Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Grocery Shopping This Week

Wednesday is my main shopping day. My official 2016 weekly grocery budget is $100/wk for 4 people (2 adults, 2 teens) but I really aim to spend $50 or less.  However, this summer I'm actually only feeding 1 teen as my daughter is in California.

Let's see how I did!

Budget for the week: $100.00
Total OOP: $55.96
Rebates expected: $4.24
Total spent after rebates: $51.72
Money left in budget: $48.28

A note: I've been doing well with my grocery budget this month. However, our eating out/ordering expenses are through the roof for various reasons. I was thinking about that while driving home today, but you know what I decided?  I'm not going to worry about it. I will keep on disclosing how much we spend on that every month because I feel that I don't tell the true story of how much we spend on food if I don't include the eating out/ordering in portion of it. But: those are not expenses that we cannot afford and we do enjoy going out to eat and I do get tired of cooking. So, even though some of the expenses are due to me being lazy (and Greg not being willing to step in and cook!), I'm going to stop moaning about it and make my peace with it.  If our financial situation changes and we can no longer afford to spend so much on food, then we will go back to trying to eat out as little as possible.

Baking Supplies: $3.58 OOP

  1. I didn't strictly need these this week but I always get nervous when I'm low on sugar and chocolate chips, even though I don't really want to bake these days, so I stocked up :)
  • 4 lbs white sugar (Aldi) @ $1.79
  • 1 bag mini chocolate chips (Aldi) @ $1.79

Beverages: $0.00 OOP

  • None needed

Breads/Baked Goods: $1.70 OOP
  1. I could probably have gotten away with just one loaf but Greg and our son sometimes snack on PBJs and if I have to go to Publix (the closest grocery store) to get a loaf, it's at least $1.50 so I got two just to be "safe".
  • 2 loaves white bread (Aldi) @ $0.85 each = $1.70

 Cereals: $0.00 OOP
  • None needed

Dairy: $10.07 OOP
  1. I didn't feel like driving to CVS so I bought milk at Aldi. But it was actually cheaper at CVS this week AND it would have been free to me since I have a gift card. Oh well.
  • 1 gallon whole milk (Aldi) @ $3.19
  • 1 container light sour cream (Aldi) @ $1.29
  • 10 cups yogurts (Aldi) @ $0.39 each = 3.90
  • 1 package American cheese singles (Aldi) @ $1.69

Dry/Pantry/Freezer Goods: $2.28 OOP 
  •  24-oz jar mild chunky salsa (Aldi) @ $1.89
  • 1 box mac & cheese (Save A Lot) @ $0.39
Produce/Juice: $23.23
  1. My fridge looked very empty and I felt guilty for not having cooked a lot of vegetables (or cooked, period!) recently, so I loaded up.  I need to make sure we have no waste, though.
  2. Speaking of waste, I couldn't resist the cherries on clearance. Yes, they weren't that good when I got them at Save A Lot the last time and actually, I just had to throw away about 1 lb of them that had rotten in my fridge. But $0.99 a lb... so I think that I'll pit them and freeze them to use in a clafoutis. Or maybe I'll make a clafoutis this week.
  3. I was absent-minded and didn't take notice that Gala apples were on sale at Save A Lot for $2.99 or I would have bought that instead of getting the Red Delicious at Aldi :(
  4. I had wanted the butter lettuce but the $1.49 bag was only 6 oz which looked puny to me. So I grabbed the Romaine hearts instead. Later on I wanted to switch them for a hydroponic Boston lettuce, which was also $1.99 but kind of buttery, but the aisle was too crowded so I just bought the Romaine. I've had a recent failure with lettuce so I need to make a concerted effort to use it all up this time.
  5. The strawberries don't look great so I'll probably make a strawberry summer cake or two. I think I might dehydrate some of them too.
  • 1.73 lbs cherries (Save A Lot), on clearance @ $0.99/lb = $1.71
  • 3 ears corn (Save A Lot) @ $1.00/3
  • 3 lbs Red Delicious apples (Aldi) @ $3.79
  • 2.79 lbs bananas (Aldi) @ $0.44/lb = $1.23
  • 3 Romaine hearts (Aldi) @ $1.99
  • 24 oz zucchini (Aldi) @ $1.79
  • 1 HUGE cucumber (Aldi) @ $0.59
  • 4 plums (Aldi) @ $0.29 each = $1.16
  • 2 avocadoes (Aldi) @ $0.99 each = $1.98
  • 1 package broccoli crowns (Aldi) @ $1.69
  • 1 package portobello caps (Aldi) @ $1.99
  • 2 lbs strawberries (Aldi) @ $1.29 each = $2.58
  • 2 pints blueberries (Aldi) @ $0.99 each = $1.98, and received $0.25 back from Checkout 51 = $1.73

