Thursday, August 4, 2016

Internet Disruption...

Well it looks like our router has bit the dust so I only have internet on Greg's computer.  I hate his computer and he hates me being on it so... my post might not get published tonight.  We'll see...

I did call the cable company and they reset the modem and the modem is fine and there's a connection so it's definitely the router.

I'm on my way to Target to buy the "best damn router that (I) can find", according to Greg's instructions.  Ideally, I'd research prices and deals but this is an emergency!  My son and I can't go without internet until something gets shipped!  LOL.

This is 1 hour after I had to spend $130 for a new battery for the Focus so it's a spendy day. But this is why I'm frugal all of the other days, right?  RIGHT?!  Sigh.

Greg will have to set it up properly though so this is why I'm not sure if we'll be back online tonight or not.  I'll have to use cell data to check my emails and reply to comments but I'm not blogging from the phone because that just stinks.  I guess the Chores Fairy really wanted me to vacuum and do the dishes today...

Have a great day!



  1. Yes, being frugal on other days is what allows you to have the funds to spend when needed. Well done.

  2. I hear ya...the internet being out is one of the worst things!!!

    1. I still feel like I'm a spoiled brat having a tantrum when I complain about it though, lol.


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