Thursday, April 14, 2016

Indecision ~ Thursday 4/14/16

I read a blog post somewhere late last night from a blogger on the west coast, I believe (so 3 hours behind me), who was moaning that all day she had thought it was Friday but it was only Thursday.  She got me all confused and I had to check and make sure that it was indeed still Wednesday.

So this morning I was a little disoriented when I first woke up and had to think of what day it was and what was on the schedule for today, which is:
  1. I'm very sore all over so I won't be planting the flower and herb seeds that I wanted to plant today.  It's just as well, we have a lot more rain in the forecast for today, albeit starting at about 3 p.m. and through the night.  As of last night our % chance of rain was 100%.  The garden and transplants should be loving it, I hope!
  2. Since it poured and it's supposed to rain again, I guess I won't be taking my car through the carwash just yet. Hmmm. I should be finding an excuse to go to Clermont (I can't remember what I had rationalized yesterday save for getting my car washed!) so I'll have to re-read my post.  What I should do it go to the thrift stores to donate my stuff that has accumulated and also look for new pants.  But I have to sort the stuff first.
  3. If I don't make it to Clermont, I'll try getting my bagel from Panera at the Villages tonight since there's a Panera there.
  4. I do need to go to RaceTrac to redeem my last BOGO coupon for 2 hot dogs for the kids' dinner tonight so we can avoid going out to eat
  5. Greg has a business lunch AND dinner today AND he's going to a French restaurant for dinner.  He wants to have frog legs.  I'm annoyed that he's gonna eat French food without me.
  6. My daughter and I will be driving to the Villages for her Oratorical coaching session from the retired university professor.  She'll have one of the hot dogs for dinner on the way home, I guess, and I'll have a sandwich. Or that Panera bagel.  The point is: I'm not cooking and we're NOT going out.
  7. My youngest son is planning on going to the library after school to continue working on setting up his Dungeons and Dragons Club.  I think they're still working on the promotional material.  I'm going to get the golf umbrella out of my SUV and leave it for him in case it pours at that time. I did tell him not to go if there's lightning.
Aside from that, I might bike to the library myself this morning to return a book and pick up Fargo, Season 1 since it's waiting for me. Greg said he would like to watch it again. Darn, no bingeing for me!  I also would like to go to the post office to mail my oldest son's college graduation announcements (they are square,which apparently requires extra postage, plus most of them are being mailed to France so I need them properly weighed anyway).  The thing is, I'm not sure there's a place to lock my bike up at the post office so we'll see if I go today. I might go tomorrow while I'm driving around if I drive around tomorrow. I really need to think of what I needed to do in Clermont... Oh, just remembered today is Free Coffee Day at Wawa.  Not enough of an excuse to go today though.  I'll make a list in a minute.

I remembered late last night that I had meant to check on my potatoes because I thought I smelled something off in the pantry.  So I checked again with only my nose and oof.  Yep, I definitely have potatoes rotting in there so I need to take care of that this morning.  I always forget about the potatoes and didn't put any on the menu for this week. I should have made mashed potatoes instead of rice on Monday night!  I have  Potato Rolls on the menu for tomorrow, I think, so instead of defrosting mashed potatoes, I'll just make some today, I guess.

In more frugal news, the kids packed their lunches today and Greg is being fed by his company all day.  Woohoo.  I cooked breakfast for Greg this morning, as usual.  Oh yes, I'm running low on eggs, that was a reason to drive to Clermont.  Hmmm.  Still thinking about it.

I worked on Swagbucks for a little bit. Didn't much headway in actual Swagbucks but did reach the 300 threshold for the 40 SB Swag-up Award and my team is still in the lead so I should get it. Well, at least get something.

I completed my Bing Rewards for today. I'm at 52% of my goal.

Zinio emailed me that the latest issue of Weight Watchers magazine is available online (free through my library). Not sure if I'll check it out because the only interest I have are recipes and I have plenty of recipes already.

SavingStar credited my account with the $0.75 rebate for the Cocoa Puffs that I bought at CVS. Woo!

I printed a couple of coupons that Kellogg's emailed me.  Cereal is definitely something that I buy all the time.  My grocery bill will go down significantly once all the kids have moved out, lol.  But then I'll have to start buying freezer bags again, probably.

