Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Very Sedate Shopping Day ~ Thursday 7/7/16

I was ambitious last night and had declared that I was going to fold the laundry after doing the dishes but by the time that was done, it was 10:30 p.m. and I felt very tired so I didn't want to sit on the ground and fold 3 baskets of clothes.  And yet... I managed to stay up until 1:30 a.m.!  I like to peruse blogs at night and I hadn't checked out a few in a couple of days and then I went to bed with my Kindle so I did some reading before going to sleep.

Consequently, I still have the laundry to be folded AND I'm pretty sleepy this morning.  Since I had said I would go grocery shopping today, the main thought right now at 7:41 a.m. is (as usual!) "I'm only going to Save A Lot and Aldi today!". But we all know how that goes, every week.

However, the iPhone weather app is predicting today's temperature to reach 99F without the heat index so... yeah, maybe just Save A Lot, Aldi and then straight home. And also I think I'll leave early.  Aldi opens at 9 a.m. so I'll leave at 8:30 a.m.  I just want to get it done and over with!  I don't need a lot, especially since Greg will be gone next week.  My son and I can survive on grill cheese sandwiches and corn dogs, I'm sure, lol.

Other plans for today include playing taxi for my son today. He's volunteering for the weekly summer show for the kids' Summer Reading Program but it takes place in the next town over so I'll drive him and then go pick him up. He's also holding his Dungeons & Dragons club meeting tonight and if it's as hot as it's predicted to be, I think I'll drive him to that and pick him up instead of having him bike.  The only problem with it is that I never really know when he's done exactly and it's always during the time when I have to cook dinner. Oh well, Greg might have to wait to eat.

Here's the Darn To Do List© again:
  • Transplant ferns into bare patch in front lawn to make shady planter
  • Caption old pictures that have already been scanned
  • Scan more old pictures
  • Scrub patio pavers with bleach to remove mildew - this might have to wait until the months when it's not quite so hot!
  • Research cone flowers and their care and plant them somewhere 
  • Enter some Coke codes into MCR (next week)
  • Finish painting squirrel sign and assemble it
  • Create spreadsheet to track IRA contributions using ALL our old tax returns
  • Fertilize the raspberries
  • Add more mulch to berm
  • Download all May and June photos to my external drive
  • Replace roach traps
  • Research extension cords for generator
  • Call gyneco to make annual appointment
  • Find the cats' rabies licenses
  • Exercise! 
  • Sweep the main stairs
  • Dust
  • Read reply from insurer about son's prescription
  • See if I still have mildew-resistant white paint for bathroom ceiling
  • Declutter linen closet
  • Clean kitchen cabinets
  • Process the thyme and rosemary
  • Take items to the dump
  • Inventory seeds for Fall plantings
  • Recalculate Greg's W-4 with new paycheck info and bonus
  • Look at what's in the large bin on front porch and declutter
  • Clean out the printer stand, including school paperwork folders
  • Declutter the top of the fridge
  • File the remaining loose recipes that I organized already in appropriate recipe binders
  • Purge filing cabinet
  • Make a lightbox to take better pictures
  • Send email to my French BFF
  • Add new genealogical information to Rootsmagic
  • Get Greg to replace the ceiling tile in the entry room
  • Declutter coat closet/son's closet (shared closet)
  • Text my friend Leslie to wish her and her family a good and safe year in France - I think they might have already left so I emailed her instead.
  • Schedule credit card payments
  • Fold laundry and put away
  • Finish working on a menu for the week. I have a recipe and a plan for tomorrow night's dinner, woohoo!
  • Declutter countertop in the breezeway
  • Declutter coffee table
  • Add mulch to the vegetable garden
  • Pull unwanted plants from center "planter" in the backyard, add soil, plant flowers, add edging around it (watch out for large roots that would be in the way). Make planter with other materials if edging doesn't work.
  • Put sleeping bags back in the attic - Done
  • Water the cone flowers - Done
  • Make rice crispy treats
  • Make zesty refrigerator pickles
  • Make potato salad - Done
  • Bake triple berry scones
  • Bake strawberry summer cake - Done
  • Process green beans
  • Research when and how to harvest a pineapple

I texted my daughter in the afternoon. She's having a lot of fun with her aunt and they might go to Six Flags.

