Monday, April 11, 2016

Domestic Monday Blues ~ Monday 4/11/16

I'm going to sound like an old record, wasn't I just domestic a little bit ago?  This housewife gig is really repetitive, lol.

So we're facing a new week.  I need to make a new to-do list. I like making mine by hand on the back side of a sheet of paper I saved. Alright, done.  We'll see how much I get accomplished.

I started the day by being quite domestic indeed: I realized late last night that Greg needed some work pants ironed but I couldn't even keep my eyes open so I told him I'd do it first thing this morning (I'm no Tara!). So this morning, the alarm rang and I ironed the pants.  See? I can be domestic when I want to be :)

Then I cooked his breakfast and packed leftovers for his lunch.  Our son will buy lunch from school today and I saw my daughter leave with her lunch bag so I'm guessing she packed something.

Greg was talking about going to get his free soda at RaceTrac this morning so he opened up his Rewards app to see how many coupons he now had and... we're not sure what happened but he now has more soda freebies than he originally did! He has 8 free sodas remaining when he should only have 2 or 3.  I think it's because I had emailed Customer Service from his app last week when he downloaded the app over the weekend and didn't get all the stuff he was supposed to get. So when the freebie coupons finally appeared, we thought they had fixed it by hand but now I'm thinking it was delayed but automatic and then Customer Service added more coupons by hand this past weekend.  My own app (and we use the same phone number to earn at the pump but otherwise we each have our own Rewards bar code) only shows the coupons that I didn't use so I only have 2 left.  He was ecstatic, LOL.  However, we also noticed a credit for $6.86 on his account and I think that was for when I pumped gas into MY car and it didn't work.... we might need to go back to separate phone numbers if he's getting credit for my activity or I'll never get any freebies!

The weather is cool again this morning (61F) so I opened the sliding door again. Our high today will be 84F but then it's shooting up to the 90s for a couple of days so the AC will be working quite a bit :(

We have a few things going on this week: Greg's boss is coming in from Vancouver for a couple of days so he'll be having business dinners two nights this week, which probably means breakfast for dinner for the kids and myself (yay!) and free food for him (double yay!). My oldest son turns 22 this week and I feel ancient.  I'm not sure when I'll be able to see him for more than 5 minutes and without tons of people around so I'm going to buy him a nice card and mail it to him with a check.  He needs cash more than anything else at this point in his life so I know that's what he'd rather have.   My daughter, youngest son and I will attend the Flying Horse Big Band Concert at UCF Celebrates the Arts this weekend but I'm not sure if we'll be able to talk to him then. Probably not.  Our high school is having a "fair" one night this week for incoming 9th graders and other students to promote their extra curricular activities and clubs so I told my 14 y/o that we would attend so he can see what they offer.  I'm sure he'll say "ugh, there's nothing I want to do" but it'll be a good opportunity to introduce himself to the NHS sponsor and maybe discover something interesting.  My daughter and I have to drive to The Villages on Thursday night for her free coaching session with the retired University Speech professor, in preparation for her Optimist Club Regionals Oratorical Competition.  Aside from that, I need to go grocery shopping and run errands and I want to ride my bike too.
Last night my daughter and I agreed that she would redeem my free bagel reward at Panera tonight when she goes to her college class since she'll be in town anyway.

I tried loading the new MobiSave offers but I only get 2 "generic" offers (mandarins and deodorant), which I already had last week and didn't use so I'm not sure if that's it for the week (I'm not interested in their brand offers) or if once again there is a delay in getting all the offers. I guess I'll try reloading again tomorrow.

I'm thinking that once the oppressive heat returns and I stop setting foot outside, I'll return to my "Frugal Successes and Failures" format in this blog.  I like just commenting on my day too, but I'm losing track of the reasons why I started this blog.

Well, shoot, I was looking at the instructions on the jar of Osmocote plant food that I found in my laundry room cabinet a couple of weeks ago and it's not for vegetables.  Well, since I need to get seeds from Home Depot, I guess I'll be looking for vegetable plant food there too.  The Farm Daddy brochure and website say to use fertilizer in the 5-20 range for all 3 numbers. I'm glad they put that on there because fertilizer numbers confuse me and every single time that I have looked for a sort with the numbers specified by an expert (why can't they just give you the exact brand they use, that annoys me!), it's never been available at my local stores.

