Friday, October 7, 2016

Believe it Or Not, A QUIET Day! ~ Friday, 10/7/16

Well, it's about all over for us and very thankfully, it ended up being a non-event for us.  Witness the "damage" in our driveway (and I mean the sticks, not the sorry state of the concrete slabs, that's just the normal state of our driveway, lol!). So, so happy about that.

This is the "damage" in our next door neighbor's driveway. Yep, we were all very very lucky!
I had a bad night. My daughter also did, I just found out. She took the kittens with her to my bedroom but they wouldn't sleep unless they were in bed with her so she would wait until they were asleep and put them back in their bed because she was afraid of crushing them, but they would wake up and she would have to start all over again!  Me, I was very uncomfortable on the same couch where I have been sleeping for a month (go figure!) so I tossed and turned all night and then my phone kept on beeping every hour with totally useless "updates" from the state of Florida's emergency center, I guess, so I ended up unsubscribing from that and staying up starting at 4:50 a.m. Greg and our son slept like babies.

We're still discovering the extent of the damage on the East Coast but inland, we still have many roads that are impassable or under water, lots of trees down,and a whole lot of people without power.

Later on, my brother from Marseille asked me if I had spotted a small crying dog next to the down oak trees.  This is a reference to Idéfix, the small dog belonging to Obélix, the fat Gaul with superhuman force (because he fell in a vat of magic potion when he was a baby) from "Astérix and Obélix", a very famous series of comic books in France (and other countries).  The dog loves oak trees with a passion and tries every time one is felled (usually by the evil Romans who occupied all of Gaul. All? Well, all for a tiny village... you know, you'll just have to see if they have the English version at your library to read the rest of the story. Mine does carry some of those!).  Anyhoo, I looked for a graphic in one of the books that I brought back from France ("Le Domaine des Dieux") so I could share it with you because I think it's funny, especially since I talk to the kittens the way Obélix talks to Idéfix, the dog:

"There, there, my Idéfix. You see? Nothing happened!"  LOL.  I baby those kittens just like this. Greg says I spoil them. Perhaps, perhaps.

My sons and ex and family weathered the storm well, as of 9:30 a.m. they hadn't lost power either.  Middle Son is worried about his apartment, though. His roommate was activated by the Florida National Guard but we don't know where he is right now.

My daughter was annoyed that I told her that no, she couldn't go to her dad's at all this weekend because we don't know the state of the roads between here and there, and even if they're OK, they're going to be clogged with the many hundreds of thousands of people who had to evacuate and might be trying to get home.  Well, too bad, missy!

Greg got up at 5 a.m. but once he saw nothing was happening, he went back to sleep in his lounger, lol.  I got the kittens up at 7:30 a.m. and they entertained us.

Last night I had downloaded a cat fishing game for them on my phone, and Tabby Kitty scored 50 points on it this morning!  So talented!  We now have at least one gaming cat and that makes Greg very very happy :)

I corresponded with my siblings via email throughout the morning, and upon my brother from Paris' suggestion, decided to make us waffles for brunch so we all partook in a delicious brunch of waffles and eggs.

I don't see any downed trees or even downed big branches in our immediate vicinity so far and I haven't even heard any emergency sirens from the police or fire department just down the road.

Greg is itching to go somewhere, he who never wants to go anywhere when the weather is normal.  I told him to stay put but the man has a mind of his own. I hope he stays here until we know more about our general area.


  • I brewed 2 pots of free coffee this morning, using a mini bag of French Vanilla coffee that had been gifted to me.

  • I mixed half a gallon of water with half a gallon of whole milk to stretch it.

  • There is no school or work today so everyone is staying home and eating what we have here.

  • Kohl's sent me an email entitled "Bring home a touch of fall with an extra 20% & $5 off!".  I had seen a heads-up about it on Slickdeals yesterday so I didn't deleted it as I always do.  In it was a $5 certificate so I input the information in my Kohl's Wallet (in my app) and earned another $5 in Kohl's Cash (woohoo! I now have $20!). However, this one expires on 10/10 so I'll need to make it to Kohl's early in the week next week.

  • I uploaded new offers to my SavingStar app.

  • Greg and I discussed his upcoming birthday and he doesn't do anything, not even go out to dinner.  Well, darn it, that means that I have to cook!  But I guess we'll save money. He said he didn't want any gifts because he already has "his" kittens. Only the kittens are mine, darn it, so it's a good thing that I had ordered him a gift already :)

  • Zing emailed me a $1.50/1 coupon for their stevia sweetener that I was able to print twice.

