Monday, September 19, 2016

Day Book: Monday 9/19/16

Outside my window... I haven't looked yet, wait a minute... it's already warm outside and a tad humid, the sun is shining through the trees.  The street is quiet and empty, save for the chirping of a couple of birds, just the way I like it :)

In the backyard, a lone squirrel is scrounging in the grass and I spotted a sulfur butterfly fluttering by.

Arrgh, the squirrel is hard to see as I zoomed with my inadequate iPhone!  He's to the right of the hummingbird feeder.
I am thinking... that I'll try to do the 1st part of this week's shopping trip today since I need to take the kittens to the vet's on Tuesday morning.

I am thankful for... all three of my siblings being on Instagram!  In 24 hours I've seen more pictures than I did the whole year with just email. My sister just joined up just because I told her I was on it and posted a picture of my darling nephew's first day in 6th grade :)

From the learning rooms... nothing special this week, as far as I know.  The kids have their regular classes, my son will be volunteering at the library shelving books and also running his Dungeons & Dragons Club.

From the kitchen... I started a menu last night when I couldn't sleep, but was interrupted by the kittens wanting some food at 2:30 a.m. I need to finish that.  I might buy some pears this week to make my Fall Pear Cake or Pear Torta. Oh yum, it would be really hard to resist so maybe I should avoid baking those?  lol. I have some chocolate pumpkin bread in the freezer anyway but variety is the spice of life!

I am wearing... I'm still in my PJs but I'm about to go get showered and dressed because a kitten peed on me through all the layers of Bounty towels that I had on my lap. That one has a weewee like a fire hose! So my PJs are a black T-shirt and pink flowered PJ pants that are very comfy,

I am creating... I'm growing kittens, that's gonna have to do :)

I am going... probably to Kohl's, Walmart, Dollar Tree and the UPS store today.

I am reading... I read "Rice & Curry", a Sri Lankan cookbook last week. This week, I plan on reading another Sri Lankan cookbook cleverly entitled "Sri Lankan Cooking" :)

I am hoping... that Greg has safe flight(s) to Canada today.

I am hearing... my laptop's humming. Some distant traffic if I really strain. I'm about to turn on Smooth Jazz for my kittens as they're going back to sleep. Aah, Aaron Neville. Perfect!

Around the house... My son has been at school for a couple of hours already, my daughter is still in bed as she only has online classes today.  The kittens just went back to sleep.  Here is what the other cats are up to:

New Kitty is squatting my son's chair during the day when he's at school (keeping it warm for him!) and got up when she saw me approaching, hoping I'd give her some food. She's much like me, she could eat all the time!

And I wouldn't if Male Kitty took his job of kitchen entrance sentry seriously but he's seriously slacking on the job. All day long.

Mean kitty would be more imposing but she prefers to play gargoyle near the front windows. I have to let her sniff my hand and ask for permission to pet her.  She thinks she's all that, you know...
One of my favorite things... my rubber broom head. I brought it back from France last year because I saw my mom use hers at her house and it caught all her dog's hair so well.  I rarely remember to use mine because the handle I put on it is too short so it hurts my back to use it. I'm going to buy a longer handle because that thing is the bomb! It catches all my cats' hair without sending it flying all over the place before I can place it in the dust pan.

Notice the DIY duct tape job since the handle's diameter was just a tad too large for the broom head!

A few plans for the rest of the week... Greg is gone all week which is... actually not so bad for me because it means that I don't have to cook dinner by 7 p.m. and we could have breakfast for dinner every night if we wanted to.  So it's party time chez Nathalie, lol. Just kidding.  Shopping day spread among several days, a vet's appointment for the kittens, lunch with a friend and then my honey comes back!

Here are a couple of pictures that I am sharing... 

On Saturday, Bless was commented on her own blog about the fact that people have forgotten that some "weeds" used to be prized for their medicinal or even nutritional value.  I relayed the story that when I was young, my mom and I would go pick dandelion leaves from the local soccer field to make salads.

