Thursday, August 11, 2016

Grocery Shopping This Week

Wednesday is my main shopping day. My official 2016 weekly grocery budget is $100/wk for 4 people (2 adults, 2 teens) but I really aim to spend $50 or less.

Let's see how I did!

Budget for the week: $100.00
Total OOP: $84.38
Rebates expected: $1.00
Total spent after rebates: $83.38
Money left in budget: $16.62

Baking Supplies: $0.00 OOP

  • None needed

Beverages: $3.03 OOP

  • (1) 12-pack ginger ale (Save A Lot) @ $2.29
  • (1) can Arizona green tea (Aldi) @ $0.74 (not pictured)

Breads/Baked Goods: $1.85 OOP
  • (1) loaf garlic bread (Save A Lot), on 50% clearance at $0.99 (not pictured) but FREE after paying with Visa prepaid card (rebate) - not pictured
  • (2) small baguettes (Save A Lot), on 50% clearance at $0.99 (not pictured) but FREE after paying with Visa prepaid card (rebate) - not pictured
  • (2) loaves white bread (Save A Lot), on Daily Deal @ 2 for $1.00
  • (1) 8-ct hamburger buns (Aldi) @ $0.85

 Cereals: $0.00 OOP and received $1.00 in ExtraCare Bucks
  • (2) boxes Honey Nut Cheerios (CVS) on sale @ $1.99, minus (2) $1.00/1 printable coupons, minus $1.00 CVS digital coupon = $0.98 but FREE with CVS gift card earned via our American Express Rewards, and will receive $1.00 back from SavingStar (so MONEYMAKER) and received $1.00 in ECBs
  • (1) 10-oz bag Cinnamon Toasters (Save A Lot), on sale @ $1.00

Dairy: $2.94 OOP
  1. The Friendly Farms strawberry yogurt is for my daughter who doesn't like pieces of fruit in her yogurt, yet likes fruit-flavored yogurt. I didn't think these had the pieces of fruit in it so we got her one cup to try.
  • (1) 32 oz plain yogurt (Aldi) @ $1.49
  • (5) cups yogurt (Aldi) @ $0.29 each = $1.45

Dry/Pantry/Freezer Goods: $2.88 OOP 
  1. I had bought a box of sweetener last week, but I realized that I probably should have a back-up box because I don't like running out of stuff in the middle of the week.
  • (1) box saltines (Aldi) @ $0.99
  • (1) 40-ct box stevia sweetener @ $1.89
Produce/Juice: $15.85
  1. I counted the apples in all the bags of Red Delicious but they all had 9 apples in them.
  2. I didn't buy any vegetables (save for the tomatoes, which I'm counting as vegetables!) because I felt the prices were pretty high.
  • (2) jars minded garlic (Dollar Tree) @ $1.00 each = $2.00
  • 2.08 lbs papaya (Save A Lot) @ $0.99/lb = $2.06 minus $1.84 from Visa Prepaid card (Rebate) = $0.22
  • (4) avocados (Save A Lot) @ $0.99 each minus (2) $0.75/2 printable coupons = $2.46
  • (1) cantaloupe (Aldi) on sale @ $0.99
  • (1) can mandarins (Aldi) @ $0.89
  • (1) pint blueberries (Aldi), on sale @ $1.49
  • 2.35 lbs bananas (Aldi) @ $0.44/lb =$1.03
  • 3 lbs Red Delicious apples (Aldi) @ $3.99
  • (1) pint grape tomatoes (Aldi) on sale @ $0.99
  • 1 lb strawberries ($1.89), and got $0.10 back from MobiSave
  • 10 lbs Klondike Gold potatoes (Save A Lot) on Daily Deal @ $0.99 each = $1.98

Proteins: $43.85 OOP
  1. I hit the motherlode at Save A Lot when I stopped in on Tuesday and was able to stock up on tons of discounted meat. Woohoo!
  • (2) dozens large eggs (Walgreens), on sale @ $0.69 each = $1.38 but FREE with Visa Prepaid card (rebate)
  • 7.3 lbs pork loin in various cuts (Save A Lot), on 50% clearance @$1.24/lb = $9.05
  • 9.9 lbs boneless chicken breasts (Save A Lot), on 50% clearance @$1.49/lb = $14.68
  • 12 lbs Jennie-O ground turkey (Save A Lot), on 50% clearance @$1.32/lb = $15.84 minus $1.50/2 printable coupon = $14.34
  • 1 lb Black Forest turkey (Aldi) @ $2.99
  • 1 lb irregular bacon (Aldi) @ $2.79

