Monday, June 13, 2016

Domestic, errr, Lazy Monday - 6/13/16

As I was saying in my Day Book post this morning, I don't feel motivated to do much of anything today. It's 20 minutes past noon as I start this post. I've had about 4 hours of sleep, watched about 8 hours of TV since midnight, done a load of dishes, washed our clothes and not much else!

I texted my daughter a good luck message for her first day at camp about 10 minutes before she started but she didn't reply so she was probably busy getting to know her campmates.

Youngest son got up at noon. He'll do some school work and later on will go volunteer at the library.

We got news from Greg's mom tonight that his dad's surgery went much better than expected and the doctors decided not to put a catheter in at all.  They did something to drain his lungs and are going to put him on serious diuretics to control the fluid accumulation. So instead of being in the ICU, he's in a regular room. We don't know yet how long he'll be in the hospital though. So that was one piece of good news.

I spoke with my daughter tonight for a short time. She had a very fun time, she said everybody was very nice. She's the only person who came from out of state though :)

  • I know that Greg stopped by RaceTrac on his way to work this morning and got his free soda refill.

  • My youngest son and I also stopped by RaceTrac to get our free soda refills. 

  • While we were in line at Hardee's (see: "Failures"), I selected new offers in MobiSave.  I also unlocked new offers in Ibotta.

  • I have a new library book waiting for my at the library!  It's the latest Justin Cronion book (part 3 of a book series that I had started by loving with "The Passage" and then that I didn't love so much with "The Twelve". As a matter of fact, the end of my review for "The Twelve" stated that I wasn't going to bother reading the 3rd volume.  Argh, I guess I should have re-read my review before putting this book on hold! I just re-read the synopsis of "The Twelve" and I barely remember the story or the characters so I guess I won't be reading Volume three, because I'd have to start from Volume 1 (which I own, it was so good!) again.  Arrgh.

  • I worked on my shopping list for tomorrow. Greg's been having stomach discomfort so I was happy to see that there's a Mail-in Rebate for Zantac Duo Fusion at CVS AND a $4 offer on SavingStar so it'll be a money maker, unless CVS is out of stock. Which it probably will be.

  • I earned 25 KFR points by entering bonus code FATH-ERSD-AYPT-FORU  and  100 more points by answering bonus code MOREPTS4UROCKERS in to my Kellogg's Family Rewards account.

  • Then I redeemed 1,700 KFR points for (2) $1.00/1 Kellogg's cereal coupons.

  • I earned the daily Bing Rewards credits and some Swagbucks. More than usual because I was trying to earn the 300 team points I needed for the newest Team Challenge.  I made it to 260 team points today.

  • I took a RaceTrac survey and earned another freebie.

  • I suddenly realized that I had put the empty Driscoll's strawberry containers in the recycling this past week, when in fact I should have put them aside to take the Customer Advisory Panel surveys later on!  So I fished them out of my recycling bin, and then used 2 containers to take 2 surveys and earn (4) $1.00/1 coupons. Strawberries are on sale at Target again this week, $2 for 1 lb, and there is a $2.00 off $10 in produce store coupon so as long as they have Driscoll's strawberries, I should be able to get them for $0.60 each and buy 5 of them (I have a coupon left over from last week's surveys).

  • There is a new M&Ms Instant Win Game available. I've won something in every M&Ms IWG that I have participated in and this one isn't an exception!  I played for the first time today and won a $3 concession money certificate!  There are a couple of movies that my son and I would actually like to see this summer so I might even use it!  If you want to play, text MOVIE to 87654.  You can play once a day (and win once a day!) through 8/22.  This is the lowest prize, you can also win free movie tickets or more expensive concession money awards!

  • For dinner Greg wanted just pasta or rice with whatever the protein of the day was, so I made ziti and breaded, pan-fried pork sirloin chops.

  • Greg stopped by RaceTrac on his way home and got himself another free soda refill.

  • After dinner Greg and I watched American Ninja Warrior on NBC.  Those competitors are something else... I didn't think it would be a show that I'd like, but I really enjoy it!  Then I watched "Spartan", a team obstacle challenge show, also on NBC.  It wasn't as entertaining as American Ninja Warrior.

  • No splurges today... because they were all frugal failures, really :(

  • I haven't taken any new RaceTrac surveys recently, although I have a lot of receipts with which to take them, so I couldn't get any free food items today. Well, I could have taken the surveys and then driven to RaceTrac but I just wanted to be on my way.

  • I treated my son to lunch from Hardee's.  We didn't use any coupons AND I forgot to check in with their app to earn extra points. Grrr.

  • I was thinking about trying to spin this into a frugal victory but let's face it, it's really a frugal failure: when it came time to hang the laundry outside, I was feeling lazy, it was humid out, and the load that I needed to run through the dryer was actually pretty small, so I decided to run everything through the dryer in one extra large load.  Maybe I should just rename my blog "Frugal Failures" because I feel that it won't be the last frugal failure of the day. Oh well, I'm on a small vacation from frugality, I think.


  • Fed the cats
  • Did a load of dishes
  • Did 2 loads of laundry
  • Went to pick up drinks and lunch with my son
  • Worked on my shopping list
  • Took customer satisfaction surveys
  • Cooked dinner


  1. So glad to hear your father-in-law's surgery went better than expected. That's good news, indeed.

    Glad that you got to speak with your daughter and she had a good first day at the camp.

    It's OK to take a little break from being frugal, occasionally. I think it's fine, because you are so frugal most of the time.

    1. You're right, I shouldn't feel too guilty but I kind of do. I'm not going on vacation this year so I'm thinking this is my mind rebelling against the fact that I don't get to go away (I'm usually not particularly frugal when I do go on vacation) and pretending that I am on vacation here at home :) I'll feel even less guilty once Greg and our son are away on their trip.

  2. Which team are you on in swagbucks? I'm on the pooch parade. LOL.

    1. I'm in Mutt Strut! I finally made it to 300 team points today!

  3. Your team is winning! The last one my team won, other than that I'm always on the last place team. LOL

    1. LOL, Mia we must have been on the same team quite a few times, then, because I'm very often on the losing team. I used to participate in those things and have fun, but I confess that in 2016 I have only done enough to qualify for the Swag-Up and no more than that. How about you? Are you a dedicated Swaggernaut?

  4. Actually, I am a Swaggernaut. LOL. You're the one who got me hooked on it. I had joined a long time ago, but never really did anything until I read your blog. I usually redeem for Walmart or paypal. I do a lot of it while I'm at work. I always have it running in the background on my computer.

    1. Oh wow! Good for you! I've completely fallen off the SB wagon. I ran the Juno Group and the Ngage videos for a while yesterday just to earn the team points and it was so annoying to have a slow computer and to have to click on those green buttons every 20 seconds or so, once again, lol. I was relieved when it was over... however, it was reaaaaaally nice to be able to pay with the gift cards that I still had for Walmart when I went grocery shopping today. Good luck on the Team Challenge!

  5. Washing dishes, cleaning laundry and cooking meals is NOT nothing. That is being domestic in my mind. If you can get a few more things accomplished (like checking in with your kids and caring for the pets), well that is just icing on the cake. Don't put yourself down.

    1. Lol, ok but putting dishes and clothes in a machine for the machine to wash them and dry them and making plain pasta for dinner is also nothing to crow about when I should have been doing so much more... on DOMESTIC Monday :) I don't think it's putting myself down to acknowledge that I have been pretty lazy these past few days. Heck, I still haven't folded the laundry that I washed LAST Monday (as in over a week ago). But it's OK too. I'm not going on vacation so that's my way of taking vacation time :)


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