Friday, April 22, 2016

Nothing Got Accomplished and That's Fine ~ Friday, April 22, 2016

I didn't do much of anything today and consequently didn't have any interesting pictures to share either, sorry!

So last night, after Greg and I finished watching a couple of episodes of "Arrested Development" on Amazon Prime, I turned on an episode of "Columbo" and promptly feel asleep. It was 8:30 p.m.!  I woke up an hour later, long enough to put on my PJs, and went back to sleep until 7:15 a.m. (save for the times when I woke up coughing and my bladder wouldn't let me go back to sleep right away).

This morning I felt a little groggy but better. Yay!

My daughter is at her dad's today (they're touring UCF today) and this weekend.

I cooked breakfast for Greg and packed him a lunch.  He's having leftover Yellow Broth from last night and I threw in several strips of chicken breast in there too.  That soup, by the way, was pretty good and stuck to our ribs since you cook it with steel-cut oats mixed in there.  I have some left for my lunch as well.

Our son packed his lunch for school.

My plans for today? Here is what I wanted to do:
  • Bake rye bread
  • Fold the laundry
  • Iron some clothes for Greg
  • Read my e-library book
And here is what I did:  **crickets** **crickets**

It's supposed to pour late this afternoon and tonight so I won't worry about watering the garden today.

For breakfast, I had a sample packet of Nature's Path Pumpkin Flax Granola that I had received several months ago and completely forgotten about.  I knew that it's pretty gross (because I had had another sample of it before) so I added sliced strawberries in it.  Still pretty gross but that'll have to do.

"Best before August 2015", might explain why it didn't taste all that good...

I went on Bing Rewards and was greeted by the following bribery attempt:

Nice try, Microsoft, but I have NO PLANS of upgrading to Windows 10, you hear?
So I completed enough Bing Rewards activities to get to 100% of my goal and went to order my $5 Amazon gift card, only to be greeted by this:

How lame.  Still not upgrading, Microsoft!
So I should have gotten a $5 Amazon gift card but they "ran out", probably because their stock took a beating yesterday due to their extremely poor results with their Lumia phone sales.

I did the minimum in Swagbucks (daily poll, NOSO path, searches throughout the day).  Not getting a gift card from them any time soon either.

Bath & Body Works sent me a coupon to get any item free with a $10 purchase, which is nice save for that pesky shipping fee, so I emailed their Customer Service to ask when the Clermont store would be open. I keep on forgetting to drive by to see if there is any indication of the Grand Opening date.

For dinner tonight, I had planned on trying a Brisket and Sweet Onions recipe in the crockpot so I could use up those delicious onions from my neighbor's garden, but when I opened the cookbook, it opened up to the page for Reuben sandwiches... which are my favorites.  So I changed my mind and am cooking the brisket in the crockpot with all the accoutrements for Reuben sandwiches: the rest of the sauerkraut that was in my fridge,  beef broth, garlic, some chopped up sweet onion, caraway seeds, pink peppercorns.  It's gonna be goooooood...  Later on today I'll bake light rye bread in the bread maker.  I don't have any Swiss cheese slices (I don't think?) though.  Oh well?

There was an article in a local paper this morning about a county sports park that is planned on opening near our little town in a few years and the fact that the Y is looking at possibly opening a location there as well.  Having a local Y would be great for our families because the closest Y location is over 45 minutes away. But what had Greg and me puzzled was that they are planning on having two... CRICKET fields at the park.  Pardon me, my good chap?!  Cricket? (Tara, cover your eyes), that bloody non-sensical sport from the UK?! In rural Lake County, FL? That's got to be a mistake! What next?  An indoor curling lane for the (Susan, cover your eyes!) Canadians?!  I want a handball court!  Pétanque! A competitive baking kitchen!  None of that cricket nonsense.  We already have weirdo sports like lacrosse and jai alai down here. LOL. Well, what do you know? There's a Florida Cricket Conference, apparently.

My oldest son Alex shared with me that he had posted the audio recording of his Senior Recital on his website so in my zeal to share the news with our family in France, I ended up listening to it three times while typing up a very long email detailing all my kids' exploits.  Yes. if I did create Christmas newsletters (which I don't), I would be this obnoxious woman who has to brag about her kids and everyone who gets the newsletter (save for the grandparents), roll their eyes, lol.  Well, my kids aren't perfect, who is, but I'm pretty darn proud of them all, it's true!  Anyhoo, I wanted to be able to listen to his recital on my phone so I figured out how to download all the music pieces from his website (the internet is a wondrous place for finding instructions on a very vast array of things!) and I'll be jamming to his recital next time I have to water my garden :)

Now it's almost noon and I'm still in my PJs and I've really done nothing.  I'm going to start the bread maker.  I love how using my crockpot and my bread maker make me look like an accomplished and diligent housewife!  Scratch that, it's now past noon and I'm still in my PJs (I got distracted by something) and I just realized, after wondering why my kitchen wasn't smelling like delicious corned beef (and worrying that my congestion was worse instead of being better!), that I had completely forgotten to turn ON the crockpot after plugging it in, three hours ago.  Arrgh.

