Monday, July 18, 2016

NOT Domestic Monday ~ 7/18/16

So this is why they call them "cone" flowers!

This is NOT Domestic Monday today. I'll have to be Domestic Something Else this week.  We didn't get home from the concert until 1 a.m., I didn't get to bed until 1:30 a.m. and then I slept until 9:30 a.m. and woke up with a massive headache, I'm sure due to being dehydrated.

I had an appointment to go to the eye doctor this morning to pick up my new bifocals and get them adjusted for my face and about half an hour before I had to leave an "unknown number" call rang on my cell phone. I don't pick up when I don't recognize the number anyway so I let it go to voicemail. If my mom calls, which is very rare, it will display "unknown number" because her home phone is red listed.  I figured that if it was her, she'd leave a voicemail and I'd call her back.  I was a little nervous since she never calls so I thought it might be bad news, but after a while no notification of a voicemail had come so I relaxed.  Right as my alarm was ringing to leave for my appointment, the voicemail notification came on (15 minutes later!) and it was my mom. She mentioned something about wanting to make sure everything was OK but her voice was breaking a little bit and then she asked me to call her back so I started freaking out a little, thinking something bad had happened and she didn't want to tell me on the phone (because that's how I am, I always imagine the worst right away).  I was going to drive the Focus to the eye doctor but I wanted to call my mom on the way and not have to worry about changing gears while holding my phone (no bluetooth in that car) so I took the Expedition.  After all that, my mom was fine. Her voice cracked because she's getting old.  She just wanted to catch up but she talked about Nice right away so I think she was stressing about that. We didn't have much time and I wanted to make sure we talked about my stepdad who is having health issues and my sister who, she told me is moving to another apartment, and I wasn't sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing. So I'm going to have to call her back later on in the week. But, long pointless story made even longer, she's fine, everybody else seems to be OK. Phew.

I got to the doctor's, they saw me right away, I put on the new glasses, noticed that I now have to hold the objects really close to my face to be able to read any of the print with the bottom part of my new glasses. The doctor had warned me I might have to move the laptop closer so I could see but sheesh, the only way I'll be able to use the new glasses is if my nose is on the laptop!  I can't even use the top part of the glasses because that isn't the right distance either. See, what I'm missing is that middle field of vision.  Back at home, I tried changing the screen magnification but it would have to be at 150% for me to be able to use the new glasses and still use the laptop the way I'm using it right now.  So I'm thinking that I'm going to continue wearing the old glasses for the laptop, and keep the new glasses in my purse so I can use those when I'm shopping since the old glasses don't allow me to read very small print anymore.  Ugh.  Life is getting more complicated and it stinks. Yet, what would I do without glasses?! So I've got to be grateful about them.  In the end, I've decided not to get the old glasses tinted since I'll keep on using them as regular glasses quite a bit... I'm on the laptop quite a bit!

Anyhoo, I was at the doctor's all but 30 seconds.  I stopped by Save A Lot on the way home to get hamburger buns, and also got some margarine because I like Imperial so much better than the Aldi knock-off.  It costs double now (Aldi's is $0.59, I think and Imperial at Save A Lot is $0.99) but oh well.  I was thinking that I needed it to make rice krispies. But then I hit the clearance table near the register and scored several items marked down 50% off: Hawaiian rolls ($1.25), English muffins $0.55), cheese danish ($1.50) and a box of chocolate brownie fiber bars ($1.00).  I also got 2 mangoes at $0.50 each, some plums at $0.99/lb, and 2 ears of corn at $0.34 each.  My OOP was $10.33, charged to Discover for 2% back in Rewards.

