Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tuesday 2/9/16: A Day Book

I didn't do this yesterday. I like doing those once in a while because it helps me get focused a little better.

Outside my window... it's sunny!  I just turned off the heat because it should be 57F today (40F tonight). I'll just pile on the layers.

I am thinking... that my "sickness" is allergies. I get a daily allergy report via email for my area and the pollen levels are really high for today. My nose is running and I've developed a persistant little cough which I think is due to post nasal drip.  Drinking OJ and just took a Mucinex Allergy pill (which I had gotten for free after a rebate!) to help with that.  Ugh.

I am thankful for... the router working and being able to see the weekly ads again even though neither Greg nor I understand what the heck happened, there!  Also... Game of Thrones Season 5 is coming out in a month and I just preordered the Blu-Rays. We've been avoiding spoilers for a whole year so hush!   lol.

From the learning rooms... I had emailed my son's Intro to IT teacher this weekend because he had gotten an F on a test even though he said he had gotten all the right answers.  He usually aces the class so I was perplexed.  The teacher replied yesterday that his instructions weren't clear and everyone bombed so he's grading on a curve for his test. Last night the corrected grade came back and my son once again has an "A" in the class.  Well OK, but it seems that to go from an "F" to an "A" isn't really realistic, right?  This is what irks me about school because those grades, in the end, really don't mean a thing and I suspect that some teachers (not necessarily this one) inflate them to look good or get a bonus or whatever.  I mean, my son is getting Cs and Ds on his algebra tests but he has a 102 in the class right now because his class participation is great.  What?!
My daughter is volunteering with her NHS club this weekend at a triathlon.  She has to be there at 6 a.m. on Saturday morning.  It's going to be COLD too. Well, for Florida.  My oldest son might be participating in another live streaming jazz workshop at the end of the month, he'll keep me updated so I can warn his uncles in France in advance so they can try to catch it... at 3:00 a.m. their time!  I appreciate their support of their nephew, they're so proud of him!  No news from my middle son so I'm assuming everything is OK :)

From the kitchen... the usual... dirty dishes are awaiting me.  I need to make a menu for the week. Tonight will be turkey... something. I have lettuce and cucumber that needs to be used up so I think I'll make a large Turkey Caesar Salad and some kind of soup on the side. Ideally I'd serve the cabbage soup that I made this weekend but I'm the only one who likes it so I need to think of something else.  Maybe cream of asparagus?  I need to crack my Soup Bible recipe book open :)

I am wearing... my PJs and a cardigan. Going to take a shower as soon as I publish this :)

I am creating... well a menu in a little bit.  My tax return?  Is that crafty? No?  Darn.

I am going... to stay home today, earn my SB (hopefully) and do some chores.

I am reading... nothing. My fiction books are due at the library AGAIN in 3 days and I haven't made any progress with the investing book.  I'm reading tax paperwork, that's what I'm reading.

I am hoping... that Greg's truck doesn't need expensive maintenance. He's going to schedule it for a needed oil change tomorrow and have them check that fluid leak. It happened last year and we think it was brake fluid (when he was driving to North Carolina to help his parents, no less!) and apparently it was due to the cold and some shrinkage happening with a seal somewhere. When the temp came back up, the leak stopped.  Yet another thing that "fixes" itself without no one understanding why or how and it's bugging me because I'd rather understand what the problem is so we can get it fixed once and for all!

I am hearing... I'm in the kitchen and I have the radio on to an Ocala radio station.  "Tonight We Are Young" is playing. I forget who sings it.  My male cat is drinking, it makes a cute little noise.

Around the house... the windows that I cleaned last week?  With the sun hitting them, they look 100 times worse than they did before I cleaned them! And I used Windex too!  Grrr.  I think washing windows is a total waste of time, personally, so they might stay like this for another year. LOL.

One of my favorite things... I'm craving Nutella all of a sudden. I think we have some in the pantry...

A few plans for the rest of the week... Greg's planning on working from home tomorrow so we can take his truck in to our garage for an oil change and other maintenance.  My youngest son is being honored at an award ceremony tomorrow as well for being on the AB Honor Roll (he and I both hate those things but I'll go anyway to show some support. Maybe, unconsciously, it'll help him more enthusiastic about school?  Probably not but I always feel guilty when I don't go. But they have them every quarter, COME ON.  Just have it at the end of the year, good grief.),  On Thursday my daughter and I are driving to Gainesville, Florida to attend a couple of campus tours at UF.  That's the school she really wants to attend.  We'll swing by Trader Joe's while we're there and I'll stock up on Stilton cheese (yummmmm....), UHT bricks of whipping cream (so useful!), and (shhh!) chocolate-covered ginger (my favorite, darn my diet! Wait, what diet?).  On Friday I'm scheduled to have lunch with a friend.  It's Valentine's Day on Sunday but we don't make plans for Valentine's Day so nothing is going on this weekend as far as I know.  Ugh, I also have to place several phone calls this week to that darn Health FSA administrator and the pharmacy that I don't like to get refills on my son's acne medicine (no, I haven't gotten the prescriptions to be switched, maybe I should swing by Publix instead...)

Here is the picture I am sharing... my heart is going pitty-patter!

It's working! It's finally working!

I hope you're having a good week!


  1. Thursday with your daughter should be a whole lot of fun. You both should enjoy the campus tours, the drop-in to Trader Joe's, and a ROAD TRIP.


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