However, I can use the Osmocote that I do have on my roses, hibiscus and I guess the roselle so I will try to remember to do it today.

Kellogg's Family Rewards emailed me a code to get a free reusable bag from Shutterfly. I'll have to see how much it would cost me in shipping costs.  I might get one done for my oldest son's GF for Christmas and use a picture from my garden.  She's studying to be an elementary school teacher so I'm thinking she'll always need some kind of tote bag.

I completed my Bing Rewards tasks before 9 a.m. this morning lest I forget again.  I'm at 32% of my goal.  I also did the daily poll and NOSO path on Swagbucks and got the nGage videos started, might as well earn some SB if I want to get a gift card this month... which is going to be very challenging since I'm only at 276 SB so far. Yeah, I've been a Swagbucks Slacker.

But then I went to do some chores and I closed my laptop so it would charge during that time (my battery is weird, it only charges when the laptop is closed. Not turned off, just closed) and when I came back the Ngage player had stopped and didn't resume. In the past, it always resumed on its own so here is another annoyance, especially since I was at 12 videos out of 14 when I closed it so I wasted time and didn't earn anything.  I just shut down Ngage, who needs this nonsense?!

Hearing the cats chumping on their nuggets this morning, I'm thinking that granola would taste super good for breakfast so I'm going to add "make granola" to my to-do list!

I collected water in the shower and reused it to flush the toilet.

I ran the dehumidifier in the downstairs bathroom. I really need to do this every day but it's hard on the weekends when people are staggering their showers so much... I would need to run it 3 or 4 times a day.  I might have to do that, though because the mildew situation isn't getting better if I don't run it regularly.

I mixed 1/2 a gallon of water with 1/2 of whole milk to stretch it... well, I thought I had mixed 50/50 but the milk tasted very watery in my cereal so I added 1/4 cup of powdered milk to the gallon otherwise the kids will notice, lol.  I think they just take it for granted, now, that I water down the whole milk.

I stripped our bed. I will wash the bedding once all the clothes are done washing and change back to regular sheets since we still had flannel sheets on. They're really comfy but it doesn't help cool you off now that the temperatures are going up.

Remember that especially designed for chemicals spray bottle that I ordered from Amazon?  It got here oh... 3-4 weeks ago now, and I have yet to use it. So today I filled it with the bleach that was in the spray bottle that stopped working upstairs and sprayed my bath mat. It seems to work very well but the real test is how long it'll last.  When my upcycled spray bottle from the downstairs bathroom quits on me, I plan on replacing it with another one of those from Amazon.

I started the laundry. The weather will allow me to air dry a maximum of things today, yay! I was finishing a bottle of Purex so I rinsed the bottle while the machine was still filling up and made sure to pour out the suds back into the machine. It was my last bottle of Purex so now I have to go back to the Xtra laundry detergent. Purex smells way better and the scent stays on the clothes, which I like, I hope there's nothing promo soon.  I did 3 "super" loads on cold/cold and used vinegar as softener.  The 3rd load was the bedding.

I purged my kitchen rag shelf of all the old ones since I recently got 6 or 8 new ones for free from Kohl's (I can't remember the exact number).  My shelf looks much nicer and the old ones were added to the pile of rags to use for projects such as painting or washing the vehicles.

I aired out most of the house. I have a timer on for noon to close them again.  My son needed a decongestant this morning so I'm not sure if he's getting a cold or if he started having allergies. He brushed the cats last night for 45 minutes, as he does every weekend, and I'm hoping he's not getting allergic to their dander, that would be terrible for him.  They say that exposure to pets actually reduces your symptoms but that didn't work for me and outdoor allergies... not that the oaks are my pets but why would it work for pets and not other allergies?  Most of the time I think people putting out those articles don't know what the heck they're talking about.

I collected the large cardboard boxes that had come with Greg's new PC and that we had left in the entrance room for the cats' benefit and took them up to our tiny "attic".  You never know if/when we'll need to ship that PC back.

I hung the first load of laundry outside to dry. Dang it, someone left a tissue in their pant pocket  (**cough it was me!**) and now I have white stuff all over my darks.

I worked on a menu plan for the week, which was pretty easy since I got to reuse 2 dinners from last week that I never cooked and we're going to be out 3 nights this week.

I replied to emails from one of my brothers and my mom and I'm trying to set a day and time when I can call my mom. She's out and about a lot and it costs me less (and doesn't cost her anything) to call her on her fixed line than her cell phone.