What I didn't get at Save A Lot was packages of Oscar Mayer deli meats marked down 50% off at $1.75 (I had coupons for those but had left the coupon organizer at home!), 2.5 lb packages of Ekrich Smoked Sausage marked down 50% off at a little over $3.00 (no room in the freezer), light yogurt marked down 50% off at $0.25 each (I still have several cups of yogurt in the fridge, Greg hasn't been eating them as much recently).  Also, there were 40-lb cases of brown bananas at $10 each (so $0.25/lb) but what the heck would I do with 40 lbs of bananas?!?   I wanted some avocadoes and usually Save A Lot has them for $0.79 each but this week they were $1.79 each so I left them.  They had their cherries on clearance for $0.99/lb but the bags were nasty and you could see fruit flies coming out... plus I still haven't finished the cherries I had bought from there over a week ago. They weren't that good. They're in my fridge, I ought to see if I can use them to make some kind of a cake.

Back home, my son still wasn't up so I put the groceries away and fed the cats.

Then I realized that since I'd been in a hurry to call my mom back when I left this morning, I had forgotten to grab my Sodapalooza cups to get refills while I was out.  Arrgh.

I fired up the grill and cooked 4 burgers with the ground beef that I had defrosted on Friday, and the 2 ears of corn that I had just bought.  Greg and my son can have that for dinner.

While all of that was cooking, I harvested the tomatoes that were ripe and took some pictures of my garden.  Greg had texted me before the concert last night to tell me it was rainy so I had hoped to find my rain barrel completely full this morning, but there is no change since yesterday morning so I'm guessing that once again it rained everywhere BUT over our house, lol.

Baby basil plants are growing well!

Several more potato vines have sprouted here and there and are growing like weeds!

I have 3 Ichiban eggplants growing and a couple more flowers on the plants

The zucchini plant is huge!  But no flowers.

I think I'll pull the raspberry canes soon, maybe replant them somewhere else?  Not sure. They're so puny.  Last yeat they were way bushier than this, although they still hadn't really produced anything.  Maybe I'll just plant roses there.

I texted my Oldest Son to tell him that I was excited about tonight's concert and ask if he was nervous and if I'd be able to see him afterwards.  He's not nervous and he doesn't think that he'll be able to free himself up right after the concert.  I'm uneasy about my relationship with him these days. My daughter said that he was annoyed with me for not coming to his graduation although he assured me that he was OK with it, but for the past several months he's very terse when we do talk and never makes any effort to be the first one to reach out.  I'm trying not to get my feelings hurt either because it's not like I contact my parents very often either, but deep inside, I'm worried.  Oh well, kids have got to make their own life and sometimes parents just aren't part of it. I understand this intellectually, now I just need to make my peace with it.

SavingStar told me yesterday that I had earned Premier Status so they had warned me that a new freebie would be available as of today.  I guess I'll have to stop by Publix when I go grocery shopping on Wednesday.


I haven't talked about the concert!  Youngest son and I left at 3 p.m. and stopped by RaceTrac. He got a free soda refill but I abstained because I didn't want to have to stop to use the bathroom too often.  We got a couple of sandwiches and a pack of candy each for the road and I earned a few loyalty points on my app, and were on our way. I drove the Expedition, which made for a much more comfortable ride than the Focus for such a long drive.  At first I had thought to go to St Augustine "the back way", driving through the Ocala National Forest and then cutting across to I-95, but taking the interstates was 10 minutes faster according to my GPS and also the defaulted route so I decided to just do what she told me.  We did take backroads to get to I-4 in Sandford.  Traffic wasn't bad but we did hit a couple of slow downs on I-4, especially around Daytona Beach at the I-95 interchange but it wasn't bad. It was much worse going the other way, for some reason (the construction and accidents were on our side!) so I was happy and grateful to be heading the way we were headed!  We talked a little bit but mostly listened to music. I had loaded my phone with Flight of the Conchords songs from Amazon Music and hoped that it would work without being on Wifi (and not using cellular data!) but we never had a chance to try it because, come to find out, when the repair guy fixed my screen, he somehow moved something inside the phone and now there's a small metallic clip sticking out sideways inside the headphone jack, so I couldn't connect the phone to my car stereo for us to listen to it. Grr. I'll need to see about using something sharp to try to push it back in.

