Monday, August 29, 2016

Day Book: 8/19/16

Outside my window... my windows are once again all fogged up so it's hard to see anything through them but outside my windows all is quiet. I'm grateful that we live in a very quiet neighborhood (for the most part!).  The sun is up.  There aren't any birds in my backyard right now but I'm sure the squirrels are lurking somewhere... it's hot and muggy and the AC has already been running this morning. My potted plants are all in a very sorry state because of the quasi-drought that we have been experiencing and my lack of care. Funny how the weeds are thriving in the very same pots where the basil and other useful plants have actually died, though. Ugh.

I am thinking... that I need to psych myself up for Domestic Monday, lol.

I am thankful for... my brother from Paris meeting my mom at the Gare de Lyon this morning to make sure she got on the right train. She had to take a train for an hour up to Paris and switch trains to go back South  to Marseille to meet my other brother and his GF via the TGV (bullet train).  They had breakfast together at the train station and he sent me a picture to reassure me that all was well and she was in the TGV on her way to Marseille.  From there, she and my other brother and GF will take the ferry to Corsica, where they will be camping for 2 weeks. Greg and I paid my mom's share of the trip since she can't come to the USA (her leg problems make traveling by plane very difficult for her) and we wanted her to be able to enjoy her vacation without worrying about finances.  Also I'm thankful that my other brother and his GF invited her to come along. They have more patience than I have, lol. I could deal with her if she was staying here but in a tent for 2 weeks? Probably not.

From the learning rooms... As I was purging school files this past week, I found notes that I had taken that reminded me that my son will need to express interest in dual enrollment next year when he's in 10th grade, since he will need to be scheduled to take the PERT test first.  So I told him that this January he and I will need to schedule a meeting with his Guidance counselor so we can plot his 10th grade: find which AP classes are available, when and how to officially apply for dual enrollment, etc.  That is NOT something that he would do on his own, unlike my daughter.  Also, I was reminded that this year the FAFSA process starts on October 1st instead of January 1st.  The FAFSA is that dreaded paperwork you are required to fill out to apply for federal aid for college. Everyone HAS to fill it out, even if they know that they won't qualify for anything. It's a huge pain in my ass. I'm spelling it out because that's how much of a pain it is. This isn't the last time you will hear me whine about the FAFSA.

From the kitchen... I need to figure out what to cook tonight... and the rest of the week. I was hoping to reuse last week's menu again, but I need to cook all that chicken in my fridge, as well as the cabbage and broccoli that I still have.  So in a few minutes I will put my thinking cap on.

I am wearing... the same outfit I wore yesterday because I only wore it for 3 hours... I ended up wearing my exercise clothes most of the day!  To wit: an old and bleach-stained pair of navy blue capris that I had mended and a black V-neck cotton T-shirt that's extremely comfortable. I think it's a Merona from Target and I'm thinking that I should get more.  The problem with that is that I have too many T-shirts as it is already!

I am creating... nothing right now but I need to work on a photo album for my daughter this week. This was Susan's suggestion to me for an 18th birthday present and I really like that idea. But it's going to be a lot of work as I need to go through tons of pictures and scan them (an ordeal in itself with the scanner that I have) and then print them (I could just copy them but I do need to scan them into my computer at one point or another anyway) and then caption them and put them in an album... so she might get it for her 19th birthday instead, lol.

I am going... nowhere today!

I am reading... I'm in the middle of reading the current issue of Kiplinger's Magazine. I pick it up when I'm on the recumbent bike. I've earmarked several articles that I need to re-read when I'm not doing anything else.

I am hoping... that my mom's vacation in Corsica goes very well. They'll be in a trailer with AC during the first week, but in a tent during the second week and she and I are both worried about that a little. She's no Spring chicken anymore!  Also, my brother can be... irritating at times.

I am hearing... the AC running (alas!), WLOQ (Smooth Jazz) playing softly on my TV.

Around the house... My daughter is still asleep. She doesn't have classes at the college today so she'll work on her online college classes. I need to remember that she is here so when she finally emerges, I won't get a heart attack, lol!  Greg and our son have left already; The cats are napping. The dishwasher is running because I emptied it and reloaded it first thing this morning!  Can you believe it?!

One of my favorite things... these past few days it's been my recumbent bike.  I love that it allows me to exercise in my living room while watching TV and that I don't have to be in a gym with a bunch of sweaty and grunting people who are all thinner than me to start with :)

A few plans for the rest of the week... not much for me: tomorrow is Election Day for our county so I'll go vote. The precinct is just down the street so I might just walk or bike there.  Grocery shopping/errands, of course.  Then my daughter's 18th birthday next weekend, however that shapes up to be.  We don't do anything special for Labor Day.

Here is the picture I am sharing... these are the only flowers actually thriving in my garden right now.  I need to weed whack that whole area but the bees and other bugs love those so I'm always torn between letting them grow and spread or pulling them!

Those are the cat litter jugs that I have filled up with rain water.
Have a great week!  If you do keep a Day Book, please feel free to link to it in the comments, I love reading those :)


  1. I just have to say I think it is awesome that you paid your mom's trip expenses. Warms my heart:).

    1. We were happy to do this for her. She sacrificed a lot for me and my brothers when we were growing up and provided a stable home for us. I left home when I went to college and then emigrated here but she continued to help my brothers and my sister well beyond the call of duty. So nowadays, I think it's only fair to try and give her back a little. I'd love for her to come back (she's been here several times) but it's just not safe with the history of blood clots that she's had :(

  2. Oh and lol about your brother being irritating some times. I have a sister like that. A week in a tent together would end with one of us in the women's penitentiary ;).

    1. Oh I hear you, Theresa! Gotta love those siblings but a little of them goes a long way, sometimes!

  3. The flowers maybe weeds, but I think they are very pretty. Hope your mother enjoys her vacation.

    As for FAFSA, my daughter filled out all the forms, not me. I just provided her with the information she needed about me; she had to get any information she needed about her father, herself. She objected to having to provide any information about him because he has never contributed anything towards her upkeep and I agreed with her, but the forms required info about both parents, apparently. Anyway, she didn't qualify for any aid as such and she never filled out another FAFSA until the 1st year of grad. school and that, too, just for that 1st year.

  4. Interesting... we've had to fill out the FAFSA every year that one of our kids was in college. I believe that it might be a requirement in Florida when the child also receives a Bright Future Scholarship, I'm not sure. Yes, the form requires information from both parents but in our case I just linked to our tax return and it didn't ask for their father's income. The form is exceedingly complicated to fill out when you're part of a blended family with kids from both parents, unconventional living arrangements, etc. I know that for me it's been a nightmare every time I had to help fill it out. I was so happy when my ex told me that he was taking over doing it for Middle Son!

  5. You unloaded the dishwasher and loaded it back up. Yay! I love that smug feeling of sitting down to my morning coffee at the computer and think to myself, "I am doing a second load of dishes right now, and I haven't even eaten my breakfast yet". *laugh*

    I also love the little daisy-like flowers growing between your watering bins. They are only weeds if you don't want them growing there.

    I am wishing a wonderful vacation for your mom, brother and his GF. I hope they get to share some photos of Corsica so you in turn can share them with us. I hope they are patient with each other and really enjoy their time together.

    My Tuesday Daybook is here

    1. Thank you, Susan! You're right, they're only weeds if I don't want them there. Right now, they're going to stay there a little longer!


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