  • This morning I printed new coupons via Swagbucks Coupons too.

  • Wawa sent an email advertising freebies for their Wawa Rewards members via their app through the end of the year.  Tempting, even though I really don't want to put money on their app since I never use their station unless it's to put (free) air in my tires!  I'll have to see if I can just load $1 or some really small amount because... freebies through the end of the year!

  • Checkout 51 notified me that they had mailed my cash-out check for $21.
  • We stayed home all day. I mostly watched the news on WFTV but when the "reporters" turned to ridiculous hyperbole to describe the "incredible" images of torn awnings in Cocoa Beach,  I just had to turn it off.  I had kittens sleeping on me most of the day too.  I guess I make for a comfortable nap!  Greg read his Kindle and played video games. Our son and my daughter were also on their computers all day. To be honest, I hadn't given a thought to what they would do if we had lost power and/or the internet so it worked out great, didn't it?  

  • I was craving a burger mid-afternoon and Greg offered to drive to McDonald's at the same time as he told me that it probably wasn't opened. So I didn't get a burger or spent any money on food.  I had chips and salsa. And the rest of the eggs from brunch. And peanut butter crackers.  All this stress letdown is making me starve.

  • The kitten provided free entertainment and then we re-watched, for the nth time, a couple of episodes of "The IT Crowd" on Netflix. It's always funny (apart from the very last episode that wasn't funny at all).

  • When it was time to cook, I got up to go cook dinner and Greg said "But I thought we were getting McDonald's!"  Sigh.  Then, again, he said "Oh it's probably not open anyway!" but we decided to go check it out anyway. We didn't take an order from the kids, figuring it wouldn't be open. But it was!  They were out of ice and a bunch of things, but I used an app coupon to get BOGO large quarter pounders for Greg and myself and then I got 2 Artisan Chicken Sandwiches for the kids and 2 large fries for the 4 of us to share.  The cashier also gave us 2 free drinks!  So it wasn't too bad... certainly cheaper than going to the Mexican restaurant, which was Greg's other option.  For the record: I was going to cook! But he didn't twist my arm too much either :)  My daughter was very excited, she said it was a teen's dream to be called down for dinner and find surprise McDonald's on the table.  Really?

  • Nothing

  • Monitored the storm's progress throughout the night, ready to jump in action to get my family and cats to safety, should it have been required.
  • Kitten and cat feeding first thing this morning
  • Contacted my ex and Middle Son via texts
  • Correspondent with my family back in France via emails
  • Texted with my BFF
  • Spoke to my neighbor (mostly to tell him NOT to look on the ground as he crossed our front lawn, lest he found MORE kittens!)
  • Served as a kitten napping device
  • Didn't do anything else the whole day
  • Went to pick up dinner with Greg

  • I think that escaping hurricane damage calls for a non-diet and non-exercise day celebration!

  • Quite obviously that Central Florida was spared from catastrophic damage
  • That we really didn't experience any heavy storms at all at my house!  I'd rather have done all those preparations for nothing than even have to use the generator for 5 minutes!
  • That my oldest sons and friends are OK as well.
How was your Friday?


  1. So glad that all is well for you on the home front and the storm didn't cause any damage! I am assuming my cousin is OK too, I haven't heard anything yet so I will give my uncle a ring tomorrow to make sure, but I'm pretty sure I would have heard something by now if there were any major effects from the hurricane on his end. I was up all night last night watching the news on my son's xbox. I had tried falling asleep after putting the kids to bed but after an hour of tossing and turning I just gave up trying to relax and curled up with a blanket on the living room couch with a cup of tea and the dog at my feet. When it was time to make my husband's bfast at 4:30 am, and put together his lunch for work I felt like I was going to fall over from being tired- I couldn't even tell you what I threw in his lunch tote. I made the coffee extra strong and trudged through the day. It actually ended up being a pretty productive day but now I am ready to crash! lol. I think I'm getting way too old to be trying to pull an all-nighter. :(
    By the way, I cracked up laughing about Greg being happy that the cat is a gamer. lol. That is too funny.
    I hope you and your daughter get a better night's sleep tonight. And again, I am very very thankful that you are all ok. :)

  2. Glad all is ok. Busy day here. Dishes. Made a make sure you go here in PA list for the neighbors and brought it over. Returned some items to kohls. Coffee with a friend. Part of a PPT assessment meeting for a child I work with. Bills. Bank. Picked up celery and 10 lbs of Onions . Worked on payroll, November newsletter and Nov/Dec parents night out movie and sing along events. Taught for only 3 1/2 hours today. A day off practically!

