Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Long Day Running Errands With My Hubby ~ Saturday 10/15/16

It's the weekend again. How did that happen?  I did nothing this week, ugh. It was a long, indulgent, lazy week, in all aspects.  I don't like feeling the way I feel right now (truly unmotivated to do anything) but I have got to shake this funk out.

I was really tired last night and two of the kittens looked like they had decided to sleep on me so I decided to just go to bed with them. Greg carried Tabby Kitty for me and, as we put them on the bed and I started to get undressed, they looked at me expectantly, so I had hoped for a good night's sleep for the four of us.  But no.  They got all riled up as soon as I laid down and after two hours of this, I called it quits and went back downstairs to sleep by myself!

I slept OK, although I woke up several times, and finally got up at 7:30 a.m. and went to get my kittens right away. They were awake and a couple had visited the litter box, hooray!  But they hid as soon as I walked in so I had to sit down on the ground and call out to them for them to come out.  I waited until they started eating and then grabbed them to take them downstairs.

Greg had put their food away and I had put the carpet away and it worked!  They went back to the litter box, hooray!   So then I fed them for good.

Greg got up, I put the Ripple Rug out and we watched the kitten show for quite a while :)  Greg made us a couple of PBJs for breakfast, I brewed some coffee, and we watched the kittens again.

After a while, I asked Greg what the plan was for today and he said "anything you want to do!", so I outlined my plan:
  1. Go to the county landfill to drop off some stuff that had been on my to-do list to drop off for several weeks
  2. Continue on to the Home Depot in Leesburg to get gift cards with his American Express so we could qualify for the $15 statement credit offer
  3. Go to the Wing & Wildflowers festival in Leesburg
  4. Have a nice birthday lunch for him somewhere downtown Leesburg (we don't know downtown Leesburg at all)
  5. And go fishing either at Lake Griffin State Park or at the Harris Chain of Lakes.

We agreed to all this, and also mentioned that he needed to get a replacement battery for his drill at Home Depot.  So we got dressed, said goodbye to the kittens and our son (who, once again, decided not to come with us, what a surprise!  My daughter was still asleep) and we took off at about 9:30 ish.

We were gone until about 3:30 p.m.  Although we had a nice time together, the day was a mixture of disappointment and frugal successes.  We're pooped now, though!  

The kids took care of the kittens while we were gone and did a good job.  No one peed on the couch or anywhere outside of the litter box, and if they missed us, we don't know because they've been ignoring us since we got home, lol. Of course, I'm speaking about the kittens, not the kids :)  The kids didn't pee on the couch either, though, in case anyone wants to know.

My daughter and I were supposed to drive the backroads to the back of the Magic Kingdom, where she needs to be next Saturday for "Traditions", the orientation class for new hires at Walt Disney World, but she begged off via text while we were still in Leesburg and asked if we could go tomorrow instead, so we shall do that. To be honest, I'm relieved because I'm tired!

It's the weekend so I'm not posting my To Do List, although I did cross a couple of things off it today, which I will show on Monday!  Enjoy the respite from that long list of things you don't care about and instead, go to to read another long list of things that you probably don't care about, hahaha.

  • I brewed a pot of half caf coffee with the bag of decaf coffee I had won from Wawa.
  • Kellogg's sent me an email that contained a personalized code for 50 KFR points so make sure to check your inbox for yours.

  • We made the most of our errands by stopping at a bunch of places!
    • County Landfill: we dropped off 5 empty camping size propane tanks, various bulbs, some chemicals that we didn't need anymore, a phone battery and a laptop battery.  There was no charge to us and I'm relieved that it's finally crossed off my to do list!

    • Home Depot:
      • We looked for a replacement rechargeable battery for Greg's Black & Decker drill that he had inherited from his dad  last Spring.  They didn't have it so I searched Amazon while we were in the store, found a generic replacement battery for $19.99 with Prime shipping and emailed myself the link. Greg asked why I didn't just order it from the app but doing so doesn't allow me to pick and choose which credit card to charge it to so I'd rather do it from my laptop. 
      • We decided to get a $50 gift card to the chain of restaurants that owns Carrabba's and Outback since we like eating at those restaurants when we go to Clermont and then Greg suggested we get a $25 Panera's gift card since he knows I like to eat there when I go out with my BFF or my daughter.  We charged the $75 to his American Express card so we earned 1% back in Rewards only but but got instant confirmation via email that we will be getting a $15 statement credit in our next statement thanks to the offer that I had uploaded to Greg's card. Woohoo! 