  • I turned the AC down to 76F in the living room as soon as we got up. Today is going to be "record-setting" according to the local news.  Well, shoot, we already live in one of the hottest parts of the country that's not a desert so "record-setting" sounds a little ominous.

  • I packed leftovers for Greg to take to work.

  • Brewed more of the free hazelnut coffee from Wawa. I've used it all up so I got another bag of free coffee from Wawa (I had won 4 bags!), which is the Dark Roast, and added a couple of tablespoons of cinnamon powder to it and mixed it all up so it's ready for tomorrow morning.  Catastrophe averted: I'm so tired that I grabbed the onion powder at first, instead of the cinnamon.  That would have been interesting...

  • I checked the new Checkout 51 offerings and didn't see anything that I was even remotely interested in redeeming.  Seems like I won't need to upload receipts to get rebates this week, I don't think, since Ibotta or SavingStar don't work at Aldi or Save A Lot and MobiSave isn't offering any generic rebates this week. Ah no, wait, I lied. I forgot that now the MobiSave offers change one week from the last time you redeemed one or something like that. I hate that, I wish it would go back to starting on a set day. Anyhoo, I have 3 generic offers, the same ones I've had for several weeks running now, and I won't redeem them.

  • Since I took a bath yesterday afternoon, I skipped taking a shower this morning.

  • So I was out of the door at 8:41 a.m. and true to my word, for once, I only went grocery shopping at Save A Lot and Aldi, and I mostly stuck to my shopping list, woohoo!
    • I drove the Focus since the gas mileage is much better.
    • I was thinking about stopping by RaceTrac first to get a soda, but I knocked some sense in me: I had planned on only making 2 stops so I didn't need soda since I'd be back home before I knew it. So that knocked out one stop right off the bat.
    • Save A Lot:
      •  I only got what was on my shopping list: 2 packs of bacon (on sale), 10 lbs of Russet potatoes (on sale), some paper plates (the price is still the same but there are 30 fewer plates in the package, grrr), cherries (on sale).  I made it so my OOP was over $10 so I could get my last dozen of free eggs with the store coupon that had printed a couple of weeks ago.  

      • I was hoping to find more baked goods on clearance but there were none. Their apple pies expired today so maybe I'll swing by tomorrow to see if they put them on the clearance table.  The coffee cakes that my son likes don't expire until Monday.  If I go shopping on Tuesday next week, maybe I'll find them on clearance.
      • So my OOP was $13.40 but $1.28 of it was the paper plates and that doesn't count towards groceries. I charged it to my Discover card for 2% back in Rewards (they don't accept Amex)
      • I resisted buying ground beef and milk on 50% clearance.  The ground beef was easy to resist because I have tons of ground beef in the freezer and the freezer is darn full.  The milk took a little bit convincing since I was planning on buying milk at Aldi (and not driving to CVS to get it free with my gift card) but as I was reaching for the quarts of 50% off 1% milk, I remembered that I have a couple of those in my freezer that I ought to use up. Yes, it's all the way at the bottom of the very full freezer so it's going to be a major PITA to get to it, but I do have to reorganize the freezer anyway.