We got to St Augustine at about 5:30 p.m.  We had planned to park at the elementary school just half a mile away from the amphitheatre since that was a satellite parking with a shuttle, but we thought we'd just walk instead of wait for a shuttle. So first, we stopped by a McDonald's so I could use the bathroom and I got my son a snack. He wanted a McFlurry and I tried to use my app so I could get a virtual punch of my punch card which would give us a free McCafĂ© drink after buying 5, but the cashier got confused by something and in the end, he gave us the McFlurry for free!  Wow, that was totally unexpected.  Now that I'm typing this, I think that McFlurries might not be considered McCafĂ© items (but shakes are) so maybe that's where the confusion came in?  I don't know.

As we passed the amphitheatre, we saw that Anastasia State Park was right next door, with signs to free parking and shuttle, so I turned in there because I thought that maybe Google Maps (which had told me that it was over a mile and a half away from the amphitheater) had been wrong.  Only, the parking area wasn't right there... we had to drive further and further into the state park to finally get to the parking area so walking wasn't going to be an option. However the "shuttle" ended up being a pargo and it was right there so we hoped on it right away.  We didn't have a chance to eat our sandwiches so we left them in the car.  I had read that you couldn't bring backpacks into the amphitheater so we left our Kindles and everything in the car, and I just had my keys, the tickets, my phone and a small wallet with some cash, credit cards and my ID.

My son, embarrassed that I jumped out of the pargo to take a picture of it. The driver flashed me a thumbs up, though!
Parking and the shuttle were free but the driver reminded us that he worked on tips so I gave him $2.
We rode the pargo to the amphitheater and once there had to go through security: empty all your pockets, metal detectors, it was like TSA redux but it went very fast.  We found out that they sold drinks and food there and that you could bring them into the amphitheater so I got a couple of grilled chicken sandwiches and water (which was boxed, not bottled!).

I wanted to get a T-shirt for my son since it was his first concert ever (aside from the jazz concerts of his brothers!) but he didn't want one and was a little cranky at that point. Plus the Tshirts were $40 and they only accepted cash and I hadn't brought my ATM card and didn't want to spend all the cash that I had on me on a T-shirt :(  The food and water was $20.  I charged it to Amazon Visa for, hopefully, 2% back in Rewards.

So we got to our seats before 6 p.m. with the concert starting at 7 p.m.  The great news is that we had seats in the pit, 4th row, center section. Wonderful seats!  The very bad news is that we were to the left of the center, which was the western section of the amphitheater... at 6 p.m. the sun is still high in the sky, on the western horizon so our seats were in full sun and remained in full sun until past 7 p.m.!  I offered to my son for us to go fun a shady spot to park ourselves for a while but he was cranky and just wanted to sit and have the concert be over with so we sat there and roasted. They did have free wifi so he did something on his phone and I tried to catch up on Feedly but I was afraid that my battery would run down and that's all I had brought to take pictures.  I thought that I would be badly sunburned on my left side this morning. My cheek feels a little tight, but I don't see any sunburns. I was sweating a lot, though, oh my!

That sun!

The view from our seats!
And I was so worried to get there too late... people were still coming in after the concert had already been on for a while (so rude!).  The view behind us as we were waiting. It was sold-out, though.
Finally, the show started, a few minutes late.  If you've seen the series "Flight of the Conchords", the opening act was stand-up comedy by the guy who plays Dave on the show.  His real name is Arj Barker. My son and I laughed a couple of times but on the whole I found him very unfunny and can't understand who he supposedly got three Comedy Central specials. But the people behind us where laughing their heads off (and they were my age) so clearly I just didn't get his sense of humor.  However, there was a funny moment when he acted as if he was going to talk about Game of Thrones and asked if he could talk about the whole show without ruining it for anyone and ask for a show of hands of who hadn't caught up on the whole show yet. Well, the lady right behind me hadn't seen the latest season and he picked her to harangue, in a very funny way, actually, about not being lazy enough like the rest of us to sit on the couch and watch GoT and then being the actual spoiler because now we couldn't talk about it because of her. The whole time he was staring at her but since she was right behind us, between my son and I, we felt like he was yelling at us and my son doesn't watch GoT so that was funny and my son was laughing at lot.   He liked that guy much better than I did.

