Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday 3/7/16: A Day Book

Outside my window... the sun is shining and the birds are singing!

I am thinking... that I don't know how domestic I'm going to be on "Domestic Monday" as I feel very tired after a weekend of doing... nothing!

I am thankful for... this is going to sound weird but I'm thankful that my period finally started... 6 days late so perimenopause is definitely here.  I read up on the symptoms and bad sleep can be one of the symptoms, which explains a lot. I used to be such a sound sleeper!  I'm grateful that it started because I was getting annoyed of wearing pads for no reason and having cramps every day without results.  My mom told me that she was in perimenopause for 10 years.  Perish the thought!  Bring it on!

From the learning rooms... it's Spring Break for colleges down here so my older sons are presumably out of school (and hopefully making a living somehow this week!).  They live locally so there isn't this big expectation of "you're coming home for Spring Break!" that some parents get.  As a matter of fact, no plans were made to come here at all.  My daughter also gets a break from her college classes this week, but K-12 schools won't be on Spring Break until 3/21 so she still has classes to attend.  My youngest son completed his Junior National Honors Society application essay yesterday so he'll turn in his packet to the advisor today.

From the kitchen... none of us ate a ton at home yesterday, apparently, and we had Subway for dinner so there are almost no dishes to be done, yay! I'm not sure what I'm making for dinner yet, probably one of the dinners that I didn't cook this weekend. I have to look at the menu; I might bake something for this afternoon's snack but I'm still undecided as what to make. It'll depend on how many eggs I have to use because I don't have many left.

I am wearing... PJs.

I am creating... still "crafting" our tax return.  Greg and I didn't look it over yesterday so I'm just going to report the numbers on new forms today (I had filled them out in pencil) and get him to sign them tonight.

I am going... nowhere today.

I am reading... I gave up on "The Guilty" by David Baldacci after 11 chapters on Saturday and will be returning it to the library tomorrow. I didn't make any progress with "Bogleheads" or "Quiet" and I should try to at least finish "Quiet" before I start a new book.  I'll be returning the library's copy of "Bogleheads" tomorrow since my own copy came in the mail last week.  I want to go back and highlight the parts that I had copied down before, since I plan on keeping it as a reference book for years to come.

I am hoping... that my little nephew is recuperating well from his appendectomy and that my sister can figure out how he's going to stay off school for 10 days without loss of income to her family or depending on my mom too much.  In times like these, I wish I lived closer.

I am hearing... our female cat scratching around in the litterbox; the shower is running so my youngest son got up (always a good thing on a school morning!); birds singing through the open window.

Around the house... my coffee table is a mess so I need to straighten it out.  I have coupons to put away (and my coupon organizer to purge from expired coupons, I should have done that while watching TV this weekend but I got hooked on Mahjong!), I have laundry to fold (that will be added to once I do last week's laundry this morning), seeds to plant;I should sweep the breezeway because I spotted a cat hair tumbleweed;I want to wash our bedding today but I'll have to dry it in the dryer because of all the pollen flying about. Note to self: dry laundry in dryer today too!

One of my favorite things... my Gmail account! Did you hear that the "inventor" of email passed away this weekend? I love email because I can keep in touch with people without having to talk on the phone and at my own convenience ;Texts are OK for a quick "are you alive?" type of message but to really keep in touch, I much prefer email and Gmail is awesome because I get almost no spam.

A few plans for the rest of the week... trying to be domestic today, going grocery shopping tomorrow, taking my youngest so his dermatologist appointment on Wednesday, my little sister turns 37 this week! ;There is an annual event in Clermont this weekend called "Pig on the Pond"; We attended a few times with the kids when they were little because there is a carnival. Nowadays teens like to attend because it gives them something to do with their friends but our youngest isn't the social type so he has no interest and we don't like crowds so we have no plans on attending. My daughter will be there volunteering with one of her clubs, I believe. Next Sunday is Daylights Savings Time again (either the beginning or the end, I can never remember but all you need to know is that we'll "spring ahead" an hour, which means we'll lose an hour of sleep). The most important thing happening this week is that "Bosch, Season 2" will air on Friday 3/11 on Amazon!  Woohoo! Not sure if it'll be the whole season at once or if they'll just release it one episode at a time. I'd prefer the former.

Do you have any exciting plans for this week or is it going to be fairly routine at your house?

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