I set a loaf of Double Pumpkin, Cranberry, and Raisin Bread to bake in the bread maker.  I used 1 cup of the pumpkin purée I made yesterday with my old pumpkin from last October. I think that keeping it that long helped the puree get much less watery. It is a lovely, dense purée... and I'm guessing that I have almost 1 more cup left so I might be able to make another loaf of this delicious bread in the next couple of days. Yay!

Since I wanted to air dry as many of the clothing as possible today, I went to get the 4th laundry rack from the attic. I had bought it last fall from Aldi ($9.99 if I remember properly) in case my middle son needed one of his apartment, but he has a dryer and let's be realistic here: a male college student is about as likely to air dry his clothes on a laundry rack as I am to take up video gaming. So I decided to just put it together and use it myself. It worked out great and everything save for most of Greg clothes (because he doesn't like it when I dry his T-shirts and pants outside) and the bath towels will be air dried today. Those last items went into the dryer on the Auto Moisture Sensing setting.

At noon, I closed the windows but left the AC set for 76 (note: it finally kicked on at 2 p.m.). I'll switch it to 75 at about 4 p,m. to cool off the upstairs. I remade the bed with a cotton sheet and pillow cases, put the clean laundry that I had folded last week away properly and flushed the downstairs toilet with the water collected in the leaky shower. Then I dumped the water collected in the dehumidifier in the same bucket and I will reuse it to flush the toilet later on.

I boiled eggs for Greg's snacks this morning so I collected that water and saved it in a pitcher to water my indoor plants.  The zombie celery is doing quite well and the 3 pineapple tops all continue to grow their roots.  I need to transplant my spinach and thyme seedlings outdoor soon.

I went to check on the garden and harvested 3 Superweet 100 grape tomatoes that I put with the grape tomatoes from Aldi in the fridge. I also checked to see if I had potting soil or potting mix and as I suspected, it's potting soil that I have so I shall buy potting mix from Home Depot this week as well. might as well have some on hand. I have extra bins that I could be making into self-watering bins and I might just do that and plant the okra into those bins instead of in the ground.

I decided to bike to the library to pick up my baking cookbook prior to having lunch.  So I did just that. I did drive by the lake to admire the sights and saw a white egret poised to catch a fish, a seagull drinking by the boat dock (it flew off when I rode by) and on the way back I picked up a branch of bougainvillea that something or someone had broken off the communal bush.  I had trouble with my derailleur on the way home, the gears aren't switching smoothly and the chain slipped off. I was able to put it back in place in just a second because I'm used to it from my bike riding days in France, but obviously whoever put the bike together didn't make sure the chain was tense enough and that, I don't know how to fix. I'll have to read the manual.  I stayed in the lower gear the rest of the way home, which is uphill so I got a good cardio workout.  At some point I will be able to pedal up my steep driveway. OK, maybe not because I remember being in much better shape back when I was in France and having to walk my bike up some hills.

Back home, I trimmed the tip of the bougainvillea branch and dipped it into rooting hormone. I went of get a small pot already filled with potting soil (from last year's salvia) on the back patio and planted it in it. The saucer for the water is an old Rubbermaid container that is missing its lid and I reused a plastic bag from Greg's gym to make a greenhouse. The whole thing was watered with some of that water I had collected after boiling the eggs.  I hope it roots!

I put the bits that I trimmed into a bud vase.
Then I warmed up my leftovers of Enchilada Pasta Casserole in the microwave while cutting up the cantaloupe that I had bought at Aldi a couple of weeks ago. It looked fine but it was time to use it up... however, when I cut into it, I saw that the bottom (that I hadn't checked!) had started to go pretty bad!  I cut off the bad parts and composted them with the peels and put the rest of the chunks in the fridge after saving some for my lunch. I would have hoped that letting it ripen for a couple of weeks would have resulted in a very sweet cantaloupe, but it's watery and very bland :(  I'll have to add it to some fruit salad.  I also brewed a whole teapot of Green Peach tea for this afternoon since I drank the whole teapot yesterday.

