Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Garden Update: Tuesday 4/5/16

So I ventured in the garden this morning to check on its progress. It rained a lot on Saturday so I was hoping to see lots of growth, but at the age of 48, apparently I still need to learn patience :)

Still, there was some progress.  Let's take a little tour...

Right after I took this picture I dead-headed the dead flower.  The other rose has opened but it's been battered by the rain on Saturday and I guess the heat?  it's already dying off,...

My collard greens have grown a little more. I hope I can harvest some before the summer heat starts but I kind of doubt it.

The lettuce doesn't look much bigger than last week (?!)

More serrano peppers that I buried have been germinating!  We're going to be awash in hot peppers if they all continue to grow!

And the fully grown serrano pepper plant has lots of blooms too!

Yep, I was right... that flower did produce an eggplant!

I was disappointed in the pole beans' progress as they don't seem any taller than last week... and haven't started climbing yet!

But then I saw that one of the beans is already flowering. Already?!  I guess I'll get one bean!
I couldn't resist taking a picture of my rosemary flowers again. Those are 2 different flowers from last week's but they're just as pretty.  They're actually a pale mauve color but they turned blue when I enhanced the colors of the photo so it would be a a little more vibrant.
One of my green onions is going to be flowering. I'll collect the seeds, of course, although I already have some from last year which I have been meaning to plant this year.

Another pretty sweet potato flower. My camera didn't focus very well this time.
 I put the new birth bath together and put it on top of the old tree stump.  Yes, it's kind of messy in that area, but I like the greenery.
Speaking of messy... the weeds grass needs to get mowed!

I finally transplanted my jasmine cutting into a larger pot

And I transplanted one of the roselle seedlings into a larger pot as well.
A green anole... they're endangered and rare nowadays, having been overtaken by the brown/gray ones.

They are hard to see but those are Supersweet 100 tomato seedlings that emerged. If they survive the squirrels, I'll have to transplant a few to another bin.

The Roma tomatoes have grown more

But the zucchini seedlings have grown the most since Saturday!

The kale seedlings are doing fine. They're probably way too close together though.

And the lettuce that I planted on 3/29 is doing awesomely well too.
I was right about my pineapples!  Each "scale" is indeed turning into a purple flower!  How cool is that?
I couldn't pick just one picture so I'm posting all three!

The bush bean plants are protected from the squirrels by a cage and they're doing extremely well so far!

And so is my basil!

There aren't many jasmine blooms yet so you really have to put your nose on the flowers to smell
anything but when you do it's heavenly. I love jasmine.

I noticed this pretty mauve and white fragrant bush between our neighbors' house and ours. I had never seen it before but it
looks like it's been there for a while.

So pretty!  I have no idea of what it is but I like it...

So I took a small cutting

Dipped it into rooting hormone, put it in moist potting soil and reused one of the plastic bags that Greg brings back from the gym (they hold his dirty exercise clothes) to act as a greenhouse for a few weeks while the cutting grows roots (hopefully).  I'll have to ask my neighbor what it is!

The nectarine tree in the back of the house looks like it'll give me flowers anytime now.

Whereas the other one about 40 feet away was being used as a perch by one of those dragonfly-looking insects.  

Lemon blossoms

The bloom has fallen off the orange tree but tiny oranges are forming.

And lastly, guess what I saw when I went to take the trashcan down to the curb?

A sandhill crane family walking down the street!  Wook at the baby!  It's Spring, alright!
What's happening in your gardens?


  1. I'm enjoying your garden update! Especially seeing your pineapple flowers. And look at that tiny eggplant!

    Love the picture of the family of cranes going for a walk! Just like any other family taking an evening stroll!

    The plant you took a cutting of is called "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow". Because the flowers change color over 3 days. On the day they bloom, they are more purple; the next day, they turn a light lilac, and the day after that, they turn white.

    1. As always you are a wealth of knowledge, Bless! Thanks for that. I peeked at my neighbor's bush (ha ha, I feel kind of naughty typing this!) and the flowers are still the same color as yesterday, maybe they take longer to turn here in Florida?

      Aren't the pineapples the best? I can't get over the fact that they're growing in my garden. My stepdad is from Martinique and he always regaled me of stories of going to cut out the pineapples in the pineapple fields when he was little and we rarely had fresh pineapple at my house so when he went to visit his family, he would bring back tons of fresh tropical fruit for us to try: pineapples, papayas, mangoes (I think?) and also fresh sugar cane. I would have dreams of going into a field of pineapple and gorging myself on it, lol. Now I'm looking at my 8 pineapples that are growing and wondering how the heck I'm going to be able to eat them all if they all ripen at once because I'm the only one here who loves pineapple. I guess I'll have to donate some to my friends and neighbors. That's if the squirrels and other critters don't eat them all.

  2. Gorgeous photos. Love the flowers, but incredible pictures of the lizard, dragonfly and cranes. I am glad that Bless knew the name of the cutting, because I have never seen it before. It is lovely.

    1. Aren't those cranes adorable?! I was so excited to see the baby. I only ever saw a baby crane two or three times and each time I couldn't manage to take a clear picture. This time they were right in front of me and I had my digital camera in my pocket so it was very serendipitous!


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