Friday, August 5, 2016

My Daily Freebies: 8/5/16

Here is what I got/found for free today!

  • RaceTrac: a jumbo blueberry muffin (free with survey reward code), and a Monterey Chicken hot roller grill item (free with Sodapalooza coupon)

  • A new coupon appeared in my RaceTrac app for a free medium drink.  This is my monthly reward coupon for being at the "Prince of Pastries" level in the loyalty program. I will redeem it later on this month to get Greg a Diet Dr. Pepper as a surprise :)

  • I earned a $25 Walmart gift card with Swagbucks today by exchanging 2,200 SB for it. Free groceries for me coming up!

  • Both Greg and I had an offer in our American Express accounts for $25 off $25 on Hulu!  I will sign up us for an account soon. Hopefully I can redeem both offers.

  • CVS will have the Black Forest organic gummy candy for free (after ECB) next week!

  • And Walgreens will have the Trolli candy for free (after Register Rewards) next week as well.

Did you get any freebies today?


  1. The only freebies I had all week were the bagels from Paneras that someone brought into the office. If something is free, that means "calorie free" in my mind somehow, and I really enjoy it - a lot of it! Ha!

    1. Free calories are the best calories... kind of like when you have cake with a Diet Coke. Those cancel each other, right?

      Hmm, Panera bagels! I had the Free Bagel Once a Day Panera Reward back in May and I missed only a couple of days even though it's 20 minutes away from here. Ran lots of errands that month and had my daughter use it on days when she was attending college right next door. I keep hoping the same reward will show up in My Rewards again but so far, no go although others throughout the country have reported getting it.

  2. The only freebie I ever get is a cup of coffee. Mom buys me one every time I take her to her eye appointments. I take her to all of her doctor appointments but this particular doc has a seriously small waiting room and every single patient has to be driven because they can't see after their shots. Instead of taking up a seat for the 1 1/2 hour wait I park in the lot near the door, drink coffee (iced coffee today) and read while I wait. I think she feels bad about me having to wait in the heat, cold, rain, wind (name our poison) so she gives me a few bucks to get my coffee.

    1. I think I'd rather wait in my car, listening to music and reading a book, than in a doctor's office. Oh wait, you said "park", not "parking lot". The park would be lovely on cool days. You're a trooper if you also wait outside when it rains or when it's cold!

      Free coffee, yay! It's kind of you to take your mom to her appointments. Do she need to go very often?!


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