Sunday, September 25, 2016

Gone Again ~ Sunday 9/25/16

It was short night but luckily I only had to get up once to use the toilet.  I woke up at 5:45 a.m., fed my kittens, played with them for just a little bit, got dressed, and it was time to drive Greg to the airport.

Being Sunday morning, there was no traffic to speak of so we got there in about 50-55 minutes and I was back home by 8 a.m.  Poor Greg, his 2-hour flight actually becomes a 6-7 hour trip between driving an hour to the airport to be there 2 hours before his flight leaves, then the flight itself, then waiting for this luggage and driving the 45 minutes to his parents'.  Still beats driving for 2 days, though.

He slept well but got congested again on the way to the airport. Goodness! I told him to make sure to wash his hands repeatedly after touching anything on the plane, but he didn't want to take my small bottle of hand sanitizer. Men!

My newspaper was delivered this morning, hooray!  I brewed my coffee, read through the paper quickly, clipped the coupons that I might use, had breakfast.  It's now 9:06 a.m. and the kids and kittens are asleep so I'm not quite sure what to do.  I did the laundry yesterday so it needs to be folded at some point. Didn't I just do that?!  I also have to try to make a menu for the week. Grocery shopping this week is going to have to be very light as I do need to make sure we use up what's in the fridge.

I'm wondering if my daughter might be up for going to the Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive today. If so, I'll have her drive so I can take pictures :)

Otherwise, I don't have real plans.  I completely missed the Hispanic Festival that was happening near our little lake yesterday!  I had seen it when my son and I came back from running errands and had told myself that I'd go back out to check it out later on in the day and then I promptly forgot about it. It's a curse to be so forgetful!

I checked in on Greg this afternoon. He said his dad was really bad. He's still sharp when he's talking but he just doesn't have any energy and doesn't talk much :(  Still, his great grandson was there (he's about 5 months old now) along with Greg's daughter and her husband, and then Greg, so I'm sure he was happy to have everyone around him. I'm waiting for Greg to call me tonight to get more details.

  • Greg brought protein bars with him so he couldn't need to buy breakfast.

  • I brewed a pot of half decaf coffee with the decaf coffee that I had won from Wawa.

  • My Sunday paper was delivered and had 3 coupon inserts in it. One of the "coupons" is to advertise a rebate for a free pair of insoles from AmopĂ©.  I'll have to look for those.

  • My phone just prompted me to defrost some meat for dinner but I'm not going to.  There is still some teriyaki chicken and salmon leftovers so I will cook some baked potatoes to go with those and make a salad. I love it when dinner comes together and my cooking is kept to a minimum!

  • Speaking of dinner encouraged me to get started on a menu for the week.  I designed something simple that allows me to use up several things from the fridge, as it should be!  I'll post it tomorrow.

  • I'm definitely thinking about hitting only Aldi for grocery shopping this week. I have to go there because I need cat litter and it's the cheapest there but I don't need much of anything. We'll see if I can refrain from going to the other stores. I've just thought to myself: well I'll also go to CVS since I can get the milk for free there, there's no reason to pay for it!  And you know that I won't be able to resist Save A Lot!  But no Target, no Walmart, and probably no Publix. Definitely no Walgreens because there's nothing I want there right now.  That should make running errands a breeze this week!

  • I loaded new digital store coupons to my CVS app.

  • I loaded new digital manufacturer coupons to my Publix digital wallet.
  • I reused some rain water and water from a cup to water my indoor plants.

  • I dehydrated the 2 pineapples that I had bought for $0.99 a piece at Save A Lot.

  • I put the 2 heads into upcycled glass jar filled with water in the south-facing bay window of the exercise room to they can root.
I usually keep the curtains drawn in that room because the bay window is so large, it gets really
hot, but I ran out of space on the other south-facing windowsills.
  • I printed very few new coupons from CVS, Smartsource and Target, as well as from via Swagbucks and Redplum.

  • Alert!  If Aunt Millie's bread is available in your area, there is a printable coupon for a free loaf on!  It's not available in my area, poop!

  • I earned the daily Bing Rewards credits and a few Swagbucks.

  • I spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on blogs and watching episodes of Law & Order on DVDs borrowed from the library.

  • For dinner, I baked potatoes in the microwave and served them with teriyaki chicken leftovers for the kids and the leftover coriander-crusted salmon for myself.  I also made a side salad.

  • When I went to pick the potatoes for dinner, I found a couple of them had started to mold on the outside, so I peeled them and shredded them in my food processor and added a little bit of olive oil to them, and then froze them flat in a plastic baggie that I had rewashed already a few times.  I'll cook them for breakfast at some point.

