Sunday, October 16, 2016

Adventures in Couch Surfing ~ Sunday 10/16/16

The kittens were very rambunctious last night at about 10:15 p.m. and I was tired so I rounded them up and took them to my bedroom and bid them goodnight :) I stayed up a little bit reading blogs, cuddled some with my hubby, and then spent an uncomfortable night on the futon.  I think I need to ask Greg to help me turn the mattress around and over.

Greg said the supermoon was out last night as it was very bright outside and I thought it would prevent me from sleeping but it didn't. I woke up this morning thinking that it must be about 4:30 a.m. but it was 7:00 a.m. so I went to fed the older cats (weirdly enough New Kitty didn't meow at my son's door this morning at 6 a.m. so he didn't get up to feed them), and brew my coffee before I went to get the kittens.

As I opened the door, Explorer was already waiting for me and trying to get out, but the other two were just coming off the bed. It is so weird that they won't eat or drink or pee/poop while they're in that bedroom by themselves! Well, one kitten had peed in the litter box. So I just sat down on the floor with them and one by one they visited the litter box. I might need to add a second one to prevent accidents as Princess couldn't hold it any longer and Tabby Kitty was being very fastidious in covering his excrements, so she hoped in there with him and now that they're a little bigger, it was almost a tight fit. And then Explorer started circling the litter box too and I was reading to scoop Tabby Kitty out of there but thankfully he jumped out by himself just in time for Explorer to squeeze himself in there with Princess.  Goodness gracious!

After that they got busy eating so it was easy to grab them and bring them downstairs, where I served them more food and laid our their favorite Ripple Rug.  Soon enough they were jumping all over it like bunnies.

The title of today's blog post came to me as I was watching the three of them jumping all over the other futon and its cushions and then the two boys fighting on there too.  There were at it quite a while. That futon might as well be theirs now, no one ever sit on it anymore since the kids don't watch TV. They prefer to watch YouTube videos (or Netflix in my daughter's case) on their laptops in their own corners.

Greg got up a little later and watched them with me and then had breakfast and decided to go fishing off the dock at Park Pals, here in Clermont.  He didn't ask me to go with him and actually I was thankful for that because I always want to go when he asks, but this morning my foot was still hurting and I just wanted to stay home for a bit.  I still hope we'll go for that bike ride/walk later on.  And I have to drive my daughter to the back entrance of Walt Disney World so she knows where it is.  It sounds off that they wouldn't have given her a map, but maybe she didn't look at her documentation close enough.

I sent an email to a friend, asked my son to retrieve the newspaper from the driveway, and cooked us eggs and toast for breakfast. My daughter is still in bed, I think. It's 10:40 a.m. or so.

Still the weekend so not To Do List although it's in the back of my mind :)  In the very back, mind you, as today I also would like to finish my library book and possibly start watching that Law & Order 12th season because it's due at the library on Wednesday and I have still not started watching it!

Greg came home at about 11 am, sans fish, but with stories of little kids fishing next to him with only sticks, fishing line, hook and bread, and catching small fish that they hooked back on their line to try to catch something bigger. At some point Greg thought he had caught a very big fish but his line broke, and then the kids also had their line break so they think they each had hooked a gator.  I'm thankful no one got hurt and he didn't bring me back a gator to cook, lol. (he couldn't anyway as he doesn't have a gator hunting tag).  Despite having millions of gators in Florida, it's illegal to hunt them unless you have a special permit and they only issue so many of those a year.

  • Done last night after I had already published my post: earned the daily Bing Rewards credits and a few Swagbucks, input my walk into Walgreens' Balance Rewards for Healthy Choices an earned 160 BR points.

  • I brewed the usual pot of half caf coffee with the free bag of decaf won from Wawa earlier this year.

  • The newspaper only contained the one Smartsource insert. Better than none!

  • Zinio alerted me several times over the past couple of weeks that some of the magazines I liked to read were available to read digitally for free via my library system.  It's mostly food magazines and I'm a little overwhelmed with all the recipes that I already have so I've been ignoring the emails :)

  • I saw a Slickdeals post advertising the pre-order for Season 6 of Game of Thrones, which is being released on November 15, several months before I figured it would be released!  So I went on Amazon and pre-ordered it. However, as I got ready to type this paragraph under "Splurges", I told myself that it was stupid to buy it at full-time day-of-release price since we have already seen that season (having paid for HBO Now while it was airing) and won't watch it again until closer to the beginning of the next season next winter (I think?) so I just cancelled the pre-order. Presumably the price will drop some after several months.  We'll see.

  • I thought I'd need to defrost something for dinner but I found a package of seasoned chicken breasts that I had defrosted earlier in the week.  I should make mashed potatoes to go with it as I have 10 lbs of potatoes that I should be cooking at some point, but it'll probably be pasta or rice. (update: well, what do you, it was Sunday night and I never feel like cooking on Sunday night!  So plans were changed).