    1. Dang, Sandie... that's not one day of work, that's like two days' worth of stuff! What is a PPT assessment? I did look it up but Google thinks I mean a powerpoint assessment. Not so smart, Google! It was nice of you to write up an itinerary for your neighbors' trip, btw. I'm sure they appreciated it. You teach on Saturdays too, if I remember. I do hope you get to relax some this weekend, though.

    2. An assessment and teaching plan meeting for special needs children. I'm not exactly sure what the PPT stands for. I don't teach in the public school system but sometimes when I'm trying to follow the guidance of what they're doing in the schools for a particular child or vice versa I'm included in the meetings by invitation from the parent. I will admit that I usually come home on Saturday and take a nap. This past Saturday I actually slept for four hours. On Sunday it rained and we didn't do anything but I did do a lot of food prep for the week.

  3. Dawn, I'm quite sure your cousin is alright. Middle Son said he took a drive "around Orlando" (although I don't know if he made it to South Orlando, where your cousin's workplace is) and that there actually was little damage. He's probably busy at work.

    Thanks for thinking of us, all of our combined worrying worked and kept Matthew away from our loved ones :)

    I hope that whatever you packed for Joe's lunch that it was tasty, hahaha. I'm really tired and will probably head up to bed soon. One of the kittens is falling asleep now but the other two are really rambunctious. They seem to all be on different schedules now which is going to be... challenging. Princess wants to me on me all.the.time, it's quite exhausting. But so cute!

    I hope you sleep well tonight!

  4. I am glad that Hurricane Matthew was only a lesson in preparedness and not the catastrophe that it could have been. I am also relieved that you didn't lose power and that things turned out as normal as they did. It was a holiday from work and school, so YAY! And surprise McDonalds for dinner?? Wow! They may talk about this for years.

    My kids used to sign out Obélix books from the school library.

    I think it is cute that you got Greg kittens for his birthday. My Sweetie used to say that he wanted a divorce for his birthday, or Christmas, or Father's Day (a joke), but I would always say that it was too late. I'd already got him something else...maybe next time.

    1. LOL, what a funny inside joke Sweetie and you have going on! How is he feeling today?

  5. Yeah...stress was closed on Friday and I was so exhausted I slept until 8:30 in the morning! Spent the day puttering around, decluttering, doing laundry, and cooking.

  6. Glad to hear you didn't suffer any damage from Matthew. He kicked our butts here in NC. I have family in Ocala, so we took turns worrying about each other! School was closed here for well over a week due to flooding of roads, buildings and huge sinkholes. We FINALLY had our fence repaired about 2 months AFTER the storm (hurry up and wait) and are still fighting with insurance over our roof. smh

    1. Oh no! I really feel for you because for so long they were saying that NC wouldn't be hit and then BAM! It changed almost at the last minute. I really thought we would see much more damage here than we did and I'm thankful that it didn't impact us at all. It sounds like a nightmare for you. Did you have much roof damage? Are you on the coast?

    2. I live about an hour and a half from the coast, towards Raleigh. The adjuster put in to have our entire roof replaced, which the insurance company agreed to...then sent us a check for about $3400. I asked them to pls send us the roofer who gave them that quote because there was NO WAY we were getting it done for that. SMH! They had originally sent us about $340 to repair one, whole side of our fence. We have an acre, fenced and the side that was damaged has a 5 ft chain length AND 6.5 ft privacy. We fought that because it ending up costing over $700 to repair. They did agree.... but we are still waiting for the check to finish paying the guy. "The check is in the mail." Ironically, by brother lives about 12 miles from us and he has another house at the beach....he didn't have damage at either! lol

    3. I'm sorry to hear that! You know they'd drop you like a hot potato if your monthly payment was late by just a couple of days, too. Sounds like your brother was very lucky!

  7. I couldn't find the post where I mentioned my aunt and her agency, so I am being lazy and replying here! If you wanna drop me a line via email, I will tell you the location. Don't wanna post it for all of the internet to see! :) pirategirl342 at yahoo .com (do ward of computer spam!)

    1. Hmm, all I know about my neighbor is that the agency she works for is in Wildwood. But I don't know anything else :)


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