  • I still have half a baked potato and lots of salad left over for tomorrow :)

  • Gas and tolls to drive Greg to the airport and drive home afterwards.

  • I checked the TicketMaster settlement site once again to see if I could finally redeem the 2 free tickets that I supposedly got in the lawsuit settlement, and once again all the concerts listed are "sold out", even those by obscure bands that no one has ever heard of. Yeah, probably because they're only offering 1 or 2 tickets per concert for the settlement members, I'll bet. If I had money for it, I'd sue the pants off them all over again!

  • Once again I got distracted after doing a Swagbucks Search and didn't realize that I had won a Search Award until after the code had expired :(  Thankfully it was only 4 SB.

  • I didn't exercise today and snacked all afternoon because I was hungry so I ended up being 500 calories over my allotment :( I'm going to pay for it on the scale on Wednesday!

  • Kitten duty
  • Cleaned their litterbox
  • Dropped off Greg at the airport
  • Emptied laundry room trash can into the large bin outdoors
  • Flattened cardboard boxes in the recycling bin
  • Clipped coupons from the newspaper
  • Wrote menu for the week
  • Made Greg's bed
  • Emptied trashcans upstairs and took down recycling to large bin
  • Cut up and dehydrated the pineapples
  • Tried to befriend a stray cat 
  • Chatted with my neighbor, visited her new kitten, had her visit our kittens
  • Kitten duty
  • Texted with Greg
  • Printed coupons
  • Replied to blog comments
  • Kitten duty and playtime
  • Checked city and county ordinances to see if there were any restrictions on the number of pets one might have and didn't find any
  • Texted my neighbor to let her know since both and I had been wondering that this morning
  • Caught up on blogs and watched Law & Order
  • Cooked dinner
  • Kitten duty

  • I've got to be good!  I started logging my food again in My Fitness Pal.
  • The thing is... I wasn't good. I've been starving all day again, you'd think I have tapeworm or something. Ugh.  See "Failures".
  • For a little kitten who still wants to cuddle once his belly is full :)
  • That my neighbors found the latest kitten, not me!
  • That Greg had a good flight and got to visit with his baby grandson for a little while.
  • For a good time spent with my neighbor who's really funny.


I had to wake up the kittens this morning at 5:45 a.m. to feed them before leaving for the airport.  They had spent the night in the comfy new bed in the playpen and their little bodies were all warm from their sleep, awww.

Surprisingly, they didn't eat much; they were too eager to go explore!  Well, Princess Poopy Bottom and Tabby Kitty were, Dark Explorer is kind of a mommy's boy and tapped my knee with his paw while looking at me with his big eyes and meowing so I knew he wanted to cuddle first. My baby!

We didn't have much time to cuddle though, as I was thinking that I needed to get dressed and he started to wriggle almost right away because he wanted to join his siblings in exploring under the futon, the coffee table, the playpen... at one point all three of them were out of my sight and I was wondering what I would do if I couldn't find them when it was time to leave!  So I got on all fours and suddenly all 3 of them came running from under their hiding places all at once, lol.  Oh I love them so.

I put them back in the playpen so I could get dressed.  Princess Poopy Bottom went straight for the litterbox and peed and pooped, hooray!  The boys didn't want any of it and started climbing up the sides of the pen and Dark Explorer finally made it to the top and was balancing on the railing. Arrgh!  So I put both boys back in the pen and admonished them and they decided suddenly that they both needed to pee so they went to use the litterbox. Good boys!

Meanwhile I went to get one of my pet carriers because I couldn't run the risk of having them run around the house on their own with the other 3 cats around when the kids were sleeping and I was gone.  It's now 9:30 a.m. and they're still asleep in there.

I hope they eat more at the next feeding. They didn't eat much last night either and didn't drink. I do mix plenty of formula in their cereal, though.  Still, this morning I gave them all some water with the eye dropper.  Only Tabby Kitty was eager to drink it, the other two were fighting me pretty hard.  I guess they're too cool for the eye dropper now. My, my, my, they grow up so fast!

I'll move the playpen back into the Cat Room after the next feeding. I expect that they might try to come out of it but by then my son should be up and able to keep a closer eye on things. Hopefully!

1:45 p.m.... I've just spent about 2.5 hours chatting with my neighbor, Callie. Her husband is the one who found our kittens (and New Kitty too!).  It all started when I walked into the Cat Room and saw Male Cat visiting with a stray cat that was behind the sliding door.  Its coloring looked related to our kittens so I thought maybe it was their mom.  I had seen that cat (a young cat, maybe a year old) around our house before and my daughter and I thought it was the mom.  Anyhoo, the cat got spooked when it saw me so I went out to try to befriend it because I thought that if I could get it, I'd put it in a carrier and have Animal Control deal with it. It might sound heartless but we have too many stray cats in the neighborhood and then I get stuck with the kittens!

