Saturday, April 2, 2016

Garden Update: April 1, 2016

The first Confederate Jasmine flowers have bloomed!  Yaayyyyyyy!

Two roses today...

The thyme seeds that I had planted on the other side of the pot have finally germinated. I guess I just needed to turn the pot around so the soil warmed up properly!  The seedlings on the right are from seeds planted at the same time as the seedlings on the left!

Speaking of thyme, the plant that I had completely harvested before our cold weather snap is coming back very nicely.

My 4th roselle seedling didn't survive (bottom of the photo) :(

I pulled the anti-squirrel cage away long enough to snap a picture of my bush beans! Not bad for a pack of 20-cent seeds from Dollar Tree!

Another surprise from my pineapples this morning: there are actual flowers at the bottom of the plants!

A closer look...

Doesn't it look exactly like a mini pineapple?!
How bout from this angle?!  Look at the wittle crown at the top of its head!  It's too cute!

I have about 6 or 7 peanut plants that are growing now. 4 or 5 in this pot and 1 or 2 in the other (I counted them this morning but I've forgotten since!)

It's unbelievable how fast the zucchini seedlings are growing!

The lettuces are looking fine but I'd like them to get a little larger. Still, I can harvest the larger outer leaves on each plant and leave the rest to keep on growing.

2 more small clumps of serrano pepper seedlings have appeared in the bin! I need to thin them but I'm trusting nature to do what it needs to do by itself.

Will this become an eggplant?  I'm down to only 2 blossoms on the plant.

Serrano peppers flowers and buds

A new flower has appeared on my self-seeded Vinca plant

The lettuce seeds I planted 3 days ago are germinating. Those are seeds I had harvested from my lettuce last Fall.

I harvested this ripe grape tomatoes and added it to the ones I bought at Aldi yesterday.

More tiny broccoli florets

The pole beans should be developing tendrils soon so they can start pulling themselves up those poles!

Two small strawberry blossoms in my one of smaller planters,...

The raspberry cane that I thought might have died has some nice green leaves now.

Over in the self-watering bins, I have a couple of strawberries...

And a new flower has appeared too.

The green pepper seedlings are getting a little stronger.
Yes, I did stick my nose on top of the blossom so I could get a sniff of the lovely jasmine essence!
Oooh, I might get more than 1 lemon (please oh please, let me have at least ONE!) this year!

Another lemon blossom!

Ouch, I forgot that the lemon tree has nasty spikes on its branches!

One of my nectarine trees is taunting me with the promise of flowers... the other ones' buds aren't quite as ready yet.

Found a small planter where vincas seem to have reseeded themselves. Yay!

Indoors, not much progress on the spinach OR the thyme. I need to transplant all of that!

My tiny zombie celery has leaves!


  1. A couple of months ago, I started a pineapple top. I still have it in water, but it's forming roots. How long did it take you to get flowers on your plants. You are in a warmer climate than I am. Do you have yours outside?

    1. I found this video from Dole, recently, that shows what pineapples look like at each stage of their life as they grow. I would say that different tops have taken different lengths of time to grow roots. I'm not a savvy enough gardener to make the correlation between time of year, type of pineapple, etc, but I have left mine in jars of water in a South facing window for several months (until the roots are very well developed so at least 3 months) for a couple of years and then a couple of years ago I transplanted my larger ones into pots that I put outside. At first I was transplanting them into larger pots as they grew but last fall I decided to just plant all of them outdoors. It might have been a mistake had we had a freeze! When I had them in pots, I would just brought them indoors during the 2 nights when it went below 32F here, but thankfully we didn't get any freezes this past winter so they survived. However, they need water and since I didn't take care of my garden this past winter and we had a very dry winter to boot, their leaves started to dry up and I thought they would die so I was very surprised and delighted to see that I had 8 or 9 plants with fruit growing. The others are younger plants. I posted a picture of my "pineapple empire" most recently here (it's somewhere in the middle of the post)

      It shows that you should see the fruit starting to grow at 42 weeks but mine took way longer (2 years).

      I can't remember if I know where you live (but I know you get lots of snow!) so you should plant yours in pots. Just remember that they get very large at 2-3 years (mine are a couple of feet in diameter at least) so choose large pots to start with so you don't have to keep on transplanting them, and maybe put them on casters so you can just roll them into your house or garage when winter comes. I hope you'll post photos!

      I haven't harvested a pineapple yet so I'm very excited that they decided to bear fruit!

    2. Hmm, sorry about how my comment was written, I guess I must have inserted some text in my 1st paragraph without re-reading it. I promise the link to the Dole video is in the comment (2nd paragraph!).

  2. Ooooh Nathalie. I love these garden updates done as photo logs. The first and second photos of jasmine and roses reminded me of our Isis Island resort where the gardeners would bring in roses and jasmine to change out all of the bouquets in the common areas like reception and the dining areas. It always smelled so heavenly. The chamber maids would bring flowers into our rooms every morning when they made up the beds. We often got roses. I told you we were pampered.

    1. OOOh Susan, that sounds like a scene from a movie! How delightful this must have been. I'm so envious that you got to experience all of that but very happy for you too!

  3. It is so interesting to see your garden growing, week by week! Love your pineapple flowers! Won't be long now before you pick a pineapple off your plant and eat it!

    1. Thank you. The pineapples are new to me so I'm discovering new thing every day it seems! I had no idea that they would actually have flowers and I'm wondering now if all those "scales" will eventually turn into purple flowers before forming the fruit. Such an interesting fruit for those of us not used to seeing them grow!


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