Monday, June 20, 2016

Day Book: Monday 6/20/16

Outside my window... I just moved to the patio.  It's 8:13 a.m. as I start typing. It's a little humid but not too bad, there is a light cool breeze which is lovely.  The backyard and patio are still in the shade.  The couple of mourning doves and one of the fledglings just flew in for breakfast at the bird feeder.

I am thinking... that the doves must love company like yesterday, they flew in when I sat down on the patio, lol.

I am thankful for... a backyard with wildlife and the ability to sit here on a Monday morning and start my week with this relaxing sight.

From the learning rooms... it's summer (today, as a matter of fact!).  The kids have their summer project/classwork to work on while they're on their respective trips.  I had hoped to download some video lectures courses from Coursera for myself (on Photography, Igniting Your Creativity, and Chickens) after I read an article on Lifehacker, but it's more complicated than I'm willing to put up with, so never mind.

From the kitchen... I loaded the dishwasher this morning and there are more dishes to be done this fine Domestic Monday.  The men are gone so I only have to feed myself (and the cats, must not forget the cats!) for 2 weeks, which will be a vacation in itself. Woohoo!

I am wearing... a pink V-neck Tshirt, my black and white PJ pants.

I am creating... sigh. Nothing. I still have to finish my squirrel sign.  I checked the Painting With a Twist calendar for the next 2 weeks, thinking that I'd just go on my own and paint something, but the fun in that was going with my daughter so I might stop by Michael's, buy some cheap canvasses, and try my hand at a painting or two by myself, using some of the paintings from Painting with a Twist as inspiration.  Susan, don't get excited, I always have grand "artistic" or "crafty" plans when I fear I'm going to get bored or depressed, and I rarely take them on after I've planned them and bought the supplies, lol.

I am going... well, I was planning on going to the Lake Apopka Trail Loop this morning, but I just read about it and it's really the sale loop as the Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive, only you do it on bike or walking (not the same circuit, but very similar) so I'm rethinking it.  I did want to go on "an adventure" every day this week so I need to think of somewhere else interesting to go that's pretty close.  After all, it's Domestic Monday so I do need to do some chores too!

I am reading... I started "The Accident" by Chris Pavone but so far I really don't like it.  He's one of those authors who drown you in words, which is fine, I think, if you write a literary novel, but if you're writing a spy novel, get to the point, dude. So I'll probably return it and start one of the other library books that I had downloaded on my Kindle.  I do want to do a lot of reading in the next couple of weeks.

I am hoping... that Greg and our son have a safe trip and get to spent plenty of quality time with Greg's dad. It's going to be challenging as he is in poor health (should get released from the hospital any day now, apparently they still wanted to run tests on him today because he has some complications late last week).

I am hearing... a few birds calling in the distance as well as commuter sounds and a plane flying overhead. And now squirrels have woken up and are chirping.

Around the house... I just fed the cats so they'll be taking a nap soon. Greg and our son just left on their trip.  The house is pretty messy and you know what?  Nobody is in my way to clean it so one of my grandiose plans is to slowly bring it back to an acceptable, if not spotless, stage, lol.

One of my favorite things... my laptop.  I have an HP ProBook 4530s.  I love everything about it, from the feel of the keyboard keys to the brushed steel frame around the keyboard, which feels cool on my wrists, to the size of it and the fact that it has a disc drive. I don't use the disc drive much but I love having the option.  I had spent a little more on it than on my other laptops, which I had bought at Walmart and were the bottom of the line, hoping it would last longer, and I hope that it will!  I don't like change and getting another laptop, as much time as I spend on mine, would be a major change in my life. Much stress!

A few plans for the rest of the week... oh boy, do I have plans!  Maybe too many, I might have to force myself to actually get out of the house every day :)  In no particular order, here are some things I'd like to do this week: visit the PEAR Park and Nature Center in Leesburg, go see Finding Dory with my BFF Jodie, go to Bok Tower Gardens, visit the Bass Conservation Center's Visitor Center and go fishing on my own, read, finish watching "Mr. Robot", exercise on my recumbent bike while I watch some TV shows (I'm going to move it to the living room after I vacuum), do some reading, clean the house, try to paint something, finish my squirrel sign...

Here is the picture I am sharing... we had just come back from running an errand last week, my son and I, and he threw himself on the couch in the entryway to rest a little... and New Kitty immediately made herself comfortable.  My son is a cat magnet.

Have a great week, everyone!  Let me know what you're up to.  Do you have any plans for the week?


  1. Here is mine
    While you were typing yours, I was still "sawing logs" upstairs. I guess I was tired. *laugh*

    1. Well, I think "sawing logs" is a lovely way to start the summer and I envy you the bladder that lets you sleep in! Heading to your blog right now... oh boy, oh boy, I love reading Day Books! Laura at All That Junk In My Trunk posted one too!

  2. You don't want to envy my bladder, just my ability to fall back to sleep anywhere, any time. I probably got up twice during the night.

  3. Sounds like you've got plans to keep busy while everyone is away! I thought you'd have a staycation of your own and just relax!

    That is a cute picture of your son and New Kitty!

    Hope you have a lovely day, today. Take care of yourself.


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