Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Short Garden Update (3/30/16)

I set a new pineapple top in water. Hopefully it'll grow root!

Tiny celery leaves are emerging

This picture didn't come out very well but I definitely have 2 rows of bush beans that are growing, protected from the squirrels!

Cute peanut plants are growing. I'm always excited when I grow something new!

Look at this one with its little peanut head, lol!

Ripening Supersweet 100 tomatoes

The squirrels can't get to the collard greens now, hahaha!

The pole beans are growing a little taller
New tiny broccoli florets are forming. They're teasing me with promises of actual broccoli heads but I know better...
At first, I thought this was a clump of weeds in my serrano pepper bin but I'm glad that I didn't pull it because now I think it's a bunch of serrano pepper plants from one of the rotten peppers that I buried back into the bin!

Over the last day, tomato flowers turned into Roma tomatoes! Amazing what a lot of rain will do for tomatoes, eh?
Zucchini seedlings grew bigger too. This is actually 2 seedlings growing (too) close to one another. I'm afraid to move one of them, though.
All that rain didn't destroy my blooming rose, although it already doesn't smell as nicely at it did yesterday.

But there's another one getting ready to open soon, yay!
That's it for today!


  1. Love those little peanut plants! Now you have me wanting to grow peanuts!

    1. Greg and I were laughing over breakfast this morning as I recounting how mad I had been at the squirrels who, I thought, had dug out the peanuts because I found a couple laying on top of the ground when I had buried them, so I had covered them with more soil. Come to think of it, the root grows down and pushes the peanut UP (like with beans) while I was picturing the peanut staying in the ground and a plant growing up from it, you know? So all this time I was mad at the squirrels when in fact, the plant was growing properly, LOL. In all fairness, they did dig out the other peanuts and ate them. I have about 4-5 plants growing but I planted about 40 peanuts :( I hope I'll be able to show you pictures of my homegrown peanuts in the next few months!

  2. Love these garden updates in photos. So lovely to look at. I may steal this idea from you outright, if we ever have Spring and I can get planting. My before and after photos should just pop off the page. Ha.

    1. Do it! I can't wait to see pictures of your garden, especially your beautiful flowers. I love looking at garden pictures... and then dreaming of the plants I wish would grow down here, lol.

      When you post your pictures, Blogger defaults them to the medium size. If you click on the photo after you've inserted it, you'll see some options appear and you can change the size to small, large, extra large, or even original size. I like the Extra Large size for garden photos because I think it showcases the plants much better for the viewers and then we don't have to click on the photos to see more details, you know? Also, if your pictures look a little drab (mine do, a lot of time), you can download free editing software to fix that. I use a program called PhotoScape that has a setting called "Color Enhance" that automatically deepens the colors in a picture. Sometimes the picture looks much better that way (because I'm a lousy photographer who doesn't understand light theory!) and sometimes I revert it back to the original because the enhanced version looks horrible. I use the "foliage" setting on my camera too so the greens, in particular, are better picked up right when I take the photos with it, although, again, it really depends on the angle of the sun, which is something I can never get right.

      So anyhoo, if you start playing with such tools and settings, you might find your pictures suddenly much more exciting, lol.

    2. Also, your pictures will look better (although the file size will be much larger so it will use more of your Google Drive storage) if you change the file size on your camera. The more pixels (or the large the file size), the more detailed and crisp your pictures will be (well, I think) and then when you post them in extra large format on your blog, they'll really "pop". So you might want to play with your camera's settings too. My digital camera is set to take pictures on the L or M1 format, I think. Not the largest file size, but close.


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