My dad nowadays lives in the Alps across from a pasture that gets tons of dandelions in the Spring. Back in 2013, when I was visiting him and my stepmom with my brothers, a short 7 months before my stepmom passed away, my dad tasked my brothers and me to go pick the dandelions across the road so he could make dandelion wine and dandelion jelly.

Let me tell you... it takes A LOT of dandelions.  Luckily, that pasture was covered in them... that's a little piece of the pasture, right here, on that May day of 2013.

And that's a jar of  Cramaillotte (dandelion jelly) that my dad had made in 2012.  I wanted to bring some back but I was afraid that it would break in my bag or that Customs would confiscate it so I didn't.

Feel free to post the link to your Day Book (if you publish one) in the comments!


  1. It looks so quiet and peaceful outside your window, Nathalie. I'm glad you're able to keep in touch with your siblings on Instagram. Thank you for sharing the pictures of the dandelions and the jelly. The pasture looks so lovely and the jelly looks like it would be delicious. Love the pictures of the big cats, especially the look on Mean Kitty's face!

    Hope Greg has a safe journey and you have a good day and rest of the week.

    1. Thank you, Bless. I'm excited that they're on Instagram and I hope they remember to post pictures often!

      Greg made it to Canada in one piece and is going out to dinner with colleagues tonight while we're having 50% off pepperoni pizza at home, lol. But I'm glad I didn't have to travel for 12 hours today!

      Have a great week.

  2. I'm thinking that you could make jelly out of pretty much anything....dandelions, roselles, apple peelings and cores. I've never made jelly in my life.

    Sounds like you have your week all planned out while Greg is away. Any field trips?

    My daybook entry is here. We are back now, and my Sweetie Pie had six polyps removed and sent to the lab. The surgeon remarked that they did not look cancerous.

    1. You must be so relieved that he was able to have it done today. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the tests all come back as benign :) Is he in any discomfort?

      I need to look up the instructions for making roselle jelly again but if I was able to make it, it was very easy, lol.

      No field trips planned while Greg is away mostly because I already have to spread the shopping over 2 days because of the kittens and then tomorrow is the vet's in the middle of the day and now I have a phone interview for a possible part-time, work from home job scheduled for after the vet's (I'll talk about it in today's post), and then I'm having lunch with my friend on Thursday and she wants to come visit the kittens too. And then Greg comes back Friday night. Maybe we'll go walking this weekend.

      I'll visit your Day Book after I clear my inbox :)

  3. Nice to see the big kitties get some air time. ;) Also, I loved that picture of the dandelion jelly. I've tasted dandelion wine before and we used to eat dandelion greens actually, but I've never had dandelion jelly.

    Today was a little busy for me so I'm going to take a leaf out of Susan's book and post a daybook tomorrow.

    1. I really don't drink alcohol too often but I thought the dandelion wine was interesting. It was more like a digestive type of wine, something you drink after dinner. The jelly was good too, kind of subtle.

      I look forward to reading your Day Post whenever you get around to posting one!

  4. Remember I said there were no more scheduled appointments for the rest of this week? Well, I lied. My hubby drove himself in to see the doctor today to get the stitches removed from his arm. And tomorrow morning, he has the scan on his shoulder scheduled for the orthopedic surgeon. As for discomfort? No, he's just feeling very tired. And he is still coughing.

    1. Always something going on at your house, at least you're not bored! I hope the shoulder scan shows promise. When will the orthopedic surgeon have an answer for you? Poor guy, still coughing. Has he seen a doctor about that?

  5. Dandelion wine sounds...interesting. I've heard of people making it here in the States, too, but I'm too lazy and just buy wine in the store.

    I've seen those rubber brooms - my sisters have them, too. They became really popular in Germany about 15 years or so ago.

    1. Oh yeah? I have no idea how long my mom has had hers. I keep on forgetting to buy a longer pole/handle for mine though. Going to add it to my shopping list because it's really keeping me from using the broom. I look like an old crone trying to use it and then afterwards too because my back is just killing me!

      As for wine, I'm also far too lazy to make any AND I don't drink it anyway :) I wish I weren't too lazy to make cheese, though. Hmmm, cheeeeeeese.


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