Monday, July 4, 2016

Fourth of July Fizzles ~ Monday 7/4/16

July 4, 2016
It kind of looks like a passion flower, doesn't it?!

Today started with my being frustrated. First of, my phone beeped for some reason at 8 a.m., despite my having turned off all alarms, and it woke me up. I had hoped to sleep longer.

Then I set up camp outside to spend a few lovely hours in my backyard. It didn't feel any more humid than usual, but when a hummingbird showed up and went to every single feeder (I have three) in the backyard and hovering in place for quite a while for a hummingbird, just a few feet away from me, my camera completely failed me because the lens kept on fogging up really badly.  Arggh.

Next thing I knew, my laptop died on me and no amount of hard resets was starting it up again.  I finally admitted defeat, came back indoors (I'm starting to resent my living room, I want to be outside with the laptop!), fiddled with changing out the power supply, attempting hard resets and finally it started again.  I'm using the OLD battery (that I haven't used in a year or so) and the OLD power supply and it's working fine now. Go figure. It's frustrating and I really hope that once I get the power jack replaced, it'll be the end of the trouble. Speaking of which, I need to get the laptop ready for this by taking a bunch of stuff off of it and saving it elsewhere.

Yesterday, Greg asked me to go fishing with him this morning. I had said yes and was even planning on actually fishing myself, but then I fell asleep on the couch while reading a book last night and when my bladder woke me up, I looked at him and declared "I'm not going fishing tomorrow, I don't feel like it." And I didn't.  We've been to the same spot several times and there's pretty much nothing new for my to photograph and I wanted to spend time in the backyard before heading out to our 4th of July festivities. He was surprised but I don't think he was disappointed.  He likes going off by himself too.

Well, the Fourth celebration down at the lake was a bust this morning. I rode my bike there at about 10 a.m. since the jazz band was supposed to play at 9:45 a.m.  Only... they had been late starting the Opening Ceremonies so all the politicos were still doing their speeches. I sat down for a bit and listened but I was sitting in the sun without a hat and sweat was just dripping down because it was so hot, so I ducked into the nearby building that held the Friends of the Library Book Fair.  It was very well organized, with books displayed on many tables with the spines showing, and sorted by categories such as "fiction" (the vast majority) and "non-fiction" (only a couple of tables) and "children's books" and "major authors".  I only looked at the non fiction tables since I was looking for a copy of the Wildflowers of Florida Field Guide, but I didn't find one.  They did have a book about Birds of the West but it was drawings, not pictures so I put it back. I did buy a biography of Eisenhower for Greg who enjoys military biographies.  Then I biked to RaceTrac, got my Sodapalooza refill (my son had declined one), and biked home.  I didn't take any pictures :(

On my way to RaceTrac, I received a call from Middle Son who wanted to know if he and his GF could come over for a little bit because they were in Clermont and "had nothing to do until 1:30 p.m." . Of all my kids he's usually the best at buttering me up so I was surprised that he would go for 100% honesty and admit that he was only coming because he had nothing else to do, but I admire honesty so I said "sure".  Then, after I had hung up, I realized that I had piles of dishes to be done and thought "well, crap, there goes my quiet day of doing nothing but reading my book!" and I almost regretted to have agreed to their visit, lol.  I should have said "The Queen Is Not Accepting An Audience Today"!  But he's my kid and I do love him so I figured I'd just ban them from the kitchen.

Greg had come home in the meantime. He did catch a medium size bass and had already filleted it with the new knife that we had bought before his trip. He said it has worked like a charm.  He was in the middle of washing his truck. I put my bike away, presented him with his book present, and sat on the patio to catch my breath and enjoy some of my cold soda.  Watered some of my plants, refilled some jugs at the rain barrel.  Then decided that it was too hot to be outside and came back indoors.

I sat with Youngest Son for a while and we discussed our cats and played with our cats. It was fun.  New Kitty is a hoot! She really wanted to be outside this morning, apparently was crying out for Greg or me while he and I were outside chatting, according to our son.  I think she wanted to go play with the lizards.

She was the only one who wanted to play. The other two just watched.

Playing with the laser light
My youngest brother and SIL emailed back. Today is their 1st anniversary!  My brother asked me to transcribe a blues song for him.  I did but some of the lines escaped me so I asked Greg for help. He really enjoyed the song and was able to help me with the few words that I had misunderstood and laughed at me in the meantime, but really, how much French would HE be able to understand?  None!  I emailed the results back to my brother who will be playing the song at one of his concerts... with his big old French accent, lol.

But I really like the WT Feaster Band, so I found one of their concerts on YouTube and I'm streaming it on my Kindle Fire right now.  Listening to blues on the Fourth of July? Yes, please!

Middle Son and GF actually didn't make it over. He called me at 12:30 p.m. and said they had gone out to breakfast and now there really wasn't enough time to come over before he had to take her back to her house and go to work. I did confirm that he's still planning on coming with me to see Flight of the Conchords in St Augustine in a couple of weeks so yay.

