Monday, August 15, 2016

Day Book: 8/15/16

Outside my window... I can't see anything out of my windows before they're all fogged up: it is SO humid outside. Ugh.  The sun is up and I'm glad I'm back indoors. My glasses wouldn't stop fogging up as I walked to and from the car this morning, it's annoying when you need them to see in the first place!

I am thinking... that I feel crampy and that I have got to get started on the Monday chores as soon as I'm done with this post!

I am thankful for... the school bus that hopefully will take my son to school in the morning as I need to take Greg to the airport early in the morning.

From the learning rooms... Youngest son was annoyed to realize how intense his weekend homework for his AP class was so we had to have a reminder about how demanding classes require more homework and studying but how it is very much worth it in the end.  Daughter's classes don't start until next Tuesday.  I think she's working on her college application essay, as UF's application process opens today I think.  I hope that she gets the mix-up with the high school schedule taken care off ASAP.  I'm going to email Middle Son to see if he'd be interested in giving me in-the-field dSLR instructions for which I would pay him. He'll probably say "yes" but will never follow up with it or will make an appointment and then tell me he can't make it at the last minute.  I'm mostly typing this up so I can come back with a mea culpa that I badmouthed it because he actually did it, lol.

From the kitchen... Ohhhhh I have so many dishes to clean today. I didn't do them at all this weekend and neither did anyone else. My daughter said that she would start doing them this week (she does the dishes to earn her share of the car insurance policy) so I'm going to remind her that she needs to start tonight.  I did a menu for the week already so I feel good about that.

I am wearing... khaki shorts from Goodwill ($1 but they don't have any cargo or back pockets at all, which irks me) and a dark gray T-shirt from Target.

I am creating... messes everywhere, it seems. I have piles of papers and stuff all over the place again. Arrgh.

I am going... nowhere today.

I am reading... I have lost track of which book I'm reading, I've started 3 of them and they're all due in a couple of days so I'll probably return them.

I am hoping... that Greg won't have to be gone for very long and that he watches what he spends when he goes to his parents. He goes grocery shopping and pays NO MIND to what he buys and drops tons of money for things.  Or he takes people out to dinner or lunch and they buy expensive dishes because he likes to show off.  Being frugal is only cool down here with wife and kids, you see. When he's with his parents or sister or daughters, anything goes and it irritates me.  I'm irritable today anyway.  I reminded him to watch his spending during his trip and his excuse is that all the shops in the area where his parents live are expensive. So I told him to expand his horizon and go look for cheaper stores somewhere else. It won't happen, though.

I am hearing... I'm playing WLOQ (Smooth Jazz) on IheartRadio via my Roku 2.

Around the house... my daughter is still sleeping. The cats are trying to see something out of the foggy windows.

One of my favorite things... the battery chargers for my cameras because I've been using them a lot!

A few plans for the rest of the week... Domestic Monday today, tomorrow I have to take Greg to the airport and then take two of our cats to the vet's for their annual check-up. My car needs an oil change, grocery shopping of course. I have to go to the Post Office to mail a package. My daughter and I will go to the Lowry Park zoo later on in the week, then she'll go spend the weekend at her dad's.  Maybe we'll go visit the Polk Museum of Art too, not sure if we'll have time this week or not.

Here is the picture I am sharing... 
We interrupt the love fest between Male Cat and his toys to take a quick picture!
Do you write a Day Book post?  Please link to it in the comments if you do! Have a great week, everyone.


  1. Wow you have a lot to do today. I hope Greg gets on ok and the cats are ok too. Have a lovely week with your daughter this week xx

    1. Thank you! My list was for the week though, not for the day, although I feel that I have done a little dent in my list of chores today. I hope you have a great week too!

  2. Your kitty is so cute! I love seeing other folks' pets. ;)

    I hope your son settles into the workload of high school with relative ease. I remember the big jump from jr high (that's how they did it then) to high school. It was rough.

    Have a great week!

    1. Ah thanks, he is a cutie patootie. He rarely plays anymore so when he was going at it with his toys last week, I was shooting away. The kids have more pictures of the cats on their phones than anything else, ha. I like looking at pictures of other people's cats too so... get your camera out, Laura!

  3. It sounds as though you have a lot going on this time for missing Greg. *laugh* His mom will be so glad to have him there. And I thought I was the only one who still said "cutie patootie" or "Sweetie Pie". Glad I am not the only one. How does HE feel about you calling him that? We never had Junior High school here...... not for my husband or I, nor for our kids. It was elementary school and then straight into High School. It was very daunting. I didn't do a Monday Daybook this week. You will have to settle for a Tuesday Daybook here

    1. LOL, I was talking about the cat when I said "Cutie Patootie" so I don't think he minds, but my son wouldn't mind either, I don't think :) Elementary school straight to high school makes it sound like your kids were all geniuses, hahaha.

      I went to 3 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, 1 high school, and 2 colleges.


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