    • Wings and Wildflowers Festival. We parked across the street as per the website's directions and walked a short distance, but then realized that there was parking right there at the event. No matter, we got a little more exercise this way. Parking was free and there was no admission fee to the event.  

I thought the whole field was going to be covered by vendor tents, but those few tents were almost all of it!

They had a screened-in tent where, I suppose, you could have a butterfly encounter, but looking in from the outside we didn't see any butterflies so we didn't bother trying to get in.

There were wildflowers for sale, though, and I should have planned better and tried to attend this last!  I always get caught like this.  Since I knew we had several hours before we got home, I didn't bother buying any plants, lest they die in the truck. It was close to 90F outside today.
  • Let me tell you, it's a good thing  that there wasn't an admission fee,  because I think we spent probably only 15 minutes there and most of it was talking to a couple of ladies manning a booth for a company that does bathtub enclosure overlays and shower stalls. I had heard of this company several years ago and seen their ads but never called them because... well, I don't like calling people!  Greg seemed to like what he was hearing about the product so I signed up to get a free in-house estimate for both the upstairs bathroom and the downstairs shower enclosure.  The main saleslady gave us a coupon for $250 off or free financing since we stopped by their booth today.  I'm guessing the cost won't be pretty but it's probably going to be way cheaper than doing full bathroom remodels and the walls are seamless so you don't get any mildew, which is what we need.  The rest of the festival was seriously lacking. Even though most of the events were various expert talks (and I knew Greg wouldn't want to attend those so I wasn't even thinking about that), I thought there would be many more vendors, like there had been at the Winter Garden gardening festival that we went to this past Spring.  I was really disappointed. I'm not sure what the bathroom remodeling business had to do with the festival but I'm glad they were there, lol.
    • So we left. I suggested we drove up the street to downtown Leesburg to find a restaurant to have lunch.  Leesburg has a big BikeFest downtown every year which is pretty well known, so I expected a lot of bars and a vibrant downtown.  What a disappointment!  Downtown Leesburg is filled with run-down businesses, most of which seem to have been transformed from old store fronts to classroom space for Beacon College.  There were very few restaurants and really nothing seemed all that attractive.  It was a very far cry from what I expected! We didn't see any bars!  We did pass a restaurant that advertised itself as a restaurant with live jazz.  Greg doesn't like jazz so I didn't express an interest in going there, but given the choice that we had and the fact that Greg wanted a beer with his lunch, he decided to go there after looking at the menu.  Actually, the menu looked terrific.  The restaurant was almost empty and the jazz band only plays in the evenings.  They were playing Pandora on a TV with some inoffensive but definitely non-jazzy tunes.  Greg spotted the Baked Brie with Walnut and Honey Topping served with Crackers and suggested we share this as an appetizer.  Then he decided to have the Grilled Romaine with Chicken Breast, and I had the Prosciutto and Goat Cheese panini with a side order of Crisp Cucumber and Onion Salad.  The food was disappointing. The Brie wasn't baked. It was barely warm when we got it and not melted at all, the way it should be.  The honey walnut topping was good, though, and we ate the whole thing.  Greg's salad wasn't grilled at all. They took a whole heart of Romaine (including the stem that had been cut off!) and just put everything else on there, including the dressing which he said was too sweet. I offered to mention all of that to the waitress but he refused. Greg doesn't like to complain.  It's a wonder that he's married to me!  My panini was OK but they went heavy on the fig jam, which made it overpoweringly sweet. Also the sandwich tasted like it had sat under a heating lamp for a while instead of coming straight from the panini grill.  The cucumber and onion salad looked uninspired but it was actually good. 
Yep.  The chicken was rubbery and tasted like it had been cooked several days ago.

And if our experience couldn't have been meh enough, this is the artwork posted above the toilet in the unisex bathroom.
And if this isn't creepy enough (and I think it's really creepy), it was one of those 3D posters. Poor Greg had to stare at it while
he was peeing, lol.
    • My sweet tea was good and went well with my already sweet sandwich and Greg enjoyed two Stella Artois beers.  The meal cost about $44 before tip. I charged it to USAA Visa for 10% back in Rewards.  