    • Aldi: Since they had just opened when I got there, it wasn't busy at all.  I found most everything that I wanted and I added a few more items to my cart.
      • Items that were on my list: Toilet paper, cat litter, cantaloupe, cukes (they were HUGE!), blueberries, whipped cream, grape jelly, mini marshmallows, protein bars (back in stock, YES!), pretzel sticks, bread (although they were out of regular white bread so I had to buy wheat at 14 cents more per loaf so I wasn't happy.)
      • The hamburger and hot dog buns are back up to $0.89 a bag. Not sure if they would ring at $0.69 still as I didn't buy any, but the shelf price is now $0.89.  My store seemed to be out of hot dog buns.
      • Items that found their way to my cart despite NOT being on my list: a 2-pack of fluffy pillows (explanation under Splurges), mushrooms, strawberries (they were still on sale at $1.19), bananas (had forgotten to add them to my list), grapes, maple breakfast sausages (nice for when I make pancakes, which I think I'll make tomorrow morning, maybe), Fit & Active light mayo (they don't always have it so now when I see it, I just grab a jar. I now have 4 jars in the pantry), ketchup (didn't think I had any in the pantry but I had a bottle already, oh well),  an extra bag of marshmallows (I thought I'd make a double batch of rice crispy treats and keep them in the fridge), chips (i love their wavy chips as a snack or side item when I grill burgers), pudding cups (as a no-bake snack for my son but when I got home I saw that we still had 2 packs of 4 cups in the pantry!).
      • My Aldi hasn't had anything in the "clearance corner" for several weeks :(  What, no July 4th marshmallows marked down to a quarter a bag?! Come to think of it, I didn't see any July 4th-themed foods last week.
      • OOP was $58.69 including everything (about $23 of it was not groceries) and I charged it to Amex for 3% back in Rewards.

    • RaceTrac: on my way home, I stopped at the RaceTrac station near my house. 
      • My glasses got all fogged up as soon as I left the car and yet I still managed to see the 2 pennies lying on the ground right outside the store!  I think I suffer from Selective Vision (as in "Don't notice the dust bunnies in her own house but will spot a penny or Coke bottle cap on the ground, at 20 feet away!).  So I'm 2 cents richer and I put the pennies in my 2016 Spare Change Jar. Woohoo!

      • I refilled the 3 Sodapalooza cups for free: Diet Mountain Dew was back so I got one of those for me for lunch (I need the caffeine, I'm kind of dragging since I didn't sleep long enough) and a CF Diet Coke for tonight, and they were still out of lemonade so I got a Fanta Orange for my son.  I put all 3 cups in the fridge when I got home.
      • But before that, the cups fell over and spilled some soda in the footwell of the car as I was maneuvering to back the car up the driveway. arrgh!

  • So I was back home by 9:45 a.m. and by the time everything was documented and put away (plus a few other things that got done in the meantime as I get easily off track), it was 10:30 a.m.  I'm so glad it's done and over with!

  • I picked up the Thursday paper from the driveway (my 1-cent, 1-year subscription to the Orlando Sentinel includes Thursday and Sunday delivery).  Paging through one of the inserts, I clipped a coupon for 50 cents off brand eggs that I probably won't buy but sometimes there are rebates on them too so you never know, and a recipe for Potato Boats. Hey, I know I said "no more recipes!" but I had just bought Russet potatoes, eggs and bacon and I need to work out a menu for the rest of the week so I'm thinking that's an easy dinner for tomorrow night.

  • I emptied the countertop composting bin into the large outdoor one, used rotten oak leaves that Greg had raked for me and that I'm "simmering" in a large trash bin as "browns" and rinsed the small composting bin in the rain barrel, reusing that water to moisten the compost pile.

  • I also dipped the car mat that had spilled soda on it into the rain barrel to rinse it off and left it on the patio to dry in the sun. Note to self: keep an eye on possible ants in the car since some soda spilled on the carpet under the mat too!

  • I watered the outdoor potted plants with rain water from several cat litter jugs.

  • For dinner tonight, I decided to try to make Southern-Style potato salad with the Gold potatoes that are on the verge of going bad.  My celery is frozen so I might have to harvest my tiny stems of zombie celery so there's a little bit of crunchiness!

  • I printed a couple of coupons from Betty Crocker's weekly email and also from the Publix Stocking Spree promo email.