Redbox sent me an email saying that they missed me and that included three freebie codes that expire in 2 weeks. Wow. If only there was something that I wanted to see.  I guess I could watch the Peanuts movie, Spectre (James Bond, I'm pretty sure I already saw it with a free rental from Amazon last year and Greg and I didn't really like it but I'll watch it again because Daniel Craig and Judi Densch, I love her) and maybe something else that interests me will come out in the next couple of weeks. Oh, I haven't seen Inside Out yet and my daughter loves it so maybe... now that my kids are mostly grown, I'm not into animated movies anymore which feels weird because even before I had kids I was all about animated movies and my dream was to work for Walt Disney Feature Animation, which I did do for 5 years.

I went to empty the countertop composting bin into the large one outside and decide to turn the compost since I hadn't done this in... a year? I'm a horrible compost maker. I also dumped a bunch of water into it since mine has a cover so no rain gets into it unless it rains sideways (because there are vents on the side).  My compost looks nothing like "earth", I think it's because it lacked water but also because my "greens" end up being mostly browns, i.e oak leaves from our trees.  I'm confused by the greens issue because they tell you not to put any grass clippings that have been sprayed with pesticides but also you don't want to end up with a bunch of weeds in your compost.  Our yard isn't sprayed and I don't think our neighbors' is either, but it's mostly weeds. So if I were to rake it after Greg mows to get greens, I'd mostly rake weeds. So I haven't bothered.  If you are an expert on composting and are reading this, please advise.  Thanks!

I checked the camping stove that Greg had gotten from the shed for me. If you'll recall, I had found an article online that said that you could use your Coleman camping stove to can outdoors and I was excited (since I have a glass cooktop which prevents me from canning indoors). However, once Greg got ours down, I realized that it wasn't a Coleman but a Greatland.  The article stated that you needed 10,000 BTUs for the canner to reach the proper temperature and after checking the box this morning, it does appear that mine also is a 10,000 BTUs stove so I should be able to can with it.  Now I have to think of what to can and secure the appropriate fruit.  I do have several canning books with recipes.

I won a $100 Publix gift card at the 2017 NCAA VIP Experience Sweepstake that Publix and Coca Cola sponsored back in March!!  I received a text alerting me that I might have won, entered my info, received confirmation that I had won a $100 gift card without any more details so I researched the Sweepstake because I vaguely remember entering via text once a day back in March and found a post on IHeartPublix stating that the prizes were:

  • (4) Grand Prize Winners - 2017 NCAA VIP Experience
  • (170) First Prize - $100 Publix Gift Card
  • (110) Second Prize - $50 Publix Gift Card
Woohoo!  I had entered to win the NCAA prize for Greg but honestly, I'd rather get the Publix gift card, lol.  I texted Greg to let him know that I had been secretly trying to win a trip to the 2017 NCAA Finals for him but since I hadn't won that, I'd buy him ice cream with the gift card I had won. He was excited but also said we could buy fried chicken dinners for a whole week!  Oh my, a whole week of no cooking?  Don't tempt me!  lol. Also, don't tell my 14 year-old who lurves fried chicken from Publix!

I added Osmocote plant food to my roses and my hibiscus and made a note to do it again every 3 months in my Gardening calendar.

While I was out there, I decided to water the garden, since it's getting hotter and I want my beans to grow.  So everything got a little shower, including the plants in the self-watering bins because the soil looked a little dry.

I spotted a beautiful strawberry in one of my bins!  I was so excited...

until I plucked it and realized that the underside had been eaten by some critter. Grrr.

I cut out the munched on part and ate the rest!
I have a couple of other strawberry flowers!
My daughter came home from school and we chatted for a little bit. Her NHS chapter will be supporting Relay for Life, held at another high school at the end of the month so there goes another event on our calendar.  I try to attend every year and light a luminary for my grandmother and stepmother who both died of cancer and Greg's mom who is a breast cancer survivor.

We agreed that she would use my Panera reward on her way to her college class. She just wants a plain bagel (bo-ring!) so I tried pre-ordering it for her from my app so she can just grab the bag on the rapid pick-up shelf and go, but you can't pick "plain bagel" if you're trying to redeem your reward. Isn't that weird?!  I can order a plain bagel if I want to buy it, but not if I want one for free. Oh yes, this Reward is definitely made for me, lol. So she'll just stand in line and give them my phone number at the register.  She says it's usually not busy at that time.

