Wednesday, August 3, 2016

My Daily Freebies: 8/3/16

I haven't done one of those in months and I kind of miss it so I think I'll be restarting those from now on.

Here is what I got/found for free today!

  • Racetrac:
    • A large soda with my monthly coupon from the RaceTrac app. It was supposed to be a medium but they were out of medium size cups so they gave me a large.
    • A hot roller grill item with a coupon that had come with one of my Sodapalooza cups (the coupons don't expire until 8/31, even though Sodapalooza ended this past weekend).

  • My library system: the first 2 seasons of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Free entertainment!

  • RaceTrac:
    • A jumbo blueberry muffin, with a survey reward code
    • A bottle of Core Power protein milkshake, with a coupon that had come with one of my Sodapalooza cups

  • CVS: free after sales, coupon, ECB redemption and payment with a CVS gift card earned via American Express Rewards program:
    • 2 boxes of Special K cereal (on sale, $1.99 each, used $1/2 coupon and $2.00 ECB)
    • 1 gallon of whole milk (on sale, $2.79)

  • Publix: free after sales, coupons, and payment with a Publix gift card won in an Instant Win Game:
    • 4 packages of Stonefire naan bread (on BOGO sale, used 2 BOGO coupons)
    • 4 packages of Activia Fruit Frusion yogurts (on BOGO sale, used 2 BOGO coupons)
    • 2 boxes of Tiny Toast cereal (on sale, $2 each, used (2) $1.00/1 coupons and $1.00 SavingStar rebate)
    • 2 packages imported cheese (on BOGO sale, $4.99)

  • Aldi: a 3-lb bag of Golden apples.  I asked for a refund on the $0.99 bad cantaloupe that I bought last week but instead of giving me a refund, the cashier gave me this $3.99 bag of apples for free :)

  • I earned a $5 Amazon gift card from Bing Rewards. Free money!

  • I won a $3 movie theater concession stand from an M&M's Instant Win Game.

  • I received a coupon for a free haircut in the local paper today.

Did you get any freebies today?


  1. Wow! Look at all those free items! How wonderful! No freebies at this end, unless you count the $5 I saved on parking with validation.

    1. That's definitely a freebie in my book! Well done :)

  2. Ok now I'm jealous. Go you! You were on a roll my dear xxx

  3. I have kinda been missing your Freebies list as well. And looky here. It is even bigger than ever. Wowsers! You did great! Did I get any freebies? No, but I got some great deals. I will post about them later.

    1. Yeah, I was listing them in my daily posts but re-reading my entries from last August and seeing the freebies highlighted in the Freebies post on their own kind of reinvigorated me so I figured I'd try that format again :)

      I can't wait to read about your deals! I have to clear my backlog of emails first, though.


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