Saturday, June 18, 2016

An Early Fishing Trip ~ Saturday, June 18, 2016

I fell asleep on the couch last night and was awakened both by our son and then by Greg when they said goodnight. I finally went to bed, but I told Greg I didn't think I'd go fishing in the morning.

Then I had kind of a restless night and was awake at 6 a.m. so I figured I might as well go fishing!  Unbeknownst to me, Greg had been up since 4 a.m. because he was restless as well! 

We left the house at about 6:55 a.m and came home at about 10:45 a.m..... sans fish.  They just weren't biting at Revel's Pond. Greg caught one at the Bass Conservation Center Pond (where fishing IS allowed) but we felt it was too small so he released it.

I did try my hand at fishing with the new fishing pole a few times, but I didn't catch anything... save a lure and hook from someone else's abandoned line. Hey, freebie!

  • We stopped by RaceTrac on our way to fishing and grabbed two free soda refills for the road.  I also redeemed a survey reward code for a free croissant. I ate it in the car because I was starving, even though I had had a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios.

  • We gained a free hook and (slightly damaged) lure when I caught them with my fishing pole :)

  • On the way home, we stopped by RaceTrac again and got 3 free soda refills (for us and our son).

  • Greg mowed our lawn.

  • SavingStar refunded me the $1.25 from the Celeste Pizza bought yesterday.

  • I earned the daily Bing Rewards and a few Swagbucks.

  • I took two RaceTrac surveys and earned 2 more freebies.

  • I was starved when we got home so I made chocolate chip pancakes and bacon. I topped my pancakes with sliced strawberries and whipped cream. Decadent but oh so good, after a morning in the sun!

  • I was looking up the Bass Conservation Center online and noticed that they actually have a Visitor's Center that we can visit during weekdays only.  I think I might take a field trip there by myself while Greg is gone!

  • I printed a few coupons via Swagbucks.

  • I am the errands queen! I brought my son with me to run a couple of errands just here in town. We took the Focus for better mileage.
    • RaceTrac: we got him and his dad a free soda refill with their Sodapalooza cups
    • Ace Hardware: I priced a fishing rod for me (I'm thinking about going fishing near our house while Greg is gone but he was planning on taking both fishing rods with him on his trip so I'm waiting to see what he does), we got a Father's Day present for Greg from our son (a set of "As Seen on TV" fishing lures). It was $19.99 and we also got 2 small bottles of camping propane for the cooktop on their trip and for our barbecue. They were priced $2 lower than at Walmart (!) and also I got them for free since I used the other $7 off $20 coupon that Ace had mailed me.  Woohoo! I charged everything to our Amazon Chase Visa card for 1% back in Rewards. I also earned more Ace Rewards points, although they never tell us how many on the receipts :(
    • McDonald's: I got Greg and our son the promised milkshakes and used a BOGO coupon from the McDonald's app so one of them was free.   I charged it to Discover, with which we will earn 5% in bonus Rewards.

  • I earned 25 KFR points by entering bonus code HIGHTEMP25FREE4U in my Kellogg's Family Rewards account.  I checked my account while I was at it and saw that they credited me with 160 points for the Special K that I bought earlier this week and also gave me 1,000 points for having bought 10 boxes. I'm guessing that's an old bonus that they just credited?  Woohoo, all the same!

  • It looked like it was about to rain so I rushed outside to refill the 3 cat litter jugs and the milk jug that I had emptied while watering my roses and strawberries yesterday. I refilled them from the rain barrel so there's a little more room in there to collect more rain!

  • I also harvested several more tomatoes!

  • It did rain pretty hard, although it lasted less than 10 minutes so I'll still need to go refill my self-watering bins, I think :(  I refill them with the hose connected to the "spendy water" because it's easier that way and keep the rain barrel water to water my potted plants. Oh, it started again!  And we have thunder and lightning... Male Cat is going to be coming here any minute, trying to hide under the couch.