  • When Greg goes on a trip to Canada, we usually get him on the cheapest AT&T "Passport" plan so he doesn't incur huge roaming charges and fees.  The problem is, the plan is $40 and good for a month but Greg is usually gone only 5 days at the most and is on Wi Fi most of the time. So it's been feeling like a wasted $40 each time.  So this time, I sent him an email comparing that plan with just the "Pay as You Go" option, and asking him if he thought he might be able to do without the plan. He might have to be even more careful and only text or FaceTime me when he's on Wifi, but even if he does end up making a couple of calls,  I think it'd still cost us less than the plan.  The plan includes unlimited texting but calls are still billed at $1 per minute and it only includes 200 MB of data.  The Pay as You Go option is $1 per minute for calls, 50 cent per text ($1.40 if video or photo text) and about $2.65 per MB of data.  So as long as he stayed away from using apps on his phone while he's traveling from place to place, we should be OK. Waiting to hear from him about his decision...  And no, the man refuses to expense his calls or texts home. This is ridiculous. Everyone in the world expenses their calls home when they're on business trips!  I think he just doesn't want to bother and that pisses me off. He never expensed that $40 plan before either.  Grrrr.  This is the company that is spending an insane amount of money on his hotel room, I think they can afford a few bucks for you to call your wife, Greg!  Update: we decided to chance it without the Passport Plan. I hope we don't end up regretting it!

  • I had cooked hard-boiled eggs for Greg's snacks this morning, so I don't have to cook extra eggs for the potato salad, woohoo!  I used the water from the eggs, along with some water that was left in a cup that Greg used last night, to water my zombie celery plants.  The extra water was stored in a pitcher so I can water the rest of the indoor plants later on.

  • The water used to boil the potatoes will be added to the rain barrel later on.

  • My lunch was a salad made with a bunch of homegrown tomatoes that had ripened on my counter, an avocado that was threatening to become desiccated in my fridge and the rest of the dressing that I had made with the marinade from the jar of marinated artichoke hearts that I had used 2 weeks ago.  I also made a small omelet with 2 eggs and the rest of the package of diced ham that I had defrosted 3 weeks ago (it was still good!), along with a piece of buttered toast. For dessert, I cut up the last slice of cantaloupe from dinner last night. My son had a couple of corn dogs and a bunch of grapes.

  • I ate my lunch while reading my library e-book and listening to classical music on KUSC (IHeartRadio).

  • I drove my son to his volunteering shift. I drove the Focus for better mileage and came straight home. It's only about 4 miles away from home.

  • I finished my library book and returned it via Amazon.  I then borrowed a couple of more e-books via Overdrive. One of them wasn't available in the Kindle format so I borrowed it in the e-pub format and downloaded the free Overdrive app for Kindle so I could read it on my Kindle. Both of the books are from John Sandford, my favorite author. I've already read them both, but I never remember the plots (and if I do, I don't remember the plot details) so it's always a pleasure to re-read them.  I don't think I'll be very productive today after all!

  • I noticed that my genuine Apple cable that I had purchased in Annecy, France last summer, has become frayed.  Grrr. You pay more for a cable because the cheap knock-off cables cause your computer to not recognize your phone as a device when you hook them up, but then the expensive ($20!) cable ends up falling apart after a short year. I baby that cable, darn it!  Anyhoo, for the 2nd time in 2 days, I got the electric tape out and performed first aid on an electric cable.  Hopefully it won't fall apart...

  • I went into my daughter's bedroom this morning to check on it, and found it quite cool despite the AC being set for 77F. When she's here, we set it for 74F and her room still gets unbearably hot. However, once she left I had unplugged her desktop computer and I think that might have made a huge difference. She barely ever uses it since she has a laptop, but she keeps it around for playing The Sims and other PC games that we own on discs since her laptop doesn't have a disc drive. I think I'm going to tell her to always leave it unplugged unless she's actively using it, and see if it makes a difference in the comfort of the room.