Amazon let me know that a new episode of "The Americans, Season 4" is available for viewing. Oh yes, I forgot I bought the season pass for this. I'm waiting until they're all available so I can binge watch. I'm terrible with waiting a week between shows anymore because I forget the storyline.  That's going to be fun if/when I do sign up for HBO Now to watch the new Season of Game of Thrones starting on April 24.  Even though the last season was terrible, I'm excited about the new one.  Weird.  Greg will be in NC visiting the new grandbaby so he'll miss it and I'm not waiting for me to be here to watch it.  Well, I'm saying that but I might. Because I'm a good wife.  Ooooh, The Good Wife is another show that I really liked and I completely stopped watching because I had other things to do but I need to catch up!  I know what I'm doing this summer when it's too hot to do anything else!

Speaking of Amazon, our Amazon Prime is due to renew tomorrow at $99.  We've had a Prime membership for a few years, saved for 2014 when we didn't have one for 3-4 months and actually didn't miss it.  Our current subscription was free with our Amex introductory offer and was supposed to end in February but we got a couple more months for free because a couple of packages didn't get here when they were supposed to and when you complain about that they credit you with a free month (up to 3 months, I think).  But now we have to bite the bullet and pay for it.  Boo.  Still, I rationalized that since the minimum order for free shipping went up to what? $35? up from $25 in 2014, we'll splurge on it. Also Greg is enjoying the Kindle Lending Library now and was urging me to keep it because we can well afford it. That's never a reason to spend money willy-nilly but convenience won.  I checked our account this morning to double check the renewal date since I hadn't received any emails from them and the "receive an email 3 days in advance" option was all greyed out.  I guess I had signed up for automatic renewal?  I don't think so, though, I think they changed that setting on their own.  That's sneaky, Amazon.

Still haven't received a notice that our Netflix rate was increasing, did you?

OK it's now past 9 a.m. so I'll go take a quick shower and eat breakfast and figure out what I'm going to do today.

I collected water in the shower both while it was warming up and when I was rinsing myself (because I remembered to turn off the water while I was soaping up, yay me!) and used it to flush the toilet.

I didn't plan on doing any laundry until Monday (Laundry Day for me) but our bedroom smelled strongly like cold restaurant food. Oh yes, Greg must have indeed partaken into delicious Spanish tapas last night!  So I'm airing out the bedroom for an hour or so, made the bed, sprayed some air and linen freshener all over, and did a super load of laundry on cold/cold with vinegar for the rinse. I think I'll dry that load indoors today because it's humid outside anyway.

As soon as everyone left this morning, I turned the AC back up to 76 (from 75).  I half entertained the idea of opening the sliding door for the kitties and to hear the birds sing, but again: humidity.  So I nixed the idea.

Thinking of the humidity reminded me to run the dehumidifier in the bathroom.  I completely forgot yesterday. Also my iPhone alarm that usually reminds me to turn it on at 8:30 a.m. is not working. Isn't that odd?  It's a daily alarm and it's on so I suspect I might need to delete photos from my phone to free up some memory. My TouchID doesn't seem to be working either, come to think of it.

For breakfast I was craving the fried eggs and toast from dinner last night so that's what I made for myself. So good.  I should have that more often.

I decided to go check on the tomato, thyme, spinach seedlings that I had transplanted yesterday (more on that later on in a separate post) and oh boy was I itching to just spend the morning in the garden again! Also, it allowed me to test drive the new camera strap I had gotten for my DSLR camera.  It works as a strap would but it's nice to finally have one so I can just have the camera dangle from my neck when I need to use both hands for something else! The bins collected a bunch of water (yay!) and I have reconnaissanced (I'm making this a word if it isn't, spellcheck!) a place to put a rain barrel although it will require Greg to modify the downspout from the gutter so we'll see what he has to say about it.  Most of the seedlings seem to be doing well but one of my tomato bins was very waterlogged. It's always the same one, I made it exactly like the others so I don't know why that one doesn't drain when the water level hits the overfill hole.  I worked a piece of mulch into the opening and wiggled it around a few times and the water finally came out gushing. I should have tried to capture it to reuse it but darn it everything is wet and we're expecting more water so...

