Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Quiet Sunday ~ 8/14/16

I haven't checked the weather app yet but at 9:16 a.m. the sky is gray and cloudy. Maybe it'll be cooler today.  Greg has talked about going fishing this morning and I had told him that I wasn't going to go, but he's still in bed.

I have lots of chores waiting for me (dishes, laundry to fold, general straightening out to do) and no will to do it.  It's Sunday!  I want to watch my Law & Order: Criminal Intent DVDs and perhaps read one of my library books.

To Do List :
  • Crafty/Creative:
    • Finish painting squirrel sign and assemble it
    • Make a lightbox to take better pictures
    • Melt down old candles and make into one or two new candles
    • Make "No Soliciting" sign for front door and another one for the other front door (we have two)
  • Cleaning/Decluttering:
    • Dust the entry room, breezeway, bedrooms (including son's fan)
    • Declutter linen closet
    • Clean kitchen cabinets
    • Clean out the printer stand, including school paperwork folders
    • Declutter the top of the fridge
    • Mend items in mending basket (add Greg's hat)
    • Declutter exercise room (including storage bench)
    • Do the dishes 
    • Vacuum living room
    • Sweep breezeway
    • Sweep and mop kitchen
    • Sweep and mop downstairs bathroom
    • Spray bleach in shower stall
    • Scrub downstairs toilet
    • Fold laundry
    • Put laundry away
    • Make a car deodorant pad for my SUV
    • Clean the fridge
  • Cooking/Baking/Preserving:
    • Dehydrate pineapples 
    • Write menu for the week - Done
  • Entertainment
    • Plan an outing to Leu Botanical gardens or Bok Tower Gardens
  • Errands:
    • Take items to the dump
    • Take donations to thrift store
  • Gardening/outdoors:
    • Transplant ferns into bare patch in front lawn to make shady planter
    • Research cone flowers and their care and plant them somewhere - Transplanted them in larger pot.
    • Scrub patio pavers with bleach to remove mildew (this might have to wait until the months when it's not quite so hot!)
    • Fertilize the raspberries - I'm thinking about pulling them and putting more roses in pots in their place.
    • Add mulch to the vegetable garden - I will do this once I have replaced the broken self-watering bins
    • Pull unwanted plants from center "planter" in the backyard, add soil, plant flowers, add edging around it (watch out for large roots that would be in the way). Make planter with other materials if edging doesn't work. (this will have to wait until Fall when it's not so hot and when I can plant wildflower seeds).
    • Divide and repot the aloe plant
    • Plant more okra
    • Trim grass behind the hedge
    • Trim weeds alongside the berm
    • Find fish emulsion and use on plants
    • Spray water on the hibiscus for aphids and mealybugs
    • Pull the rest of the dead tomato plants 
    • Check on the passion flower vine
    • Check on the seedlings and water as needed - Done
  • Health:
    • Call gyneco to make annual appointment
    • Use recumbent bike - Done
    • Do 5 min of strength exercises  
    • Log food into My Fitness Pal - Done
    • Record exercise in Walgreens Balance Rewards - Done
  • Maintenance:
    • See if I still have mildew-resistant white paint for bathroom ceiling
    • Get Greg to replace the ceiling tile in the entry room
    • Test the batteries in all 3 smoke detectors and replace as needed
    • Vacuum fridge coils
    • Greg to call plumber
    • Wash the bathroom ceiling with bleached water
    • Remind Greg to re-secure chicken wire to AC unit and also to block off opening under front of the house
  • Technology/Paperwork:
    • Caption old pictures that have already been scanned
    • Scan more old pictures
    • Create spreadsheet to track IRA contributions using ALL our old tax returns - Started but need to do more research.
    • Figure out if we should contribute to regular  or Roth IRAs for 2016 and fund them - I guess I need to wait until tax time next year, actually. I'll have until April 15, 2017 to fund 2016 IRAs so I need to work on taxes way sooner than I did this year so I'd have time to fund the IRAs and THEN file my taxes.
    • Download all May-July photos to my external drive
    • Back up my external drive to my other external drive
    • File the remaining loose recipes that I organized already in appropriate recipe binders
    • Purge filing cabinet
    • File paperwork
    • Write new letter to great grand aunt
    • Submit Clearasil rebate - Done
    • Look at sample ballot and research local candidates
    • Connect the Ethernet Switch to the router
    • Reconnect my External Drive
    • Submit NetGear rebate
    • Back up my laptop
    • Remove daughter's pc from her room and decide what to do with it
    • Input receipts in spreadsheets - Done
    • Pay credit card bills that have come in - Done
    • Print coupons - Done
    • Clip coupons - Done
    • File coupons - Done
    • Redesign exercise log - Done

