Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Success and A Failure All At Once

Pixel Peeper from Thoughts From My Corner Of the Couch and I are in a race to see which one of us will be the first one to photograph an egret on top of a cow. It started when she stated that her number one goal was to photograph one of those, and I jokingly told her that I was going to try to beat her to it.

So now we're having a good natured competition but, even though both of us have photographed egrets and other birds behind cows and under cows and around cows, we haven't even seen an egret on top of a cow since the beginning of The Contest. Because, it figures.

Well, this morning at 8:15 a.m., I received a call from Greg, which is unusual.  When I answered the phone, he was all excited and said "Honey!  Guess what I just saw?!" So I guessed a bear or a turkey.  And he replied "No!  Something even better!" I was clueless. So, of course, he said "I JUST SAW AN EGRET ON TOP OF A COW!".  He had doubted that egrets even got on top of cows (whereas Pixel and I had seen them before) so it was an even big deal for him, lol.

Unfortunately, Pixel, he was driving to work on the 429 (toll road) so he couldn't make a U-turn to go back and take a picture for me.  Arrrgh.

So I don't have have proof of my story. But I'm mighty tempted to kick those kittens off my chest right now, jump in my SUV while still in my PJs, and go hunt an egret on top of a cow on the 429!

Credit: Etsy via Google Images


  1. LOL; you'll just have to fix one of those cameras - GoPro? - to Greg's vehicle, so he can take photos of egrets on cows on his way to work!

    1. That's a GREAT idea, actually and I just bought a Go Pro camera for our son for Christmas so I'll suggest to Greg that he might want to borrow it, hahaha!

    2. ahaha, that's hilarious I can just imagine Greg craning his neck to look behind him to make sure he had actually seen an Egret on a cows back. Xxx

    3. And that's probably what he did, too, right before calling me :)

  2. Hahaha...I'm finally catching up with you and just read this story to my husband. Actually, I'm a bit surprised that he hasn't started seeing egrets on top of cows. Because, that would figure. Frankly, I think someone told the egrets about our competition and now they just jump right OFF the cows when we appear within a one-mile radius.

    And I'd like you to know that you gave me an idea with the Go Pro camera - we're now thinking of getting one for our son as a Christmas present. Still thinking and researching, but wanted to let you know that you have great ideas!

    1. I think you're right. Those egrets are being very contrary!

      Ooh, I'm glad I could help with your Christmas shopping! What do you think your son will do with a GoPro? Middle Son has one and used to take it diving and kayaking and loved it and when I told him last week that I got one for Younger Son for Christmas, he told me his was a paperweight at this point. Arrgh, I wish I had known this, I could have bought it from him and saved some money! I'm still wondering what Youngest Son is going to do with it, but that's what he asked for.

      Now it's your turn... tell me what you're getting your other sons and grand kids so I have an idea of what to get other people in my family. I am so stumped this year and just not in the mood!

    2. Oh no...don't ask me for advice. My older sons get money... :-( And my granddaughters have so much stuff and I never know what they are currently "into" so I send money for my sons to pick something out for them. Last year I did a bit better - they got books, games, and the youngest one an indoor "Frozen" play tent (not gonna help you much, hahaha).

      Not sure if the youngest son will like a GoPro - I'll have to feel him out. But I thought it was a great idea, that's why I'll be very carefully asking about it.


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