    • There was the Saturday Market going on just a couple of blocks away and we had walked through it before going to the restaurant. Again, it was a disappointment, with very few booths (less than 10, I want to say).  But I had noticed that there was a booth having a bake sale manned by the local Junior NHS chapter's kids.  Our son used to be in JNHS for a short while at the end of last year and I felt bad for the kids because there just wasn't anyone at the market so I didn't think they'd sell their cookies.  So Greg and I decided to go back to their booth and buy some cookies as dessert.  They were raising money for the homeless and the price was a donation, whatever you wanted to give.  I hate this, I always feel very stingy.  So we picked 3 peanut butter cookies, a couple of baggies of 2 mini brownies each and a baggie with 4 mini frosted cookies. I was going to give them $7 or $8, which I felt was pretty good for just a few cookies (yes, I'm cheap!) but Greg nudged me and whispered "give them $20!". Awwww, my big softie!  He always amazes me because he's actually much tighter with money than I am, but when he decides to spend money, he's very generous :)  So we gave the kids $20 and left. The lady supervises them said "Don't they want some change?!" but we waved them off and then all the kids yelled a big "Thank you!", which was sweet. So that was a bright point in our day.  Plus Greg had his cookies :) 

    • Since we were just a block away from the Leesburg Library, which is much bigger than ours, I asked if we could just go there so I could check it out as it had been several years since I had been there.  I checked out the DVD section and took pictures of some seasons of TV shows that I might want to borrow in the future, and Greg went to check the non-fiction floor for a history book to read.  He found himself an older, very thick book about the history leading to WWI. He loves old, thick historical books!  I checked it out for him on my library card.  Right next to that was the genealogical section, in which I could stay all day, even though none of the books seem to relate to his family's history that I could see. It put me back in a genealogy research mood so if I stop posting for a few days, don't be alarmed, because I might just get obsessed again!

I watched Fringe several years ago when it was on Netflix but in the end I really wasn't into it anymore. Still, I want to watch it again because I forgot all about it. Seriously, I don't remember the plot at all.

    •  We each had a cookie in the car (actually Greg ate all 3 peanut butter cookies before we got home and I brought the rest of the brownies and the sugar cookies back to the kids, however they had been absolutely flattened by the huge library book as we drove to our next stop which was...

    • CVS!  I had located a nearby CVS while we were having lunch and asked if we could stop so I could see if they had the Diet Dr. Pepper that I had wanted to buy for him. He might have wanted to say "No" but when I mentioned his favorite soda, of course he had no choice but to agree, lol.  The store was only a couple of miles away anyway.  We so lucked out:
      • They had only 3 12-packs of the Diet Dr. Pepper which was what I needed to get them for $8 total after sale and digital store coupon. They also had the 2 dozens of large eggs for 99 cents each that I wanted. So now I can still use my rain checks for more Diet Dr Pepper (albeit at $3.33 each) and more eggs at 0.99 cents (they were $1.09 at Aldi this week).  I applied my $7.00 in ECBs from last week's trip and my OOP was $3.51 but it was all FREE to us since I used my CVS gift card earned via our American Express Rewards program.
Greg put the soda away so I didn't get a chance to take a picture.
      • Greg also wanted a new pair of sunglasses because he had lost his. He had mentioned it several weeks ago already but he rarely goes shopping and wanted to pick his own pair. He found one that he liked and it cost $19.99.  The cashier asked if I wanted to redeem the $5.00 off $15 purchase coupon that I had uploaded to my ExtraCare card (I vaguely remember uploading that!) so of course I said yes because it's rare that I ever spend that much at CVS anyway, so the cost dropped to $16.04 after tax. What a nice surprise!  I charged that transaction to our USAA Visa for 10% back in Rewards.

    • Greg had decided not to try going fishing because it was too late in the day (well, early in the afternoon by then!) and hotter than we had expected so we started down US 27 to drive home. After a short while, we saw a sign for the Flat Island Preserve and I mentioned that I had always wondered what was there so he hung a hard right all of a sudden and took us to the preserve!  What a nice surprise but I wasn't dressed to go walking as I was wearing heavy khaki capris, a cotton T-shirt and my not so comfortable Nike's in which I had put a pair of my new plantar fasciitis insoles.  No matter, I grabbed my camera, my water bottle and my hat and off we went into the woods.  It was... really not interesting!  It's an area that has been preserved (hence the name "Preserve") and I don't doubt its importance, but from a visiting point of view, there's really nothing to see.  We spotted a couple of black snakes (perhaps water moccasins since there was water nearby) that slithered away as we approached on the forest trail (thankfully!), a couple of hawks (I think), a cardinal or two, 3 or 4 butterflies, and the obligatory BeautyBerry bush.  We did walk for an hour an a half. It was hot and humid, although I wonder how much of the heat that I felt was due to my inappropriate clothing. Halfway through the walk, I had to take the insoles out of my shoes because they kept on slipping down and really hurting my heels more than if I hadn't worn them... which is what I thought until I took them off and kept walking in those very uncomfortable Nikes and oh boy, do my feet hurt now! I can't wait until I get my new shoes from Kohl's. I hope I won't be disappointed. Greg wants me to get hiking boots too so I ought to go find me some at Dick's or somewhere.

