Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thursday 3/3/16: A Day Book

Outside my window... I see ME on the back patio right now. Woohoo!

I am thinking... that I should have done this a while back but I've been so comfy indoors. Also... allergies and right now the pollen levels are really high so I'm going to be paying for it. I don't care.

I am thankful for... a quiet patio this morning without neighbors making noise or barking dogs.  Mild weather.  Sunshine through the cloud cover.

From the learning rooms... I'm not aware of any specific school assignments for the kids right now.  My oldest son said that school was keeping him very busy. I don't have news from my middle son.  My daughter just took the SAT for the first time yesterday. My youngest is taking the FSA statewide assessment this month.  

From the kitchen... dirty dishes are awaiting me. I'll get to them today, I promise!  Speaking of promising, I promised my youngest that I'd make brownies today. I've already set the brownie mix on the table so I don't forget.

I am wearing... shorts and a gray T-shirt. It's going to be in the 80s today.

I am creating... a mess by not cleaning up the house as much as I should, I suppose.  Also a lot of stress for myself by avoiding the tax return. Ugh.

I am going... to sit on my patio for a few hours today. I think I need the sunshine (vitamin D).

I am reading... I have 2 non-fiction books that I'm "reading" right now: the Bogleheads' Guide to Investing (my own copy that I purchased from Amazon came in a couple of days ago so I can return the library copy and stop feeling guilty about taking so long to read it) and "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking".  The fact that I'm taking to long to read them isn't a reflection on the books: I just don't prefer non-fiction and I'm easily distracted these days.  I have a fiction book from the library as well (David Baldacci book, can't remember the title) that is due next week and that I haven't even cracked open yet.  Yikes!

I am hoping... that my middle son's health concern has been addressed satisfactorily. He doesn't answer my questions.  Argh.

I am hearing... birds calling to one another and a woodpecker busy having breakfast. It's Spring over here!  Some people calling to one another, I think the house behind ours is being remodeled. I wonder if the elderly lady who live(s/d) there has passed.  Ah damn it, the freaking neighbor let their dog out and he's barking up a storm.  I hate dogs.

I am seeing... birds flying from tree to tree through the backyard, too fast for me to take their picture. Blue jay, woodpecker...some crows earlier. Nary a lizard in sight, which is unusual. Maybe they're hibernating?

Around the house... the cats are enjoying the outdoors through the screen door.

One of my favorite things... is sitting on my patio, listening to the birds and squirrels.

A few plans for the rest of the week... well, I actually don't have any plans. So I suppose that some gardening should be taking place this weekend.  I have weeds to pull and I need to straighten out my garden.  My daughter will be spending the weekend at her dad's.  Maybe I can talk Greg into taking another walk on the trail with me and going out for lunch?

Here is the picture I am sharing... weeds? No... baby basil plants!  It pays to let the plants go to seed because then I get babies without having to do anything! I wish the roselle had done the same.

How is your day going, so far?

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