Saturday, April 16, 2016

♪♫ A Jazzy Saturday ♫♪ (4/16/16)

Are there specific times in the month when you can feel yourself becoming cranky?  Stress or fatigue will cause crankiness but with me it's ovulation.  Last night I could feel it rising and this morning I woke up in a cranky mood.

New Kitty tried jumping on the couch to sidle up to me and encourage me to get the cat food out already, but I was having none of it and rebuffed her all 3 times.  Then after an hour of being up, I went to make my coffee and when I got into the kitchen all 3 cats were waiting for me patiently by their bowls (2 bowls are at each end of the kitchen and then New Kitty's bowl is in the living room so she was sitting on top of the bin where we keep the spare bag of cat food) and they were just so cute that my heart melted a little and they each got some praise and a pet... and their food, of course, which is all they care about from me anyway.

I had seen that our weekend was going to be somewhat cooler with temperatures only in the high 70s so I was expecting the outside temp this morning to be quite cool, and was looking forward to having the sliding door open for a bit... and so was Male Cat because as soon as I opened it, he rushed to my side... only to see the door close on his little nose as it didn't feel cool but humid.  Ugh.  I checked the indoor temp and it was already 76 in the kitchen so yep, humid.

I never did do the dishes last night, finish that latter to my great aunt, or folded the laundry so I have that to look forward to this weekend. But also I want to try to do a lot of reading as my "Quiet" book has become due at the library and this time I cannot renew it (well, I could ask the librarian to renew it again if no one has put it on hold, but I really should try to finish it!). I'm only halfway through and it's a slow-read so, as much as I am interested in the subject, I'm kind of dreading having to commit to finish it by Monday.

Then Greg and I have to try and watch a couple of episodes of "Fargo" this afternoon since I'll me gone tonight: the kids and I are driving to Orlando to watch my oldest son's Flying Horse Big Band concert at the Dr. Philips Center for the Arts.  This will be the last time we see them in concert as my son is graduating in a few weeks. So to prepare for a jazzy evening, I turned WLOQ on IHeartRadio this morning.  Smooth Jazz always helps me relax so maybe I'll get in a better mood.

I worked on my Bing Rewards for the day. And did minimum work on SB (poll, NOSO path). I did end up getting the 40 Swag-up award for the team challenge, but I'll only be credited it if I order a gift card by the end of April. Well, I'm only at 456 SB so it might have to be a $5 gc instead of a $25 gc!

For breakfast I brewed hazelnut flavored coffee and I finished the blackberry cobbler. Despite the humidity, the Bisquick part of it had hardened so it wasn't all that great (I should have microwaved it a little) so I took one for the team :)

Later on I will bake a loaf of Double Pumpkin Bread with Cranberries and Raisins for this afternoon's snack and to use up the last cup of pumpkin purée from the fridge.

I'm also planning on making Crock Pot Pork and Gravy at about noon since it needs 6 hours of slow cooking, and we can have that for dinner. I plan on the kids and myself eating dinner at home before we leave for the concert.  Those chops have been in my fridge for several days and I never cooked them. I've never tried that recipe but it seems that in the mood I'm in, crockpot cooking might be the way to go!  I'll probably cook some rice in the microwave and serve that as a the side.  And a salad?  Let's be optimistic and say that I'll toss a salad as well.

My very disorganized pile of coupons, both clipped and yet to be clipped, is nagging me from the very messy coffee table. Arrgh, I have got to clean this, it looks so bad.  Since I need to always see all of the things, they tend to be spread out on every surface imaginable.  Sometimes I think I should just get rid of the coffee table.

Oh and I just remembered that I never wrote my Gardening Update post. Guess I need to do that this weekend as well.

On my calendar for this morning, I had put that I would visit the Lake County Landscape and Garden Fair at Discovery Gardens in Tavares.  It's looking doubtful that I will go now.

I dealt with a problem that my Roku was having (had to disable the screensaver because the IheartRadio app's audio would stop every time the screensaver came on, ugh) and set about straightening out the coffee table. There's still way too much stuff on it but it's better. It looks like piles now instead of just a mount of crap.  I also threw away a bunch of paper/ads that had expired.

I clipped all the coupons and threw away the ones that had already expired.  I'll sort and file them later.

In the kitchen to refill my coffee cup, I decided to get the bread maker going so I started the loaf of Double Pumpkin Bread... and while I was at it I started the crockpot for dinner as well since it already was close to 11 a.m. anyway.

I wanted to start the Strawberry Yogurt Cake that I wanted to bake to finish the yogurt and use up some of the strawberries that I bought this week, but it requires 2 eggs and I only have 2 left so I have got to go to Save A Lot, at the very least, today.

I got dressed.  Greg and I had vaguely talked about going to a walk today but with the muggy weather outside neither of us felt much like it.  He elected not to come to Save A Lot with me either :(  So I'm waiting for the 30 minute mark so I can add my pepitas, raisins and cranberries to the bread maker and then I'll go out, I suppose.

Our son got up and decided to walk to the park. He needs to put in 12,000 steps a day for his H.O.P.E. class so going to the park a couple of times a day helps him accomplish that goal.