The roadie was making sure everything was in tune and set before the concert started.  The graphic displayed ended up referring to a new song entitled "Seagull" about a guy who thinks he's a seagull (Bret) and sings about the joy of it while Jemaine makes wry comments on the psychological explanation of what the song is really about, but in the end the guy really ends up being a seagull who is playing the keyboard with its wings and then Bret announces a piano solo and the screen displays a view of the piano keyboard and Bret just pressed his palms at random on the keyboard to simulate the seagull playing the piano with its wings and it's so silly that it's hysterical :)  I loved the song.
The Flight of the Conchords were excellent, seriously. What a duo!  They are funny (much like on their show) and are excellent musicians and singers.  They mixed old songs with new ones although I couldn't really tell you which were the new ones because I don't know all their repertoire. A young couple 2 rows in front of me held up a small sign that said something about Cellophane, I wasn't very sure what it meant, but Jemaine noticed the sign and told Bret that the lady was telling them that "Cellophane" had been their wedding song so right then and there they decided to sing the song for them, which was so awesome and the audience roared!  And then the young guy, who was sitting at the end of the row, just like I was, got up and asked his bride to dance with him in the aisle, which was so sweet.  I was in tears!  Awwww...

They did play "Foux de Fafa" which is my absolute favorite song so I was singing along, although they changed the version a bit.  They riffed in French for a while, which was amazing and their accents are very good!  I wish my daughter had been there with me since she and I have an inside joke about the song.

Let's see... at some point they talked about how they'd been busy getting old (which I had noticed when they both came out on stage, they both have gray hair now!) and how, when you get older, you start appreciating Jazz (ROFLMAO!) and they played a jazzy number about not having enough spoons for a party which was great!  Jemaine starting scatting in the style of Louis Armstrong, which was very well done and at the same time hilarious!

During the jazz song, the video screens were in black and white. I wish I had taken more pictures but I wanted to enjoy the show!
My Youngest Son's favorite song was a very long number done in country western style about a guy named Stan... in the end, Jemaine interpelled a guy sitting in the front row and the reason had been to get the guy to make some inadvertently obscene gesture, so then the singers would pretend to get mad at him and tell him off and that was all part of the act. So after the song, they called to their roadies to bring the guy a T-shirt to thank him for being a good sport, which was nice.

His 2nd favorite song was about a dad and his little boy. It was indeed very funny.  I can't find it online so it must be new.

They had 2 encores, which was awesome.

Their last song was "1353 (Woo A Lady)". I was in stitches!  I didn't film anything since they asked us not to, but here is a video from a previous concert that someone else put online.

My son said the concert was OK but then in the car he started talking about his favorite songs so I think he liked it more than he let on. He was clapping quite a lot!  We left the amphitheater at about 9:45 p.m.  The wait for the shuttle was a mess. There was no one to organize a line so people were piling up everywhere and so did we. We'd been standing in our spot for about 5 minutes when some guy touched my shoulder and told me that the line was all the way back behind HIM!  Wth?  I'd been standing there for a while and the theater kept on emptying out and more and more people kept on standing in front of us so I don't why he suddenly decided to pick on me and I honestly don't remember what I told him but it was basically what I just typed and then I added "so you can go in front of me if that makes you feel better!" and then he just muttered something and then I didn't hear him again the rest of the time we were all waiting.  I'm still mad that this jerk killed the mood because until then I had had a good time! We thought we were going to be standing in line for a very long time but thankfully we waited only about another 15 minutes.  We hoped on a pargo where we were told to squeeze together so I had my son sit on my lap ;)

Once in the car, we ate our sandwiches from RaceTrac (it was nice to have them!) and we stopped at a gas station down the road where I decided to gas up (I would have had enough but just in case...) and we used the bathroom and grabbed a couple of sodas for the way home.  I paid a little over $2 in cash for the drinks.

