Thursday, March 24, 2016

Grocery Shopping this Week

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I really didn't feel like going grocery shopping this week but I really needed to take my youngest son to Goodwill to try and find him new "business attire" so I killed two birds with one stone today: I enrolled him to help with the grocery shopping and one of our stops ended up being at Goodwill. He was very helpful and yes, we did score a pair of pants and a shirt at Goodwill and it cost me $8.  Awesome!

Since he was coming with me, I didn't stop at Walmart or Dollar Tree or Publix. I was trying to keep it "simple". We went to RaceTrac (freebies and lunch), Walgreens, CVS, Save A lot and Aldi. So it wasn't too bad and having them there to help me actually made me more efficient :)

I was shooting for spending my usual $50 but since I didn't use any Swagbucks gift cards and I stocked up on butter and snacks and other things, I went over that number. But I managed to spend less than what I had actually budgeted, which is $100.

That's always good :)

I did use my CVS gift card from the American Express Rewards program to get free cereal, cereal bars and a box of crackers, but otherwise everything else came out of pocket. I used very few coupons this week too. Starting to wonder why, exactly, I got the Orlando Sentinel subscription!

Let's get going. Oh, a quick reminder that I shop for 2 adults and 2 teens and this only includes our food.  I don't count health, beauty, cleaning or pet supplies in my grocery budget.

Budget for the week: $100
Total OOP: $82.53
Rebates expected: $0.00
Total spent after rebates: $82.53
Money left in budget: $17.47

Baking Supplies: $0.00 OOP

  • None needed

Beverages: $4.99 OOP

  1. I wanted to try this coffee but I also thought it was $3.99, not $4.99, dang it!  Arrgh.
  • 1 bag ground hazelnut-flavored coffee (Aldi), @ $4.99

Breads/Baked Goods: $2.55 OOP
  • 1 bag hamburger buns (Aldi) @ $0.85
  • 2 loaves white bread (Aldi) @ $0.85 each = $1.70

 Cereals: $1.79 OOP and will get KFR points
  1. I should have bought more cereal to get to $20 and used the $4.00/$20.00 coupon that they had emailed me this morning but we just wanted to get home and it was our last stop so I didn't bother.
  2. The crispy rice cereal was bought both to serve as morning cereal for myself and to make rice krispy treats.
  • 2 boxes Special K Red Berries cereal  and 2 boxes plain Special K (CVS), on sale @ $1.99 each. minus (2) $1.00/2 printable manufacturer coupons and a $1.00/3 digital store coupon = $4.96 but I redeemed $4.50 in ExtraCare Bucks so $0.46 and I will earn KFR points, including double points for the Red Berries cereal since there are codes printed on the boxes.  Also, I paid with the CVS gift card earned from our American Express Rewards program so it was all FREE to me.
  • 1 box crispy rice (Aldi) @ $1.79

Dairy: $24.00 OOP
  1. I thought we needed cheese slices but we had a whole unopened package in the fridge.  Arrgh. Didn't see it!
  2. The margarine is for baking cookies.
  • 1 gallon whole milk (Walgreens), on sale @ $2.49
  • 6 lbs unsalted butter (Aldi), on sale @ $1.99 = $11.94
  • 10 cups yogurt (Aldi) @ $0.39 each = $3.90
  • 1 package American slice cheese (Aldi) @ $1.89
  • 1 package string cheese (Aldi) @ $2.79
  • 1 lb Imperial margarine (Save A Lot), on sale @ $0.69

Dry/Pantry/Freezer Goods: $5.77 OOP 
  1. The soups are to restock my pantry (I use them when I cook in the crockpot)
  2. The pizza was for dinner tonight.  I always buy cheese pizza and then we all decide what we want on our own slices. Tonight it was ham for our son and pepperoni and ham for Greg and myself.
  • 2 cans "cream of" soups (Aldi), at $0.59 each = $1.18
  • 1 extra large Five Cheese pizza (Aldi) @ $4.99 and got $0.40 back from MobiSave so $4.59
Produce/Juice: $12.09
  1. I always feel guilty spending so much more for organic apple juice, but I think it's worth it.  Well, I hope it is!
  2. I still have Brussels sprouts in the fridge from a couple of weeks ago so I'll need to cook them!
  3. The celery will be cut up and frozen... and hopefully I'll find space in the freezer for it.
  • 1 bottle organic apple juice (Aldi) @ $2.69
  • 1 pineapple (Save A Lot), on sale @ $0.99 and got $0.25 back from Checkout 51 so $0.74
  • 1 Boston lettuce (Aldi), @ $1.39
  • 1 sleeve celery (Aldi), on sale @ $0.79
  • 1 package asparagus (Aldi), on sale @ $1.29
  • 4 one-pound bags baby carrots (Aldi), on sale @ $0.49 each = $1.96
  • 1 package Brussels Sprouts (Aldi), on sale @ $1.29
  • 4.41 lbs bananas (Aldi) @ $0.44/lb = $1.94

