio in the kitchen. It's odd that we can get it at home but not in the car...  my youngest taking a shower.

Around the house... the cats are waiting for my son to get out of the shower so he feeds them breakfast.  I have many housekeeping chores that I need to take care off but my ironing was done yesterday. Not a huge accomplishment since it was only 2 pairs of pants and a shirt. I've decided that I'm going to take a break from ironing my own clothes.  I wear T-shirts and shorts or capris almost exclusively and I don't go anywhere hardly ever so I think it's OK.

One of my favorite things... my laptop. Seriously, what would I do without it?  I love the feel of the keyboard and that it's NOT a touchscreen. My daughter has a touchscreen laptop which confuses the hell out of me and her keyboard stinks. She hates mine, of course, lol.

A few plans for the rest of the week... so: staying home and trying to be productive with my household chores today. I'd like to make actual progress with my 2016 goals too so that means at the very least gathering the latest tax paperwork and drawing up a list of what I have/what I might still need and reopening my tax prep software.  Grocery shopping, of course, either tomorrow or Wednesday.  We're planning on attending a WWII battle reenactment on Saturday with our son.  Greg and I will continue watching episodes of Fargo, Season 2 at night, although I'm already pretty much "done" with it. I'm not enjoying it, I think the acting is terrible this season and the storyline doesn't grab me.  I do like Jean Smart though, she's terrific and terrifying too :)  I should make a foray into the garden later on this week when the temps are back in the 60s, do some weeding and plant the few seeds that I'm actually planning on planting. Oh and my brothers and their wives/GFs are getting together in Paris next weekend (jealous!) so my daughter and I are going to try to Skype with them on Sunday, woohoo!  Sunday is also when my oldest son will be playing during the first concert with Josh Groban down South (Clearwater, I think, off the top of my head).  OH, AND I JUST REMEMBERED THAT THIS SATURDAY WILL MARK THE 2ND ANNIVERSARY OF MY BLOG! Wow.  Even Greg is amazed that I've stuck with it that long, ha!

Here is the picture I am sharing... gardening is so frustrating!  A year ago I was harvesting these: humongous collard greens from the one plant, tomatoes and lettuce.  This past fall, my collard greens never really grew (although I do have a little bit of it that I really should harvest if it's still good), the squirrels attacked my tomatoes (why?! We had a very warm winter so it's not like they were going to starve!) and my other seeds never germinated.  This is why I'm not really in the mood to garden this season.  It's a lot of effort (and expenses) for not a lot of payback. Damn it, though, those looked so good!

Have a great week, everyone!  Any special plans for you?


  1. Well I'm going to wish you an early happy blog birthday! Personally, I'm glad you're still blogging - I look forward to your posts!

    1. Aww, thanks Shelley! I appreciate your reading my chatter :)

  2. Well, Happy Blog anniversary. I had to go back and look at when I started, and I noticed that it is the beginning of April of 2014. I had no idea, because in fact I started a lot earlier than that. They were not officially blog posts. I started writing email letters in the exact same format (with the occasional photo) and sent them to friends and family. They were the ones that started calling them blog posts, so I thought "why not?" And that is how I started. And they were always intended to be just for friends and family. But I met some very nice people along the way.....ahem, Nathalie. I am so glad I found you.

    1. I'm glad you found me too, I love "talking" with you and reading what you're up to as well. I think you should start making a list of all the stuff that you do every day as well because you're always saying that you don't do anything but you remodel your home, bake, make dog biscuits, craft (oh boy, do you craft!), etc, etc. You do a lot more than you think!

      This blog is also the continuation of another one that I had started public, then by invitation only, then completely private. I have started something like 12 blogs! They were usually more online diaries than anything else, but without a specific focus. I like this focus on frugality since it's really a subject close to my heart. I can chat about my family a little bit too so when I re-read my posts, it's more like a little time capsule than just about my recycling, gardening or grocery shopping!

      Susan, I think I had found your blog down someone's rabbit trail (or maybe my Google searches for frugality-related blogs) a while before you started commenting on mine but I just didn't comment and I wasn't following you regularly either. I do remember thinking that Retirement Fun(ds) was a clever title!

      You do meet very nice people when blogging, I agree :) I'm glad we found each other!


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