I had to go up to her room to kill a black wasp.  We've been in this house for almost 14 years and there have been black wasps appearing mysteriously in that room for almost as long and we don't know how the heck they're coming in. We had thought it was because of the old windows but we've had new windows in there for a year and they're still coming in.  The room's walls are wood paneling but real wood, not the fake wood paneling and there are some cracks which we thought we had sealed. so I might have to go around her room again this summer when she's gone (because I'll have to move the furniture away from the walls) with some clear caulk to try and plug every single hole.  Those things are hard to kill too, they have extra hard exoskeletons so you really have to work at killing them. Today it was on a book cover so I sprayed it with some hornet killer and then wiped the whole thing clean after I had killed it.  Ugh.  We don't see black wasps anywhere else and none are visible outside her windows...

I was inputting last weekend's receipts into my spreadsheets when I saw a URL to check out our 4Rivers Rewards status so I logged in to check... and realized that I had been issued a free pastry voucher for my birthday month back in December that went unused because my profile hadn't been filled out so I hadn't received any emails.  Well, dang it.  So I filled out my profile.  As for the other rewards, we need 10 visits to get 1 free sandwich. Even though we paid for 2 meals, that counted for 1 visit so we only have 2 visits credited total (we had eaten there back in October). It'll be years before we get any freebies from them... unless Greg comes to walk with me every weekend, lol.

I took two RaceTrac surveys and earned 2 more survey reward codes for free bakery items :)

I made dinner as planned but forgot to take a photo of the Salisbury Steaks. It was delicious and I have some rice and Zesty Brussels sprouts leftover for tomorrow.

I received a box from today, containing samples of Allegra Allergy (timely since my son needed to take one this morning!) and Oil of Olay creams that I won't use but had to order as a sample if I wanted the Allegra.

I also received the camera strap that I had ordered from Amazon. It came into a bubble mailer that I put aside to reuse it at a later date.

Greg said he was going to work from home tomorrow, woohoo!

I tried logging out of and closing the MobiSave app again and then logging back in and this time I had several more "generic" offers. Go figure.


  1. Congrats to Greg for receiving more free drinks. At some point they are bound to run out. Are you prepared for the fallout?

    My oh my, you were domesticated yesterday. Good job. I did a couple of very small loads and packed a carry-on. We are not checking any luggage. I warmed up leftovers for dinner, so I really, really don't know what I did yesterday. Lol. I hope that bougainvillea roots for you. That would be super to grow in your backyard.

    Congrats for winning a gift card to Publix. You are able to use coupons there aren't you? That could make your gc go even further there. I think you are going to have to spend some of your winnings on a fried chicken dinner though. And you got freebies from Why are you not using the Oil of Olay samples? Is your skin too sensitive? I would be all over those creams. I love Oil of Olay.

    Sorry I can't help you with the composting issue. I never really learned how to do it, although I have two backyard composters. I need to go on You tube and learn a thing or three. I don't think mine is wet enough, but I'm not sure. Anyways, I have a feeling that Bless will know.

    1. Yes, I have a feeling that he will be buying sodas in the mornings and just paying cash for them so I can't "track" them, lol. But I guess we all need a little bit of "mad money" now and again.

      Yes, I can use coupons at Publix and even some competitor coupons plus I can stack store coupons and manufacturer coupons and use 2 of each on the BOGO deals. So that $100 GC could actually take a while to use up if I restrict myself to BOGOs with coupons for items that I NEED.

      I like Oil of Olay too but I only use it when my skin feels dry and it hasn't felt dry in months, not even this summer. I have a full bottle of it and tons of samples. I just don't do anything apart from taking showers/bath and washing my hair. No make-up, no particular skin care. Too much work and I think most of the products they sell don't do anything anyway save cost you money.

      Well I guess we need a Compost Doctor, you and I. I was successful in making one load of it a couple of years ago in a Rubbermaid bin by just letting it sit for a year. I think I might have turned it twice. But the difference was that I had drilled holes in the cover so it got some rainwater, whereas the bin from Aldi that I bought doesn't have any holes on its cover. So I need to remember to add water once in a while. And greens would be nice.

    2. Ah, my comment has just deleted don't you just hate that? I will start again. Bonus drinks, what a result but definitely make sure that you remember to check the phone numbers you don't want to miss out on offers for yourself.

      The weather is starting to get warm in your neck of the woods I hope you have got your shorts and t-shirts out.

      That loaf of bread looks so delicious, its made me peckish and I have had to put some toast in the toaster.

      Well done on winning the Publix voucher that's brilliant.

      I love the bougainvillaea its so pretty, I have not seen one of those here. I don't know whether its because I am not very up on flowers or whether they just don't grow here, it will look gorgeous in your garden.