  • I brewed a pot of free coffee from Wawa.

  • I set a 1-lb chunk of ground beef bought on 50% clearance to defrost for tonight's dinner (burgers) and also a package of Butterball smoked turkey sausage to defrost for tomorrow night's dinner.

  • I picked up the Sunday paper from the driveway (I paid 1 cent for a 1 year Thursday + Sunday subscription to the Orlando Sentinel) and there were 3 thin coupon inserts as well as a Publix store coupon insert.

  • I'm working on earning Swagbucks.  I attempted several surveys that took a long time and only ended up disqualifying me in the end so forget that. My 1st goal is 70SB today and I don't know if I'll reach it but I'd like to try. I'm at 43 SB at 9:26 a.m. and I just need 1 more Collector Bill to have them all so I hope I get it... which means that I need to do more searches.  Update: I earned a 20 SB Collector's Bill that put me over my 2nd Daily Goal (which was only 79 SB?!). Yay!  I'm still missing the Carl Lewis Collector's Bill though. 

  • I tried to put 2 library books on hold that are scheduled to be published in November but my library system doesn't show them as "ordered" in the system yet so I rescheduled my calendar reminder to next Sunday :)

  • I just checked the weather and our high is "only" supposed to be 90 F today and we should have some thunderstorms in the afternoon, so the AC won't be working quite as hard as it has so far. Yay.

  • I uploaded new store coupons to my CVS app.

  • I printed coupons via Swagbucks and Smartsource (on Firefox since Chrome won't allow me to print from those sites anymore) and Target.

  • I earned the daily Bing Rewards credits and I'm at 72% of my goal.

  • I took a RaceTrac survey and earned a survey reward code for another freebie.

  • I uploaded a few digital coupons to my Publix digital wallet.

  • I decided to brew some iced tea in my new-to-me thrifted pitcher.  I was puzzled by the black cup that was in the pitcher so I researched that brand online, found out that the cup was a filter holder and that the pitcher that I got for $5.95 is worth $29.99 (well, $24.99 on Amazon). Woohoo!  There was also a video on how to use it because it's a "Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker". So I need ice, which would be useful considering that the pitcher would only fit in my fridge if I made shelf adjustments that won't work for me.  So I need to free up space in the freezer so I can keep a bag of ice cubes in there for my iced tea (the ice dispenser in our fridge no longer works).

  • I uploaded new offers to my SavingStar account.

  • I exercised for free in my home by using my recumbent bike while watching a DVD from the library and flipping through old magazines from the library's donation pile.

  • I also made a menu for next week while exercising, woohoo!

  • My lunch was an egg salad sandwich on a chunk of baguette (bought on 50% off last week), celery stick with homemade veggie dip (light sour cream with some dehydrated deluxe soup mix, garlic powder and salt), a string cheese stick, and 2 kiwis.

  • I had kept the water used to cook pasta last night so I used it to water the indoor plants, seedlings and the cone flowers that are outside.

  • I entered my exercise in Walgreens' Balance Rewards for Healthy Choices and earned 200 BR points. I had only earned 20 for walking 90 minutes yesterday since it's based on distance and not time.  So it's more advantageous for me to use the recumbent bike than walk!

  • I signed up for the free "Culinary Club" on the Better Than Bouillon website so hopefully I'll get some coupons because I need to stock up at Walmart!  But, I might also try to make my own.