We got a good 5-6 inches of rain!
The deck box kept the cushions nice and dry, I was worried about it because quite a bit of water had collected on the top and it's a "rattan" pattern. I should see if there are actual openings or if it's just imprinted that way.  Imprinted would be better although then I'm going to worry that with the humidity, mold will develop more easily. Gotta keep an eye on that.  The bike was safe and dry in the little shed, yay!

OK, enough chatting, I have chores to do.  Dishes (surprised?) and some baking, I suppose. And then I really need to decided if I'm going anywhere and where.  I'm torn.  Well, writing about it doesn't seem to help my indecision and is a big time waster so I'm off to do the darn dishes.

Dishes are done!  I had decided that I would try to bake something from the Redneck Kitchen baking book that I read through yesterday but wasn't sure what... and then inspiration struck in this way: I saw all the onions I had to process and freeze, thought that i needed to clear room in the veggie/fruit freezer but what?  Decided that I should bake something and get rid of the blackberries that I had (huge ones that I had bought on sale at Aldi last year) and remembered that the book had a recipe for "Catch-A-Husband Blackberry Cobbler". Perfect!  Even more so that it uses Bisquick and I do have Aldi baking mix that I need to use up. So I set about to make the cobbler while I did the dishes.  Why? because I needed blackberry pie filling and since I was making my own according to her vague directions, I cooked them in sugar first in the microwave (defrost) and then on the stove and while it was bubbling away, I was bubbling away, so to speak, in the dishwasher.

I used margarine spread instead of butter and watered down milk instead of whole milk.  My pie filling wasn't quite "thick" as she had described (I even added sugar to it since I figured it might be more liquid because the blackberries had been frozen) so I ended up with blackberry soup once everything was put in the baking dish. Oh my.  Then I decided to skip the brown sugar sprinkled on top since I had added about a cup of sugar to the whole thing already.  I dare say that it looks pretty good, though!  I hope it tastes good too.  I guess I'll be the one using up whipped cream today.

So it's a good thing that I have already caught my husband, lol.  The onion situation hadn't improved, though, since I still have frozen blackberries!

Also: I promised my neighbor that I would go pick blackberries from his family's blackberry farm (I didn't go last year and he's been so nice, I really need to go and support his family's business!) so I'm going to need room in the freezer for those!  Arrgh.

I also took care of the rotten potatoes situation. I thought there was only one rotten Russet potato at first, but then discovered 2 more rotten red potatoes.  Grrr. I made mashed potatoes from the rest of the Russet and washed and dried the red potatoes that were OK. I'll need to remember to make hash browns with them this weekend.  Lifehacker had a tip for making crispy hash browns in just 3 minutes, yesterday, so I'll have to try it.

I took the kitchen trash out because the plastic bag of potatoes that I had to throw away was really stinking up the kitchen and swept the kitchen as well.

I had to open a 2nd window in our bedroom because the restaurant stink was still lingering and I also turned the pedestal fan. When it was time to close the windows again, the bedroom smelled much nicer but one of my ancient Roman shade broke and for once I couldn't put it back togethe easily... this was as the margarine was melting in the oven for my blackberry cobbler so I was in a rush and just threw it on the bed. I need to try and fix it later on.

I hung most of the laundry to dry on the racks that I set in the entry room. Luckily I had decided to move my gardening shelves back outside so there is room for the racks and they're not much in the way.

I harvested some mint and green onions from the garden and made Sweet & Tangy Pineapple Salad.  I used the pineapple and cucumber that I bought at Aldi last week.

I put the pineapple top in the jar of water that had been vacated by the pineapple top I transplanted yesterday and it rejoined its cousins on my windowsill.

My lunch was some of that salad and a cup of mashed potatoes (since I only need a cup for the rolls) with some Black Forest Ham mixed into them. My mom used to make that for me when I was sick back when I was little. For dessert I had some blackberry cobbler.

I had forgotten to check my CVS app for new app-only coupons on Sunday and noticed that there is one for $1.00 any Gold Emblem snack, grocery or candy item. I'll need to add going to CVS (again!) if I go to Clermont today or tomorrow.

