Monday, August 22, 2016

Day Book: Monday 8/22/16

Outside my window... the sun is rising... it's 7:09 a.m.  I'm indoors and my windows are all fogged up again.

I am thinking... that it might have to be "Domestic Tuesday" this week as I'm still recuperating from not sleeping much or well since Greg left.  Also, "how did I let myself get roped up in Swagbucks again?!"

I am thankful for... my son getting up and getting ready for school all on his own!

From the learning rooms... my daughter starts her senior year tomorrow. She'll be a high school student attending only college classes.  Go her!  My son is still volunteering at the library a couple of times a week, including with his own Dungeons & Dragons club.  6 people showed up last week and we heard that the middle school's YMCA after-school program declined to authorize their own D&D club because it was "neither educational nor physical".  Whatever, people, but it's good news for my son's club, lol. So far 9th grade is going well for him but he never tells me anything :) No news from oldest sons.  I heard rumors that my oldest might be moving in somewhere with roommates soon and I know that my middle son is hoping to move back with his dad to save money once his lease runs out but that it's not a done deal because his dad and wife aren't thrilled about it.  As for me, I learned some things about hummingbirds this past week with the new-to-me book I had bought and I'm learning more about my ancestors by doing some genealogy research.

From the kitchen... the chicken that I put in the crockpot yesterday afternoon is still cooking.  The veggies seem well cooked through and through but I think there might still be too much liquid?  I'll need to take the chicken out and perhaps just keep on cooking the liquid.  I  have tons of dishes to do and no energy to do them.  But making my menu was super easy since I'm mostly reusing last week's!  I like easy.

I am wearing... the same clothes as yesterday since I didn't do anything: a black T-shirt and khaki shorts.

I am creating... a genealogical record of my ancestors :)

I am going... nowhere today. I might take a nap because I'm really tired.

I am reading... I don't even know anymore!  E-books have expired and have been checked out again automatically but I haven't downloaded them to the Kindle Fire and I don't remember which book I had been reading or where I was in the book so... I might need to do a clean slate!

I am hoping... that Greg's dad's doctor's appointment tomorrow will give us some answers one way or another. Greg is hoping that he can come back on Thursday but I think it's doubtful.  If not, he'll wait until mid-week next week otherwise the plane ticket prices are prohibitive.

I am hearing... WLOQ (Smooth Jazz) on IheartRadio via my Roku.

Around the house... the cats are doing what they usually do, i.e. not much. I must have been a cat in a past life or something.  My youngest son left for school a while back, taking the bus. My house is dirty and needs to be cleaned.  Nathalie is tired and needs a big kick in the pants.  Arrgh, I need to exercise too and right now it's about the last thing I feel like doing (well, maybe not because that would the the dishes!)

One of my favorite things... my thrifted Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Pitcher.  I don't have ice so I don't "flash chill" it but it makes making "iced" herbal tea very easy and I've been using it every day since buying it.  I only wish it weren't so tall so it would fit in my fridge.

A few plans for the rest of the week... daughter is coming home tonight, Domestic Something needs to happen this week, grocery shopping (of course), lunch with a friend, Greg's possible return.

Here is the picture I am sharing... I don't really have one so here is a graphic of where my favorite relatives (my mom's family) lived (and still live) and the part of France where I was born and that has my heart.  Longwy is located within a couple of miles of the (former since they don't exist anymore since the advent of the European Union) borders with Luxembourg and Belgium and a few miles away from the border with Germany.  As you might imagine, this is an area of France that suffered a lot during the wars of 1871, as well as the First and Second World War.  Some of my ancestors went from being Belgian to French to German to French again, sometimes in the same lifetime as the lands were disputed and passed hands depending on the treaties that were negociated.  And if you think my grocery trips are convoluted, think of my grandmother doing her grocery shopping and errands in 3 countries at once on the same day, with 3 different currencies, all called "francs" back then, but that didn't have the same value. She might buy something in Belgium and pay in French francs but been given her change back in Luxembourg francs because the cashier didn't have enough French change!  It fascinated me when I would go with her, since by then my parents had moved us to Burgundy and I would go spend part of my summer with her.  She didn't have any coupons but she liked to sample candy from bags that other people had opened.  Scandalous!  I miss her so much :)

Do you have good memories of your grandparents or the place where you were born?

Have a great week, everyone!

PS: I'm sorry for the different font sizes. Blogger can be the worst with this. I could mess with the HTML to fix it but I don't feel like it right now, lol.


  1. I hope you get some rest for your own well being, and answers on your FIL to figure out the next steps. Is there a pattern of not sleeping well when your husband is away? I know I do not sleep well when mine is not home. I love your pitcher. Will it perhaps fit on the door?

    1. I do have adjustable shelves in the door too but it wouldn't work with all the other stuff that I already have in there! Oh well, for now it's fine on the countertop :)

      I do tend to sleep badly when Greg is away, mostly because then I stay up later! I did sleep pretty well the last 2 nights because I was so tired. Maybe I ought to bike for 2 hours a day to see if that helps!

  2. Your Monday sounds a lot like mine. The spirit is strong but the body is weak. I want to get things done, but I don't wanna do it. I also need a kick in the butt.

    I was born and raised in Ontario. I love travelling and seeing other people/places, but I love HOME. I have very wonderful memories of my mom's mom and my dad's dad. Their spouses died before I was born. That is the reason I want to be a good know my grandchildren the way I remember my grandma and grandpa.

    Anyway, my Daybook is here.

    1. "The spirit is strong but the body is weak", LOL! Today my spirit is weak but the body is a little stronger. You?

      I confess that I don't want grandchildren. I feel that I've barely finished raising my kids and I don't want to have to deal with little ones again (no patience), having to child proof the home, entertain, deal with the parents' drama and all that jazz. Yes, it's selfish. Plus my kids are in no positions to be parents at this time so I really REALLY hope that they wait several more years before they even think to have kids. Yet...

      I was watching toddlers get so excited about the underwater animals at the zoo this past week and suddenly I yearned to have a little grandbaby to take to the zoo. It was the damndest feeling because I don't like kids. There I said it. I don't like kids. It's not a secret in my family (cuz I really don't like people and I make it known!) but I rarely discuss it on the blog. I don't like kids or dogs. I'm perfectly cast to be the neighborhood's curmudgeon. Still, when/if I AM a grandmother, I'm going to be the best damn grandmother there is, for the same reason as you mentioned, because I'd want my hypothetical grandchildren to have the same kind of memories of me as I have of my maternal grandparents.

  3. I enjoy reading your day book posts. I can sympathize with having a house that needs cleaning and not having the energy to do it and needing to exercise, too. However, you could count any housework you do, such as sweeping, as exercise and "kill two birds with one stone" as the saying goes.

    Your grandmother sounds like she was quite a character! I only knew my grandmother (mother's mother), but she was quite a character, too, being the oldest of 14 kids and then, having 9 of her own, all born at home.

    1. I loved my grandmother very much and indeed, she was quite a character... but compared to yours, she was a lightweight, as she only had one child, lol.

      Yes, I could count the housework as exercise if I did mopping, etc. but the light housework that I do know barely counts as moving, eh.


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