  • I put this book on hold at my library.  If it's better than my Aububon Field Guide to Florida for identifying wild flowers, I will purchase a used copy.
I saw this exact same flower for the first time this morning!
Check out my "Nature" section below to find out what it is...
  • I gassed up Greg's truck tonight to save him time on Monday morning, forgetting that he'll be going to RaceTrac anyway to get his Monday morning soda!  But at least I have another receipt to get a freebie :)

  • At Publix (see "Splurges"), I used a store coupon to get a free 2L bottle of Diet Coke. I'm keeping those for after Sodapalooza.

  • After dinner, Greg and I watched several episodes of "Gavin & Stacey", season 2 on Amazon (we own it).  I love this series. We laugh and laugh (Pam, the mom, is my favorite!) and they also succeed in making me tear up.  I've never watched James Corben's late night show over here, but I might have to take a peak once of these days because he's very talented.

  • I was a little chilly last night. The lovely cat-themed knotted blanket that my oldest son and his girlfriend gave us at Christmas is my favorite but it is a tad short (it's meant to be used as a lap blanket, really).  I was thinking about buying a new comforter for my bed, but then I remembered that I had an extra duvet and that we used to have a light brown linen duvet cover from The Pottery Barn. So I resolved to find those tonight before bed time.  I found the duvet, but couldn't find the duvet cover, although I found another one but it's light blue. Oh well, it'll do fine and I don't have to buy anything.

  • While I was looking for the duvet cover, I emptied out the bottom of the linen closet... oh my.  I couldn't believe all the stuff I found in there. And this is the closet I reorganized 2 years ago!  So I stuffed everything back in there but next week, I'll be decluttering BIG TIME.  And this time, I can't be hesitating. I still have a "The Incredibles"-themed comforter that used to belong to one of my sons when they were about 6-7, I think!  Although now I'm wondering if my oldest might want it since he and his girlfriend are a Disney freaks...  LOL.

  • Gas to drive the 20 miles one-day to the fishing pond.

  • When dinner time came, guess who didn't feel like cooking and who used the excuse that it was Father's Day Weekend and that she had had to cook on Mother's Day Weekend?  Oh yeah.  We picked up dinner from Publix: a fried chicken dinner for our son (and us tomorrow) and sushi for Greg and myself.

  • The milk I bought on clearance earlier this week isn't good in cereal... it has that milk-past-its-prime taste.  So I opened a carton of UHT milk (I keep some on hand for emergencies and I need to buy more at Dollar Tree when I go next week).  But now I don't know what I'm going to do with a full gallon of sour milk when I'm about to be alone for 2 weeks! I did use some of it in the pancakes.

  • While I was at McDonald's, I realized that my app featured a coupon for a free sausage burrito, today only, if we came wearing Orlando City Soccer garb.  Darn it. I have a T-shirt that I bought for my nephew and haven't mailed yet so I could have had my son wear it!  Oh well. I did turn on the notifications for the app, though, so I don't miss any upcoming freebies!

  • For the 2nd time this week and the nth time since we've moved here, we found mail belonging to our neighbors down the block in our mailbox.  A more forgiving person would note that our house numbers are similar... just transpose the last 2 numbers. However, I am not forgiving.  If your job is to match envelopes to houses, you'd better damn well make sure you do it right.  We've had problems before with court documents never arriving for Greg's, right now I'm missing several prizes that I should have gotten by now (have they been mailed or given to other people? Who knows?!). The envelope that was in my mailbox but meant for our neighbor was important and time sensitive as it pertained to COBRA.  Since they weren't home and it was about to pour, I left it on their doorstep on their carport, because if I put it back in the main mailbox, they wouldn't have gotten it until Tuesday, probably.  Going to the post office to complain is useless, I have complained several times already. The postmaster has never acknowledged any of my complaints, even when I made them via the website.