So I drove the family car to Save A Lot by myself, and got the 3 dozen eggs ($1.29 each), 3 boxes of Mac'n cheese (3 for $1) and 3 lbs of grapes ($0.99/lb), which is all that was on my list. Woohoo! I took notes of the sell-by dates on the rolls of ground beef and ground turkey because I'll try to stop by on those days to see if there are any 50% off sales on those and I wanted to grab a package of boneless ribs that was on 50% off because there's a recipe from The Frugal Girl that I wanted to try but a man grabbed those as I was reaching for them (the nerve!) and then pretended to decide if he was going to get them or not while blocking my access to the rest of the ribs, so I was halfway hopeful that he would put them back but he did get them. Darn.  It was the only package that was on 50% off too. But the full price seems to be $2.89/lb which isn't bad.  I left them there though, for now.  I also resisted getting one more beef bottom steak on 50% off clearance because I have 4 of them in my freezer right now.  The bone-in pork shoulder roast was on sale for $0.98/lb this weekend but I have a lot of it in the freezer still so I passed. I took notes for a few more prices to add to my pricebook and left. My OOP was close to $8 and I charged it to Amazon Visa for 2% back in Rewards.

At one, I made the strawberry cake. I mixed 2 recipes and added mini chocolate chips to the batter. I had to compost a couple of strawberries (argh!) but cut up bunch of them and topped the cake with them. Chocolate and strawberries?  That cake is going to be delicious!

Well, technically it's strawberry chocolate yogurt cake.
Then I fixed myself lunch. I offered to fix Greg some lunch but he said he'd make himself a sandwich.  In the meantime, I fried 2 eggs, toasted some bread that I buttered, and nuked the rest of the mashed potatoes. Yep, didn't make the potato rolls. I also had some sweet and tangy pineapple salad.

Then Greg and I watched 2 episodes of Fargo, Season 1 and lunch at the same time. It occurred to me that I could be sorting my coupons while watching the show so I did just that during episode 2.  I wasn't done when the episode ended, so I talked Greg into watching a 3rd episode. I finished sorting the coupons and then folded the laundry during that 3rd episode. Then I went to take a bath and I read  a couple of chapters of  "Quiet" while Greg went to build the 2nd baffle for our house.

I responded to a few blog comments and commented on other people's blogs and then went to cook the rice for dinner. I took advantage of the cooking time to unload the dishwasher and load it up. I still have more dirty dishes to do but the bulk of them is done.

The kids and I ate dinner at 6 p.m. since we needed to leave at 6:30 p.m. Greg ate after us because he was still working on the baffles.

Well, we're leaving in a few minutes to go attend the Flying Horse Big Band concert in Orlando. We are all dressed up since the venue is a little more grandiose than the UCF Communications building, LOL.  I can't wait! They're going to play my favorite pieces and T-Bone, the singer who sang at my favorite concert of theirs ever, is going to be singing tonight again. Woo!


  1. Sounds like you had a very productive day, with all that grocery shopping, cooking, baking, coupon sorting, etc. that you did! Your strawberry cake looks delicious! I wouldn't mind having a big slice of that, please!

    Hope you had a great evening at the concert. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

    1. I had a lovely time at the concert, thanks so much! I'll be talking about it on the blog tonight :)

      As for the strawberry cake, if I lived close by I would bring you a large piece in a jiffy :) For now, I'll have to just have a thought for you next time I make it. It was better the 2nd day, by the way. Odd how some things just get better with a little bit of time. Like me :)

    2. Nathalie, It sounds so lovely going to your sons final concert all dressed up with your family. Its very fitting. Did you cry? I would have done I get really emotional at things like that.

      How long does 3 dozen eggs last you? It seems like a lot to me but then I am always going back out to the shop because I have run out so I wonder if I should just buy that amount in the first place.

      The strawberry cake does look gorgeous, do you think it would make it here in one piece ha ha.

      Have a nice day xxx

    3. Tara, I cried so much! hahaha. At one point I turned to my daughter and said "my eyes can't stop leaking!". It can be annoying because I cry.every.single.time.

      3 dozen eggs will usually last me about a week and a half but I've been eating eggs these past fews days as well, for breakfast for lunch, and I've also been baking so I ran out much faster than I thought I would.

      As for the cake making it to the UK... I'd have to make it without telling the kids because they wouldn't let me take one out of the house, ha!

    4. I am much closer so I would love to try the cake :) I bought the eggs on sale at Target with the cartwheel for $0.49 a dozen. I bought four even though we still had eggs in the fridge. I was thinking about getting another four because it was such as amazing deal. I still have 2 1/2 dozen left so I guess I didn't need them but when I have to go back and pay full price, I will be mad that I didn't buy more. I haven't been on a baking binge lately but I probably won't be because it is starting to get hot here and I cook a lot less when it is hot. I am sure that has been hot by you for much longer but I actually had to pull out the shorts and flip flops today for the first time!!!

    5. You know, I'm kicking myself because I had completely forgotten that I could have gotten FOUR dozens with the Cartwheel and not just one. But I didn't go shopping on the day that the Cartwheel offer was valid and it's 20 minutes away so I would have probably spent more on gas than I would have saved.

      Woohoo for shorts and flip flops! Spring took its sweet time to get to you guys, it seems!


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