    • Our last stop was Ace Hardware as Greg needed some oil for his weedwacker.  I finally got the good zip ties that I needed to reattach the basket to the front of my bike and also decided to buy one suet cake for the bird feeder and a big bag of dried mealworms also for the birds. I just hope that I attract some birds to my backyard!  I redeemed a $5 Ace Rewards that I had received a few weeks ago so our OOP was $10.45.  I earned some more Ace Rewards too.
I spotted this at Ace Hardware today. But as tacky as my backyard is, this is a little too tacky
for it, I think!
  • Then we got home and we collapsed on our couch and comfy chair!  Actually, Greg got his laptop and started catching up on some work stuff that he wanted to accomplish this weekend, and I started blogging :)  The kittens ignored us, played around, and then all three went to sleep in their cat tree "basket". After a while, Tabby Kitty must have gotten too hot and went to sleep on the nearby cat tree platform :) Meanwhile, we had the Tennessee/Alabama college football game on and my Peyton Manning came on for a while as he was there to watch the game too.  How I love him!  Our son walked in while he was on screen and I told him to take a good look at his future stepfather, lol.  Poor Greg :)
This morning. I can't stop taking pictures of them sleeping, they're just so cute :)

A perfect miniature cat!

The "twins" enjoying the basket on their own...

Until Tabby Kitty decided to rejoin them after all...

Explorer looks like he's sleeping off a hangover, hahaha!

  • I placed the Amazon order for the battery replacement for Greg's drill.  I declined using my Amazon points or gift cards and charged the whole cost to our USAA Visa for 10% back in Rewards. I'll use the points and gift cards once that promotion is over!  I did go through Swagbucks to place the order but tools wasn't a subcategory that qualified for any SB :(

  • My Checkout 51 cash-in check for $21 came in the mail today!  I deposited it to our checking account, as I have already accounted for the rebates in my budget, using my credit union's mobile app.

  • I still want to buy a bike for Greg but he's resisting me, saying that he needs to do research and doesn't want a bike, and blah blah blah, I'm not even listening anymore.  He's getting a bike one way or another!  Then he says "why don't you bring the bike on the trail and I'll just run next to you because you're going to stop every 2 seconds to take a picture anyway so you'll have to keep on catching up with me anyway." You know what?! I've been suggesting that for weeks and he kept on saying "No, I want us to walk together, we're mates!" which I thought was sweet but now he's denying we ever discussed it and that he never said he wanted us to always be together. I've been telling him for years that I think he's actually one of a set of twins and that they take turns pretending to be just one person and driving me nuts and you know what?  I'm really starting to believe this.  The man in unbelievable and then tells me that I'm crazy and imagining things. You know those body cams that the cops wear nowadays?  I'm going to start wearing one of those too. *wink*  So if we go on the trail tomorrow, the plan is to bring my bike and he'll run next to me. Never mind the fact that he doesn't have running shoes so either we get him a bike or running shoes.
  • If lunch was expensive, dinner was very in-expensive!  The kids and I shared the 2nd cheese pizza that I had bought on 50% clearance on Wednesday ($2.25), none of us wanted a salad to go with it.  Greg wanted meat. I offered to go buy him a burger from McDonald's but he declined so I offered to make him a couple of pulled pork sandwiches with the leftover pulled pork from earlier this week and he accepted.  

  • Starting tomorrow I have to cook again and I'm really not looking forward to it, especially since I haven't figured out a menu yet.  I think I might just do what I did this past week, which is defrost one week of meals/meat at a time and then figure out what to make with it on the go. We're so stocked with anything else, I can pretty much make any recipe without having to buy anything anyway!

  • Gas to run our errands
  • A lunch that ended up being disappointing but it was Greg's birthday celebration.
  • $20 donation to the JNHS fundraiser
  • Suet cake and mealworms for the birds
  • Application fee for my daughter to apply at UCF ($31) and for the housing application fee to UF ($25.65).  What a racket all of this is.