Proteins: $8.98 OOP
  1. I realized, after buying the eggs at Aldi, that Publix had them on sale for $0.99 each.  I could have also gotten them for free at CVS, where they are on sale for $1.49 this week, because I have a $3 ECB.
  2. Again, I cannot resist clearance stickers! I didn't need any meat, but at those prices, I couldn't really pass them up.
  • 2 dozens large eggs (Aldi) @ $1.19 each = $2.38
  • 2 lbs 80 % lean ground beef (Save A Lot), on 50% clearance @ $2.80
  • 2 packages Jennie-O turkey bratwurst (Save A Lot, on 50% clearance @ $1.90 each = $3.80

Snacks: $6.12 OOP and should get $2.99 back from Saving Star and $1.25 back from MobiSave
  1. I'm nervous about the rebates off the PopCorners because even though SavingStar and MobiSave both show that I submitted the receipt, I haven't gotten communication about it. It's highly unusual for MobiSave, that has always emailed me and credited my account within seconds of my submission!  The chips are OK.  They're a little too buttery for me, and for some reason that's making me nauseous today. Greg liked them OK. We'd never pay $2.99 for those, though.
  2. I didn't need to buy the peanut butter crackers as we already had 2 packages in the pantry. I should have checked and not assumed that my son had eaten all of them.
  3. I got the sour worms and Swiss rolls for my son.
  • 1 bag PopCorners (Publix) @ $2.99 and submitted for a $2.99 rebate from SavingStar and $1.25 rebate from MobiSave so eventual MONEYMAKER.
  • 1 box Swiss rolls (Aldi) @ $1.29
  • 1 package peanut butter crackers (Aldi) @ $0.89
  • 1 bag sour worms (Aldi) @ $0.95

Did you get any great deals at the grocery store this week?  Please link up or share your finds in the comments :)


  1. Sounds like you made the right decision for you, regarding the eating out/take out. As long as you can afford it, then, there's no reason to fret too much about it.

    You got some good bargains during your grocery shopping today! I love all the rebates, etc., that you get.

    I, too, did a bit of grocery shopping today, as daughter is coming home for the weekend. Half and half for her coffee, some juice, fresh fruit and fruit cups; the total came to $10.40.

    Hope you are having a good day, today.

    1. I'll need to remember today's reasoning (rationalization?!) when I look at my end of year totals. It's going to be painful!

      I'm glad your daughter is coming home for the weekend! And I still envy you the ethnic stores because you get incredible deals on produce. I thought of you at Save A Lot today because I saw that they had 32 oz bottles of coconut water for $1.99 in their hispanic section. I have no idea whether it's a good price or not but I remember you talking about coconut water.

  2. I just went to Publix today to get the boneless skinless chicken breast that's buy-one-get-one-free (today was the last day of the sale...good thing that Publix is near my gym and on the way home).

    On Saturday we stopped in Walmart and found a clearance rack that had a bunch of protein/sports nutrition bars (you know, stuff like Cliff bars) for 25 cents each, and some packages with six bars for $1.00. That was truly a lucky find.

    1. Oooh, that was a good find! I haven't been lucky with the regular Walmart clearance rack when I've checked it but I love their bakery clearance rack (a little too much!).

      Publix used to have good clearances but in the past 18 months, their "clearances" are laughable. It's like they lower the price by 10 cents and call it a "clearance". It irks me every time. That and the fact that THEIR orange stickers on meat aren't clearance stickers but regular price stickers. My heart starts pumping a little harder each time I see those darn orange stickers because each time I forget that Publix doesn't discount their meat, lol. It happened again this morning! There ought to be overarching rules about such things...

    2. We have had a lot of those clearances here too and just because the steak is now $12 a pound, certainly doesn't have me jumping at the great value. Some people must buy it though or they wouldn't keep doing it. The clearance meat is the best!! Those were some great finds and I think that you need to get a stand along freezer :)

    3. Sadly, I already have my side by side fridge/freezer AND a stand alone chest freezer and they're both full. I don't know how I did all those years with 6 kids at home and only the side-by-side fridge/freezer since we got the chest freezer after the older 3 kids had already moved out!

  3. If you decide that you don't like the chips, they make a great bread crumbs!! We always use the crackers and chips that seemed good to eat for breading on chicken and they make yummy fried chicken fingers :) Cheese its and doritos is our favorite!! Chips and pretzels are tasty too :)

    It is hard to balance the food budget and the going out budget because on one side they seem connect and on the other they are not. If you are enjoying eating out and can afford it then you need to stop stressing (if that is possible). The best thing is that it is summer and too darn hot by you!! You are probably saving on the air conditioning to cool the house back down and the heat from the dishwasher :) Does that help??

    1. You know me too well by now :) Thanks for the rationalizations, Alison!

      I don't think I could use those chips for breadcrumbs, though, since it's the kettle flavor. They're still pretty sweet.


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