Do you see the gray cat on top of the fence near the tree in the center?  Sorry my picture is blurry. I took it by zooming with my phone.
Anyhoo, the cat ran away from me into the back neighbor's yard, but my next door neighbor came out with her dogs at the same time so we started to chat. Come to find out, back on Tuesday evening, her dogs found a kitten huddled against my neighbors' house (on the other side of us)!  She knocked on their door to ask if it was theirs, but it wasn't.  She and her husband were going to canvas the neighborhood to see if it belonged to anyone but came to the conclusion that it probably had been dumped there because it is friendly to people and really clean.  At first I thought she was telling me it was another kitten from the same litter as ours, but when I saw it, it is much bigger than our kittens, maybe a 3-4 months old kitten.  It's very cute (but I only managed to photograph its backside) and looks like Male Cat.  They're keeping it for now, which means they would have 2 dogs and 3 cats, but she's thinking about gifting it to her dad, who would love a kitten (but her mom isn't so keen!).

The neighbor's kitten. My picture isn't very good because you can't see him from the front and it's hard to judge its size. It looks large like a full-grown cat in this picture, but it's a small kitten although at least 5 times the size of our kittens.
Anyhoo, I invited her over to see our kittens so she came and we ended up chatting for a couple of hours!  I'm relieved that they didn't knock on my door that evening and that they've learned their lesson... and got some payback too, lol!

Mid-morning meal
After the kittens played for quite a while, they totally conked out in their new bed. I've removed the "bedroom" from the playpen so they have more room and they seem to enjoy the nice comfy bed just fine anyway, especially when it's in the sunshine :)

But first, they played.

And they played some more :)



But I don't want to go to sleep, mom!*Yawn*

But after a long morning of partying, little kittens need their sleep!

This afternoon, after feeding time, Tabby Kitty got very very close to New Kitty who not only hissed (but didn't swat) but also growled from her belly, like a dog.  Uh oh.  The kitten was so afraid, it was paralyzed in place, so I rescued him.  I read, later on, online, that you're supposed to rub toilets on the one cat and then on the other and vice versa to get them to accept each other's scent.  Well, the kittens don't have a problem, so I'm going to take the toilet on which they slept "in the bedroom" and rub it on New Kitty.  She doesn't like being held so I'll need to wait until she's on my son's lap.  Apparently, it can take weeks or even months for cat to start accepting new ones.  Mean Kitty still hasn't really accepted New Kitty and it's been 9 months, so you're not telling me anything new!  I wouldn't worry if the kittens were larger, but when they're that little, it is a concern. So anyhoo, I'll have to try the towel trick.

So brave... before the growling began!

I love how you can only see Dark Explorer's little ears peeking on each side of the chair's leg!

There he is!

Boys will be boys... they got onto one of the scratchers (and Tabby Kitty started scratching right away! He is so advanced!)
and started to roughhouse.

Only... wait! That wasn't the two boys! It was Tabby Kitty and Princess Poopy Bottom, who gave just as good as she got!

As I walked by later on, I saw the 2 gray kittens and was wondering where the 3rd one was. Can you see him?


I called my son over to look at the kittens and we laughed but Dark Explorer woke up and looked
at us expectantly. I told my son to NOT make eye contact and we turned our backs on him for just
one second and when we turned around again, he had fallen asleep in this position, hahaha!  He
looks positively exhausted!

Little Princess Poopy Bottom looks like me when I sleep on the futon :)
Did you have a restful Sunday?


  1. Oh, they do find the oddest places and poses to fall asleep, don't they? So cute. I love seeing them playing with one another.

    Sorry to hear about Greg's dad's declining health. It must be so hard on everyone.

    Glad you had a relatively relaxed day. I've had a restful day, too. Hope you have a good week, Nathalie.

    1. Thank you, Bless. I'm glad you rested on Sunday too! Have a great week :)

  2. Those kittens are bringing a lot of joy into your lives right now. I am thinking they were a gift. They were needing a lot of nurturing and caring for, and you were prepared to give. They are providing a wonderful distraction for the sadness right now. I am hoping Greg's trip is not too prolonged.

    Wonderful photos of the kittens as usual. They will make a great accompaniment to your book or pamphlet on how to care for orphaned kittens. I hope you will consider.

    1. Yeah, I should write a flyer. Sigh. Another thing to do, lol!

  3. I love it when dinner comes together and my cooking is kept to a minimum! <-- I love leftovers for exactly that reason - it's like a free meal without the work! It's only my husband and I now, but I still cook as if I had three hungry boys at home. I use the extra to freeze for later, or to have another night, or to have for lunch at work (or all three of the above).


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