Monday, August 8, 2016

My Daily Freebies: Monday 8/8/16

Here is what I got/found for free today!

  • An Atkins Lift protein bar from Publix, free after digital manufacturer coupon

  • From Save A Lot, free after sales, clearance, and redemption of Visa card from Staples (rebate) - I actually paid $0.22 in cash too but let's just say it was pretty much all free to me :)
    • two 5-lb bags of Klondike Goldust potatoes ($0.99 a bag on daily deal sale)
    • 2 lbs of papaya ($0.99/lb)
    • 1 box banana nut cream cake (on 50% clearance at $1.49)
    • 1 pack of 2 French baguettes (on 50% clearance at $0.99)
    • 1 loaf of garlic bread (on 50% clearance at $0.99)

  • Just in time for my "Let's Get Back on the Recumbent Bike and Catch Up On My Reading" challenge, I received the first issue of Kiplinger's Magazine, via a free 12-month subscription provided by Freebizmags that I had qualified for in late June.  Uh... I'll get on the bike tomorrow.

Did you get any freebies today?


  1. Love your daily freebies!

    I got my 3 prescriptions free! The way my insurance works, I have a co-pay up to a certain amount, during the course of the year. Once I reach the maximum co-pay amount, all prescriptions after that are free. Last year was the first time I reached the max. co-pay amount, and that wasn't until October. This year, I reached it in June!

    1. Well that's something to celebrate! I know insurance isn't free but it's nice not to have to pay copays anymore, isn't it? Coincidentally I just checked our deductibles this afternoon since I'm taking my daughter to the ophthalmologist tomorrow and didn't know if I'd have to pay or not. But I will have to pay OOP because we're only reached $200 out of $600 for our whole family ($100 for my son with his dermatologist appointments and $100 for the stepdaughter who had a baby). The rest of us really didn't use the benefits at all this year. I guess we should since we pay close to $5,000 in premiums every year. I really need to go visit my gyneco but I don't waaaaanna.... for no good reason. Well, they're going to tell me to lose weight and bitch at me because I didn't get a mammogram done the last 2 times they told me I should have one done (as a routine, not because anything wrong was detected). I don't like to be nagged. But I need to go. Sigh. I kept on telling myself once I'd lost the weight because I don't want the insurance company to freak out about how big I am and start mandating this and that, but the weight is going the other direction so if I keep up, I'll never go! Don't mind my ramblings, I need to write it down so maybe I do something about it.

      Anyhow, woohoo for your free prescriptions!


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