Monday, August 1, 2016

Day Book: Monday August 1st, 2016

Outside my window... It's 7:55 am and I'm on the patio. It's not 80F yet but it is very muggy, which is weird since we haven't had any rain to speak of in days. The birds aren't very vocal yet. The sun is starting to rise over the rooftops. 

I am thinking... that today is Domestic Monday so I shouldn't be on the patio all morning. 

I am thankful for... my sister emailing me some pictures from her vacation. She never does that so it was a welcome surprise this morning.  Middle son's girlfriend sending me a text late last night to. check in on me and tell me that she loved me. Awww! She is golden. I call her "my Girlfriend Not Quite In Law"!

From the learning rooms... School starts next week for Youngest Son who will be a freshman in high school. This whole week I am making him get up at 7:30 am to prepare him to get up at 6:00 am next week. He is NOT a morning person. He is volunteering at the library this morning. Daughter is starting her last week of coding camp. Girlfriend Not Quite in Law works her last day at her job this week. She is moving to Tallahassee next week to attend college at Florida State University. 

From the kitchen... I need to write a menu for this week. I boiled eggs first thing this morning. 

I am wearing... pink flowery PJ pants and and old orange T-shirt as a top. 

I am creating... ugh, nothing!

I am going... nowhere today!

I am reading... "Sudden Prey" by John Sandford. 

I am hoping... that Greg will remember NOT to refill his Sodapalooza cup and walk out of the store without paying since it ended yesterday!

I am hearing... the birds, who have woken up. A car in the distance. Ah no, it was a small plane!

Around the house... my son is up and has fed the cats already. Chores are waiting for me. 

One of my favorite things... well it's not typing this post on my Kindle Fire! So my favorite thing of the week would be my laptop. It's an HP ProBook.  It runs Windows 7, configured to look like Windows XP.  Maybe I should call this Vintage Monday!

A few plans for the rest of the week... Grocery shopping, and I'm going on a Wildflowers and Butterflies hike at a local park on Saturday. Otherwise, I should have plenty of time to work on projects. 

Here is the picture I am sharing... Sunset on the Atlantic Coast, Pays Basque, France (taken by my sister).


  1. Lovely picture from your sister. Xx

  2. Yes, she did a great job, didn't she?

  3. I so enjoy reading your day book Monday posts. Sounds like you are having a good start to your day. :)

    1. I'm glad you enjoy reading those. I really enjoy typing them up too :)

  4. Lovely seaside picture. I can imagine me being there....I wish.

    How close is Tallahassee away from Middle son and where he works and lives? Will they still be able to be with each other?

    I didn't get around to writing my Day Book until near the end of the day. I just got busy. Here is the link

    1. It's about 4 hours from Daytona Beach, where my son lives, to Tallahassee. Yes, they still plan on dating long-distance. Her mom lives right next door to the high school that my youngest son is going to be attending, so she'll be back to visit, I'm sure. It's hard to be dating long-distance. This is how I ended up getting married too soon! My boyfriend was here in Florida and I was back in France and it was horrible, I missed him so much. 4 hours is more manageable but when you're broke and you don't have the money for gas, Tallahassee might as well be across the ocean! My daughter and I might go visit her in Tallahassee, so I'll ask my son if he wants to/can tag along.

  5. I declare that Girlfriend Not Quite in Law should be "GNQIL." Long-distance relationships are hard. My husband's brother (who lived in Kentucky at the time) and my sister (who lives in Munich) "dated" for a number of years. They finally broke up after about five years or so.

    1. Oh that's too bad... 2 brothers dating 2 sisters... it sounds like a Lifetime movie, lol. Long-distance is indeed very hard. I really admire military spouses because I don't know how they do it. I'm a basket case when Greg has to leave for just a few days (although since I've taken up photography and birding, it's been easier on me, lol).

      I like the acronym! I was going to use "OSGF" today for the older son's GF but then I thought people might not remember who that was so I spelled it out. I know that acronyms usually stomp me. But not "LOL", which is why I use it all the time, ha.


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