  • Made pancakes 
  • Put the dishwasher back together
  • Put some laundry away
  • Took customer satisfaction surveys
  • Ran some errands
  • Installed new fonts on my laptop
  • Scheduled lunch with a friend
  • Scheduled outings for the next week
  • Refilled water jugs from the rain barrel
  • Harvested the garden
  • Walked to neighbor's down the block to give them their mail that had been delivered to our house

  • Greg asking me if I wanted to go fishing with him
  • Seeing a swallow-tailed kite trying to catch a meal on the pond
  • No gators at the pond today (that we saw)
  • Greg mowing the lawn for us
  • A friend excited to have lunch with me!
  • Another beautiful hibiscus flower opening up on the cutting that our neighbor had allowed us to take from his bush last year :)
  • Rain for my garden and the animals


Here are pictures I took at Revels Pond and the Bass Conservation Area today. Most of them are repeats from previous posts, but there are a couple of new ones.  The flowers weren't as plentiful this time around, the heat is making itself known.  However, I did find quite a few of them on the overgrown horse trail off Revels Pond, and there were several of them at the Bass Conservation Area as well.

The most excitement we had today was:

    • when I saw the swallow-tailed kite flying over the pond and skimming the surface of the water on several passes. I tried filming it but my camera wasn't pointed in the right direction because I was trying to zoom on him and he was flying very fast.
    • when Greg was giving me my first lesson with the new fishing pole and a huge fish came swimming towards us and he told me to go ahead and cast but I hadn't tried the new reel yet so I didn't know what to do so I handed them the pole... and even though he had been casting magnificently all morning, he totally cast it in the grass, lol.  Then 5 minutes later, the top half of the pole came off as he was casting... oh no, our brand new fishing pole!  But luckily the fishing line was still threaded through it so we were able to retrieve it.
    • as we were leaving the Bass Conservation Area, I was turned toward Greg and chatting about something when he hit the brakes really hard while exclaiming "snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!!!" and I just had time to see a very long skinny black snake crawl in front of the truck. I had just turned off my camera so I wasn't able to photograph it before it disappeared in the grassy shoulder.


A patch of sand blackberries that should be ripe pretty soon!  I'd go back but it's a 20 minute drive one way for just a few berries... I might stop by if I go visit the Bass Conservation Visitor Center, though.

Lizard's Tail


The water hyacinths are done flowering. This one was one of very few that I saw today and they were
definitely not as beautiful as they were a couple of weeks ago.

Blue Curl

Pale Meadow Beauty
Pipewort. I love those and I'm not sure why! They're like tiny snowballs on sticks... in Florida!

Large-flowered Sabatia. This was a new one today and the only one that I spotted all morning too!

Common Tickseed

Possibly White Milk Pea

New trumpet vines were blossoming where I hadn't noticed them last time.  I love these!

Not sure what this is.

Probably Mexican Primerosewillow

Sunshine filtering through the trees off the horse trail.

I don't know what those are but I thought those little green balls were cool!

The resident common moorhen at Revels Pond took his family for a little swim today!  Usually I only see him, sometimes with its mate, so the babies must be only a couple of weeks old at the most.


Brazilian Elodea?

Cattle egret in flight, I think.

Even though it's not perfectly focused, I love how this picture turned out. I might get it printed the next
time I have a coupon for a free reprint and no new picture of the kids :) I wonder if this is Mild Water-Pepper.

Small dish at Revels Pond. Hopefully they'll grow into large basses...

I'm disappointed that I didn't get a better picture of the swallow-tailed kite. I had to zoom in on a picture and take a screenshot of it in order to be able to show you this one!

More trumpet vines!

I love seeing lots of wildflowers at once!

Southern Fleabane

Eastern Milkpea, I think.

Probably Buttonweed.

Common tickseed

Common Primrose Willow

Greg, trying to lure the big fish that I had just spotted for him at the Bass Conservation area. Alas, it remained hidden in the grass...

Small basses (bass?) at the Conservation pond.

Various mushrooms


  1. Oh, that breakfast of pancakes looks so good! You have me wanting some, but the last time I made pancakes, I didn't much care for them (they didn't taste the same).

    I'm glad you went fishing with Greg and took all those lovely pictures of the wild flowers. Very pretty.

