Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday, 6/10/16

Well, there it is, the day when I drive my daughter to her dad's.  She flies out tomorrow evening.  I know I sound melodramatic in sighing about her being gone for 8 weeks but I'm truly excited for her and I know she'll have a great time. I'm not overly worried, she has a direct flight, will be staying with family, and the Girls Who Camp people seem to have things down pat, although I wish they were a little faster in replying to emails.  I know I'm going to miss her because even though she would spend most of the summer in her room or working at a job, she'd be around to chat, be here on the weekends, etc. However, we are lucky that nowadays we have texting and FaceTime and Instagram and what not, so it's not like I'll never hear from her. She isn't her older brothers, which is a relief, lol.

I didn't sleep well last night at all. I don't think it was due to my daughter's leaving, but to the effect of the crappy Chinese food on my body.  Ugh.  I fell asleep on the couch again but Greg woke me up to say he was going to bed. Our son was still up so I didn't want to go to bed until he was in bed. So I checked emails on my phone, etc.  Then I had to chase the cats because they had made it to the 2nd floor, where they are not allowed and did it twice!  The rascals.  By then, I was wide awake.  So I worked on figuring out how soon our house could be paid off if we sent all of the after-tax bonus that Greg got to the mortgage.  Verdict: some time in 2019 (it's hard to be precise since the amount I see on our mortgage statement is apparently a little lower than the amount we actually still owe and I'm not completely sure why).  So I shot Greg an email to double check that he's still OK with sending the money and this morning he confirmed that yes.  Woohoo, I can't wait until our house is paid off.

Anyway, then I went to bed but I tossed and turned for many hours and couldn't get to sleep but couldn't stay awake either because I was really tired.  I thought about going to get one of those Zzzquil samples but they were downstairs and I didn't want to make all that noise.  Ugh. Finally I went to sleep at about 5 a.m. but I knew I was driving for a couple of hours this morning to take my daughter to her dad's so I decided to sleep until 9 a,m, and not get up with Greg.  Sorry Greg!

My daughter was ready to go by 9:15 we decided to just grab breakfast from RaceTrac and be on our way. We stopped by Kohl's and found her a cardigan and then drove to East Orlando where I dropped her off at her dad's.  I was too tired to go to Leu Botanical Gardens on the way home so I just drove straight home... well, almost. I stopped by RaceTrac in Clermont to use their facilities and refill the Sodapalooza cups and now I'm home. It's just past noon.

My son got just up and doesn't want to go anywhere today. He has some things to do for his Florida Virtual School Health & PE class. I think I'll just read my book. Hey, it's summer vacation, after all!

So I'm not posting my to-do list since I didn't accomplish anything anyway.

Greg talked to his dad and he had a procedure done today that helped make him more comfortable. However, he might need to go under to get a catheter inserted to drain the liquid accumulation around his heart. If he does Greg and our son will leave earlier than planned so they can be there when the procedure takes place. His dad's medical team is supposed to meet on Monday to assess the situation and decide how to move forward.

Anyhoo, this is a boring post. I didn't do anything and I didn't take any pictures.

Also, a year ago, the kids and I were on a transatlantic flight with France as our final destination.  Wow, time really flies.

Since this post is so boring, I will refer you to my French trip recaps:

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  • I took 2 RaceTrac surveys first thing this morning and earned 2 more freebies.

  • I used a BOGO coupon to get my daughter and myself breakfast sandwiches at RaceTrac and we used my and my son's Sodapalooza cups to get free soda/lemonade refills for the hour-long trip to her dad's.

  • The cardigan that we found for her was on sale and I used the 20% off code that Kohl's had sent me.

  • Since we drove through Clermont, I paid less in tolls than if we had driven the way I usually go. I also excited the turnpike sooner than I usually do on the way home so I saved a little bit on tolls then too.

  • I got 2 more free soda refills from RaceTrac for my son and myself, and also redeemed a RaceTrac Survey Rewards Code for a free Monterey Chicken Roller Grill item for my son's lunch.

  • I thought Greg would buy lunch today but his stomach has really been bothering him (he thinks his ulcers have come back and I'm sure it's because of the news from his dad), so he just ate a couple of protein bars that he had with him.

  • For dinner I made spaghetti and meatballs.

  • It rained tonight so I didn't have to water the garden. I haven't been to see the garden all week!