  • None?  I don't think anything qualified as a failure today.

  • Fed the kittens
  • Went to spend the day and run errands with Greg :)
  • Dropped off items at the dump
  • Redeemed an Amex offer
  • Researched replacement battery for Greg and placed order for a new one
  • Signed up for a free in-house estimate for a replacement bathtub enclosure and tub cover and shower stall enclosure as well
  • Had lunch with my hubby :)
  • Bought cookies from and made a donation to JNHS/Homeless
  • Borrowed a book for Greg from the library and identified DVDs to borrow in the future
  • Bought what we needed from CVS
  • Took a nature walk with my hubby :)
  • Bought what we needed from Ace Hardware
  • Chatted with the kids about their day
  • Deposited a check
  • Fixed dinner for everyone

  • I ate too much, as I have all week, but we did walk for 90 minutes today.

  • For a lovely day with my husband, no matter what disappointments we experienced today :)
  • For my kids being awesome at taking care of the kittens and the older cats too!
  • For the kittens not peeing outside of the litter box today, although the Ripple Rug still smells of pee to me (still or again?!). We passed a PetSmart and I was thinking about getting the Nature's Miracle but we were in the wrong lane to turn into the parking lot so I told Greg "never mind". I think I'll go to Petco tomorrow when my daughter and I drive to Walt Disney World.


So off US 27, we took a side street and eventually turned onto this dirt road that led us to Flat Island Preserve.

We parked and signed in. There were a couple of other vehicles in the parking and we did pass two other parties while walking. I asked the first party, a young couple with a baby in a sling, if they had seen any wildlife and the male replied "just squirrels!".  I think it's a universal male lie because Greg always claims that he sees squirrels when we're walking in the woods and I sure never see any, LOL. Today was no exception. Despite the fact that the guy claimed that he had seen squirrels, we didn't see any.  We did see spiders (ran into a couple of spider webs myself despite the fact that Greg was walking ahead of me. Ladies, you should always marry a man who is taller than you, only for the fact that shorter men won't catch all the spiderwebs, just sayin'!), a couple of snakes (too fast to take a picture), some butterflies (I have a picture of a couple of them later on), a couple of cardinals (no picture) and a couple of hawks (a blurry picture at the end). Earlier in the day, Greg spotted a bald eagle flying over our truck but by the time I saw anything, it was flying away and my camera was in my purse.

We walked the access road until the primitive camping area. It wasn't very picturesque but it was nice
to walk on, at least.  It would have been nicer if it hadn't been so hot and humid. We felt like we
were back in August again!

This mushroom reminded me of a donut. Was I hungry?  I guess so...
Must everything remind me of the kittens?!  This looked so fuzzy!

A bunch of air plants had been knocked off trees. I wanted to bring this one home but remembered that you're not allowed to
collect any of the flora or fauna so I placed it back on the ground.

I really liked all the different greens in that shot that is unretouched.

We made it to the trailhead.  1.08 miles of not seeing a squirrel, hearing a bird, or seeing much of anything, really.

Those jugs of... water? (looks like urine to me!) look suspicious. I wonder how many people actually
camp at the primitive campground.  We decided to follow the trail northbound as it looped back to the trailhead.

Interesting plant, isn't it?! I couldn't find it in my National Audubon Society's Field Guide to Florida or my Wildflowers of Florida Field Guide so I turned to Google and found a Tennessee blog that identified it as "Euonymus americanus" aka American Strawberry Bush or Hearts-A-Bustin. 

Our plan to walk the northern trail was thwarted when we came across this large tree that had fallen across the trail and we realized that the Preserve volunteers hadn't worked to clear that part of the trail in a long time as it was all overgrown. So we turned around and decided to take a South trail to the boardwalk leading to the river or lake bordering the island. Yep, they say Flat Island Preserve is on an island but since we didn't cross any bridges coming in from US 27, we're thinking it's a peninsula.

I wish I was much better at identifying trees but I don't walk around with my field guides on me and using the app no my phone is tricky when outside because I usually can't see anything on my screen anyway.  I need an iPad or something!  We kept seeing those large nuts on the ground that looked like walnuts. I don't know what tree they came from. This one was split
in half so I took a picture of it in the hope that at some point I'll be able to identify it.

The outside of it.  I wonder if the scoring was made by squirrel teeth or if it's just the way it looks.

Beautyberry bushes!  I love those. Such a pretty pop of color in an otherwise pretty drab environment.

