Monday, March 14, 2016

Day Book: Pi Day (3/14/16)

I am thinking... today is actually "Pi Day" (3/14) but I'd rather call it "Pie Day" and think about baking a pie, lol.  I hate math.  I love pie. No brainer :)

Outside my window... it's very cloudy.  We're supposed to have rain later on tonight but I'm not counting on it. I'll need to go water the seeds that I planted yesterday.

I am thankful for... being a homemaker.  I had a terrible, sleepless night and I'm exhausted this morning. Weirdly it's when I'm sometimes at my most productive but right now I can't imagine commuting to a job because just typing is difficult.

From the learning rooms... there's a STEM Night at our high school tomorrow. As a parent of a student who attends said high school, I had to discover this news in the local paper. No notice was posted on the school's website (to which I subscribe), no flyer or email or phone alert was sent.  I asked my daughter whether she knew about it and she said yes but that she was very busy and didn't see the value in attending. Alrighty, then. I wonder if I should attend with my incoming 9th grader. I'm thinking maybe I will.  My daughter has the Optimist Club's Essay and Oratorical Contest this Thursday night so I will be driving her to that and watching her compete.  At this point I'm planning on attending a Beginning Photography workshop at the library tomorrow.  I don't expect to learn much, but the promise of "learn what all those icons mean" is tempting.  I just want to try to attend more workshops to keep myself engaged and force myself to learn or discover new things. I could do it at home but then it becomes another thing on my to-do list that gets ignored. My youngest is volunteering at the library.

From the kitchen... I did the dishes last night as dinner was cooking and somehow I have a sink and counter full of dirty dishes again this morning.  Ugh.  I want to bake a pie as I mentioned above. Not sure if I'll make a pumpkin pie for Greg and our son or a fruit pie that I can partake in as well (I don't care for pumpkin pie). I haven't made a menu for the week so I need to work on that.  I cooked all meals last week so I don't have any dinners to report to this week, poop. Now I have to think of something to cook for dinner. It might be Spaghetti and Meatballs Night because I'm too tired to think straight right now.

I am wearing... my PJs and it might be what I wear all morning.

I am creating... a vegetable garden!  After saying that I wasn't garden this season, I changed my mind.

I am going...  to lie down as soon as my son leaves for school in 10 minutes, I'm that tired.

I am reading... still working on finishing the 2 non-fiction books that I started ("Bogleheads' Guide to Investing" and "Quiet").  I read a fiction book that I owned this weekend ("Chasing the Dime" by Michael Connelly), didn't like it so I put it in the donation box to take to the thrift store at some point.

I am hoping... that my two older, college student sons are OK. I texted both of them this weekend and they have yet to reply, email or call.  Part of the reason why I couldn't sleep last night was that I was worrying about that.

I am hearing... our older female cat eating her breakfast; the dryer running because my daughter washed clothes overnight and threw them in the dryer before she left for school; the radio.

Around the house... I have to do the laundry and also fold the laundry from last week. I need to finalize my shopping list for tomorrow.  The downstairs bathroom needs to be swept or mopped. I need to plant herb seeds that I want to start indoors.

One of my favorite things... masking tape. I use it to label jars and leftover containers and also to seal the cereal bags when I use them as freezer bags. I keep a roll of it in one of my kitchen drawers.

A few plans for the rest of the week... staying home today to try to emulate "Domestic Monday" as best I can; Photography Workshop and grocery shopping tomorrow and now also possibly STEM Night at the high school with my youngest; the 5th season of Game of Thrones should be delivered tomorrow so I guess Greg and I had better start re-watching the 4th season so we're up to speed (I admit that I seem to have lost my enthusiasm for GoT this past year and I didn't really care for the 4th season so I'm not looking forward to watching it again); I might attend a Farmer's Market this week, we'll see.  Attending my daughter's Optimist Club Essay and Oratorical Contests. The UCF Jazz Festival is Friday and Saturday and I have tried, repeatedly, to find out from my oldest if he'll be playing at any time so I can go watch him, but he hasn't replied and I don't see the Flying Horse Big Band mentioned anywhere on the blurbs that have been put on the UCF School of Music site so right now I'm thinking that I won't go and save myself $20 plus gas, tolls, and parking.  I'm supposed to have lunch with a friend on Friday.  I think that, above all, I need to try to survive that first week of Daylight Savings Time because it seems to be kicking my butt.  Hey!  The sun just came out!  This might help :)

Have a great week!


  1. A photography workshop at the library? for free? Right on.

    1. Yeah, but I ended up not going... I think I'll see if they have "photography for dummies" instead although my track record for reading non-fiction books has been abysmal.


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