  • I printed a few coupons via Swagbucks and Smartsource and uploaded digital coupons to my Publix and CVS wallets.

  • Greg mowed our backyard... for free, of course, save the cost of gas to run our old mower.

  • For lunch I nuked the Celeste Pizza for One that I had gotten for free thanks to SavingStar several months ago and forgotten about.  It was OK. I also had a banana.  

  • I brewed myself a cup of black tea by reusing the tea bag from Greg's evening tea from a couple of nights ago.  I hadn't had black tea in a while and it felt nice to reuse a tea bag before composting it, strangely enough.

  • I used rain water for my indoor seedlings... that I really ought to be planting outside!
You can't really tell but there are some peppers, tomatoes, collard greens and oregano in there.  

  • I finished reading the library ebook that I had started several days ago ("Trunk Music" by Michael Connelly), so I downloaded 2 more library books to my Kindle.

  • I drove my daughter to the back gate of Disney to show her the way she would need to drive next Saturday. We took the Focus as it uses less gas than my SUV.  Even though it's Sunday, it still took us an hour to get there, it's madness.  So much has changed since I drove those back roads every day almost 30 years ago when I first started working at Disney! Back then it was all orange groves and now it's subdivision after subdivision. It's actually quite sad and I felt quite claustrophobic. 

  • On the way back, we stopped at Petco so I could purchase a bottle of the Nature's Miracle Urine Destroyer that Laura had recommended.  I charged it to my USAA Visa for 10% back and I think I might have reached the spending level that I needed to earn a Petco Rewards Pals reward certificate, but I'm not sure.
I need to soak the Ripple Rug with it and then let it dry. I'll wait until the 2nd rug comes in!
  • Then we went to Panera's to redeem my daughter's Free Bagel Reward. They only had plain bagels left but that's what she prefers.  I was hungry too but I let her eat it all because I realized that she hadn't eaten lunch. If I had known that before we left Panera's, I would have bought her lunch!

  • Our last stop was RaceTrac in Clermont where I gassed up the Focus for $2.19/gallon. Gas prices are going up!  I earned some loyalty points on my app, received a new receipt with which I will earn a freebie, and redeemed a survey reward code for a free oatmeal raisin cookie for my son.

  • I clipped Tabby Kitten's front claws because he kept on getting them snagged on the Ripple Rug and the bath towel that I place under the food bowls. And yes, Explorer kept on covering the food bowls again today with the towel but today he also covered the water bowl so the towel became soaked and I had to change it.  Silly kitten.

  • I didn't feel like cooking so Greg and I went to pick up dinner.  Publix was out of their store coupon brochures and I had forgotten to bring my coupon organizer and couldn't remember if there was a coupon for the chicken family dinner (there usually is a coupon for a free 2L bottle of Diet Coke) or not.  We got the chicken dinner and a sub for my daughter (I was craving crappy Chinese food again so I got mine from the Chinese restaurant next door) and we spotted a Buy 2 Get Free sale on the 2L bottles of Diet Coke so I splurged even more and grabbed 3 bottles.  At the register, I asked the cashier whether she had a copy of the store coupon brochure to check if there was a coupon and she did and there was!  So I ended up paying for one 2L bottle of Diet Coke but getting 2 for free.  It was definitely a splurge and I'm listing it as such too, but I did save a tiny bit of money that I wouldn't have saved if I hadn't asked :)

  • Greg and I ate our dinners while re-watching 2 episodes of "The IT Crowd" on Netflix, one of our very favorite shows.  The kids were on their own computers... but of course.

  • Gas for Greg to go fishing
  • Water for Greg to wash his truck
  • Gas for my daughter and I to drive to Disney and back and run a couple of errands
  • Dinner!

  • I had to throw away almost 1/2 a loaf of chocolate chip pumpkin bread that had dried up and gotten moldy at the same time. Yuck.

  • Fed adult cats
  • Fed kittens
  • Replied to an email from a friend
  • Cooked breakfast for my son and me
  • Printed and uploaded coupons
  • Finished reading a library book
  • Drove to Disney with my daughter
  • Ran errands
  • Fed the kittens
  • Clipped kitten's claws
  • Downloaded new library ebooks
  • Read some more
  • Went to pick up dinner with Greg
  • Watched a show with Greg
  • Provided nap support for a kitten
  • Read some more
  • Researched backstage map of WDW for my daughter and emailed her

  • Last night Pixel Peeper reminded me in a comment that icing your heel is recommended for plantar fasciitis so I unearthed my bag of frozen peas (the same one used to ice my knee whenever I hurt it!) and fashioned a sling with an old bath towel so I could put the bag of peas in there, and attach it to my foot and still have my leg extended. My heel still hurts this morning and I just remembered that I'm also supposed NOT to walk barefoot. I'm wearing my slippers but all this promise of "memory foam" insole is all crap.  The insole is all flattened out now after a couple of months of use so it's almost like walking barefoot.  Sigh.