I checked the CVS and Walgreens ads for next week and made a note of the items I might want to purchase.

It's now close to 1:30 p.m.  I think I'll just run to Racetrac, the Post office and the library since they're in town.  I should bike but since I'll be picking up food and a drink from RaceTrac and I still haven't figured out the basket on the bike, I'll just drive.

I'm back and I should have ridden my bike after all as I decided not to get a free soda today: the coupon is still good for 2 weeks and I had just brewed a whole teapot of green peach tea (yum!).  I got the 2 hot dogs with my last BOGO coupon ($1.34 and got a receipt that will earn me another freebie) and a free chocolate-glazed doughnut with a survey reward code.  The doughnut will be for my son, in case he doesn't like the cobbler.

Then I went to the post office to mail the graduation announcements (about $8), and to the library to return a book and pick up the Fargo DVD set.

My daughter came home from school. She had stopped by RaceTrac as well to redeem a free soda reward and a free bakery item survey reward code.  Frugal daughter!  Looks like there's gonna be a lot of cobbler left for me, lol.

I mixed a new bottle of hand liquid soap and reused the same foaming soap dispenser bottle that I have been using for the past couple of years.

I took two RaceTrac surveys and earned 2 more survey reward codes for 2 free bakery items :)

I fixed my Roman shade with... what else? duct tape!  You can't see it at all. It's a light-blocking Roman shade that stays closed behind 2 permanently closed sets of drapes (because it doesn't do a great job at blocking the light!) so it doesn't need to look perfect anyway.

My new bike seat came in so I switched the seats on my bike and took it for a spin down the road. It is more comfortable now but I'll have to fidget with the angle a little more.

I downloaded the pictures from my phone to my external drive so I could delete them from my phone and free up some space.  It's a form of decluttering so I'm counting it as a household chore :)

My daughter and I drove to the Villages. We took the family car since it gets much better mileage and it's easier to park than my SUV.  The coaching session for her oratorical competition next week went very well. I felt that the college professor gave her good advice and she was receptive to it so I added my own remarks.  She will be practicing and timing herself and then re-present her speech to me.

We drove to the Panera location but it was in kind of a little downtown area and there was a music festival going on and no parking so we left. No free bagel for me :( I had counted on eating it in the car and I was hungry and thirsty so since my daughter wanted to stop by Walgreens to get a gift card for Teacher Appreciation, we went there and I bought us 2 cans of Arizona tea (on sale at 2 for $1) and a package of Biscoff cookies.  So I did spend some money on food, but it was about $3 which is better than going out to eat!

I had dinner when we got home.  I was craving eggs and toast again so I had that with the rest of the potato salad left over from earlier in the week.

In the mail today, I received a $5.79 Visa debit card from Staples, which is from a rebate on a ream of paper.


  1. Yet another busy day for you! So glad to hear you are getting all that rain. Wish we had some rain too!

    By the way, I read up about your visit to France, today. I really enjoyed seeing the pictures and reading about it.

    1. You did? Thank you! My daughter and I reflect on it quite often and for hours (!) and we'd really love to go back together, there are so many things we want to see and do. However she's so busy with classes and her activities and now she's thinking about getting a job at Universal Studios for the summer if she doesn't go to the coding camp in CA, so I don't know when we would be able to go. I'm hoping to be able to go with my youngest son next June but right now the plan is to just stay in Paris, in a hotel and not rent a car (so we can afford the hotel). We'll see if this pans out. He was miserable there last year so I'd love for him to go back and have my family see a different side of him because he truly is a lovely child despite all the teenagehood :) I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. It makes me want to go back and re-read my blog posts again, lol. If I start on that, I might not do anything that I had planned to do today, though.

  2. That blackberry cobbler looks wonderful. My rhubarb is up, so I really should do something with it. I plan on going to the Bulk Barn tomorrow for a list of items; but I really should drop by the grocery store as well for some shortening and a can of 7-Up pop. That has been my recipe for pie crust for over 40 years....5 cups of flour, 1 lb. of shortening and 1 can of 7-Up pop. So easy. I don't need pie crust to be flaky and light, just easy to make and easy to roll out, and this does the job. I also have recipes for rhubarb cake and muffins.


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