So I'm having lunch: leftover Yellow Broth and a quarter of a grilled chicken breast.

Change of plans again: I think I'll make mashed potatoes to eat with the corned beef, instead of baking rye bread for sandwiches.  I don't have the Swiss cheese slices anyway and I have potatoes to use up.  Also, I can't believe it but I'm feeling groggy so I might try to take a nap. I slept 11 hours last night!  What is up with that?

I received the invitation from my ex and his wife to attend a get together at their house the night of my oldest son's graduation, yesterday.  Today I emailed them thanking them for the invitation but declining to attend, as I would prefer spending time with my son privately.

I was still feeling groggy so I piddled time away online for a while.

CouponPro posted an alert about a new free 8 x 10 reprint offer from Walgreens with code RND8X10.  The code expires on 4/23.  Luckily for me I was ready today as I had been looking through our pictures from our French trip last year and seen a good one of my youngest son and myself so I ordered a reprint from that one.

I wanted to watch something on TV and tried giving "Veep" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm" another try (I hadn't liked them the first couple of times I had tried watching them) and nope, still not into those.  So then I started watching "Mad Dogs" on Amazon (the US version) and I'm only sticking with it because of Steve Zahn (love him!) and Michael Imperioli because he was on The Sopranos and I loved The Sopranos.  It's on, but I'm only paying half attention.

My youngest son had asked me to time him running a mile, again, so after he got home from school, we drove to the South Lake Trail to do that.  Afterward we stopped at Publix. Why? Because I changed my mind about dinner again!  I decided to get a fried chicken dinner at Publix (there is a $2 store coupon for it) for dinner tonight and keep the crockpot brisket for tomorrow night.  I also grabbed some Swiss cheese slices and considered buying rye bread but balked at the $3.59 price tag so I still need to bake some. Lastly, I bought my son a couple of boxes of Ritz peanut butter crackers because they were on BOGO and there was a $1.00/2 store coupon for them.

Greg stopped by RaceTrac on the way home to get a soda with one of his free coupons.  Since I had put a beer in the fridge for him to have with the fried chicken, he offered to get a caffeine diet coke for me. Awww.

So we ate dinner while watching several episodes of "Arrested Development".  We laughed so much. I love that show. I think it's the 4th or 5th time that I watch it and it's always funny.  Then I fell asleep early again but woke up feeling all congested all over again. What?!  Arrgh.


  1. It might be time to make an appointment to be seen by a doctor, Nathalie. It sounds like you might have a sinus infection and need antibiotics to clear it up.

    1. Thank you, mom, LOL. If I were constantly congested I would agree with you, but I really have been fine most of the time for a couple of days (congestion-wise, but I am tired and sluggish and I have slept a lot of hours these past couple of nights) only to get congested all over again in the evenings. That happens as well when I'm not sick, my nose will usually start running like clockwise at about 10:30 p.m. during some parts of the year (allergies, I'm guessing). I don't have any green discharge or really bad earaches/headaches (just a dull "cotton in my ears" problem once in a while so I might have a mild ear infection) and I think the coughing is due to post nasal drip, so I'm just going to let it run its course for now. I dislike taking antibiotics unless really needed, you know? If my symptoms exacerbate, I will go to the Urgent Care Clinic and get checked out :)

    2. Sorry, I am a regular mother-hen, aren't I? Cluck, cluck! Well, take it easy and rest and hopefully, all will be better.

      I hate going to the doctors and takings meds. unless I really have to, myself. I've walked around for weeks with what I thought was just a cough until finally I went to the doctor and it was "walking" pneumonia - not once, but twice!

    3. Bless, feel free to give me advice anytime you want, dear. I don't mind it at all. It's nice to have someone else's opinion :)

      I can't believe that you had pneumonia twice! Good thing you did go see the doctor each time. We can be too stubborn for our own good when we dislike taking drugs. I'm not against taking drugs, I'm just frustrated with doctors and their over-prescribing everything, in general. Today I felt fine all day (my ears still feel a little "cottony" but less than before), but tonight I'm getting sniffly and a little congested again so I think it's back to being allergies now. I'm using the Vicks stick once or twice in the evening, and that allows me to sleep fine. No coughing tonight for now!


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