  • I input my grocery receipts into several spreadsheets that allow me to track how much we spend overall, how much we spend on groceries, and how much we spend on non-grocery items. It can be time consuming but it's a way for me to be engaged with our finances on an ongoing basis and to control what we spend a little better, also it would allow me to spot any fraud activity as I always compare my credit card statements and bank statement with my spreadsheets.

    • I drove to Focus to go pick up my son when he was done with his volunteering.  I brought two Sodapalooza cups along so before we got home we stopped by RaceTrac and got 2 more free soda refills.  It's still very hot and looks like it might rain (please!) so I told my son I'd definitely drive him to and from his D&D Club tonight.

    • I harvested some zombie celery for my potato salad! I put it all in there, leaves and stems.
    Puny stems but they were free!
    • I made the potato salad (well, half the recipe). I omitted the onions for Greg and considered using dill relish instead of sweet since I really want to finish the jar of dill relish that's been in my fridge for... years? but then I decided to open one of those jars of sweet relish that I got for free a couple of weeks ago.  I should have put half as much salt as I did because it's a little too salty for me, but otherwise, I think it turned out pretty good!  If Greg and my son like it, it might become a staple.  

    • I prepped a Strawberry Summer Cake. I really should be baking scones at the same time to take advantage of the hot oven, but I didn't feel like fiddling with scones this afternoon. I'll make them tomorrow. I used margarine instead of butter, ans also used an old margarine wrapper that I had frozen to grease the deep pie pan.  I also used milk that was wayyyy past its sell-by date of 6/15. It didn't smell too bad, though. I added a pinch of salt to the jug afterwards, it's supposed to help prevent the milk from spoiling, although it might be too late. I know that I had tried other recipes to use up spoiled milk before, I need to research that on my blog. I also used up a bunch of strawberries that I had bought last week and were starting to get a little soft.  I didn't want to start baking it because I had decided to drive my son to his D&D club so I didn't preheat the oven.

    • I'm glad I decided to drive him because there was thunder before we left and when we got to the library I saw lightning in the distance.  Now I'll have to go pick him up so I'd better grill the steaks early. It's 5 p.m. so it's too early, hopefully it won't be raining at about 6:15.

    • When I got back, I put the cake in the oven, all by itself.  I baking it in a cold oven so I might leave it in there a little longer.  It's ironic that all morning I was planning on no-bake snacks and that I ended up baking (with more plans of baking tomorrow!) anyway :)

    • I went to harvest the garden at 5:30 p.m. since the sky was dark and thunder was booming.  I'm thinking it won't rain, probably will pass right by us, but some of the tomatoes needed to be harvested just in case.  So I got a container of tomatoes, 3 strawberries (small but they were red and I didn't want that darn squirrel -see under "nature"- to get them before I did!) and a few green beans.  The plants are struggling to grow those beans. Whereas the pole beans got huge from one day to the next, these have been taking their sweet time so I decided to harvest them today.

    • IHeartPublix keeps on posting those great deals at Publix this afternoon so I might need to go there tomorrow morning as I go to RaceTrac. If so, I'll definitely got to Save A Lot to check on those apple pies too!

    • A Slickdealer shared that Google Play is offering the "To Be Loved" Michael BublĂ© album for free. I loooove Michael BublĂ© so of course I downloaded it to my library!  Alas, being able to play it on my Kindle Fire required much time figuring out, once again, how to sideload the Google Music Play app on the Kindle, then downloading the album first to my laptop, extracting the files, then copying them to the correct place on the Kindle Fire. But now it works, hooray!

    • So it rained... well just a short, light drizzle, really. But it was water.  I guess.

    • My son texted me that he was just going to walk home since it wasn't raining and the thunder and lightning had gone away.