  • It started raining mid-afternoon but although it got very dark, it only sprinkled.

  • I redesigned the form I use to log in my exercise after I'm done since the display goes blank after a few minutes and I'm very forgetful.  The new form will waste much less paper!

  • I paid scheduled several bill payments online.

  • I had meant to cook roasted potatoes for dinner but I frankly didn't have the energy so I ended up steaming Russet potatoes in the microwave.  So we had cheeseburgers and baked potatoes.

  • After dinner, Greg and I watched the last 3 episodes of "The Great British Baking Show" on PBS.  He's going to be gone and also I read a blog this afternoon in which the blogger ruined the show for me because she revealed who the winner was. I was quite miffed about it. I hate it when people do this.  Just say you're happy for the winner and leave it at that. 

  • I researched the cost of a taxi ride from the airport to Greg's parent's location and ouch, about $68 plus all the charges and taxes. We're hoping his sister or BIL might be able to pick him up but he gets there in the middle of the day and they both work so they probably won't be able to.

  • Gas for Greg to go fishing in the afternoon

  • Not my failure and I hope it doesn't turn into a frugal failure either, but apparently the high school did assign my daughter to some AP classes without notifying us and without any cause since all her paperwork was approved for her to attend state college full time this year under the "Early Admission" program. She had heard, through an acquaintance, that she was on a class roster at the high school back on Wednesday and I had been nagging her to call the school to verify what the deal was. I was mad at her Friday when I found out she still hadn't called because I started getting email notifications that she hadn't turned in forms for an AP Calculus class.  Ironically, the teacher is Middle Son's girlfriends' mom and she contacted my daughter via Facebook yesterday to tell her that my daughter was assigned to her class.  So now my daughter has emailed the high school guidance counselor but since it's the weekend, we won't hear anything until at least tomorrow.  Her college classes are 100% free to us so the high school had better not botched anything!

  • Fed the cats
  • Retrieved the paper from the driveway
  • Researched taxi fares for Greg
  • Printed and uploaded coupons and offers
  • Clipped coupons
  • Brewed herbal iced tea
  • Ran dehumidifier in the main bathroom
  • Exercised
  • Wrote a menu for next week
  • Clipped recipes
  • Texted Middle Son's GF to make sure everything went well with her move
  • Watered indoors seedlings and zombie plants
  • Watered cone flowers
  • Researched recipe for chicken soup base
  • Input my food intake and exercise into MyFitnessPal
  • Redesign my exercise log sheet and printed it
  • Sorted and filed coupons
  • Paid bills online
  • Cooked dinner

  • I used my recumbent bike for 50 minutes (9 miles).
  • Stayed within my calorie's allotment for the day
  • Recorded my food and exercise in MyFitnessPal

  • A quiet day at home without any demands being put upon me (aside from cooking dinner!)
  • That I also did some paperwork chores


It was so humid this morning when I went outside that I couldn't manage to take any photos without my lens fogging up immediately. So I retreated indoors and took pictures through the windows. Not much was happening, though, so I only have 2 photos to show you from the great outdoors and 2 from indoors.

A mourning dove was taking a stroll on the ground between the bird feeders.

I have a lot of new buds forming on all my rose bushes, yay!

My zombie celery that I had completely cut down and given up on has come back to life yet another time!

And the tiny pineapple top from my homegrown zombie pineapple has itself grown a root so
it can form its own zombie pineapple!

How was your Sunday?


  1. Glad you had a restful Sunday. You can get to the chores during the week.

    Hope your daughter can get her class schedule sorted out.

    How wonderful that your pineapple top is getting a root! You are definitely going to end up with a pineapple empire!

    Hope you have a wonderful start to your week, tomorrow.

    1. Yes, I guess I'm going to need to start gathering cardboard boxes again to extend my garden area so I can plant the new zombie pineapples. If the other 7 root too, I'll have more than 20 plants! I don't have to root them but I can't resist it, lol.