The drive home was uneventful. Traffic was light and there was a full moon.  We hit some road constructions at the I-95/I-4 interchange again, but then it was smooth sailing all the way home.  I-4 was really backed up the other way (again!) at the St John's River Bridge because of road construction. I knew that Middle Son was driving back to Daytona Beach after his shift so I tried calling him to warn him but his phone went straight to VM.  Oh well.

We got home at 1 a.m. Greg had gone to bed but somehow heard us come in so he got up to give us a kiss and went straight back to bed. Awww.

End of the Concert Review


It poured quite a bit at 1:30 pm. with lots of lightning and thunder.  We even lost power for a few seconds. I had my son call the library and cancel his volunteer shift since he either has to walk or bike there and neither Greg nor I would be around to pick him up when his shift is over if there is a storm.

For lunch I had the rest of the pork tenderloin that I had grilled last week. I sliced it over slices of bread slathered with grain mustard. Yum!  I also had 2 plums and a cheese danish.

Amazon sent me an automated email saying that they had noticed that I had experienced a poor viewing experience when I rented Spectre last week so they are refunding me the $0.99 credit that I had used. Hmm, OK.  I hated the movie but I didn't have any problems watching it... thanks, though!

Remember how I said I didn't like shopping at IKEA because of their layout?  Well, apparently in Reading in the UK, even their parking garage is poorly laid-out. So, so glad I wasn't stuck in there!

I finally published comments from the past couple of days and replied to them. Sorry for the delay! Thanks for commenting!

I earned the Bing Rewards credits for the day and finally was able to order a $5 gift card, woohoo!

I won another $3 in concession money from the M&M's Instant Win Game... a success and failure all at once!  I put it in Middle Son's name because even though I'm irked at him right now, he's the one who's most likely to go to the movies this summer.  A failure because this made me realize that I had several certificates to redeem myself and that I had completely forgotten about them when we went to see The Secret Life of Pets last week.... so that $9 spent on bottled water? It should have been free!  I want to smack myself!  We have no plans to go see another movie in the theaters so this will probably go completely unused.  Arrgh.

I earned a few Swagbucks.

I'm about to leave for my date with Oldest Son's GF.  I will drive the Focus (better mileage and easier to park as Winter Park parking can be tricky).  I will take several toll roads and go about a round way (passing by Greg's office off Maitland Blvd and waving as I'm passing it right at about the time he'll be leaving!) so I can avoid driving eastbound on I-4 through downtown Orlando during rush hour. Instead, I'll be going westbound for a short while.  I don't care about the tolls because I'd rather pay the tolls than get stuck in traffic on I-4!  I'm buying dinner in a New Southern Cuisine place "Cask & Larder",  and I'm also treating the GF to the concert ticket (which I have already bought).  I don't know at what time I'll be back, but probably late.

Update at 11:30p.m: I got back just a few minutes ago!

Driving to Winter Park, I went through a huge thunderstorm while I was on the turnpike. It was very scary because I couldn't see much at all. We were all crawling at 40 mph and cars had started stopping on the shoulder, which is so dangerous, I wish people wouldn't do that.  Anyhoo, thankfully it was only for a couple of miles and then it stopped.  I'm glad I took the 429 to the 414 (Maitland Blvd) because despite the construction on Maitland Blvd at I-4, I-4 itself was a breeze (but very backed up going East).  I found the restaurant in Winter Park very easily but couldn't turn into the parking lot and didn't notice if there were spaces or not so I ended up parking on a side street about 1/4 mile away.

Oldest Son's GF (let's call her OSGF for this post) got to the restaurant just a few seconds after I did and they had just opened so we had the place to ourselves.  We had a very good dinner and good conversation where I told her some things about me (including about this blog since this is a big part of my life, although I didn't tell her the name of it and she didn't ask, lol), and she talked to me about her family and her plans. I'm so glad we did this, we both had a good time.

