Saturday, March 19, 2016

Garden Update: Saturday 3/19/16

I took a walk through my garden this morning and took some pictures to document the progress of the various plants and seedlings since my memory is so bad :)

A hibiscus flower about to unfurl

A red rose about a bloom

The basil that had reseeded itself is doing quite well and growing

This is the pot where it is growing. There are more seeds to collect but I have a whole jar of them already. Maybe I'll collect
them tomorrow...

The cuttings that I had transplanted and that the squirrels tried to dig out are doing OK.  They're now protected by a
screening material cage.

Another lovely basil plant that are reseeded itself.

The little thyme seedlings are growing a little stronger...

... while the thyme that I bought at the store a couple of weeks ago is adapting to its larger pot (left).  Last year's thyme is starting to grow back too (right).  Yay!

Not all of the pole bean seeds were dug out by the squirrels and those that survived are growing.

To my delight, the collard green seeds have sprouted. I think they're going to love the
self-watering bin!  This is just a little corner of the bin.  There are more seedlings.

The Bibb lettuce seeds that I had harvested last summer and sewn in between the lettuce that had reseeded itself have germinated as well. I'll need to thin them, though.

As soon as I harvested all those serrano peppers (and buried them in hopes they would lead to new plants), and added water to their bin, the plant started blooming again!

A beautiful eggplant flower

Seems like the kale is going to love its self-watering bin as well!

The largest of my pineapple "flowers".

About 3 of my roselle seeds germinated!  Hooray!  They're all in the same pot so I'm going to need to transplant the other 2 to other pots.

The red canna flower opened up today and a smaller cane has started growing as well.
My camera wouldn't focus on the rosemary flowers but I did want to document them. Only 2 small, delicate flowers on the whole plant but I'm so excited to see them.  I don't think I'd ever seen flowers on my rosemary plant before!

The backyard smelled so good, and it's because the orange trees are blossoming.

Pretty delicate flower of an otherly nasty looking wild "blackberry" or bramble. Not sure of what it is exactly but it's growing in the back of the garden and the birds and critters will feed on the berries.

I color enhanced this picture, which gave it an impressionistic look and made the buds look blue.  In reality, they're not blue, but you can see them much better this way. This is one of my 2 nectarine trees that I planted last year. Truth be told, I don't think I'll ever get any nectarines, but you never know!

My little plum tree didn't survive.  It's covered in lichen and I'm not sure that I could have prevented that?!
I'll have to dig it out.

My confederate jasmine is about to blossom too, yay!

However, only the farthest plant came back after I had to cut it down last year for Greg to paint the house.
The plant closest to the back patio never made it back :(

I do have a jasmine cutting, though, that I need to plant in ground to take the place of the one that died. Yet another thing to do.

That's it for today! I didn't actually plant anything today.  It did rain for a couple of hours so the plants should be quite happy.


  1. Your garden is growing well! Lots of little seedlings coming up and flowers about to bloom! Love your garden posts and all the pictures.

  2. Your plants look very happy indeed. Love looking at these garden posts. Everything is doing so well.


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