Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Second Look: Growth in the Garden

These are pictures I took yesterday as I was walking through the garden... By the way all of the pictures were taken with my iPhone 5S. Since it was overcast, I didn't have the usual problem about not being able to see the screen in the sunlight.  I'm really happy with how the pictures turned out for the most past and the colors of the flowers, in particular, were much more accurate than when I photographed them with my other digital cameras.

My green pepper seeds have germinated!

Little peanut plants emerging..

This one decided to wear its peanut shell on its head!

The zucchini seedlings got pretty big, very fast!

Supersweet 100 Tomatoes are ripening...

Collard greens seedlings are getting a little larger. I'm going to have to thin them.

More serrano pepper flowers

I'm hoping this is a jalapeƱo seed that germinated and not a weed.

I keep on flip flopping on what kind of lettuce I planted last year. First I had thought it was Romaine, then I deided that, no, it was Bill.  But I think my 1st guess was correct because this looks like Romaine to me!

The bush beans that I planted this week? They're germinating!

The basil is growing by leaps and bounds!  Amazing what water from the storms will conjure!

Outdoor thyme seedlings are looking a little stronger...

My first rose of the season finally opened!

Today I counted 11 buds on my hibiscus!

I'll be collecting broccoli seeds before long...

Today the Japanese Ichiban eggplant had 4 flowers!
What's so interesting about this picture?  You wonder...
It looked like an old cable casing but it was the molted skin of a snake.  We have an Eastern Indigo Snakes hanging around the backyard so it might be one of  his... or maybe from just a garden snake.
Got another flower on my rosemary.  It looks like  a tiny orchid!

I'm hoping that Bless, who seems to know everything about the plants I have around the yard, can tell me what tree this is?
I have 3 of them growing around a rotting oak stump and I'm... well, stumped!

This is one of the 3 trees. Any idea?

Last week I was bummed that my little lemon tree didn't have any blooms at all, but today I saw 2 buds on it!

New tender green leaves on ye old orange tree.

I was hoping to see the Orchid Bee on the Sand Blackberries again but I didn't see it today...

However, look at the spikes on that stem!  Yikes!  You don't want to grab that with your bare hands!

A beautiful, delicate, "wildflower" (i.e. weed). Love that shade of blue!

Back indoors, the new zombie celery has awakened. It looks dirty because I watered it with water that had sediment in it. That's what I get for reusing water from my outdoor bins!

Pretty spinach seedling.I love the shape of it!


  1. Your garden is thriving! I don't really know what your little trees are, although, my first guess is a type of oak, especially if they are growing around an old oak stump. Perhaps a southern live oak? If so, Quercus virginiana would be the scientific name.

    1. I was wondering if it might be an oak of some kind (and I think the large oak we had to cut down was indeed a live oak) but the leaves are much larger than our other oak tree leaves so I'm not 100% sure. I guess I'll take a small branch to the extension office, maybe they can tell me. Also, I'll ask my daughter since I just remembered that she studied Forestry (and competed in that discipline!) with her FFA chapter. Thanks!

  2. Gorgeous pictures. Isn't it wonderful what a good rain will achieve?


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