  • Gas and tolls to drive to my ex's.

  • A cardigan for my daughter who didn't like any of the cardigans I was willing to lend her.

  • Breakfast for my daughter and me at RaceTrac.

  • I drove my SUV instead of the family car which gets about 3x the mileage of the SUV because I wanted to be more comfortable. Also, I feel safer driving around the UCF area in my large SUV than in a small sedan because people there are nuts and really bad drivers.

  • Food waste Friday: I threw away the sandwich that I had packed for Greg for our picnic on Saturday. He never ate it and the ham was gray. Yuck.  I also threw away the fried wontons that came with our Chinese food yesterday because, once again, I forgot to tell them NOT to include them. We never eat them.

  • Fed the cats
  • Drove my daughter to her dad's
  • Cooked dinner


  1. Letting our children grow their own wings is hard, isn't it? But I hope your daughter has a wonderful experience - the flight and the 8 weeks doing coding, learning new things, meeting new people, etc. And I know you will get through it just fine. You'll be texting and video chatting, etc. and the time will pass very quickly. (((HUGS)))

    1. Thanks, Bless :) Yes, she'll be back soon enough to drive me crazy with new California-speak and attitude, LOL. That's what I told her yesterday. She laughed.

  2. I was reading up about her camp earlier Nathalie it sounds amazing and has the backing of a lot of large influential companies. Good for her, it sounds like she will learn so much.
    I hope she has a great time and that you don't miss her too much. Xx

    1. Thanks, her plane is taking off as I type this :) She's on a row all by herself and it's the emergency row so she has a lot of leg room and the bathroom is close by and the nearest toddler is several rows back so it should be a good flight!

  3. Even before I worked outside the house, when I was home taking care of little boys and a house, I decided I deserved "days off" just like someone working a job does. And really, why wouldn't you? Taking care of a family and a house is a you definitely deserve days off. No reason to make excuses or apologies. Plus - as you said - it's summer!

    I hate those nights when you can't get a good sleep!

    1. You're right... as mothers and wives we're never truly off, are we? When Greg and I have disagreements, I always point out that at least he gets to turn work off after his 8-hour shift, come home, put his feet up and have someone serve him a hot meal. Even though I have plenty of downtime during the day, I'm on almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! On the weekends he still wants to be fed, have clean clothes, not have to spend his time paying the bills, etc. Of course he knows this, but it's nice to be able to remind him of this once in a while. He made me a PBJ for dinner last night :)

  4. so, I had to tell you my find today. I went grocery shopping at Ralph's and I found a $10.00 bill on the ground. Woo Hoo! It's going into my change jar. Any my daughter always makes fun of me because I look at the ground when I'm walking. LOL.

    1. Whaaaat?! That's awesome, Maria! I bet she won't be laughing at you anymore, eh? lol. The most I ever found on the ground was a quarter, I think. I have dreams where I find lots of quarters, though!

  5. So sorry to hear about your phone! Glad they could fix it so quickly and easily though. Sucks to spend the money but I can't live without my phone so I would have done the same thing.

    1. Thanks, Nicole! Greg was like "let's get you a new phone, I got a big bonus!" or "Let's drive to the Apple store and maybe they can fix it!" (the Apple store is a good 45 minutes away via toll roads) and the more he pushed to spend money to fix the situation, the more I was thinking that I maybe it was time for me to switch from a Smartphone back to the dumb phone. What actually made me change my mind is that all my Contacts are in my phone and I don't sync them in the Cloud or with anything so if I didn't the phone fixed, I would have lost a bunch of stuff that I hadn't backed up in a while. So today I have to back up my phone! It was very nice to have it fixed so quickly, I was afraid they would tell me I had to leave it there for several days.

  6. Good for you for writing up your blog even though you did nothing and you had no pictures. *laugh* That is my excuse most days for NOT writing. Or, as was the case today (Friday), I was so busy planting the garden, mowing the grass, folding laundry off the line and packing for an impromptu trip away for the weekend, time got away on me. I imagine you must have been feeling a little "lost" with your daughter leaving for the summer.

    1. Impromptu trips (taken for fun, not emergencies) are the BEST! I'm envious :) I expect a full report on your wonderful weekend, replete with pictures. The garden and chores can wait, Susan. Mine are... lol.


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