They were training a new waiter who was very cute (it's a plus, I'm counting it as a freebie!) and charming.  I really wanted to try their homemade rillettes, but it was part of an appetizer to share that cost $21 so we skipped that. I did. however have salmon rillettes sat on a bed of spoonbread, which was like a soft grit pancake. It was sooo tasty.  OSGF ordered the kale salad that was sumptuous and featured plums, avocado, watermelon radish, almond granola, and bacon vinaigrette.  We shared our dishes and she even still had some salad to take home.  She didn't want dessert but I ordered the Fried Dough, which was “wit”beer doughnuts with citrus-caramel glaze and a side order of soft caramel pudding.  Oh it was delicious!

Kale salad on the left, my salmon rillettes on the right. I'm not sure why they served it with kernels of popcorn, I left them.

The dessert was... oh! 
We both drank water. After leaving a 20% tip, it only came to about $43 for the both of us, which is really reasonable for dinner in Winter Park!  I meant to visit the store next door called Swine & Sons, because they make their own charcuterie and I really, really, wanted to see what they have because I looooove charcuterie, but we had to get to the concert!

We drove there separately. It was only about 1.5 mile away from the restaurant.  The location is called The Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts and their first show was tonight.  It's in a converted warehouse that's been outfitted with soundproof material and the acoustics are really amazing.  It was a small venue, only about 100 people fit in it by my count and they played to a sold-out house tonight.

The downside is that parking is very hard to find but they had a valet company lined up. Young guys who assured me that they knew how to drive a stick shift and said the parking and valet was free, they only worked on tips.  I wasn't sure how much to give and in my head was going to give them $10 for my car and $10 for OSGF's car (she didn't bring any cash with her because neither of us expected that there wouldn't be any parking at all!) but I asked a lady in front of me when we were lining up for the bathroom at the intermission and she said that she eats at restaurants in Winter Park all the time and always gives $3 to the valet.  I thought that was kind of cheap so I compromised and gave them $5 for each car.  Those guys were really running to get our cars AND they kept on apologizing for the wait when in fact, I think I waited only about 5 minutes total.

The concert itself was excellent!  The Orlando Jazz Orchestra was fabulous. It was a good mix of older musicians and younger people too. I counted 5 either former or current members of the Flying Horse Big Band in it (including my son).  From what I understand, the orchestra itself is pretty fluid so the composition isn't always the same. My son doesn't know if they'll call him to play with them again in the future but he does hope so. He didn't have any solos tonight. He has tough competition though, as the first trumpet player is a friend of his and also graduate from the Jazz Studies program at UCF who can hit incredibly high notes.  Another trumpet player who was older was amazing, a real natural who reminded me of Miles Davis.  They played for over 90 minutes and had a short intermission during which Oldest Son got to visit with us a little.

I found out that since I last talked to him earlier last week, Oldest Son has gotten a job with Starbucks. It's for a new store that is opening in August.  Training starts this week (he worked there before but the menu has changed). He's going to continue living at his dad's until his GF graduates in December 2017 and then they'll hopefully move in together.  His dad is going to charge him rent starting in September.  So far Oldest Son doesn't have any more gigs lined up and he's a little down about that.

There was no traffic on the way home so that made for a very nice drive.  Greg and I haven't seen each other since Sunday afternoon though!  We had only a few minutes together tonight because he went to bed almost as soon as I got home.

I think I'm going to bed now myself!  I'm pooped!


  1. I'm glad to hear that your mom called to just say hello and nothing was wrong! I can imagine how anxious you must have been.

    I am amazed at how your sweet potato vine is growing! I planted a sweet potato once and it didn't do anything!

    Sounds like both concerts were great! So glad you had a good time at both.

