Monday, September 5, 2016

Day Book: Monday 9/5/16

Outside my window... it's overcast and a neighbor, somewhere, is mowing his lawn.

I am thinking... that I'm happy that it's Labor Day so I can use that excuse to watch Law & Order; Criminal Intent all day!

I am thankful for... RaceTrac announcing that Sodapalooza is back for the week!

From the learning rooms... No school today, of course.  The kids worked on their homework throughout the weekend. My son is doing great in high school and has straight A's for now and my daughter is doing well in her classes. Middle son is loving his classes this semester as well.

From the kitchen... I did the dishes last night (yay!) so the kitchen is clean and I just put a 4-lb pork shoulder roast in the crockpot with barbecue sauce for dinner tonight.

I am wearing... I'm still in my PJs.

I am creating... nothing: I'm raising kittens instead!

I am going... nowhere today since it's Labor Day.

I am reading... I'm still halfway through that issue of Kiplinger's that I had started a couple of weeks ago. I need to catch up!

I am hoping... that my mom, brother and SIL are having a great time in Corsica. I haven't heard from them in a few days. I think this week is when they're moving to a tent (they were in a trailer until now, with AC).

I am hearing... I'm watching an episode of L&O:CI on my laptop with my headphones on.

Around the house... Greg is reading a book, our son is still in bed, the cats are all sleeping, my daughter is going to be dyeing her hair back to blond today, as she wants to apply for a job at Universal Studios.

One of my favorite things... this week it's been the dropper that I have used to feed the kittens as they are just not wanting the bottle! I have tried 3 bottles and they've rejected all of them.  But they love the dropper. Go figure!

A few plans for the rest of the week... we will rest today.  I'm probably going to be splitting my grocery shopping among several days this week so i can visit all the stores that I want to visit without being gone too long (because of the kittens' feeding schedule).  Those are really all my plans for the week, lol!

Here is the picture I am sharing... this made Greg very very happy this morning!


  1. New reader here, thanks to my sister letting me know about you! I love your blog...and your sense of humor. I feel your struggles and joys. Your family sounds great--you are so fortunate in having "good" kids! are an angel to those kittens. I'm a sucker for anything kitty! Have a great day!

    1. Hi Saryn (I'm assuming you are Saryn from the Discover deal comment?), thanks for your kind words, you are so sweet. Who is your sister? Maybe she doesn't comment here and I don't "know" her but in any case I appreciate her letting you know about my blog. Thanks, Saryn's sister!

      My family is like others, you know. We have joys and sorrows like all others and, even though I try to be very honest with what's going on because I really write this blog as an online diary for myself because I have a very bad memory and also to motivate myself in a number of areas, we have our ups and downs, some of which I won't discuss here in detail because I'm also a very private person and I want to respect other people's privacy as much as I can. Having a blended family and having raised 6 kids, dealing with ex-spouses, in-laws, family overseas, and very different personalities, we've had lots of downs. I started the blog once most of the difficulties were over. You might have seen a different side of me had I blogged the 8 years that we went through a horrendous custody battle!

      I AM indeed fortunate that my kids are good kids. The older ones never were bad kids, we were fortunate that none of them did drugs or committed any crimes, but they were more challenging to raise for a variety of reasons. The younger two have been such a vacation because they're both exceptional students and pretty independent so they don't need all the supervision and prodding that most of the older kids needed. I also think that I'm probably more relaxed now that we only have 2 at home, so that comes into play as well! But I'm proud of all our kids and hope that they all are happy with the choices they have made in their lives. That's really all you can hope for as a parent, I think.

      Another cat lover! Do you have cats yourself? How many? Aren't those kittens just adorable?

      Oh, also, where do you live? I love hearing from people all over the world and discovering how they live too.

      Have a great day too, Saryn, thanks for reading :)

  2. I had an email about Sodapalooza being on for the week and immediately thought of you! A day devoted to Law and Order sounds wonderful. Enjoy!

    1. LOL, thanks for thinking of me! I hope you're having a great Labor Day as well :)

  3. Lots of good things going on today, starting with the dishes done and a clean kitchen. Yay! Supper is already in the crock pot? Sounds yummy! Watching Law and Order: CI all day. It is sounding better and better. You've had two visits from Middle Son. It is a holiday for you, Greg and the kids. The kittens are thriving. Everything is good.

    My Daybook is here

    1. AND free soda all week! And Greg and I went for a walk and saw tons of wildlife! Yes, life has been very good. I'm hoping I'm not jinxing myself by saying that! I'll catch up on your blog in a little while, I hope you're having a good Monday as well.

  4. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy reading your Day Book posts? I'm so glad to hear that your youngest son is doing so well in school and your daughter and middle son are enjoying their classes. I hope you enjoy a lovely day relaxing with your family and taking care of those kittens.

    1. Aww, thanks, Bless! Sometimes I wonder if I should just post a daily Day Book because I like those too! I hope you're having a great Labor Day. What is your daughter doing today?

    2. Ah you had a bank holiday today how lovely, I hope you had a nice relaxed day.

      Your kids are awesome they do so well at school and work so hard,I'm glad they have all had a good start to the year.

      Ooh yay Soodapaloza is back I'm excited for you, I love that you have such a useful offer.

      I hope everything is going well with the kittens, can you post a picture so my daughter and I can ooh and argh like we did last week. Xx

    3. I had a nice day, thank you! Did you see yesterday's post? I posted several pictures there :) I try to take pictures every day but it's hard to photograph them as I'm feeding them. They move a lot but in a shaky way when they're awake so a lot of my pictures end up being blurry.


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