    Plus you got some rain! :)

    1. We got rain, we got rain! And there's more on the way today. Tomorrow is the first day of summer so we're pretty much guaranteed thunderstorms every afternoon, usually at about 3 p.m. Of course, this is when it's still too hot for most plants so it'll only help the weeds, as far as I'm concerned!

      I hope you're remaining cool too and hope you get some rain!

  2. I got my Swagbucks 40 SB bonus today!! Woot Woot!! I ordered a discounted gift card for Red Robin with my extra points that I have brought in during the last few months since I already bought my discounted gift card for the month. If I work crazy hard, I might be able to earn a discounted VISA but I need 1,000 SB so you know that it will be hard to do before vacation with super doubles at the same time.

    I got the code for Kelloggs (thanks for the heads up) and checked to see my transactions. I got the 1,000 bonus points!!! Woo hoo!! Great because I just bought 4 coupons recently. Awesome bonus for buying too much Kelloggs :)

    1. You are doing a great job with your gift cards! I hope you get the 1000 SB so you can get your VISA gc too!

  3. I went to Aldi today for the first time. They are just opening out here in So. California. I liked it. Some great Prices. They carry wine, but no beer or alcohol. I though that was weird. I just have to remember to bring shopping bags. They charge 15 cents for a bag. We were on the way back from the cemetery and decided to stop, so it was spur of the moment. Got some good buys on staples. Happy Fathers Day to Greg.

    1. Yay, Aldi is in your neck of the woods! I'm glad you liked it. It really saves us a lot of money. Our has beer and wine. Mia, when in the past I forgot to bring my own bags to any store, I would just put the groceries in the trunk and then bag them when I got home just to carry them inside the house. Now I just leave my bags in the car.

      Thanks for the Happy Father's Day wish, I passed it on and he said "oh, that was so nice!". Happy Father's Day to the fathers in your life as well :)

  4. The trumpet vine may be pretty at the lake, but it's been trying to takeover our yard for years. It's definitely invasive, but I will say I do like it's blooms. Now if the vines just weren't so vigorous.

    1. Well, that's disappointing to hear! When I see them at the lake, it doesn't look like they're as invasive as, say, kudzu. I guess I'll stop wishing I had some in my backyard!

  5. Oh my goodness I look out of your window and it looks like home. Ha ha. If you get the rain we might get the sun. Yeah I know who am I kidding!

    Mmmmm your breakfast has me salivating... I feel like Homer, mmm breakfast!

    The pictures of the flowers are beautiful again.

    I quite like your idea of going fishing on your own, the peace would be lovely.

    1. LOL. I hope you have some sun too, soon.

  6. What a great idea to schedule in outings for the days when you will be alone. You can have a wonderful vacation going places and doing exactly what you want. You have enough freebies to look after your lunches and snacks. For dinner, I see a lot of roasted or grilled tomatoes as your side dishes. Can you pour 1 cup measures of your milk that tastes off into smaller containers for the freezer? I think most recipes call for 1 cup of milk, so as long as you remembered you had them, you could use them up quickly.

    Once again your flower pictures are gorgeous. I wish some of your wildflowers would grow in my garden. The tickseed and fleabane we do try and grow in our gardens. Funny how some of your weeds are desirable as garden plantings elsewhere. I think you have lots of pictures that are frame worthy. I can't get over how clear the water is in those ponds. You have managed a lot of great "under" the water shots. I wish I could take just one of those rain showers that you are being blessed with. It is still very hot and dry here. Better than hot and humid though.

    1. What a great idea to freeze the milk in 1-cup portions... unfortunately, I'm hampered, as always, by a lack of space in the freezer :( I guess I'll have to survive on waffles, pancakes and other baked goods for a while. What a life!

      I guess all that melting snow didn't saturate your soils for months to come, eh? It's just weird how you can all that precipitation in the winters but you have dry summers. We're the opposite. And you are right, you're better off without the humidity. Everything mildews and rots, it's gross.


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