      You are busy this week, you have so many things going on in your universities/colleges. I have never had to attend anything at Liam's university which I find quite sad because I'm still a proud mum and feel like I'm missing out a bit now. I suppose it might be the course he is doing. I hope you have a great evening at the Big Band Concert. Xx

    3. I've been wearing shorts and Tshirts since mid February so yep :)

      I hope the bougainvillea grows in my garden too! I'm not too sure if the branch that I collected was the best for rooting but I had to try. That's how I grew my hibiscus, I took a cutting from my neighbor's bush. I also am growing a cutting from one of my rose bushes but it's not growing very fast. I just realized that I forgot to give it plant food. I should also move it to a larger pot. I had tried rooting 3 or 4 of them but only one actually developed roots.

      Yes, I think if my son wasn't a musician I definitely wouldn't be attending the paying concerts at the university, mostly because it's so far away so between the gas, tolls, parking and then the tickets to the concert, it's easily a $50+ outing each time, depending on who comes with me. If I lived closer (like my ex who is a mere 5 minutes away), I would make a point to attend free performances there like that senior recital that my son gave on Saturday. The ballet group, opera, theater and musicians all offer free concerts/shows but again, it's so far away that unless my son is performing, I don't go. I don't imagine that I'll have anything to attend at UF if my daughter studies Engineering, you know, so don't beat yourself up!

  2. Cinnamon Crunch bagel all the way!!! I love them so much!!! There is a deal here where if you buy a dozen bagels on Tuesday, you get them for $6.99. I have a gift card for there but I work on Tuesday and usually have meetings too so I just haven't gotten back there to get more and I can't make myself pay the full $3 more to buy them another day!!! Silly me with my free gift card but I know you understand!! I need to go on and see if my card is registered. The man gave me another one if it didn't work so I could register a new card but I am going to try hard on the old one first :)

    1. I've had a thought for you every time that I have gotten a cinnamon crunch bagel this month, Alison! Including today :) Yes, I completely understand about the gift card,lol. Just because it's free to you, doesn't mean you shouldn't try to get a deal!

  3. That bread and the brussels sprouts looks amazing. I will have to check out the recipe for the bread, for sure.

    I think that the reason "experts" don't give you name brands when they talk about fertilizer is that a lot of them actually mix their own. It is frustrating, though! I like it better when they just tell you a range. I have been very intrigued by the self-watering containers since you shared the pictures from your garden walk -- those massive containers of kale and chard were very compelling!

    Congrats on the gift card -- that is awesome!! I'd probably buy at least ONE package of fried chicken. I do love Publix fried chicken!

  4. You got a lot accomplished on your domestic Monday! Such a lovely picture of the egret!

    I do thank Susan for the vote of confidence about my knowledge of composting! LOL. Compost needs carbon (brown stuff such as dead leaves), nitrogen (green stuff such as grass clippings and fruit/vegetable peelings), water (damp enough to feel like a wet sponge but not water logged), and oxygen (frequent turning). Ideally, the compost heap will get hot enough to give off steam and kill weed seeds. If all the conditions are met, you can have compost in a few months; otherwise, it can take a while.

    1. See, we knew you would know, LOL. We sure have the heat down here and also the humidity (most of the year) so you'd think the composting would take care of itself! I think my problem was definitely that my pile was too dry and also that I didn't turn it. I love my composting bin but in reality it's pretty hard to turn it because it's deep and I don't want to break the plastic sides by accidentally pushing down on them with the pitchfork. Still, I need to remember to do it regularly. Since the greens include the vegetable and fruit peelings, I guess that I'm covered for that part of it after all.

      Thanks, Bless!

  5. I knew that they mixed their own soil (and I used to as well but I was lazy last Fall and mostly used potting soil instead), but I never thought of them mixing their own fertilizer. This explains so much! I was frustrated today at Home Depot because I almost didn't find ANY vegetable fertilizer that followed that "between 5 and 20 for all 3 numbers" rule from the FarmDaddy brochure. But then I did find a bag of 8-8-8 so I grabbed it. At that point, I didn't care how much it was going to cost (there was no price tag on the shelf), but it ended up less than $9.

    I really hope that by using potting mix (instead of soil) and providing such plant food, my veggies will be as impressive as the ones from my picture! It's incredible, isn't it?!


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