  • For my son retrieving the paper from the driveway for me so the world didn't have to witness old braless me walking down the driveway in my PJs :)
  • For Greg taking care of our backyard because I sure do hate mowing myself!
  • For not having to cook dinner tonight!

Explorer taking a short nap next to me on the futon

Princess and Tabby Kitty shared the cat tree basket. They love it. I'm already trying to figure out how I can make a larger one for when they've outgrown this one!

Kitten Wonderland, formerly known as my living room (Excuse the unfolded laundry in the background. They actually like scaling it and jumping on it too!)

Tabby Kitty enjoying a short nap on the next futon over

He did it again!  Explorer covered up ALL the bowls today, a couple of times.  The stinker!

Brothers fighting on the couch. The paper napkin used to be part of a small stack of clean McDonald's paper napkins that Explorer stole from me last week and dragged on that couch. They love playing with them, shredding them to pieces, rolling in them, etc.  So I just indulge them and leave them on the futon for them to play with. I've got no one to impress!
Would be "kitten" Male Cat was helping Youngest Son play some video games this afternoon!

Getting ready for yet another nap!

Enjoying their Ripple Rug!

Explorer loves looking at the Friskies fish game on my phone...

I love this: the display says "Play again?" and he's looking at me like "Pllllleeeease, mom?  Again?"  LOL.
I hope you all had a relaxing Sunday!


  1. Love that last pic, it does look like he's giving you the big sad eyes!

    1. Yeah, a kitten giving me puppy eyes, lol!

  2. Aww, those kittens are too cute! Sounds like you had a good day, today. Hope the icing helped and your heel doesn't hurt. Have a lovely day, tomorrow.

    1. Thanks Bless. I think it helps but staying off my foot yesterday as much as I could is what really helped. I got my new walking shoes today and they're really comfy so I'm hoping my heel will stop hurting as much. I so have to remember to do the stretching exercises, though.

  3. The kittens are just so darn cute. I've had fleeting thoughts lately about getting a kitten, my daughter would love it, but I think we are too busy right now to be able to really give it the attention it would need and train it, etc. But who knows, maybe sometime down the line we will re-evaluate. We do have our dog and a cat, both rescue animals. If we pick up a kitten at some point it will probably be the same way we got our other two. :)
    I admire all that you and your family are doing to raise the kittens- it is a lot of work and you are all very loving with each one of them. Those little rascals probably don't even realize how lucky they are that they were lost near your yard, instead of down the street or something, before that storm. ;)

    1. You're smart to recognize that it's a lot of work. Kittens are still babies so they need a lot of attention, especially if you're not going to get at least two so they can keep each other company. Also, you forget that kittens have very sharp teeth and claws and don't know not to bite or scratch. So it's not the best choice for little kids. The kitten doesn't understand when you say "no". They do it to play and practice hunting and young cats love hunting small children. Male Cat used to stalk and pounce on our son's back when we first got him and our son hated that so much. Now Male Cat is a puddle of cat and the gentlest cat ever. But as a kitten, watch out!

  4. Your post is full of cuteness today between the kittens and kids fishing with a stick story. Awww. :)

    1. Greg couldn't believe it that those kids were catching small fish with just a stick, a line, a hook and some bread, when he wasn't catching anything at all with his "real" fishing pole and plastic worms, lol. Then one of the kid lost his hook so Greg gave him one and the kid gave him some bread. I thought that was awesome (and he still didn't catch anything, lol.)

  5. You're right. I keep coming back for the kitten pictures. Ha. I needed that little spot of cuteness and fun today to make me feel better.

    Sounds like you had a perfectly lovely Sunday, relaxing with the family. Hope your foot gets to feeling better this week.

    1. I just read all about your day and commented. You need a big (((HUG))). And some virtual kittens.

  6. The foot doctor suggests a few things for my plantar yucky feet. Freeze a water bottle and roll your foot back and forth over it. Wear shoes around the house...I wear my croc flip flops. Stretching where you roll a towel and put it under your toes/ball of the feet and pull the towel- three times for 10 seconds each on both feet. Hope those also help. I also have the orthotics (spelling?) that were custom made for my feet in my shoes and physical therapy that I am going to but still not totally gone although feeling much better!! Hope you feel better soon too!!

    1. Thanks, Alison! You had already told me all of that when I first had the problem but I had forgotten about it. I just copied your comment and email it to myself so I can find it easier this time :) I'm wearing my walking shoes around the house. Freezing a water bottle is a great idea, I need to make room somewhere in the freezer so I can do that.

      I hope your symptoms go away soon! It can't be easy when you're working as many jobs as you are.

  7. I love the title of today's blog post - I'm a sucker for clever puns!


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