Tonight we set up our lawn furniture in the front lawn and enjoyed our little town's fireworks show.  I enjoyed some pineapple rum while we watched the display, drenched in mosquito repellent as they were out and biting. I have to say that I was very pleased that we didn't hear any of the music from the festival during the day.  They moved the stage from the water's edge to the middle of the street that goes along the lake and it made a big difference, especially since they also turned the stage to face North (so away from our house). People throughout the neighborhood have been firing their own fireworks sporadically. Hopefully it'll be all over by the time I'm ready to fall asleep!

When we came back inside, I set about doing the dishes. Greg was astounded since it was 9:51 p.m., but I didn't want to come down early tomorrow to cook him breakfast and be faced with a huge mess.  I wasn't able to clean all of them but it's a big improvement :)  Tomorrow will have to be Domestic Tuesday.

  • Breakfast was a couple of mugs of the free hazelnut-flavored coffee that I won from Wawa, and the last piece of stale coffee cake that I had boughton 50% clearance at Save A Lot a couple of weeks ago.

  • Greg took his Sodapalooza cups with him this morning and got a couple of free refills at RaceTrac and will get more on this way home. 

  • McDonald's was offering a free dessert with any purchase today thanks to a coupon in the app, but we didn't partake. Honestly, it's because I was too lazy to drive to McDonald's!

  • I was hoping to upload new offers in MobiSave but there weren't any generic offers this week and none of the branded ones interest me.

  • Ibotta seems to have the ability to roll back updates to their app without asking me if it's OK... a few days ago I had posted how I had updated the app and I loved how they now had the large "unlock" red buttons under each unlocked offer, right?  Well this morning the app is back to just showing red text for the unlocked apps.  WTH?!  I did unlock a few new offers but I'm really annoyed that something changed on my phone without my consent.

  • I rode my bike to the Fourth of July stage. I was hoping to hear a semi-professional jazz band, but the schedule had been delayed quite a bit and then I realized that the jazz band was actually our local high school's jazz band. I love jazz, but it was very hot and I listened to our high school's jazz band for 6 years while my oldest sons played in it so I felt that I had paid my dues already, lol.  So then I rode my bike to RaceTrac and got a free Sodapalooza refill.

  • Greg caught a fish this morning and then cooked and ate it for lunch.

  • Lunch for me was the last piece of fried chicken and some Southern-style potato salad from Publix, followed by a big piece of Dutch apple pie from Publix with some whipped cream on top.

  • The living room felt too chilly this afternoon so I turned the AC up to 75.  We'll see how Greg sleeps tonight.

  • I earned all the daily Bing Rewards credits and a few Swagbucks...aided by a 40 SB award for doing a search!
  • I read part of my library book this afternoon but I became very impatient with it and didn't finish it. I returned it. I'll be starting another one shortly.  

  • Earlier in the afternoon, Greg and I put the DVD of "1776" that we own in the Blu Ray player and watched/listened to it while reading (me) and playing video games (him).  We've seen it many times so we know the words to the songs and we have our favorite parts where we stop what we're doing to actually enjoy the show. Since it's a musical, it's not too important if we don't actually watch all the action after all these years.  It's a fun tradition for us to have.

  • Greg drove to RaceTrac late afternoon with all 4 Sodapalooza cups and our pink basket, like a boss :)  

  • For dinner, I grilled hamburgers and corn on the cob. My son and I also enjoyed some strawberries, while Greg had apple pie.

  • There is one hamburger patty left over and I'll pack it for Greg's lunch tomorrow.

  • We didn't have to drive anywhere to watch the fireworks as we always have a great seat right in front of our house. This year, it seemed that the neighboring city had put on its own show at the same time, so we could see two show for the price of one, which is for free ;)

  • A biography of Eisenhower for Greg, from the Friends of the Library book sale: $1.00

  • Gas for Greg to drive to our fishing spot.

  • Water for Greg to wash his truck.

  • Blogger is going crazy at this time: every time I come back to this post to update it, it creates a new copy of the post in my dashboard!  It's driving me crazy and I have no idea whether there will be multiple copies of this post getting published tonight or not. So if you get several copies, sorry in advance. I have no idea why it's doing this. I sent some feedback to Google but it's the 4th of July so chances are that something will get fixed today?  Probably none.  Update: ah, it stopped after a while so hopefully you'll only get the one email.

  • The peaches that I had bought at Aldi on Thursday were hard so I left the bag on my kitchen table so they would ripen. When I checked on them today, I found most of all all moldy :(  I cut off the moldy parts off 3 of them and ate them.  They weren't very good, as expected.  Grrr.

  • One of my cone flower pots is already dying. It's been next to its siblings and has gotten the same amount of rain so I'm sure it's not due to something we did. I'll take it back to Lowe's since their plants are guaranteed for 1 year.