    • In the end I grilled the steaks and only about 2/3 of the package of bacon because I ran out of space!  I had to replace the small bottle of propane and used the last one that I had, so I hope the new hose comes in soon so I can try using the large propane tank!

    • Greg stopped by the RaceTrac station near his office on his way to work and refilled his Sodapalooza cup for free for the way home :)

    • Dinner was a big success! The steaks were delicious and so was the potato salad. Greg raved about it and declared it better than Publix's, wow.  He especially liked the crumbled bacon on top.  So I have 1/2 a steak and potato salad left for his lunch tomorrow.

    • He had a bad headache though (played tennis in the heat at lunchtime!) and he always craves caffeine and sugar when he has a headache so I volunteered to drive to RaceTrac to get him a new Sodapalooza refill. I surprised him and our son with Babe Ruth candy bars since I had a BOGO coupon for those in my app. I also earned loyalty points. Greg offered to share his candy bar with me but I have Strawberry Cake so I declined.

    • After dinner, Greg and I watched a couple of episodes of "Gavin & Stacey, Season 3". I had bought it partially with a Bing gift card a couple of months back.

      • Paper plates. How I wish I could quit them but they're so convenient on those nights when I don't want to add more dirty dishes to my sink!  But I really ought to stop buying them, darn it, especially since now there are only 50 to a pack for $1.19.

      • A-2 pack of pillows. Greg had been enjoying using my 2nd feather pillow as a wrist rest while he sleeps but, darn it, I wanted it back since I enjoy sleeping with 2 feather pillows. So I took it back a couple of nights ago and have had to listen to him complaining about it ever since, lol. So when I saw a 2-pack of regular pillows for $7.99 at Aldi, I just grabbed it. We can always use an extra pillow for the occasional guest, anyway.

      • Gas for going grocery shopping and dropping off/picking up my son from both his volunteering activities.

      • Electricity to bake the cake.

      • Babe Ruth candy bars for Greg and my son ($1.59).

      • Since I was feeling lazy today, I didn't visit CVS, Walmart or Publix.  I have gift cards to all three places so my grocery total could have been much lower.  They don't expire so I'll get great deals some other time, shrug.

      • I dislike lawyers intensely.  They use obscure language so the rest of the population doesn't understand what the heck is going on.  I don't understand what the heck is going on in Florida with this (to give myself some credit, I intensely dislike Pam Bondi, specifically, so just seeing her name in that article just scrambles my brain!) but if it comes out that merchants ARE allowed to charge a surcharge when you pay with a credit card, it's going to be an all-new ballgame as I charge everything.

      • I had to throw away one of my bras. The underwire has come undone and I just couldn't fix it. It all seems like just a waste... now I'm starting to wonder if I should fish it out of the trash, take out both underwires and use it as a spare bra just for home.  Maybe I'll do that. Is that too frugal?  I ought to try it to see if it makes any difference between that and not wearing a bra at all.

      • I had to compost 2 more Gold potatoes that had started to rot. They were small but it's still food waste, darn it!  So my side dish for tonight is going to have to include gold potatoes. I might try to make potato salad.

      • Darn it, reading is your friend: I peeled the potatoes before cooking them... the recipe called for peeling them after they were cooked. I hope it doesn't ruin the whole thing. I might have to make mashed potatoes instead!  Update: phew, it worked out just fine, so I guess it wasn't a failure. Still, I need to slow down and pay closer attention to the recipes because I keep doing things like this.

      • I didn't look for my Lowe's or Aldi receipts yesterday so I didn't bring the almost dead cone flower pot or the broken laundry rack to get refunds.