This mushroom on a log reminded me of a butterfly... or a tiny turkey tail fan!

We found the boardwalk!  They didn't bother putting railings on the sides. We found scats in a couple of places, large enough to be of a large cat (bobcats are supposed to inhabit the woods). People are told not to bring pets so I don't think it was from a dog, although people can be quite dumb and resistant to following instructions.

At the end of the boardwalk, a small floating dock and this unremarkable river.  There were signs saying "Canoes and kayaks" and I know for a fact that you can send a deposit check of $50 to the Lake Water Authority and they'll let you borrow their canoes and kayaks for free because I've done this with the kids at Crooked River Preserve, but despite the signage, there were no signs of canoes or kayaks or racks to hold them.

On the way back to the trailhead, I spotted these two butterflies courting each other in mid-flight. It was kind of fascinating.
I wish I were a better photographer. Greg tells me to get a better camera but truthfully, I wouldn't know what to get that wouldn't require me to learn how to use the dreaded dSLR and that would take better pictures than my current Canon Powershot.  It's most definitely lack of talent from the human operator!  I think those are Palamedes Swallowtails, by the way.

Arrgh, this hawk was squawking really loudly from atop a tree. This was taken with the 40X digital zoom and the camera would focus only on the branches in the way and not on the bird itself.  Oh well.


So funny story about Explorer: I put a bath towel under their food bowls to protect my carpet because they're messy eaters.  Whenever Explorer is by himself at the feeding "station", he starts covering the food bowls (never the water bowl, just the food bowls!) with the towel. I swear this cat is half squirrel!  Here he is, in action.

And here is the result. He covered all three food bowls and then went to play, lol!

How was your Saturday?


  1. Hi Nathalie! Looks like you had a nice productive day together. My DH says I make S*^% Up, denying he said things. That looked like a walnut shell.

    1. I knew I wasn't the only wife out there who's accused of inventing entire conversations! Thanks for the confirmation.

      I'm not so sure it's a walnut... the shell didn't have any of the ridges walnuts usually have. But thanks!

  2. You certainly had a busy Saturday. Happy birthday to Greg! was flying away and my camera was in my purse. <-- That's the best way to see something really cool or unusual: put your camera away. I think it's a law or something.

    1. Greg says "Thank you, that was nice!"

      It's Murphy's Law, that's for sure. Every time we take a walk together and I get tired of taking pictures, I announce outloud "OK, I'm putting my camera away, which means that any moment now something really cool is going to happen!". And every single time, I have to scramble to get my camera out!

  3. What a super productive day you had. I can see where a lot of your To-Do list will be stroked off as done on Monday. You are so lucky that Greg will run errands with you. My husband will drive me to one destination, and he will sit out in the car and wait for me. But if I have a FEW places to go, buh-bye. You're on your own. I hate shopping with him anyways.

    Happy Birthday to Greg. He did quite well to get a birthday lunch, new sun glasses, saw horse brackets and KITTENS.

    How is it that you can find such lovely things to take photos of on your Nature walks, even when you tell us there was nothing to see. The trails themselves are beautiful, and I love the boardwalk.

    1. Greg thanks you for the birthday wishes and laughed at his list of presents because it included the kittens. I think any list of presents for either him or myself will included "and KITTENS" for a while because the little darlings are costing us a pretty penny (mostly because I can't stop buying them toys!), lol.

      Greg hates running errands but we have this running joke that going to the Dump together is a date for us (but he has to at least kiss me or hold my hand at some point for it to count as an official "date"). He's also impatient so I usually don't reveal all the places where I want to go until we're already on the way and then he sighs and sighs. Sometimes he refuses to go, but then he knows I'll nag or whine about it so most of the time he just says "wherever you want to go, honey!" but his heart really isn't into it :) Still, I've seen a huge change in his attitude this year. He must have made a New Year's resolution that he would spend more time with me, and I appreciate it.

      But he won't come grocery shopping and I would refuse for him to come grocery shopping. He's HORRIBLE at it and I don't feel like being rushed when I go.

  4. Sounds like you had a nice day doing things with your husband. :) I really like that Beautyberry bush. Such a pretty color! How funny that Explorer covers up the food dishes! He's probably trying to hide them from his siblings!

    1. I have got to look up if other people have reported their kittens covering up their food like this. He does it every day!

      I love the beautyberry bushes too when they have the berries. When they're flowering, they're really low-key (unremarkable very pale pink flowers) but the berries really POP!


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