Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Grocery Shopping This Week

My official 2016 weekly grocery budget is $100/wk for 4 people (2 adults, 2 teens) but I really aim to spend $50 or less.

My total this week is a little higher than I would have liked to, especially since I didn't have any protein expenses and bought less produce than usual, but I did spend a lot more in snacks... I'm including the snacks we bought after our walk on Sunday.  We also had to buy OJ and ginger ale because Greg wasn't feeling well.

Let's see how I did!

Budget for the week: $100.00
Total OOP: $56.49
Rebates expected: $0.00
Total spent after rebates: $56.49
Money left in budget: $43.51

Baking Supplies: $0.00 OOP


Beverages: $2.68 OOP

  1. I've actually redeemed 3 free drink coupons so far :)
  2. The ginger ale was for Greg since he was feeling a little nauseous
  • 12 pack ginger ale (Save A Lot) @ $2.59 + tax = 2.68 (not pictured)
  • 32 oz fountain drink (RaceTrac), FREE with Rewards app coupon

Breads/Baked Goods: $2.55 OOP
  1. Greg's been eating more bread so I bought an extra loaf this week
  • 3 loaves white bread (Aldi) @ $0.85 each = $2.55

 Cereals: $2.76 OOP
  1. I didn't think straight... I should have bought the generic Lucky Charms at Aldi since the price has dropped to $1.19 or $1.29 a box and I wasn't getting them for free at Walgreens anyway :(
  • 2 boxes Lucky Charms (Walgreens), on sale @ $1.88 each, minus $1.00/2 insert coupon = $2.76

Dairy: $15.11 OOP
  1. I was excited to find the generic spread (margarine) at Aldi for just $0.59, especially when I got home and compared it to the Imperial brand that I usually buy because they're identical and Imperial has gone up to $0.89 or $0.99 at Save A Lot when it's not on sale (and I haven't seen it at Aldi, I think the generic version is brand new and replaced it).  I use it when I bake instead of butter.
  • 1 gallon whole milk (Walgreens), on sale @ $2.79 and got $0.25 back from MobiSave = $2.54
  • (2) 8-oz blocks mild cheddar (Aldi) @ $1.89 each = $3.78
  • 1 lb margarine spread (Aldi) @ $0.59
  • 1 package Fit & Active string cheese (Aldi) @ $2.79
  • 1 can whipped cream (Aldi) @ $2.29
  • 8 cups yogurts (Aldi) @ $0.39 each = $3.12

Dry/Pantry/Freezer Goods: $0.00 OOP 
  • None needed

Produce/Juice: $10.99
  1. We love that Boston hydroponic lettuce!  I'm always going to buy it when I don't have lettuce in my garden.  I tried submitting for the $0.25 salad mix rebate from Checkout 51 since it was in a box and it was approved! Alright :)
  2. You know that I'll replant my pineapple top :)  I bought the pineapple and cucumber to make more Sweet & Tangy Pineapple salad for my lunches.
  3. The OJ was for Greg since he's been under the weather. We bought one half gallon at Publix on Sunday and I realized this morning that there was a $0.25 Ibotta rebate so I unlocked it and submitted my receipt. I was doubtful that they would approve it since people have complained that some of their rebates had been denied because they hadn't unlocked them before going shopping but all it said was that my purchase had had to be made between 3/29 and 4/5 and then it was approved so yay!
  • 1/2 gallon orange juice (Publix) @ $2.59 and got $0.25 back from Ibotta = $2.34 (not pictured)
  • 1/2 gallon orange juice (Aldi) @ $2.09
  • 1 bottle organic apple juice (Aldi) @ $2.69
  • 1 pineapple (Aldi), on sale @ $1.29
  • 1 cucumber (Aldi), @ $0.55
  • 2.70 lbs bananas (Aldi) @ $0.44/lb = $1.19
  • 1 Boston lettuce (Aldi) @ $1.39 and received $0.25 back from Checkout 51 and $0.30 back from MobiSave so $0.84

Proteins: $-0.25 OOP
  1. I got the eggs at CVS even though they way cheaper at Aldi at first glance ($1.29 there) but I got them free at CVS thanks to my gift card so they were indeed free to me and then I submitted for the MobiSave rebate.  Have you noticed that Ibotta no longer lists CVS and Walgreens in their line-up of stores?  I'm very disappointed in that.
  • 2 dozens large eggs (CVS), on sale @ $1.99 each but FREE after using my CVS gift card earned via American Express Rewards and received $0.25 back from MobiSave so $0.25 MONEY MAKER!

