Monday, September 12, 2016

Day Book: Monday 9/12/16

Outside my window... it's 7:42 a.m. so the sun is up. My windows are fogged up again although it didn't rain yesterday. There are a lot of clouds in the sky so I wonder if we'll have an overcast day. Yep, the Yahoo! Weather app on my phone says "mostly cloudy" and since the humidity is 93% currently, that explains the fogged up windows! We might get some rain tomorrow, apparently.

I am thinking... that I need to get my butt in gear for Domestic Monday.  I have much to do.

I am thankful for... well, just as I was wondering what I could say, my little constipated kitten cried out and I found poop in the playpen... hooray!  I'm thankful for a healthy kitten :) (however I have another one that has diarrhea, it's always about poop around here these days!)

From the learning rooms... my son continues to do extremely well in all his 9th grade classes. He has straight A's right now. He got a 72 on his AP Human Geography test but the teacher said it was one of the highest scores she had ever given (remember that this is a class taught at college level) so he was elated, until he found out that an acquaintance who didn't even study and guessed everything scored a 76!  Yep, life isn't fair that way.  My daughter doesn't have college classes today but she'll be going to her high school to meet with an Admissions rep from the University of Florida who will be on hand this morning.  As for me, more than ever I want to be able to use my dSLR camera in the manual mode to take good pictures!  I was very frustrated with my point and shoot camera yesterday as it wasn't focusing on anything that I wanted it to focus on, and then one of my favorite nature photographers posted new pictures on her blog, catandturtle, and made me feel even more inadequate, lol!  I really need to carve out some time to read my camera's manual and start experimenting.

From the kitchen... I didn't do the dishes last night so it's a mess.  I'm not baking today since I baked 2 loaves of pumpkin bread yesterday.  I don't have a menu planned for the week either, will need to work on that. We're having the 2nd pizza that I bought on clearance on Saturday for dinner tonight so that buys me a little time :)

I am wearing... I'm still in my black and gray knit jersey nightgown!

I am creating... absolutely nothing... well, I "created" several posts documenting my walks with Greg this past week.  Mostly, I'm creating a mess.

I am going... I don't have any plans to go anywhere today.  But we all know how plans tend to go awry.

I am reading... I started "Interference" by Amélie Antoine several days ago but despite a promising start, I put it down to watch more episodes of L&O: Criminal Intent and I haven't picked it back up again.  I have the last season of it coming in this week and after I'm done watching it, I ought to stop watching anything and spend more time reading.

I am hoping... that the little kitten with diarrhea gets over it so I don't have to take it to the vet's!  I changed their formula yesterday morning so I suspect that this is the cause of it.  I read that diarrhea is very common in kittens but that it can also be very dangerous so I'm mildly worried. OK, maybe a little more than mildly but I tend to fret a lot anyway.  So I haven't called the vet's yet but right now he's asleep with his siblings so I'm not going to call unless he keeps on having it.  Arrgh.

I am hearing... the click clack of my keyboard as I type this and the hum of my laptop.  The AC is quiet, no noises outside... it's weird!

Around the house... Greg went to work, our son went to school, the cat and my daughter are all asleep!

One of my favorite things... my oven-the-range microwave.  I didn't realize how much I loved it and how it simplified my life until I thought it had died yesterday!

A few plans for the rest of the week... oh dear, I don't know. Grocery shopping, probably split between several days again, I found out that school pictures will be taken on Wednesday so I need to take my shaggy son to get a haircut tonight after dinner (he's volunteering after school today), we have a high school Open House tomorrow night and I may attend with him, I think that's all that's actually kind of scheduled. We'll go by ear for the rest of the week :)

Here is the picture I am sharing... 
I took this picture of an owl sign at the thrift store last week because it reminded me of one of the cards that Susan from Retirement Fun(ds) made for one of her grandkids' Back to School celebration.  Only now I realize all they have in common is that they're both owls and have big eyes. LOL.   I didn't buy the sign. It was cute but I have enough stuff on all my surfaces already.  Plus it might have freaked the cats out.

Let me know if you do a Day Book and feel free to link to it in the comments!


  1. We're getting rain here, too. I love it. I love pumpkin chocolate chip bread and have been meaning to make a batch. Maybe I'll get around to it this weekend.

    My daybook post is here:

    1. I'd been meaning to add dried cranberries to it too but I forgot. I need to remember that for the next batch. I think it would be yummy. Or nuts? with the chocolate? Or maybe coconut? nah, maybe that wouldn't work. Can you tell I'm a little hungry right now? LOL.

      Here's to us hopefully getting some rain today. I just brought my laundry back indoors just in case. I'll check your day book a little later. I told myself I was going to clean my inbox and then fold all that laundry that's been sitting around for a week!

  2. I think I admitted to you that I collect owls. That wooden one is so cute, I think you could put it in the garden as decoration. I don't think you would scare off any birdies with it as they are not that easily fooled. Like your squirrel sign, you could easily make one yourself.

    Your post today centers around a theme of poop....either too much or not enough. Brucie had his issues with too much and became very dehydrated. I hope your little kittie sorts himself out. My theme today centers around cooler temperatures. Check it out here

    1. Sigh, poop has been the theme of my days for too many days now, hahaha. We had gas and "underwear tracks" from the dark grey kitten this morning and then nothing this afternoon so I hope he's on the way to recovery. The female kitten started having green stinky poop too so I'm pretty sure it's the change of formula. I had to give her a bath. Tabby kitten pooped on the floor of the playpen today (yay, learning to do it on his own!) and it was the regular brown turds that don't stink but he's so backed up he'll probably poop green in 3 days, lol. Ah darn it, I can't help myself from talking about kitten poop even in the comments. Sorry!

      I love your idea of putting the owl in the garden! It was wooden but at $1.99 I think it would be OK. I'll buy it if it's still there next time I go, although I doubt it'll be because it's a very popular thrift store.

      Poor Brucie, but it sounds like he's all OK now. I'll check out your day book as a reward (along with Laura) after I've made myself fold my laundry!

    2. It doesn't seem very long ago that you took your son for a haircut does his hair grow quick or is time just flying by without me realising? X

    3. Time does fly! I took him right before school started again and today he got his Progress report for the mid-term so it's already been 4.5 weeks!

  3. It might be due to the change of formula, but they should adjust to the change in a day or two, I would think. Hope they continue to do well and give you a break from worrying so much.

    Pizza for dinner sounds good. And well done on "fixing" your microwave, the other day! A lot more frugal to reset the fuse than buy a new appliance!

    I am sitting here, reading blogs and procrastinating on doing any cleaning!

    1. Lol, worrying is what I do, Bless. That's in my nature! I worry about everything, all the time. It comes with being a pessimistic person. I figure that if I worry about something enough, it won't happen. If it does, I was prepared and if it doesn't then it was a good surprise :) It makes for a stressful life at times, but I've been like this ever since I can remember so I don't expect to change anytime soon :)

      Reading blogs is my favorite way to procrastinate doing any cleaning! Enjoy!


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