Proteins: $20.03 OOP
  • 4 cans of tuna (Save A Lot), on sale for $0.59 each = $2.36
  • 4 dozens large eggs (Walgreens), on sale for $0.99 each = $3.96 and got $0.25 back from Mobisave so $3.71
  • 7.05 lbs bone-in chicken breasts (Save A Lot), on sale @ $0.99/lb = $6.98
  • 1 lb Black Forest turkey (Aldi), @ $3.49
  • 1 lb Black Forest ham (Aldi), @ $3.49

Snacks: $11.31 OOP
  1. It feels like I bought lots of snacks this week (like the guy who shopped while hungry in the header cartoon!), but the 2 bags of chips will actually be used as side items for meals (I plan on making taco salad at some point, just realized I forgot to buy sour cream though, arrgh) and the rest was to replenish the pantry. Since my son has been home all day this week and I've been reading a lot, all the snacks were eaten long ago!
  • 1 large chocolate chip cookie (RaceTrac), FREE with survey reward code (not pictured)
  • 1 glazed lemon coffee cake  (RaceTrac), FREE with survey reward code
  • 1 box Nilla wafers (Aldi) @ $1.29
  • 1 box graham crackers (Aldi) @ $1.29
  • 1 box Swiss rolls (Aldi) @ $1.29
  • 1 box protein bars (Aldi) @ $1.99
  • 1 box Gold Emblem abound wheat crackers (CVS), on sale @ $1.99 minus $1.00 store coupon from Minute Clinic brochure = $0.99 but FREE with CVS gift card from American Express Rewards program.
  • 2 boxes Special K cereal bars (CVS), on sale @ $1.99 each = $3.98 but FREE with CVS gift card from American Express Rewards program.
  • 2 packages peanut butter crackers (Aldi) @ $0.89 each = $1.78
  • 1 bag wavy potato chips (Aldi) @ $1.49
  • 1 bag tortilla chips (Aldi) @ $1.19
  • 1 bag Trolli sour worms (Save A Lot) @ $0.99 (not pictured)

This was my last shopping trip for March.  All in all, I stayed under budget for grocery shopping, coming in at $307.53 when I had budgeted $400.00.  However, I'm way over budget with the eating out/ordering in expenses so I'm way over budget for Food Expenses as a whole. I haven't even figured out how much, but I know that we spent way over the $94 that we had left after groceries.  Bah humbug.

Did you get any great deals at the grocery store this week?  Please link up or share your finds in the comments :)


  1. You did great with your March grocery budget! You came almost $100 under budget! Maybe in April you'll do better with the eating out/ordering in part of the food budget.

    1. Thanks, Bless. Yes, I want to do better in April but that's what I had said for March, too! Lots of laziness this past month translated into wasted money, both in the going over budget area and also in the food waste area, and I really only have myself to blame for all of this. But April will be a new month :)

  2. You got a lot and without many gift cards!! Where did all the gift cards go?? I totally thought you must be down there printing money (in the form of gift cards) because you always have tons of them!!! I am glad that you stayed under budget for the grocery part of the purchases but I know that it goes hand in hand with the take out/restaurant budget. We got treated to Chinese food from my parents and Red Robin for my SIL and BIL this month so we have only spend $13 on two take out pizzas and nuggets for my son so we are low on take out but this month is headed towards a larger grocery spending.

    1. I haven't been doing Swagbucks all month (and probably won't do it anymore once I get my next gc) and I didn't go to Walmart or Target to use the one that I do have (although I think I only have something like $6 left). I'm sick and tired of Swagbucks, to tell you the truth. So, yeah, my grocery shopping trips are going to be a lot less exciting, lol!
      I've been "down" this whole month so the eating out goes with it... got dinner out 3 times because of laziness, Greg went out to lunch once because he didn't pack a lunch, and then we had a lot of socializing events this month so that went really fast. We spent $276 in "eating out" expenses this month (I feel nauseous typing this!) and the month isn't over... arrgh.

  3. Eating out celebratory meals are important. (eg. eating out at Perkin's after your daughter's big wins) If it is a case of laziness "I don't wanna" (we have all experienced these days), why don't you resolve right now to have a pasta night. Remember making up penne with sausage the other day. It was a huge success.

    1. You're right but when I don't feel like cooking, I don't even want to boil water, lol. I don't even think that it's the cooking itself that I don't want, it's the food that I would cook. I probably wouldn't mind if Greg said "OK well, then I'll cook!" like he did the one night, but usually he just sighs and goes "fine... where are you picking food from?" lol. The one saving grace is that I've been spending so much less money on grocery shopping than I did in the past, that even if we did spend too much on eating out/ordering in, I still spent far less than I used to spend 2 years ago, so there's that...


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