  • Visited the book fair
  • Biked to RaceTrac
  • Transcribed a blues song's lyrics for my brother
  • Talked to Middle Son on the phone and confirmed plans for later on this month
  • Talked to Oldest Son via text (he still hasn't heard back about his audition results)
  • Did some reading
  • Commented on blogs and caught up on this blog's comments as well
  • Did some more reading
  • Cooked dinner
  • Set up chairs for us to watch the fireworks in the front lawn
  • Did the dishes (well, most of them)
  • Boiled eggs for Greg's snacks the rest of the week.

  • Hearing from Middle Son and Oldest Son today :)
  • My laptop actually coming back to life once I was indoors (phew!)
  • Good old American blues music!
  • A lovely fireworks display that we didn't have to leave the house to enjoy :)


  1. Sorry to hear that the concert didn't work out well, but you seem to have had a pleasant, relaxed day, overall. Lucky you to have been able to watch two fireworks displays from your front lawn.

    Hope you have another lovely day tomorrow.

    1. Yes, it is one of the perks of living where we live, we have great seats for the 4th of July fireworks!

      Today is back to work day for Greg, so it should be for me as well. It's 7:00 a.m. and I've just made his breakfast. I have to do chores today, darn it, and go to my eye doctor appointment.

      Have a great day, Bless. I admit that I have forgotten when you start the radiation sessions but I think it might be today? If so, good luck with it, my friend!

  2. How neat that you can see so many fireworks from your home! We can HEAR a lot of fireworks, but because there are so many trees in our neighborhood, we often can't see them. Which is ok with me -- I love living near so many trees. Next year I think we will venture out somewhere that we can actually see some fireworks, though. I suspect they set some off near the river and that would be pretty.

    We had burgers last night, too. Just grilled indoors because I am a delicate flower and cannot stand to be out in this humidity! ;)

    1. There used to be more tall trees in our way back in the day but the hurricanes and city workers took down a few and then we had to cut down a large oak tree that was in front of our living room window (sniff, I loved that tree! That tree sold me the house!). So the upside of all that is that now we can set up our chairs on the flat portion of the top of our front lawn and not have to have them halfway down the hill like we used to. Remember to bring mosquito repellent next year if you do watch them!

      The humidity is insane, isn't it? I was just thinking this morning, as I came out to take the trash can down to the curb, that I tend to forget, when it's cool, just how bad the humidity is in the summer (and it's not even August yet!), and then you go out and you can't breathe and it's like you're underwater in a pool but you can't swim, and it all comes back and I hate it. Can you imagine people just a century ago, even, in their woolen clothes, women not being able to wear shorts or Tshirts, and no AC or OFF Deep Woods?! Good grief we have it GOOD now!

    2. Yeah, when people get all nostalgic for the good old days before running water, electricity, proper sewage, AC and women's liberation -- I have a hard time holding my tongue. I have no interest in living in a time when I would have been seen to be property, sweating it out in my thousands of petticoats and dying of dysentery!! :)

    3. Man, I didn't even think to factor in that is was before women had any rights too! I won't lie, I love watching shows like "Pioneer House", etc. but I sure don't think I would have survived very long back then! I suddenly want to scoop up all my peasant ancestors for a big group hug and a give them all a gift for thanking them for making it possible for me NOT to have to suffer through all that, lol.

  3. So how is it RaceTrac can give away so much free stuff and remain in business? Just kidding!! ;)

    1. You crack me up! Wouldn't that be awesome if Blogger let us schedule our comments in advance? You could schedule a "How is is that RaceTrac..." comment every morning at 10 a.m. and not even have to worry about reading the blog posts, lol.

    2. Too funny!!! I would love that! :)

  4. How lucky you are to stay on your own property to see the fireworks. I would love that. I hate crowded areas, and that is why we go to little Amherst Island to see their fireworks. This year we watched them from our vehicles. The birthday girl was the same woman who had the major abdominal surgery and this was her first major outing of the summer. (She still has a nurse come in twice a day) So because we assured her that we could watch the fireworks from the car and wouldn't have to walk at all, we decided we would all stay in our vehicles to watch this year. It was so great, I think we will do this next year as well. They still impressed and we ooohed and awwwed as though they were directly overhead.

    1. How smart of you it was to just remain in your cars to watch them, instead of fighting the crowds, especially with someone who is recovering from major surgery! She must have loved getting out of the house, though.

      I remember that when my kids were little and we lived, for all intends and purposes in Clermont (we lived in Minneola but that's a tiny town (tinier then) stuck to the side of Clermont) and they didn't have fireworks and our county wasn't as developed as it is now, we would drive to the top of the tallest hill in the area, park on the side of the road, and watch the fireworks over Walt Disney World from our car. It's 45 minutes away from Clermont but on a clear night, back then, you could see them very well. Now there are too many building in the way and lights too :(

    2. Mind you, we took the kids to watch the fireworks at Disney all the time since we both worked there at the time so we could go in for free pretty much anytime, apart from major holidays! So parking on the top of a hill on July 4th was good enough to say we'd seen fireworks along with the rest of the country!


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