    1. I really need to stop imagining the worst all the time. It makes for a very stressful life :)

      That sweet potato vine all started a couple of years ago. I had planted a sweet potato in a bin that was protected by one of my old "tents". So over that summer, the vine grew and grew and completely overtook the next bins but I thought the vine was mostly climbing all over but not growing any potatoes. When I went to pull it, I realized that it had rooted itself in the mulch in between 2 bins but I thought I had pulled it all off. Then this year it started growing away along the ground and became very large, but again, I just thought it was mostly climbing over the mulch so I was very surprised to find potatoes when I pulled it again. I guess I must not have gotten all the potatoes because now it's poking now from a few spots again and I can see the potatoes right under the mulch layer! It's growing in spots where the soil remains moister (so where's there's mulch with sand underneath since our soil is 99% sand) and also where it remains somehow sheltered from the sun (in between bins, under the hedge, behind some pots). With the latest thunderstorms, it's grown in leaps and bounds again. It's a tropical crop so it makes sense that it loves a lot of heat and a lot of water. With your drought, it might not be possible for it to produce potatoes? I was just reading on "The Prudent Homemaker" that her vines grow but don't produce any potatoes (she's in the UT desert).

  2. So I wonder why it is that I have never heard of this "Flight of the Conchords", but they are so absolutely hilarious. My son has heard of them, but not heard anything by them. Are they on the Comedy Network? I am so glad you gave me a link to "Woo a Lady" as I really enjoyed it. They are so deadpan....all of them.

    And I am happy to hear that your son performed before a sold-out crowd. It must have been really great to watch as well. And your dinner with his girlfriend must have been very nice and chatty because you didn't have time to visit the place next to the restaurant. Good to hear that he has a job at Starbucks. I know that a lot of artsy people like to work there because Starbucks is very good to their employees (benefits and the like) And if an employee gets called in for a casting call or a gig suddenly becomes available, management is usually very accommodating.(or so I have heard) So what is the GF like? I wouldn't worry too much about your relationship with your older sons. They will come back around when they get older (or have kids of their own)

    Loved the garden photos. That is a perfect rose. I am also amazed that you can actually harvest sweet potatoes. What a bonus. And once again, you did great at the Clearance table at Save-a-Lot.

    I wondered why you paid so much at the Concession stand at the movies a couple of weeks ago. I remembered you winning those prizes but I figured you must have given ALL of them away to your kids, because you had pretty much given up hope of finding someone to watch the Disney movie with. If you decide to go to the movies again, I will remind you to check for your concession winnings.

    1. I don't have the Comedy Network so I don't know. Their series is on Amazon Prime Instant here in the US right now. It's only 2 seasons. (I bought it several years ago myself and then Amazon went and included it in their Prime offerings!). They are very funny. I think you would like it. Like your son, I knew of them before I ever saw their series or watched any of the YouTube videos from past concerts. They have a cult following.

      Thanks for offering to be my secretary by reminding me that I have concession vouchers if I plan on going to another movie this summer. I'm 99.9% sure that I won't, but it would be super helpful if you did because I'm sure to forget about it :)

  3. I know I typed a comment here last night...must be Blogger ate it again. Trying to remember what I said...I think it was something derogatory about I-4 and then something nice about your delicious-looking dinner.

    Oh, and I thought it was very clever for your to make up the abbreviation "OSGF" for your oldest son's girlfriend. Another blogger whose blog I occasionally read refers to his wife as "SWMBO."

    It stands for "she who must be obeyed."

    1. I don't know if you left the long space after SWBMO for effect or what but you had me saying "WHAT?! WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!" lol. So thanks for posting the full thing. It's hilarious! I told Greg he needed to refer to me as such from now on :)

      Is there anyone who enjoys driving on I-4?! When I go to Tampa, my GPS always wants me to take SR33 South to I-4 but I always take SR 50 West to I-75 because I-75 is a much nicer drive (and was prettier too but I think they've done construction on the part that I liked best so I probably won't like it as much the next time I drive that way but still... better than I-4!). I'm glad your husband doesn't have to be on it very long.

      I didn't get another comment from you about that so I'm guessing that Blogger did eat your comment. It's getting annoying, isn't it? There are several of us complaining of the same problem. Greg told me once to just compose my replies in Notepad and copy and paste it into Blogger so at least I still have a copy if Blogger has a hiccup, but I always forget to do that.


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