Snacks: $22.65 OOP and received $0.75 in ExtraCare Bucks
  1. I've actually redeemed more RaceTrac survey codes and gotten more bagels for free from Panera this week already but I'm only featuring the ones I got as I was going grocery shopping. A small inconsistency, as with the fountain drinks.
  2. I bought a lot more snacks than usual this week. I'm building a chocolate stash for myself for those weeks when I really need it. I grew tired of waiting for Greg to do it on his own, LOL. 
  3. I stocked up on cereal bars for my daughter. I hide them and only put 1 box a week in the pantry so she doesn't snack on them all day. I should ask her to hide the marshmallows from me!
  4. I saw the baked chips at Aldi and decided to get a bag for my daughter to try. She liked the SunChips but they're too expensive.
  5. The corn chips are actually for next week's dinner menu as I'm thinking about making chili.
  6. I also counted the snacks that we got at Publix after our 4.5 mile walk on Sunday. We really indulged that day so that made my total OOP shoot up!
  • 1 glazed lemon coffee cake (RaceTrac), FREE with survey reward code redemption
  • 1 blueberry muffin (RaceTrac), FREE with survey reward code redemption
  • 1 Asiago cheese bagel (Panera), FREE with April Reward
  • 1 bag Flipz chocolate covered pretzels (Publix) @ $3.49 (not pictured) 
  • 2 pints Haagen Dazs ice cream (Publix), on BOGO sale @ $4.99 plus tax = $5.32 (not pictured)
  • 1 chocolate raspberry bar (Publix) @ $2.99 plus tax = $3.20
  • 1 chocolate bunnies gift box (Walgreens), on 75% clearance @ $2.99 plus tax = $3.20
  • 1 Dove chocolate bar (CVS), on sale @ $0.99 but FREE after using my CVS gift card earned via American Express Rewards and received $0.75 in ECBs
  • 4 boxes Special K with Red Berries cereal bars (CVS), on sale @ $1.99 each, minus (2) $1.00/1 printable manufacturer coupons but FREE after using my CVS gift card earned via American Express Rewards
  • 1 box Swiss rolls (Aldi) @ $1.29
  • 1 package peanut butter crackers (Aldi) @ $0.89
  • 1 box protein bars (Aldi) @ $1.99
  • 1 box saltines (Aldi) @ $0.99
  • 1 bag baked chips (Aldi) @ $1.49
  • 1 bag corn chips (Aldi) @ $0.79
Did you get any great deals at the grocery store this week?  Please link up or share your finds in the comments :)


  1. Was that a big bag of Flipz pretzels? That seems expensive! They used to sell them here and they were about 75p a bag. But that was a small bag. I miss Flips I used to love them. :(

    You bought some real tummies this week, I would love tot raid your pantry ha ha xx

    1. It wasn't a small individual bag if that's what you're asking, it was pretty big. Is "tummies" a word for snacks? They're not going to last very long, which is why I have to keep on buying more every week!

  2. Overall, you did great with the budget this week. Buying all that meat last week really softened the impact. Drinks and snacks really do a lot of damage don't they? You won't be having that problem anymore this month with all those daily freebies.

    1. You would think that, yes, but I'm selfishly keeping the freebies for me and buying the snacks for Greg and the kids, lol. I didn't get any of the freebies that I wanted today :( My daughter and I tried to go to Panera's for dinner but it was too crowded so I didn't get my free bagel, and then after dinner we were too tired to stop by RaceTrac and get the free bakery items so we just drove home. But Greg told me that he's working from home tomorrow AND driving to RaceTrac first to get his free soda for the day, lol. So I'll tag along so I can get mine too with a bakery item and I'll have him redeem another code for a bakery item too.


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