Snacks: $12.98 OOP and received $2.24 in ExtraCare Bucks and $1.50 in Register Rewards
  1. I got a lot of baked goods on 50% clearance this week, which allows me not to have to bake, always a plus.  I put one item on the kitchen table for people to snack on and the rest is in the fridge.
  2. I'm going to give all the candy to my son
  3. The protein bar was for Greg
  • (1) Atkins Lift protein bar (Publix) @ $2.29, but FREE after $2.29 digital coupon
  • (1) Snickers Crisper bar (CVS) on sale @ $0.99, minus $0.50/1 printable coupon = $0.49 but FREE with CVS gift card and received $0.75 in ECBs
  • (1) bag Black Forest organic gummy worms (CVS), on sale @ $1.49 but FREE with CVS gift card and received $1.49 in ECBs
  • (1) bag Trolli candy (Walgreens), on sale @ $1.50 and received $1.50 in Register Rewards
  • (1) container banana nut creme cake (Save A Lot), on 50% clearance @ $1.49 FREE with with Visa Prepaid gift card (rebate) - not pictured
  • (3) caramel crunch danishes (Save A Lot), on 50% clearance @ $1.49 each = $4.47
  • (1) container peanut butter cookies (Save A Lot), on 50% clearance @ $1.25
  • (1) cherry pie and (1) blueberry pie (Save A Lot) on 50% clearance @ $1.99 each = $3.98
  • (1) box Swiss rolls (Aldi) @ $1.29
Did you get any great deals at the grocery store this week?  Please link up or share your finds in the comments :)


  1. mmm you have goodies, peanut butter cookies, I haven't bought goodies in ages.

    Just out of interest what do you normally pack in your kids lunches? I normally pack a sandwich, bag of crisps, cake, piece of fruit and a drink but my fourteen year old tells me I starve him and all the other kids have loads more! Xx

    1. LOL, Tara, I haven't packed my kids' lunches since they were in pre-school! They've all been required to pack their own lunches from the first day of Kindergarden.

      My son usually packs a sandwich (he likes ham and cheese or PBJ but sometimes I have turkey too), some PB crackers or maybe a few cookies if we have any, and a piece of fruit. I always have apples and bananas but he also packs grapes or pears. That's pretty much it. He drinks water. He doesn't like chips much. I just provide lots of snacks when he gets home.

      With you starting to work full-time in September, you might want to tell the kids to pack their own food because you're not going to have much time to relax, dear!

    2. Ha ha, I think I baby my kids too much. Lol. See your son isn't starved and he has a similar amount to mine.

      Relax? What's that Nathalie haha. Yeah the little ones tried to make there own sandwiches today bit only my daughter managed the boys struggled with the butter but it had been in the fridge. Lol xx

  2. Woo Hoo!!! You really did hit the huge load of meats and baked goods this week. I am impressed with how much you got and I really need to go to the Dollar Tree and see if they have minced garlic. Those jars are huge and super cheap!!!! I currently have been using the pesto that I bought for the base with my pasta and adding other spices because it has minced garlic in it. When I run out, I hope you will remind me :) I also would like a slice of the caramel crunch danish because it sounds fabulous!!! Trying to have a productive day and get everything done on my list so I better get off the computer because there is still a lot to get done!!!

    1. I can't tell if you've already bought the garlic or not, but if you haven't, I need to caution you that the picture may make "objects appear larger than they are". They're a good size for my fridge but they're not very big.

      I'm laughing at your reminder comment, lol.

      I hope you were productive! Aldi carries the same caramel crunch danish, by the way, but it's something like $4. I can't decide whether the fact that Save A Lot discounts their baked goods is a blessing or a curse, lol.

  3. Lots of great buys! Lucky you to find all that meat on clearance! I rarely find any meat on clearance, here. Love all the baked goods on clearance, too. I'll join you in having a slice of that cherry pie (with a scoop of ice cream, please), once I've recovered. Till then, enjoy a slice for me, OK?

    1. I'll save you my slice too because I started my diet (again!) today so I'm trying to be good :)


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