Monday, September 26, 2016

Day Book: Monday 9/26/16

Outside my window... the sun is slowly rising, it's 7:22 a.m.  I thought it might have rained last night because everything looks wet, but I then realized it was only the dew. It feels humid and warm outside, but not so humid that my windows are fogged up, which is nice, for a change!

I am thinking... that I wouldn't mind going back to sleep!  I think that I'm in hibernating mode: eating a lot, feeling sleepy.

I am thankful for... the school buses and their drivers because I'm really enjoying NOT driving my son to the high school and back every day!

From the learning rooms... I'm not sure of what's happening at school for the kids this week. My daughter has a test on Thursday, pre-Calculus, I think.  She forwarded to my son and me the information for this year's Optimist Club contest, which reminds me that I need to discuss it with him. He's not going to want to do it, but I want him to. My daughter won scholarships with them two years in a row and so can he because the odds are excellent.  I know he won't want to do oratorical but I want him to enter the essay contest.

From the kitchen... I have dirty dishes to wash. Who doesn't just love starting her Monday morning knowing that?  Ugh.  I did make a menu yesterday, that will be posted later on, so I'm happy about that.  I have brown bananas so I might bake muffins and perhaps try that Amish Friendship Bread from Alison.  Let's make those plans for this week and not just today because I just yawned again and right now I can't think of doing anything else than drinking my coffee and typing this post! (and going back to sleep!)

I am wearing... my PJs. It's too early to have gotten dressed. Goodness, a couple of years ago, when I was still driving my daughter to school, I'd been dressed for an hour and a half already!

I am creating... no-thing! I've got to write a letter to my great aunt, though. That's almost a creation because I'm going to make her a little photo album too.

I am going... nowhere today, hopefully!  Although, I had told myself last night that I needed to go on a walk. And I really do! But it's Domestic Monday so I doubt I'll have the energy. And, good grief, I have got to stop yawning first!

I am reading... nothing. I have books on the Kindle and books and magazines piling up and I'm not reading them: I didn't crack open the second Sri Lankan Cuisine book, didn't read Florida's Fabulous Birds, didn't read my issue of Kiplinger's.  And in the meantime I received the copy of Florida's Fabulous Water Birds and, needless to say, I haven't read that one either!

I am hoping... to find used copies of Law & Order seasons on DVD at thrift stores. It's irking me that the library doesn't have the whole series and that neither Netflix nor Amazon Prime offer it in their subscriptions!

I am hearing... the AC just kicked on. Before that, just the clicking of my keyboard.

Around the house... the kittens have been fed and have fallen back *yawn* asleep.  I can't look at them without wanting to go back to sleep as well.  The other cats have also been fed and went back to sleep. My son has already left for school and my daughter is sleeping in as she doesn't have any classes today.

One of my favorite things... my mini whisk. I use it all the time and these days I use it to mix the kittens' cereal mush.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Hold on, I've got to check my calendar first... goodness, it's going to be October this week! Well, it should be a quiet week. My son is doing his usual volunteering at the library (shelving books and running the D&D Club for teens). I have grocery shopping and need to pick up cat food from the vet's and we have an appointment with Middle Son for him to take photos of Youngest Son and Daughter on Saturday.  We'll meet him in Orlando for that.  No idea when Greg is coming back, he doesn't know either, obviously.  I'll be working on socializing the kittens more and slowly starting the weaning process at the end of the week. Otherwise, the regular chores and I want to try to fit in at least one walk or bike ride.  It doesn't feel like much and yet at the same time it feels overly ambitious!

Here is the picture I am sharing... This is the baby squirrel that Middle Son's Ex-GF and her roommate are fostering... I figured I'd give you a (short) break from the kitten pictures :)

Do you keep a Day Book?  If so, please share the link in the comments, we all love to read those!


  1. That photo of the baby squirrel is so very cute, but it makes me nervous. They have such sharp teeth, I would be constantly worried about it someday biting, even in play.

    So a new week, and a new resolve to get back to your goals. That is me too. Here is my daybook

    1. She posted the picture on Instagram and a friend of hers commented that she knew someone else who did that and got bitten a bunch of times. The kittens are playfully biting my fingers now and it hurts, I would imagine a rodent's would hurt more... we'll see how they handle that. They expect to keep it several more weeks before releasing it.

      I was resolved to get back on the horse but I didn't, so much. Arrgh.

  2. Aw... look at that! A baby squirrel! :) Thank you for sharing that picture, Nathalie! Tell the ex-GF that I love her already! :D

    I love reading your day book and wouldn't mind trying it myself, except...I probably won't have time to do it once I start going back to the office (planning to do so in another couple of weeks). I don't start work until 8:00 a.m., but the commute being what it is, I have to leave by 7:00 a.m. to reach the office by 8:00 a.m. and there's no way I'm getting up an hour earlier than I have to in order to write a blog post! I am not a morning person.

    *Groan* I have dirty dishes in my sink, too!

    Hope you have a lovely Monday and a good rest of the week, too.

    1. I knew you'd like the picture, lol! I'll let her know you approve :)

      You could always do a Day Book on the weekend if you wanted to, but i understand it's just another thing to add to your own to-do list. It's awesome that you're planning on going back to the office in a couple of weeks!

      Have a great rest of your week too, Bless!


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