      • Cooked breakfast for Greg
      • Packed his lunch
      • Cooked hard boiled eggs
      • Emailed a friend
      • Replied to blog comments and commented on blogs
      • Worked on my shopping list
      • Did the grocery shopping
      • Documented and put everything away
      • Watered the outdoor potted plants
      • Emptied the countertop composting bin into the large one, added "browns" and water too
      • Rinsed the car mat that had spilled soda on it
      • Cooked potatoes for potato salad
      • Emailed Alison about Betty Crocker 2017 calendar
      • Printed some coupons
      • Put sleeping bags away in the attic
      • Checked my daughter's room to make sure no critters had made it their own :)
      • Cooked my lunch
      • Drove my son to and from his volunteering shift
      • Input receipts into my spreadsheet
      • Composed weekly grocery shopping post
      • Saved Middle Son's accidental self-portrait photo that he posted on Instagram
      • Picked up my son from volunteering
      • Made potato salad
      • Baked a cake
      • Dropped off my son at the library
      • Corresponded with one of my brothers via email
      • Harvested the garden
      • Cooked dinner
      • Drove to RaceTrac again

      • For Male Cat alerting me to a squirrel being very curious about my strawberries!
      • For a quick and quite uneventful shopping trip this morning.
      • That the 3 cups of soda didn't completely spill out in the car when they fell over.
      • For having seen 2 ospreys as I was driving this morning. I love birds of prey!
      • For being able to snag a screenshot of the awesome self-portrait that Middle Son posted on Instagram :)

      I saw several (or maybe each time it was the same?) hummingbirds today, coming to the feeders, but I didn't have my camera with me.  I noticed that the 2 feeders that I refilled halfway yesterday are almost empty already so either the hummingbirds are really thirsty or the wasps have been partaking as well and indeed I spotted one at one of the feeders this morning.

      Cardinal in the feeder. Taken with my phone from far away, so it's crap.

      I spotted a magpie and two ospreys while driving this morning, as well as a whole bunch of white ibises here and there.When I came back from shopping, Male Cat alerted me to the presence of a squirrel nearby...

      I wish it would rain. I have taken care of the vegetable garden and the flowers, but the trees (nectarine, lemon, orange) really need it.

      Male Cat spotted an enemy squirrel approaching my luscious strawberries!

      Luscious strawberries in question.

      Then I banged really loudly on the window and the squirrel just about had a heart attack, he he he.  Sadly, I also scared all the birds away. There were several cardinals and a dove at the feeder at the time, I hadn't realized!

      I call this my impressionist painting.  Do you know what it is?
      It's the reflection of my house in the water bin under the outside leaky faucet And all those black dots?  Well, frog eggs, of course!  I'm so excited, it's the first time I actually see the eggs, usually they're already tadpoles by the time I realize there's something in the water!
      Do you have tadpoles around your garden?


      1. Your potato salad looks delicious! Actually it sounds very similar to the one I made. They only want you to keep the skins on so the potatoes don't absorb too much water, but as long as I keep an eye on the pot and don't let them overcook, I've never had a problem.

        Haha, I like the cat's commentary. I'll try to get a picture of all six cats sometime -- the only picture I have is kind of blurry as they were all circling me as I picked apart a turkey.

        Also. Pam Bondi is the worst. THE WORST. I didn't watch the commercial because I am already angry about many things today, but ugh.

        1. Ha, good to know about the potatoes, thanks!

      2. The strawberry cake you made looks delicious! And I'm sorry to admit that I had to laugh at the possibility of onion powder in your coffee. Too funny! I always add cinnamon to my oatmeal and one time I grabbed turmeric by mistake...ugh.

        Let me join you in the "dislike Pam Bondi" club!

        1. Turmeric oatmeal sounds pretty gross too, lol. I used some yesterday to make my pickles so I can only imagine.

      3. I was very glad that I brought my Blackberry with me this time to my mom's residence. It turns out they had free wifi in the public areas, so when I could get away on my own (which happened a couple of times), I was able to check for email and read a few blog postings. This post brought a smile to my face and allowed me to relax a bit before going back to my mother's. It is very emotionally draining, so I was glad of the respite.

        1. It must be so hard, Susan. My heart goes out to you. I'm glad you were able to relax a little.


      Anything you'd like to add? Share away!