      I left a voicemail wit the Guidance office this afternoon as they didn't get back to her today. I asked for them to call me back and tell me what the deal is. Hopefully they won't call me when I'm driving to or from the airport.

  2. I have started a pineapple top. How long before you got fruit off of it? Did you do anything special?

    1. According to the Dole website (short video about the planting cycle here:, it's 58 weeks after planting. I keep mine in jars of water for several months before planting them though. I think that some of my plants were in their 3rd year and others in their 2nd year when they fruited this year, to my great surprise because I was skeptical that they would! Nope, I didn't do anything special. Just make sure you peel back the bottom leaves so you expose the area where the roots will come from, cut off any fruit part that might still be attached, put in a jar of water (I use small pickle or preserve jars) in a south facing window and make sure to replenish the water often. Sometimes it takes a few weeks for the roots to appear, sometimes less. This latest one was put in water on August 2nd. I leave them in the jars until the roots are quite long and gather at the bottom of the jar and then I put them in a pot, in a mix of potting and gardening soil. Last fall I decided to plant them all in ground but you wouldn't do that where you live. They don't like the cold. I harvested mine too early, I think. I just read an article this week that states that in Florida the typical harvest is done in August. I harvested mine in July.

      Good luck!

    2. You make it seem so simple. I started mine in water like you said and waited a few months for good roots. I then planted it in a pot. I've had it outside this summer and it's doing well. We'll see if it continues to fair well when I bring it inside this winter.

    3. You might need to put it in a larger pot next summer, mine grew huge leaves, which is why I ended up planting them. I think if you can put it near a South-facing window this winter, it should be OK, although maybe one of those grow lights might be better. I really don't know as it doesn't get terribly cold down here and it doesn't snow and rarely freezes.

      All I do with mine is water them (and I haven't even done that in a couple of weeks, I was going to do it tonight but the thunder started booming and I was hoping it would rain... but it didn't!), they do their own thing. It's really neat to be able to regrow a whole plant from something that I used to throw away. I'm addicted to it :)

  3. Your zombie plants are making zombies of their own. You must have a green thumb. Your rose bush looks gorgeous with new red growth on it.

    How do you make a car deodorizer? I read your To-Do list, but never noticed this before. Lazy summer anything more enjoyable than that?

    1. I just added it to my to-do list recently. My SUV smelled after sitting unused all summer. Since then I've aired it out and Febreezed the upholstery and carpets. I had bought some air freshener cartridges that fit into an electric plug-in on clearance a couple of years ago, and I had used a couple of them stuck to an old clip from a Glade car deodorizer in the past. I need to find the clip and "make" a new one. If not, I'll just buy one of the Glade car thingies. They smell good, although it's probably not good to be breathing in that stuff in a relatively small enclosed space... The little tree that hangs from the mirror never lasts very long for me.

  4. Now I want to grow a pineapple! Thanks for all the tips you gave in the comments above.

    I hate it, too, when camera lenses fog up.

    1. You should try it!

      And shoot (pun intended!), and here I thought you were going to tell me what product you use to prevent your lens from fogging up, hahaha. There's got to be something... otherwise nobody would ever take pictures of the rainforest! I wonder if we're just meant to leave the camera outdoor until it reaches the ambiant temperature. Although all that moisture can't be good for the electronics either.

    2. And before I completely forget: I drove by Orange Lakes today at about 4 p.m. and waved at your hubby from 192 :)

    3. About the lens fogging up - after a bit (you know, after the bird has flown away, the squirrel has disappeared, the alligator wandered off, and Elvis got back in his car) the glass will adjust to the temperature and the fog will disappear. The only thing I know to do is to wipe off the lens with a microfiber cloth and take the picture. If I take several pictures before the glass adjusts, I may have to wipe several times.

      Next time I'll tell hubby to wave back!

    4. Yeah, I do that too but it gets fogged up again immediately. I just don't have any patience because, as you noticed, everything gets away while I'm swearing and trying to wipe off the lens, lol.


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